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Comment 29 Jun 2016

I've spent a few 4ths in DC. One of my favorite views was watching the fireworks from the Iwo Jima Memorial. Much less crowded there (albeit, still crowded) than at the more traditional spots.  

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I was accepted straight from HS (in 2012) with a GPA in the mid 3s and a 25 on the ACT.  A few of my friends who had higher GPA and ACT scores didn't get in. I think the admissions people try to take into account more than just your scores. I played two sports and was very active in my community. The fact that you're a student-athlete certainly won't hurt. 

Good luck with your decision. Attending Ohio State has changed my life in so many ways for the better. I can't believe how fast the last 4 years have flown by and it's just now sinking in that I won't be moving back down to Columbus in the fall. Once a buckeye...

Comment 28 May 2016

Tate of House Martell.  Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

I wouldn't say she was awful. 

She made a terrible mistake on that very first potential goal-scoring opportunity, yes. That was more than awful. 

But overall she did a respectable job. 

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Despite only winning 1-0, this was our most convincing win yet.  I liked our tempo, possession, general decisions made, and starting lineup.  Here's to rooting on #Freedom to yet another victory against Germany.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Tonight's game is a perfect example of why she should only play coming off the bench.  We're able to maintain a much faster pace without Abby in the lineup.  The Krieger-O'Hara-Rodriguez combo played particularly well tonight.

Totally not a knock on Abby, either.  But you know what you're getting with her in, and sometimes when you're struggling to win games... shaking up the line-up (and putting more youth in) can work wonders.

Comment 09 Jun 2015

I went to the IU game 2 years ago. We got the tickets 2 days before (30 yard line, 10 rows from the field) for $5 a piece. Stadium was 70% full, 40% OSU fans. No worries, man. 

Comment 09 Jun 2015

I also don't completely disagree but the other side is that she was punished, served her punishment, and has been cleared. Let's not forget players in the NFL get virtually the same treatment (see: Ray Lewis)

Comment 04 Jun 2015

I don't follow the ESPY'S (or any award shows for that matter) and I understand the feelings of most of what the posters have had to say.  With that said... seriously guys?  These are two people (three if you add in Noah Galloway) who have all been in very different situations and were all courages in each instance.  The fact that ESPN feels the need to award one person is the problem. Give them all the award. 

In the end ESPN gets what they want.  We're still talking about it.