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Comment 07 Jul 2015

The Playoff Unis were perfect. No gimmicks, no chrome, just classic colors and lines on fresh materials. Replace the black numbers with white and make those the regular uniforms.

Scarlet and gray, all the way. 

Comment 07 Jul 2015

I hope parents of HS prospects pay attention to this situation. IMG is taking a lot of money from families promising valuable placement at big schools, and a likely shot at NFL millions in the near future- I guess in the end they delivered on their promise. Perhaps the South Bend School District insisted that Mirko maintain his academic standing and threatened to hold him out of football in high school too?

It's too bad that educational institutions like IMG and now UGA are willing to put aside a child's (yes he's big, but he was not an adult) educational needs for a shot at lining their own pockets. Tail wagging the dog. 

Comment 29 Jun 2015

My wife wants to decorate the TV room with framed photos of opposing fans losing to OSU. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

What if Barrett or Jones does have a great year and becomes an efficient and productive game manager? What happens when Miller shows up next year? Does a kid coming off a strong year with no redshirt left just burn a year on the bench to a guy coming off major surgery? Do we see a QB battle? Does Miller move to receiver similar to what we saw at Michigan a few years ago?

Comment 28 Mar 2012

My favorite moment of the entire Syracuse game was after Craft fouled out. He was standing next to Thad and was coaching and directing the entire team coming into the timeout. Thad just stood there and smirked, he had nothing to add. Coach 'em up, AC!!!