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Comment 01 Jun 2015

Read his autobiography, "Life", and he comes across as everything that you think from his public persona he isn't. He is funny, smart, and incredibly kind and generous. There is no doubt that he is the driving force behind the Rolling Stones - he is the one that got them back on tour and into the studio time and time again, and he provides the musical creativity. It was so great to see him clearly having such a good time up there on stage, and you are right, that was a concert for the ages.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

However poorly you might think MSU hosted our Band, it is nothing compared to the way our own OSU administration and Board of Trustees have treated TBDBITL and its Director Jon Waters this year. Nothing. Standing through a great football game pales in comparison with having your name unjustly dragged through the mud by a University that cares more about defending a callous and cynical ploy it made to help relieve a Title IX warning (that had absolutely nothing to do with the Band) than it does for the students and alumni who have given countless hours of their time and effort, for free, to represent OSU. That is the true outrage of this football season, and what everyone should really get incensed about.

Comment 11 Oct 2014

On top of all this, I cannot recall ever seeing an apology or retraction from Sports Illustrated for their hatchet job on Ohio State after TatGate. Relying only on statements from players who had either been suspended, or dismissed, from the program, SI proceeded to list, I believe, 13 other players by name that they claimed had also exchanged items for tattoos. Most notably, I recall, Storm Klein, who at the time didn't even have a tattoo. Where was the outrage on all those lies? It seems that, when it comes to Ohio State, there is simply no shame amongst the fifth column.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Then please explain to me how logically the University fired Waters because they had been told by the Feds that they didn't have adequate written policies and procedures in place to deal with Title IX issues? Neither Waters nor the OSUMB were anything to do with "written policies", and no issues with the Band were part of the Feds' complaint.

Yes, "scapegoat" is the right word - to cover up for a gutless and ruthless administration.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

So we finally have it. OSU firing Waters was nothing more than a PR stunt - it had zero to do with the Feds' Title IX complaint, which was solely because OSU didn't have written policies and procedures in place to address Title IX issues. Absolutely nothing either to do with the Band, or any other campus group. So OSU destroys a man's career, and brands all the students working their tails off for the University in the Band as "drunken, sex-crazed, homophobes" just so it can look good to the DoE. Note, too, that the DoE did not review the appalling Glaros Report; it merely acknowledged that it had been created. This makes the University look even more venal and dishonest than it did before, and will only serve to further antagonise and rouse all those legions supporting Waters and the Band, not to mention strengthening his legal case against OSU. This whole thing is simply despicable.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

1) Given the succession of mis-statements and uncorroborated claims the university has made, and put in its report, are you really prepared to swallow this one?

2) He instituted extensive leadership training for the Band, both on campus, and at professional off site locations, such as Aileron. This trumps anything OSU's HR ever provides.

3) This individual has stated the she was "cornered" by the investigator, and her comments mis-interpreted and twisted out of context.

So much ado about nothing, other than potential lawsuits by Waters against OSU. And how does he get positive performance evaluations a month before he is fired for failing to do the very things his review complemented him on?

Comment 12 Aug 2014

No, there was no tape to show, it was just audio. The fact is that this individual was the Drum Major, the supposed leader of the OSUMB, and the only Band member with a full tuition scholarship. The kid was a louse - he was suspended for four games by Waters because he did an unauthorised radio interview and trashed the rest of the Band and the University. Before this incident, he openly mouthed off at the Associate Director in front of the rest of the Band, just the latest in a long string ways he failed at his job, and abused his position. Waters did him the courtesy of reprimanding him in private, when he could have dressed him down in front of the whole Band, for which consideration the weasel decided to secretly record what he knew would be a confrontational interview. How do you suppose a similar situation would have gone had it been one of Urban Meyers' team leaders instead? As I have said repeatedly, you cannot trust a single word of the Glaros Report.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Correction, it was a two month investigation that in all that time could only interview five (disaffected and linked) band members and helicopter moms, and four band alumni. Two months was not, apparently, long enough to try to get a balanced perspective of the issue by talking to any of the other 221 OSUMB members, or the thousands of TBDITL alumni. Something about making the evidence fit the narrative comes to mind. You are now hearing from all of those disenfranchised and angry Band members and alums, and it doesn't seem to be to your liking. Well, get used to it, because the noise is only just beginning. And again, your "legal expert" is from a small New England school, and has never had any interaction with any of the OSUMB members and directors she is so happy to throw to the wolves. I am sure she has never even set foot on the OSU campus, but she is still an expert on our culture and practices.

Perhaps OSU, instead of using Waters as a scapegoat in their attempt to make OSU look Title IX friendly, should try giving him the kind of supporting resources that Urban Meyer has for a football team about half the size of the band, and then developing and implementing an amelioration plan to move forward with. To expect the Director, with his one full time associate, to manage all these issues without one single compliance officer, academic counselor, trainer, or doctor, is ludicrous. He has clearly made progress, but image is everything for OSU, so the University just throws him under the bus instead.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Perhaps you should then reflect on the fact that the young women so explicitly referred to in the report, and hence made clearly identifiable to the world at large, would seem to have had their FERPA, Title IX, and harassment victims' anonimity rights trampled all over the the University. Apparently righteous indignation about the rights of students is the sole prerogative of OSU, and does not extend to those it wishes to use to fabricate a narrative to justify its pre-determined outcome.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

No, sorry, but hazing implies a level of coercion and deliberate humiliation of the participants, and the clear evidence from the OSUMB members, even those specifically referred to in the "report", indicates very clearly that this is not the case. The nicknames, while childish, were adopted with consent, and the activities like the midnight ramp were entirely voluntary, and (thanks to Jon Waters) alcohol free. Band members didn't even have to take part. This does not rise to the level of hazing, and it is in no way comparable to the classic fraternity initiation, even though the report seems unable to distinguish between the two. The analogy with FAMU and PSU has been drawn - no, sorry again, but the only meaningful parallel for this affair is the Duke lacrosse case, where the lives of several decent young people and their families were effectively destroyed by an over-ambitious prosecutor, basing his case on an unreliable complainant with a personal agenda. One wonders whose agenda at OSU this witch hunt satisfies? I fear that all we will see now is Betty Montgomery's "investigation" paper over OSU's vulnerabilities in the current document, and move the School of Music's ambition to turn the OSUMB from the world's largest all brass and percussion band into just another college band, so that they can include more women playing inaudible woodwind. I only hope that OSU has set aside a rainy day fund to compensate for the loss of donations that are going to result from this fiasco.