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Comment 20 Mar 2014

Holy crap, this guy was a man among boys in his highlights.  He seems to do a really good job of wrapping up instead of just trying to knock people over every play which is refreshing to see.  Best of all, he's got a good head on his shoulders.  Can't wait to see him play in Scarlet and Grey.

Comment 09 Jul 2013

That loss in 2006 still stings...  I was a student at the time.  I literally went home and did homework after that, not because it was due the next day, but because I couldn't bear putting on the TV and needed something else to distract myself.  Alcohol didn't have the same appeal that it had when Teddy ran back the opening kickoff.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

Heck Yeah!  Meechy, Mavety, and Eluemunor come on down and let's make this the best OL class of all time!  O-H!

Comment 26 Jun 2013

I forget whether or not I knew they could transfer without penalty at the time, but the amount of leadership and perseverance those guys showed to tough out a year of punishment they didn't earn when they could've taken the easy way out really is something special.  I'm glad UFM has taken a special place in his heart and in the WHAC to honor them.  They earned it.

Comment 20 Jun 2013

Fantastic news!  Glad to see a big gray box make the appearance.  Too bad his surprise was spoiled yesterday, but glad it didn't leave too bad of a taste in his mouth.  Welcome aboard!

Comment 23 Jan 2013

With departures, the numbers add up to 79, while the names add up to 80.  I think the 2 at SSE needs changed to 3.

Thanks so much for this awesome post!  It's great to see how the numbers actually shake out and where the depth is.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

I agree about this team's end in the tourney.  I don't think the team has the scorers beyond DT that can get them through a slump and much beyond the sweet 16.  If DT has a down night, there goes the game.

That being said, who know how things may develop in the next month.  The Big Ten tourney will be huge to see where this team's ceiling is.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

You definitely make some good points.  I always felt like all the wind went out of the sails when Ginn went down and that the team lost their drive to win, but I'm not sure there was any way we would've come out on top that day.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

I was going to say the same exact thing about Hyde.  You beat me to it.  With the plethora of people behind him, I'm not thrilled about losing him, but I think Ball or Dunn will be able to fit right in the role he would be leaving.  That being said, I'd love to see him stay another year and get to the maybe the second round level in the draft.

Comment 12 Dec 2012

I will always wonder what could have been if Ginn stayed in that game.  I'm not necessarily saying we would have won, but Smith just looked lost when his receivers weren't getting separation.  If he had his go to target in Ginn, I gotta think he would've gotten the ball out quicker and the terrible line wouldn't have been abused so badly.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

As someone who lost a night's recollection to drinking "Boilermakers", I would not recommend them in the combined form.  Take that shot first and sip a delicious beer.  Otherwise, puking in a cab in San Francisco could happen to you too.

Just trying to look out for fellow Buckeyes.

Comment 11 Sep 2012

We all know about the AIRBHG that likes to hang out over Iowa, but I think there's also definitely a APACLHG (Angry Purdue ACL Hating God) that likes to chill out at West Lafayette... Too bad for Marve.  Hopefully the third tear's the charm and he's able to recover and not have another before he finishes up for Purdue.