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Grew up in Columbus and attended Ohio State during the Keith Byars era. Sold coke at the 'Shoe as a kid, snuck in the stadium dorm on game days! Living in Atlanta since 1985.

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Comment 27 May 2015

Come November's end, there has been one or two great SEC! SEC! teams the last several years. They get all the ESPN hype. The rest of the SEC! SEC! then rides the coattails of that team. See Alabama, Urban's Gators. 

Living in Atlanta, the Georgia  dogs are the biggest blowhard coattail riders of them all. Any chance I get, I tell them win something besides the Belk or the Liberty (oops, they lost to Conference USA in the Liberty) and then you will have earned the right to chant. 

The dogs are also HUGE excuse makers. Notably, the injuries, the refs, the OC, the DC, Richt, their black lack jerseys, how hard their schedule is, etc, etc, etc

Boo hoo F'ing hoo SEC! SEC! and especially the dogs. 

Comment 09 May 2015

I was impressed with his attitude and spirit on Twitter while in KC. Was surprised he got whacked. I thought for sure he'd take Aaron "Boxscore" Murray's job.

Aaron Murray was known as "Boxscore" here in Atlanta because he set SEC! SEC! career passing records but NEVER won ANYTHING of consequence. He is know known as "Clipboard". 

Good luck to TP! 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I prefer the 3:30 kicks. You get the early games and look forward to 3:30 and you don't have to stay up past midnight watching a blowout or a nailbiter.  You can watch the other prime time games and quit at half-time if you want but you have to watch EVERY minute of the Bucks!