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Grew up in Columbus and attended Ohio State during the Keith Byars era. Sold coke at the 'Shoe as a kid, snuck in the stadium dorm on game days! Living in Atlanta since 1985.

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Comment 20 Jan 2015

Good read.

Mt wife said Sunday night with the Pack up over the Seahawks with minutes left she said "it's over" and did one of those in you face clicks to HGTV. 

When realizing she ( read "we") had seen the episode before, she begrudgingly handed me the clicker back to me. You know the rest of the story. 

It ain't over til the fat lady sings. 

Comment 17 Jan 2015

JT has lots of rehab ahead.

Good to know he'll have world class therapists and trainers not to mention world class facilities in which to do it. 

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Cardale will heed the advice of 4 people:



Ginn, Sr.

His Mentor

He'll be back. FInish with a degree and end up back at Ginn Academy teaching, coaching, mentoring after whatever football he has left. He will impact more young lives for the good. Buckeyes pay it forward. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I tried to add a new topic but as a new member I have not posted enough comments to warrant the privilege. That said, if I would receive credit for my efforts on the blogs on the Atlanta Journal Constitution I would get the posting credits post haste.  I am HATED for the most part defending THE Buckeyes and calling out the SEC! SEC! and particularly the uga dogs ( it pains me to type uga, I usually go with simply"dogs") for a while now. Except for the NC winnners, my mantra is calling the dogs and the SEC! SEC! for riding the coattails of those that actually won titles. I've been banned more than once but due to the constant format changes I make my way back. 

All that said, I want to start a grass roots effort to DEMAND that we go back to the traditional jersey stripes and black TV numbers on the home jerseys and the traditional gray stripes in the road jerseys. We won in 68 with them. We won in 02 with them and we won this year with them. I'm ok with the occasional Nike War Combat twist but  wear the traditional jersey stripes! If anyone can create a Twitter or Facebook account or whatever we can do to have our voices heard, let's do it! GO BUCKS!