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Grew up in Columbus and attended Ohio State during the Keith Byars era. Sold coke at the 'Shoe as a kid, snuck in the stadium dorm on game days! Living in Atlanta since 1985.

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Comment 15 Dec 2015

I live about two miles from little Pinecrest Academy, an upstart private school in north metro Atlanta, where Bryce attended. His dad is a well known Orthopod in the area. It's been fun to watch him grow and always be in the mix for the right reasons for special teams play. 

I don't recall a single bad snap in his career. I'm sure there was one but he has one of the unheralded Buckeyes yet did his part to make them Nine Units Strong. 

He'll pocket a few million in the NFL before he pursues his father's footsteps. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Just like the fairy tale  of "Holy Buckeye" and 2002, it's hard to top the ride we all shared last year.

That's why they're so special - they don't come along often - 1968, 2002 and 2014 in my lifetime. 

I live in Atlanta and the dogs are still pining for 1981 and Herschel Walker. Ya, sucks to be them.

Let's remember that about this special group of, as Woody would say, "Youngsters".  After all, Urban is selling books about them.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

He's get sacked - just like Cardale and JT.

Just sayin'