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Comment 27 Jun 2013

Couldn't have asked for a better birthday present! Welcome to the Buckeye family young man! 

Comment 05 Jan 2013

I love the team we have this year, I just wish we could get some pure scoring from someone other then Thomas or Smith! Go Bucks! 

Comment 24 Nov 2011

Just wanted to share this with everyone this morning! My buddy who is a student coach at OSU sent a text to me last night saying that as of Sunday, the whole staff EXCEPT Luke Fickell will be released. He was told to be at the facility on Sunday to help Haycock clean out his office  He said that Fickell is the only member of the current staff that is going to be retained! I asked him who was going to coach us in our bowl game and he said that he was told that Urban already has his staff in place and will coach tOSU in our bowl game this year.  Looks like everything is a done deal! Lets hope that Bollman will actually get creative Saturday with his play calling since this will be his last game! <-----  That wont happen, but its worth hoping for! Not that the players need to be inspired to play in this game, but hopefully they come out with a fire lit under their butts and try to get these coaches one last win as a Buckeye! Hope everyone has a happy turkey day!

Comment 18 Nov 2011

I pray to God/Tebow that we sign him. Recruiting would be unbelievable!

Comment 18 Nov 2011

I agree, I dont think Fick would take it though.