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Comment 28 Aug 2014

My dear mother gets CBS Sports Net (just found out). Driving up to Columbus Saturday morning "so she can have a visit with the grandchildren." Plus she usually has her fridge stocked with interesting micro brews. What a great mother. Lover her!

Comment 29 Jul 2014

BTW, MMan, i sat down and had cocktails with Bobby Morrison while on vacation in Northern Ontario a few weeks ago. He saw my Ohio State shirt and gave me shit. Anyway, interesting and fun to talk with.

Comment 29 Apr 2014

I LOVE successful "walk-on" stories. Bobby Olive comes to mind having re-watched the 1988 victory over LSU. He was not  on anyone's radar, not even close. Like gold, some valuable nuggets are hidden deep and where you least expect.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

No matter how he progresses or how good he gets he will never be a 5 star athlete in ESPN's eye because he will not be going to and SEC school.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

Which is exactly why KG would make a GREAT NFL quarterback. He has a great presence on the field and is a good leader. On top of that he is a skilled passer. I have always thought he is pro caliber. I hope he is the diamond in the rough. He deserves it.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

I remember getting manhandled by Fickell in high school. I had to resort to tackling him and holding onto his ankles so he wouldnt get to my quarterback every play. He complained to the refs about it, but they didnt call me on it. Prolly because they felt bad for me. Anyway, much respect for Luke and I do not pin all of last season's defensive woes on him. I think there was a lack of player leadership in the backfield (among other things) with a very talented Roby who just wanted to make it through the season injury free while counting down the days to the NFL draft.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Younger minds a more "teachable". Urban will have him playing as close to perfection as one can play by the end of his eligibility. 

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Wow, he looks REALLY good! On a side note, I think we need to look at some of his receivers as well. Some VERY nice grabs in that video.