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I live in MI and regularly go to Ann Arbor for work. Nothing makes me happier than beating the hell out of THAT TEAM.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Any time we beat TTUN in any sport b/c I live in this terrible state.
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Comment 8 hours ago

Florida fans feel now how we would have felt if, after losing JT, Gene Smith had hired any mediocre to mid-level coach instead of Urban Meyer. We had a pretty good run with JT (BCS Bowls, NC, B1G titles, etc), just has Florida had a great run with Meyer. When UM left, their whole program took a step back and continues to reel. We on the other hand were tripped up for a year, then landed a top 3 coach and have gone on a 24-2 run since.

Honestly, can you imagine our insane tweeting recruits Big Nut crazy slice of fans reaction had our program slid like Florida's?

Comment 25 Jul 2014

Where I'm from, the rich kids weren't any smarter about partying, they their parents could just afford to higher better lawyers.

I don't like to wish ill will on a young athlete, but I find myself hoping to be see Manziel on an episode of 30 for 30 in about ten years entitled, "How Johnny Manziel became the next Ryan Leaf". He's had plenty of good counsel, it's his own damn fault if he busts.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I'll accept all the DV's that come with this, but I'm pretty solidly in MMan's corner on this issue. Generally speaking, tOSU couldn't afford to let any wisp of this story hit national media without a) getting in front of it, and b) firing someone of note. Blame Title IX, blame the national media, blame the PC culture which everyone lives in now, this sort of thing absolutely WILL happen more and more often across the entire college landscape. Simply put, the potential backlash for not shaking things up far outweighs the risk of prematurely firing a person with authority or a "figure" of authority. Twenty, even ten years ago, Waters would have likely gotten a stern reprimand and a chance to rectify all the wrongs, perceived or otherwise. Present day, just hope you're not in charge when any illicit allegations come forth, as you're guilty until proven innocent in most situations. Its a no-win situation for both faculty and the institutions involved.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Our two bye weeks fall before Cincy and Rutgers. Going to be a tough stretch in the second half of the season.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

He would be a great coach at any non Big 5 school.

I was right there with you to the very end. Hoke is underachieving with Grade A talent. No one can use the "Richrod left the cupboard bare" argument either, as most top tier schools consistently play stud underclassmen. Put him in a mid to low level B1G program and I think we'd see him get punted to a non-power conference in a year or two. He simply can't hack it against top tier coaching.

Upvote for a solid post overall!

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I don't claim to speak for all of there fans, but the majority that I know and speak to on a daily basis don't love him. Many of them question his ability to coach, just the way we do. Most UM fans I know are pretty rational about Hoke and his coaching.

The same can't be said for their rationality regarding the Program in general. The same people that question Hoke will and have told me they're a year or two away from competing for B1G titles and will be back to national relevance in the same time span. I've heard this for as long as I've been in Michigan, which is going on 6 years. General reasoning optimism seems to come from highly rated recruiting classes, and most UM fans think one of the Harbough's or Miles is going to ride in and rescue them after Hoke is dismissed.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

My fault.. Sorry Chadwyck11!!! All credit and revenue from this storyline shall go directly to Chadwyck11. I'm a pretty regular reader, thought for sure that if someone had posted, I would've seen it.

At the same time, the more opportunities to make fun of Bert, the better. Especially on a Friday afternoon!

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I'm thinking Bert doesn't want Les Miles to be the only "character" head coach in the SEC, so he came up with this stunt. No human in their right mind would think that comment was an appropriate way to describe a new recruit, off camera, let alone on a national stage.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

MMan may be able to clarify... But I believe I read somewhere that Miles to Michigan was all but a certainty after Carr had left, it took a massive bumble-**ck by then AD (Bill Martin) to screw it up. Had pretty much anyone other than Martin been AD, Les Miles would be coaching TTUN. After Martin bungled the situation, Miles decided he would rather stay at LSU (for less money no less).

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Agreed. I wish the Percy Harvin comparisons would stop, he was/is a freak athlete. He had it all, speed, strength, vision, agility, and he could bust tackles. It's like saying every highly rated RB coming in is the next Adrian Peterson. I feel like throwing those kinds of names around sets unrealistic expectations for even the most talented kids coming in, then when they don't immediately produce we all start saying "what happened?" and "is he a bust?".

Comment 25 Jun 2014

Even though Jurgen keeps saying that we'll be playing to win, I still expect the US team to play a very Tressel-like game of "play not to lose". I think both Germany and the US will make sure to keep their respective defense's back and their midfielders playing a less aggressive, possession-type game. Neither team wants to get caught in transition because they were being too aggressive in the offensive zone.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

Nailed it. I would also add that getting the #2's playing time not only motivates them, but also the guy ahead of them. We've already seen how an unexpected guy (Bosa) can come in and prove themselves worthy of #1 status out of nowhere. Nothing like a little competition to keep the #1's motivated.

Comment 24 Jun 2014

And room for some TTUN special programming?

3:00-3:30pm -Cooking with Coach Hoke: The Joy of Crisco "Hoke samples  a variety of Crisco themed appetizers, soups, and entree's." 

3:30-4:00pm -Cooking with Coach Hoke: Barbeque Fingers "Hoke discusses the pro's and cons's of moist towelettes, paper towels, napkins, and licking ones own fingers."

8:00-9:00pm BTN Dateline Special: The Dangers of Headset Usage at Gametime "Chronicaling Coach Hoke's fight against in game adjustments and sweaty ears by choosing to forego a headset during critical games".

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I like your line of thinking, but I raise you 6'3" Mike Thomas and 6'4" Jeff Greene. If we have receiving issues in the red zone, I'll be a mighty damned confused individual. 

Comment 15 Jun 2014

Upvote for making me laugh. I bet all the fans that caught Bauserman's game balls in C deck appreciate his time on the field.

Comment 13 Jun 2014

The most ironic affirmation after that game came from Mike Valenti on the Valenti & Foster show (sports radio in SE Michigan). Valenti is an MSU grad who had repeatedly downplayed the Spartan defense (showing respect for our "O") in preparation for game, saying it was going to be their biggest test, blah blah. At some point during the following week, amidst all of the sounds and shouts of "Rose Bowl here we come!", he stated he would have run Hyde up the middle 10 out of 10 times.

Its really hard living in this state sometimes.