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Comment 09 Mar 2011

He just didn't want to see his star players get into trouble and lose a winning season.  Doesn't seem like he had much trust in the rest of his recruits does it?  Rules are rules, no matter how hard it is to call them on yourself, you have to do it.

Comment 09 Mar 2011

The lawyer should have been the one worrying about talking about an ongoing federal investigation, not Tressel.  Keeping his players safe would have been informing the NCAA and the players themselves that they were brekaing the rules with a drug dealer, but he didn't.  He let his players continue on.  Letting his players be around a known drug dealer sounds like Tressel had his players saftey in mind!!

Comment 09 Mar 2011

Your story about the little AD employee is funny, but not even close to what would even be considered the truth.  Tressel would never tell something like this to a "lower level employee."  Something this serious would be taken straight to the AD himself.  You think he couldn't Tress has no one to blame but himself.  I have much respect for Tressel and the work he has done for OSU, but to think he should be off with a simple two game supspension, against two crap out of conference teams,  is unreal. (Soudns like OSU cares more about their winning seasons, and money, more than their morals.)  This is a major vioaltion of NCAA rules, reagardless of the circumstances of how the info came to light.  His morals should tell him the right thing to do was fess up to the school at least, and let them work it from there.  I blame the lawyer here to for even telling Tressel information that does not pertain to him directly.  He was just lucky that this lawyer was a Bucks fan, and not a Wolverine. 

I'm a VT fan, so say what you will, but I'd like to think I would react the same way if this happened to Frank.  Sure, he is a legend in VA just like Tressel is in Ohio, but rules are rules, and I'd like to think these coaches that are getting paid millions would have the integrity to admit when they have broken the rules.  I don't think Tressel apologized at all for his actions either. No matter how much it hurts the team, rules are rules.  Players should know better than to break simple rules like those, especially your star players.  They can act like they didn't know all they want, but they knew.

Rings for tats?  No pride in those players...