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Comment 01 Dec 2016

Invalid analysis for so many reasons. There is a base asumption that over a big sample it would evenout. But that is not true. You would expect better coached team to have less. What is a better coached team. Of course over a big sample it's the flagship teams that win. I would say about 14% better coached. Therefore it has. Itching to do with the refs.  

Comment 27 Nov 2016

The answer to the question what next is not here. But here is the most likely answer (99%) is the Fiesta Bowl. That's right folks.  Why? The 2 semi final games are the peach and fiesta. Alabama gets the bowl closest to them as the 1 seed.  The 2/3 game is then the fiesta.  Why don't the writers look up this basic information  come on guys.  

Comment 29 Jun 2016

It makes at lot of spence to have these support roles. The value of the program to Ohio State far exceeds the staff costs even with the lofty salaries. How does the coaches find  evaluate talent and recruit talent over true country?  The support staff and do 2 of the 3, find and evaluate. Then the coaches recruit.  The ability to have these support roles and such high caliber guys just gives us more of an advanced. Yes the rich get richer. Myer knows how to do to. He is incredible. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

The drought is mis-leading.  They make it sound like its like the Cubs or something.  Cleveland has had success just not the championship. There is a big difference. The Indians Browns and of course Cavs had had very suusscess years in this so called drought. If fact the Browns really won the Super Bowl. Just that they were named the Ravens hat year.  Other cites have had less success than Clevland.  

Comment 20 Feb 2016

It's not safe to assume regression.  Ash was great but come on Schiano has more experience. Ash is taking a job he had and left and the NFL. The athletes are just as good if not better.  They will be ready. No drop off is expected and if you assume that you don't get it.  

Comment 17 Jan 2016

There is no way Hinton is completely happy with the move. It's a demotion.  But he had little choice.  I thought Beck would be the odd one out. I still believe Meyer is not pleased with Beck. He never gives him approvals in conferences.  Beck is close to the edge still. None of the players talk about him like they always talked about Herrman.  You know tressels NCAA suspension expires May 30 2016. Didn't he used to coach QBs himself?  Just sayin. Unlikely but Stranger things have happened.  Wouldn't that be wild. 

Comment 26 Oct 2015

The local media and national media needs to really read this article. What's wrong with Ohio state? Really.  We are blessed.  I heard more than one media idiot this weekend a question why it took so long or even why he went with cardale.  I say believe in Urban.  Anyone that produces results like this knows more than any media person.  Even fans are crazy.  We have the best.  Period. Enjoy and support him please. Who we should question is the media who insults Urban with ignorant and stupid questions.  Have you heard those conferences. It's embaresing how dumb the questions are. Tim May does not know football. Do they really think about those ahead of time? He deserves more respect from the Ohio state media and fans 

Comment 20 Oct 2015

I don't know if Baylor game can be considered a rout when they give up 38points and win by 23 points to a team that's 0-3 in the big 12.. They play defense optional football. If they are going to get over Ohio state it will be temporary. They will lose at least one of there last four games. They only play 4 tough games and they are the last 4.  Looks good now but they will pay for not playing them all late. 

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Yes Cardale was off his ability but the issue is offensive coordination. The routes are not in sync. He doesnt seem to know his progression. What happen to quick outs and slants.  There is no way our receivers are all covered. Tim beck is not performing. Why do we take forever to get off a play.  There are problems getting in the play call.  Cardale should not be doning an Archie m impression every play.  It's less the players than the coordination. We are out of sync. 

Comment 21 Sep 2015

Meyer won't say and the media doesn't ask but the problem boils down to the game plan.  Why are do we look better against Vt and down the stretch last year?  The coaches made a selective game plan to attack the weakness  of the other team.  In the last two games Meyer went vallina with some good reasoning.  He figured we good over power and out man with our basic package. But he was wrong.  They knew our tendencies and were better than the coaches thought.  In the college game players don't have the entire play book. The game plan is critical.  All of these articles are off. Watch as Meyer gets aggressive with the game plan and we romp this week. All the media and fans will be amazed and will point to player performance.  It's the game plan folks.  We have the players.