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Comment 9 hours ago
Some perspective from a "little guy" although THE Ohio State University will always be my first and dearest love, I must speak up for my alma mater UCF. These small bowls are needed for the extra practice time and national exposure. George can't just walk into a house and throw down an offer and impress like Urban can. The allure of bowls, even admittedly crappy ones like bitcoin, will help get kids to elevate the program. Also, I had a ton of fun on a bar crawl in St Pete and even though we lost, it was still an enjoyable time. The view from the mountain top is amazing, and if I wasn't a teacher, or didn't have four kids I'd be there right with you in NOLA, but please don't push for the abolishment of my Bitcoin Bowl because you don't think I'm not worthy. If you don't want to watch, then turn on something else.
Comment 07 Feb 2012

16 team playoff is too much.  Let's look at what IS possible.  A four team playoff is a good start, but the two highest CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS should get the automatic home games, two weeks after the conference championships.  They would host the next two highest ranked BCS teams regardless of conference.  Last season we would have had:

Stanford (4) at LSU (1) and Alabama (3) at Oklahoma State (2)

Let this kick off the bowl season and play the championship in one of the five BCS Bowls (add Cotton)  and they can rotate who gets the NC game like in the past.