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Born and raised in NE Ohio and now live in Central Florida - since 1983. Attended Ohio State School of Law for 1 year (in Steve Hayes class).


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Comment 07 Feb 2015


Whoever thinks that this has not gone national is not looking at TV or reading the papers. Ed Cunningham (queue the "who cares" responses) tore into Meyer on College Football Live yesterday. Said he should be embarrassed. Trust me it will be all over ESPN and yesterday was just the start. Damage control says the Meyer needs to get out in front of this as quickly as he can.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I was trying to figure out why most were looking straight ahead and I was looking to the left and downward in this stadium picture. Then it struck me. This was during a little disagreement with an Oregon fan. I commented to my wife (somewhat loudly) that “I love home games” as the stadium was at least 80% Ohio State. An Oregon fan two rows down took exception and said (and I quote) “What are you talking about #@*..le?” My response, which was when this picture was taken,  was “You must be color blind!!” Needless to say there was some banter between us during the game until he left with about 3 minutes left in the game– mute.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

This is my first time on a game day thread and my last. Some of the posters are not glass half empty fans but no glass at all. Frankly some of the posts are sad.

Comment 22 Oct 2014


Interesting note from Ozone forum: Re: Sweat cheering for VT at the OSU-VT game while sitting with coaches families

Correct...plus he showed NO CLASS openly rooting for VaTech while seated with OSU coaches families...(m)

By BuckeyeRef on 08:16:08 10/22/14 
........even so as to piss off Shelly Meyer and get into an argument with her, all while Mr. Sweat was on an official visit being paid for by TOSU....I decided at that point, I hoped he would go elsewhere. Even his parents and posse he brought with him, kept telling him to cool it...but as some 18 year old idiots are want to do, he didn't stop and was asked to sit elsewhere by security....

I know this because Sweat & company were seated right behind me in Row 3. I was in Row 2 - 19AA

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Bottom line this game plays right into ND's proclivity for beating teams on winning streaks - in any sport: UCLA's 88 game streak and Oklahoma's 47 game streak come to mind. It just has upset written all over it even though FSU is a tougher out than UNC and they almost pulled it out

Comment 30 Sep 2014

My wife and I are heading to MD from Florida. Will be in attendance with 2 of my sons and their wives and 7 of my grandchildren - one of whom is a freshman at Maryland. Really looking forward to it. Unfortunately sitting near the top of the stadium (but on the 50).

Comment 29 Sep 2014

BTW: I'll be there with my wife, 2 of my sons and 7 of my grandchildren. Coming up from Orlando

Sorry I just saw the post above:

The Washington DC OSU Alumni Club is having a tailgate and you can buy parking tickets in the lot reserved for OSU (P1) for $17

Tailgating at the Maryland Game
Join OSUDC, DC-area Buckeyes, and Buckeye fans coming into town from all over to tailgate in College Park! The lots open 6 hours before kickoff (6am). Parking passes are $17 per space. (If using 2 spaces, e.g. car + trailer, car + grill, or car + tailgate tents, purchase 2 passes.) OSUDC will be in the P1 Lot (click HERE for parking lot map - P1 is located near the XFINITY Center in the lower right corner of the map.) Passes for the Ohio State game in P1 Lot can be purchased HERE.
Please Note: If you are coming to the game with a bus or RV, you must park in a different lot. Please Click Here for more details on Bus/RV parking for this game.
If you have questions regarding the game, tailgating, getting to campus, etc. please contact OSU alum and University of Maryland Group Ticket Specialist Lara Ceaser: 301-405-8117 


Comment 23 Sep 2014

I see the first WMD is "chess history". Is the 2nd "chest history"?

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Tressel was a better OC? Are you kidding?

You would have been over the moon if a Tressel team scored 34 points against anyone. Last year's 40+ ppg spoiled you not Tressel's play calling.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Actually Staubach said that he thinks Reynolds is exceptional: "Every time I've seen him play, he's been fantastic," Staubach says. "Keenan is as elite a quarterback as there is in college football today, I think. He's in a system where he doesn't throw as much (as others), but he does everything you have to do as a quarterback, as a leader, to win."

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Florida didn't lose their starting QB. They are getting him (Driscoll) back after an injury last year.

Comment 02 Feb 2014

I apologize for being the word police - but you commonly use "adieu' (which means goodbye) when you should have used "ado" (time wasted over trivial details). I am actually trying to help and I hope will be perceived that way.


Comment 02 Oct 2013

Not sure if you meant Bell was not on the depth chart at al. If that is what you meant he is:

23 Tyvis Powell, 6-3, 207, Fr.
7 Vonn Bell, 5-11, 190, Fr.

Comment 23 May 2013

I am trying to understand why the defense has a numerical advantage versus a one back offense. I understand once the QB hands off that he is no longer in the play but why then a 2 man advantage?


Update: Sorry: Upon review I understand that the back is not going to block if he has the ball so there are only 9-10 potential blockers versus 11 potential defenders