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Comment 21 hours ago

Agreed.  No way a kid from Florida sticks around nearly 2 years away from signing day.  If his last name was Bosa, I'd believe the commit sticks but this far out, not a chance.  

Comment 17 Jul 2016

Forget about the stars.  In his book, UFM talks about the 10-80-10 rule which I'm sure many of you have heard before.  As long as we get as many of those top 10 kids in we'll be looking great regardless of their star ranking.  If you haven't read it (highly recommended), he says that in 2014 about 20-30% of that team was a top 10 guy, a remarkable percentage and the key reason why we were able to beast our way through the postseason 

Comment 10 Jul 2016

We are a 7 point underdog because we should be.  We have the fewest returning snaps in FBS by a significant margin.  We will be trotting out a roster composed of 45 redshirt or true freshmen with an unproven offensive line and unknowns in the middle of the defensive line.  Traditionally, a young team going on the road early in the season does not yield positive results, regardless of the number of stars they had coming out of high school.  That said, we can win this game, but uncertainty leads to volatility, and gamblers do not like either of those things.  

Comment 28 Jun 2016

This is one of the most conflicting plays in recent CFB history for me.  On the one hand it led to *ichigan losing in an incredibly humiliating way and on the other, it caused us to miss out on the B1G Championship game.  I know we should have taken care of business against MSU and its our own fault for missing out on a Championship defense, but you have to consider it when thinking about what might have been last season.  Either way, I feel bad for the kid, hope he gets his confidence back at some point. 

Comment 26 Jun 2016

James Franklin.  He would never miss an opportunity to speak about his mediocre accomplishments while claiming he is on the cusp of the next big thing.  Also, he would invite all of his friends over once a year to get belligerently drunk, wear all white, and keep you up all night while you're worrying that there is a klan meeting going on next door.  

Comment 09 Jun 2016

Look for Dante Booker to have a monster year at OLB.  Just as good as Perry against the run and better in coverage.  Also Worley could be usurped by Baker very early it becomes apparent that he is not at the same caliber as Shazier and Lee were at the hybrid position(the expectations are that high).  McMillan will be a force in his last year in the program as well, 120+ tackles should be the expectation and maybe a pick or two to show off his hands if they have improved.  

Comment 01 Jun 2016

This model would be great at busting the SEC's annual beginning of the season dominance of top 25 polls.  With the way the B1G is recruiting at the top of the conference I believe we will match up very well with the southern schools by the time this got off the ground.  

Comment 12 May 2016

1. Everybody on the team gives 100% effort on every play regardless of what it says on the scoreboard

2. Nobody goes down during the season with any type of career altering injury

3. The upperclassmen step up and show the underclassmen how to conduct themselves as Buckeyes

4. Compete against Oklahoma in Norman and avoid close games against teams we should easily close out

5. Beat *ichigan