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Comment 13 Aug 2014

Get over yourself Fred Moyer - 3 if's in once sentence and he's in the NBa? You can get anywhere in the world with 3 if's...sheesh!

VJ King and Funderburk have always been ahead of Moyer  & Teske, let Beilein & Boeheim take what Thad doesnt particularly want. Good luck to the local Moyer kid - great program - but dad needs to get a grip.

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Said all along too many people on this site including some writers were rushing to judgement. I have a HS classmate who played for the Bucks from 76-80 whose daughter is in the band - & he has been one of the ringleaders in trying to get Waters restored. I signed his petition out of trust for who he is.

9 out of over 4000 people interviewed to determine culture? total railroad job. and several of those were mischaracterized. wow

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Wish we could do the Famous Ohioan bracket contest again - this time - even if bracket was rigged like it was last time with Lebron going head to head with Archie (on an OSU blog) - Lebron wins over all!

drops Mic......

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Prediction: If healthy, Reeves starts every game.


After watching Reeves horribly inconsistent season last year, and the ratings of Conley & Apple - I have to (need to!) believe that one or both of these guys will unseat Reeves - they can't be that far behind him - and have much more talent...

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Who pissed in DJ's Rice Krispies?

Jim Tressel would shit himself if he read that last sentence.

Apparently Stop N Go

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Agree Mike - the CAvs have so many assets I dont think they can lose here. You get a 25 yr old Love as a 26/13 guy on an extension for 2 or 3 years - you trade Wiggins. I just dont wanna see the rumored chips of Wiggins, Bennett, Waiters & 2 #1's for Love. That give us the best starting 5 in the league - but no bench & only one #1 pick next year (probably in the 20's). If they wait  - who knows what other talent they could add with those drafts choices & a maturing Wiggins.

That being siad - Lebron is 29 - & Miller, Jones & (Ray Allen?) are 35,36,39 - this team is being constructed to win now - not when Wiggins is 22 & Lebron is 33...

Comment 30 Jul 2014

No - Thank YOU for playing - the backcourt by definition are the guards - frontcourt = forwards & center. Just because Lebron brings up the ball occasionally does not make him backcourt. He actually lead the NBA last year in points in the paint per minutes played last 2 seasons (shhh = frontcourt)

Comment 30 Jul 2014

People might be a little more receptive to your opine of you stop shouting vulgarities at them. Dont be that guy - who has to be more profane & shout over someone to voice an opinion. It IS a free website - and there are a bunch of kids who visit here regularly - including my 15 & 17 yr old.

Not sure also what relevance to this being a FREE WEBSITE has to do with your point - I go to both types - and when I read an editorial - it is open to a difference of opinion. Based upon your notion - because we don't pay anything here we cannot be invested in it's content. DJ writes at times controversially - which tells me he likes to get a little dialog going from time to time - I think he can defend himself. As for DJ - I read EVERYDAY without exception - & find myself at about 50/50 on his opinions - but all interesting.

Comment 12 Jul 2014

I wouldnt get used to wiggins - he's not even under contract according to Winhorst...

Love 3x Allstar & Olympian - top 10 player in the league - 6th in MVP 2012- EVERYDAY over wiggins - do we need to recall just last year & the bust that was #1 overall Anthony Bennett? Wiggins may be the next Pippen  (top 50 all itme player)- but more likely to be one of these last 15 overall #1's :the next Elton Brand, Olokwandi, Kame Brown, Andrew Bogut, Kenyon Martin, Bargnani, Bennett, or even Derrick Rose or Greg Oden (injuries).