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Comment 20 hours ago

Nice spin Mman - the fact is Florida was  mediocre 9-4 team who lost a ton of starters from the year prior - and had no relevance to make\ing M%$&*&^gan's win look better than it was.

 Carr's team went on to a modestly successful (but injury-plagued) season and knocked off Urban Meyer's Florida Gators who were then defending a national championship season.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I will second that thought – I also saw him the week before versus Moeller, where he was even more dominant. He was the best football player in both games by position  – he's unbelievably quick for a kid 295 pounds, and he's got an incredible motor. He also played offensive line on jumbo packages.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

3 Qb comments, and all for Brax?  Shocked - wondering if a combination of the ankle injury, DV Case, & Cardales lone start have it 100% for Brax over JT! 

Barrett, Miller, Jones, Burrow, Gibson switched positions or Rs freshman yr, Coilier transfers

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I for one did not immediately think "what an idiot" - and the speculation is juvenile - but I think that Bueckeyeat has a point ...

Also, if you dating a football player all you have to do is make an allegation and you know he'll be smeared on sportscenter.  Let's all wait until the facts come out.

If this were another player I would have some concern - but in the rampant Ray Rice DV culture we live in - it gets the press. Pretty sure there's nothing to see here?

Comment 19 Nov 2014

"Coach" - Biggest flaw in your "rationale" is you are basing everything on LOSSES. tOSU has 2 straight road WINS vs CURRENT top 25 teams. Miss St? 1 win at home vs #16 3 loss Auburn. 

Comment 19 Nov 2014

First I think he WILL transfer - as someone above mentioned - Barrett is not only the starter - he is the LEADER of the team. If you will recall that was the main criticism of Brax his first 21/2 yrs - lack of leadership. Also this team is loaded with freshman & sophomore starters - I think there is mutiny if JT's job is taken from the redshirt Frosh. No disrespect to Brax - just the facts. He is not NFL ready & may never be - I see how hard it is for Pryor to land an NFL gig - and he is a healthier bigger, more durable version of Brax. He WONT transfer in conference - but not for the above reason - tOSU cant block him to another B1G team if he goes non- scholly; I would think Oregon & their spread would be the perfect fit with Mariota gone - and give him the extra year he desperately needs to develop at QB. 1. Transfer 2. new position (not RB - not durable enough) such as Harvin role or deep treat with Smith graduating. 3. NFL - 

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Hey all you doomsdayers & Urban haterz! Where are you now? whoop Sparty & #8 in rankings.