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Comment 14 Apr 2014

I'm gonna make it 9-1 in posters who agree JT was much better - more fluid, much better looking ball - the biggest thing I noticed is Cardales slow to read & ball security where both bad. Even Urbz said Jones as bad on Saturday. I was at the game too & Jones looked lost most of the time.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Also agree - Barrett was more decisive in the pocket, made his reads quicker - Cardale seemed lost. 

When they were throwing Barrett was a much more polished passer & threw a really clean ball

Barrett was also much quicker when the pocket collapsed & he scrambled. also he moved the Gray up & dawn the field, Scarlet struggled to move the ball at all.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

"poll" spelled like "troll" ALLIN.

Owens never stepped foot on a track  until after his move to Ohio when he was 9 & never left Ohio. Who gives a crap if Alabama claims him? My grandfather was born in Alabama & moved here after the War - & lived hear for 60 years. I think that makes him an Ohioan.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

bias much?

Kalis was essentally gone before Urbz was on board -Fickell lost that tbattle, Green was dropped by tOSU & we stopped recruiting him long before his commit to  scum (wise choice) McCray didnt get an offer until a bunch of other prospects were off the board - clearly a bridesmaid - and after he was already #ichigans, 2015 is bs since no one is binding right now. Most of these "losses" were nothing more than paper losses - many were not commitable. There were a handfull of true losses. But to make your point - Choke is in the ball park & has won SOME head to head battles, not nearly what you are attempting to report.

Class of 2014: Harris, Cole, Bunting, Marshall, Ferns, Winovich, Peppers, (I believe all were commitable except Cole...)

2013: Thomas, Smith, Dawson, Tillman, Shallman, Poggi, Hurst,

2012? seriously? he was the coach for 3 months before signing day - not a good sample since Hoke had already been in place a couple of seasons.

Our wins in 2013: Bosa, Hill, Burrows, Apple, & took Conley away from scum.

2014: we win 9-7 with Hubbard, Smith, Lattimore, Webb, Berger, Booker, Jones, Knox, Hooker... Plus Hoke did not even recruit Butkus winner Raekwon...

A more accurate account would be 14-13 tOSU, since the 2012 sCum class was almost completely wrapped up before Urbz was even the coach. 

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Thanks for the DV jackass... My comment was made on a direct quote from Vico - who actually used the phrase "if he sees the field for Ohio State" - I called him out for that comment when we are talking about the #1 player in the great State of Ohio, & Mr Football - and the writer makes the above comment.... Well he clearly thought better of it because he has since edited the comment.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Dude - enough of your long winded socialist rants on unions. We get it - your'e in a union, probably high up there - maybe even collecting a side check as a union officer off other peoples dues. You are not going to convince anti-union people otherwise. I realise your union is almost a religion for you - many others see them as corrupt, controlling, special interest serving & at times, thuggish. Unions were necessary at the turn of the century as labor conditions were horrible, but they became money hungry like every other entity in business and are nothing more than a tool for socialist. Your 1st unending post is not accurate  - unions are to thank for a small portion, legislators had more to do with those benefits.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Exploit? Please see the definition. Exploitation here is a 2 way street. 18 yr old kids are fawned over & wooed by grown men coaches, they lead them around on a string - and then "say yes" to the lucky suitor. Then 25% of them change their mind, some more than once. Yet once they inter into that ralationship they are bound, & if they dont like it, they can transfer... All the while they have the opportunity to graduate from college without any loans or debt - something my kids would have liked.....

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Wrights, Hope, Nicklaus, Sherman

Picking Wrights to win whole thing - but Owens looms as the potential winner - & rightfully so

Comment 29 Mar 2014

you missed his point Hattan - he felt if he did not join he would not be hired....I worked for UpS in college & the strong armed tactics they used to try to force me to join were borderline mafioso. I was ostracized, forced to eat alone (who cares), hazed on the line, denied basic employee rights - denied OT & etc.... this 16 year old kid did what he thought he had no choice to do - wake up.

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Andy - 100% agree with your pionts & your tone was not patronizing - it was professional.

Gene Smith and Dabo Swinney and Northwestern care about the athletes – they would just rather parcel out enough money to keep happy than cede control.

Cede control to whom? The student athletes? Kain Colter? 18-22 yr olds fresh out of high school? The naivety of this argument is frustrating. These kids are part of an elite few. My High school junior has given his life the last 10 years in hopes of this kind of "enslavement" - and will be sad if it doesnt come his way. For many of these kids they are finding an escape from poverty & violent settings & given an opportunity to a free education & professional contacts that will carry them for a lifetime. I am in support of Andy's thought of being treated like a grad assistant or Smith idea of a fixed 5k or more annually - but to cede control to the athletes? Yes - my wife told her boss Friday even though she is compensated less annually than any scholarship football in Division I - she wants to be in control & come to work when she pleases and control her schedule..... I'm guessing a full scholly is worth about 35-40k annually? These kids ARE compensated, better than most working stiffs. sure they need more help - lets get it too them, but to turn the asylum over to the inmates? Naive & ridiculous Nicholas.

And I am sick of the "Dabo signs 27 million dollar contract" logic. At their age Dabo was a blank slate making nothing more than they did. He & Ubrz & others toiled for years from job to job barely supporting their families through the early years, made a name , moved up the ranks, and 30 years later they are millionaires - they did it the old fashioned way - worked their butts of to get where they are - not have it handed to them as a naive 20 year old. they argument does not hold water - they ascended to that role through personal excellence, diligence & hard work.