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Comment 15 May 2016

Take a deep breathe Banana & minions. This is not about oversigning - What would you have Schmidt do - sit on the bench & not even make the 3 deep on the depth chart - or go somewhere where he gets the opportunity to play. There is no conspiracy here - He is not being told to leave - but I can easily hear Ubrz saying the same thing to Grant that he did to Dylan Thompson - 

"Do something," Meyer said of Thompson. "And underline that. Do something."

If my coach is telling me that - and I know I am not going to leapfrog guys who are better than me - I'm going to go where I can play. Oversigning is about forcing guys out or taking schollies away - but you know in D1 football there will be attrition & guys are going to move on - you dont know who - but you know guys will move on. Also the fact that Felder cannot come in presumably because of test scores / grades, should take away from the trolls & fake buckeye fans - as we are now under the limit

I am waiting for the new thread about how Urb doesnt know what he is doing by being UNDER the schollie limit! ;-)

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Great analysis Kareem - especailly about the lack of a DArryl backstory.

Also one of the apparent few who thought JDM fell short - was too likeable - not near as terrifying as comic book Negan

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Good analysis Brewster - I agree that the purpose for the cliffhanger is that Glenn is alive as well - otherwise, why? but the one flaw here is that Negan does not know who is strong & who is not - he is meeting all for the first time and only knows of Rick as a leader and little if anything about anyone else.

Thus the whole reason for eenie meeny.... he had no idea who to logically kill

Comment 05 Apr 2016

That's because it has been shot "in the real world" over 6 seasons. It doesnt change the fact that Lori was pregnant in season 1, even before Rick joined the group and she was sleeping with Shane - Judith born around season 4, and is  now about 1 year old...9 months + 1 year =.......

Comment 05 Apr 2016

I agree with the thought that 1 of 4 in the van that we flash to 3 or 4 times in the episode is probably at the top of the list. One perspective though that we see right before Negan whacks someone - he turns and we see Rick almost directly behind Negan. This makes me think it is either Eugene or Glenn - who are on the respective ends of the line, both furthest from Rick. That being said - I do think Eugene makes sense -  as he has been welcomed into stage 2" - Abraham apologizes & accepts him as an equal, Eugene gives the bullet making recipe to Rick - His character has completed an arc - mostly in this episode. And as someone else commented - Negan really does not know what peoples capabilities are - so he isnt weeding out anyone yet - other than Rick as leader he knows nothing of this group. I dont see him killing Darryl as he is already incapacitated with the gunshot would. So #2 option is Glenn - the dumpster scene where we first thought he "died" makes me think his time has run out - and although a fan favorite - he has been brought back to life once already.

Comment 05 Apr 2016

Judith isnt walking yet - is less than 1 yr old - & you allow for 9 month pregnancy - which could have occurred as early as ep 1 since she & Shane were sleeping together after Rick disappeared... Looking at more like 2 years total or a tad bit more

Comment 15 Feb 2016

There is absolutely NOTHING REFRESHING about TTUN being relevant. Hate that team & everything about them. The Woody article was printed on his birthday yesterday - and WOODY himself would throw his PC in the trash with all this TTUN crap being written.!! ;-)