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Comment 14 Jul 2015

Was snorkeling in the CAymens a few years back - about 200yds out - with my wife who was 40 yds behind me. I am on the surface about 20 feet from bottom & look down to see a non descript shark swimming underneath me on the bottom. I felt like a lightening bolt went through my body I was so terrified - turned back to shore & started Mark Spitzing it - flew past my wife who looked surprised - I said "race ya" - & thank God she took the challenge. Once I crawled onto shore I told her what I saw - she turned completely white.

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Thanks Brutus! UV!!! Are we so bored they have to throw this trash on the board? this is not only a non - story - it's not even a real reported story! Lifting something from a post from 1 lying jackass off another teams board?

Please keep that nonsense off our board!

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Saw him in 3 of the playoff runs and he was more dominating than has even been written. Only way he redshirts is if he gets injured.

No REdshirt here!!

Comment 09 Jul 2015

This is a tough one. He & Fred Biletnikoff were two childhood heroes - along with the Assassin, Alzado, Matuzak, Casper, Hendricks, Villipiano.... Definitely a sad day in my home. I found out driving home - my son texting me his condolences...