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Comment 14 Mar 2017

Yes, a lot of colleges go this route. Honestly, how cool would it be for a different dorm full of students to actually get a free ride and ticket to a game in this day and age when the University wants to tax them for every little thing. It might just be enough to turn some of this kids into actual fans and make them want to be a part of more games.

I mean it, do we want a home court atmosphere that rivals Duke and MSU? Then get more of the largest student body in the country in the damn building.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Here's are 3 big fixes, starting with the staff:

STAFF - Find our version of Coach Mic Marotti for strength and MENTAL conditioning. Our guys now are mentally weak and lacking confidence. As they get mentally stronger, free throw shooting and end-of-game performance will improve.

We also need a lead recruiter to spot great talent and sell recruits on the incredible opportunities here (like Coach Pantoni). C'mon down, Scoonie Penn. 

IDENTITY - There are 2 big reasons we lack an on-floor identity: First) Playing guys who are lazy and selfish. It undermines everything you preach and ruins team chemistry. Next) Thad changes his schemes to the talent on his teams. Great when you have a D'Angelo or Evan Turner. Bad when you lack star players to flow through. Pick one system and stick with it so guys can get better at it year after year.

ATTENDANCE – This is more complicated than how the BBall team performs. I think a big factor is that many fans feel a Football hangover in November and December. They’ve just spent a ton of money on fball and have a hard time switching gears to hoops. Fix this by scheduling better opponents, and lower ticket prices drastically for preseason games so more families can afford to go. Make a statement with Value City Arena that OSU values the fans-- it's an early-season investment in the BBall team that will pay off later.

And here's a Bonus Fix - at every home game, bus over a dorm full of students for free. It will help expose more students to the BBall team, build excitement, and add a few hundred more voices to the student section. Give them a reason to get excited.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I'm hoping Loving's minutes go to a healthy KBD.

And I like what I hear about Beverly. This is a quote from Braxton Beverly's coach (who has had 23 players go to the NBA)                                 

"One thing Braxton does, he works extremely hard. He's a gym rat. He goes hard in every skill development session we have, every white-room session we have. He conditions harder than anybody I've ever coached."

Comment 09 Mar 2017

If they do play, Thad needs to lock up the nice uniforms and have them wear practice gear to the games until every man on that team plays with all-out effort.

It would actually mean more if the players took it upon themselves to earn back their Buckeye silks. Take ownership of the situation, young men. Send a message to each other that you respect this university enough to earn back your right to represent it in all its glory.

Comment 08 Mar 2017

90% of the frustration the past few seasons boils down to the demeanor of 2 or 3 players. Those guys will be gone next year and, assuming KBD is well enough to come back, Thad can rebound from this and should get 1 more year, although he can no longer reward poor attitudes with playing time.

Related to recruiting, Scoonie P was on a recent pod cast and mentioned that some elite AAU programs are steering kids away from OSU because they think freshman don't play. Thad should take this head on and reframe the discussion. His best class featured freshmen starters. If anything, there is more of an opportunity for elite players to play here right away versus other programs.

Comment 28 Feb 2017

Way to go Buckeyes!! 

Fought through some f#@%ing terrible refereeing. Big ten should be embarrassed by two botched calls in closing minutes--ball rolled of psu player arm which was reviewed but missed, Tate mistakenly called for travel. Plus the bs technical on potter. 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

This is slightly off topic, but I gotta throw this out there. The energy in the Schott is just pathetic. Frankly, it's pretty flat even when we're winning. Here's 2 big ideas that would help send a jolt through the fans on game day. 

1) Start by lowering ticket prices. I think this is a huge factor during the first part of the season when everyone is still in football mode. Knock all upper level seats down to $5 or $10 and just fill the joint. Having some energy in the building for each and every game might actually inspire better play.

2) Get more students near the floor. This is a must. The best venues in college have a large, loud student body and our team deserves the same home court advantage every game. It makes me sick that we have one of the largest student bodies in the country, but you wouldn't know it by watching our arena. 

So what if students won't buy the seats? Here's an idea, invite them in for free. Or try picking 2 or 3 different dorms every game and send busses to bring the students over. The university now forces them to live in the dorms a second year so this would be a nice gesture while helping generate more support on campus for Buckeye hoops.

Anyway, back to the coaching debate.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

The thing I love about basketball is it reveals your true character because there is nowhere to hide on the floor. If you are a leader, it shows. If your lazy on D, it shows. It you refuse to lose, it shows.

It was on Thad to have implemented the big attitude adjustment this season. It didn't happen across the team. The problem is Thad continues to play certain guys who do not care enough about winning to go after it with everything they have to give.