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Comment 28 Jul 2014

Bennett giving a shout out to Donovan Munger has me pumped. A lot of that credit obviously goes to Donovan for staying involved, but I'm sure Coach Johnson has been a source of great motivation for our younger players. Fresh legs in the 4th quarter, here we come.

Comment 22 Jul 2014

I expected to see U of M's trophy room in the decaying Cold War pics. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I was there, too, with my dad in the closed end of the shoe. Byars finished that shoeless touchdown run right in front of us. I knew at that moment I was a Buckeye for life.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

Buckeye waterfall, annually replenished with wolverine tears.

Comment 21 Jun 2014

With Troy's talent, the only thing that makes sense to me is he was written off by NFL owners because of his run in with Mike Singletary. Seriously, the guy is a better qb than half the guys on NFL rosters. He was 3-2 as a starter on a 49er team that finished 6-10. As a lifelong Browns fan, makes no sense why they didn't give him a shot. 

Hoping he kills in Canada this year and gets one more chance. Warren moon was 28 when he went to the Oilers. Troy could still have a good 5 year run ahead of him. 

Edit: Just caught Troy on tonight's espn top 10 highlight making a play. Baller. 

Comment 14 Jun 2014

I guess I'm an average Joe. I have three kids and there are just so many other things that demand our discretionary income. Hate to admit but I haven't been able to afford to get my family to a game. Going to bite the silver bullet this year and make it happen.

One factor for UM that Mr. Bacon didn't bring up is population. Ann Arbor only has around 115k residents.

Comment 06 Jun 2014

I so respect how he has represented the university these past 3 seasons. If anyone has ever deserved a great final campaign, it's him. Hi-yo, Silver!

Comment 29 May 2014

Marcus Baugh has had a couple run-ins and he's still around. You have to consider him a pet project at this point. There may be a few others that we don't know about.

Comment 09 May 2014

They need Carlos in that backfield rocking the tear-away Greg Pruitt #34. 

Comment 09 May 2014

I hate the Steelers, but Shazam. Great pick. Good luck RDS. Enjoy your time with Coach LeBeau. Can't wait to watch him go against El Guapo and the Browns.