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Comment 15 Nov 2016

Interesting perspective. Watching last night, I just kept thinking he's not a basketball player. By that, I mean he doesn't love to play the game. I can totally see him dominating in high school with size and a few pat moves that work on that level, but he just is what he has been.

Lyle is the big enigma to me. Don't know what's up with him.

Comment 31 Oct 2016

Reserve sections for older folks who only want to sit AND have designated "high energy" sections where people who actually want to stand and cheer can do so without being hassled. Just imagine how much louder the place would be if you concentrated the people who want to make noise. They would feed off each other the whole game.

And, they should lower the ticket price in the standing-friendly sections because those fans are the ones who fuel the home field advantage. Like that will ever happen.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

All of our receivers were the best athletes on the field during their respective high school careers. As such, they didn't have to learn the craft of being a wide receiver. They just went out and played and dominated with their natural gifts. 

Like the entire coaching staff, Smith does shoulder responsibility, but not all of the blame. I mean, he does get some credit for Mike Thomas, right. But look at how hard Mike Thomas was willing to work on his own--after hours, jug machine, running routes--to become the receiver he is today. That is total and absolute commitment that goes beyond the 20 hours a week that coaches are allowed to work with players. Maybe our young guys haven't realized that yet.

Personally, I'd love to see a little more KJ Hill. And it really does seem like JT is slow to release the ball this season. Even those swing passes looked slow last night.

Time to answer the challenge, boys. We're behind you. 

Comment 13 Oct 2016

If this kid works hard every play, runs the floor as a true point guard, can shoot the ball and give great effort on defense, I can't wait to see him develop into a great college player. Welcome to the Buckeyes, Braxton. 

Comment 22 Sep 2016

This will be a radical year of growth for Zeke, just like it was for D Russell. At heart, they are both intensely competitive guys with great love for their families who will quickly grow board with goofing off and realize they are meant to do greater things. Papa Elliott sounds like he bared a little too much and regretted it. I get his mad love for his son, but in his role as program assistant, it's time to take the world off blast and carve out a different identity than that of uber dad.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Urban's work at BG is one of things I love about college football. Exciting to think what young coach is out there today getting ready to do big things.

In Lou Holtz's book, he relayed the story of how he hired Urban at ND. His son Skip Holtz was trying to get Lou to interview Urban. Lou kept saying no. Finally, Skip tricked him into sitting at a table with Urban at a college coaches' meeting. It turned into a quasi-interview and Urban was later offered the receivers coaching job at ND. It's an incredibly similar scenario as to how Lou first met and interview with Woody.

Buckeye legends. The story continues.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

The talent in this class is unbelievable, but as the comparison shows, history is a great judge of character.  The only way to make anything of your talent is to come in humble, focused, and ready to work. And I hope every one of our guys comes in with that attitude.