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Comment 10 hours ago

Urban's work at BG is one of things I love about college football. Exciting to think what young coach is out there today getting ready to do big things.

In Lou Holtz's book, he relayed the story of how he hired Urban at ND. His son Skip Holtz was trying to get Lou to interview Urban. Lou kept saying no. Finally, Skip tricked him into sitting at a table with Urban at a college coaches' meeting. It turned into a quasi-interview and Urban was later offered the receivers coaching job at ND. It's an incredibly similar scenario as to how Lou first met and interview with Woody.

Buckeye legends. The story continues.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

The talent in this class is unbelievable, but as the comparison shows, history is a great judge of character.  The only way to make anything of your talent is to come in humble, focused, and ready to work. And I hope every one of our guys comes in with that attitude.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

I always felt good reading your posts, Birm, because I knew you came by the information the right way--by treating the young men and their families with class, integrity and respect. In this way, you embodied our love for the university with every interaction. Thank you and good luck!

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Go big and pound on them in the first half. I want to see Curry and Thompson's legs looked tired in the 2nd half just like last night. Love and JR will probably play shoot lights out at home so that might take a little pressure of Bron and Kyrie.

Comment 26 May 2016

Briles is considering starring in a new TV series, Friday Night Blights

Comment 13 May 2016

That kid oozes all the qualities of character that you could ever want to see in a person. I bet he is a great teammate and I can't wait to see him represent The Ohio State Buckeyes.