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Comment 2 hours ago

This is slightly off topic, but I gotta throw this out there. The energy in the Schott is just pathetic. Frankly, it's pretty flat even when we're winning. Here's 2 big ideas that would help send a jolt through the fans on game day. 

1) Start by lowering ticket prices. I think this is a huge factor during the first part of the season when everyone is still in football mode. Knock all upper level seats down to $5 or $10 and just fill the joint. Having some energy in the building for each and every game might actually inspire better play.

2) Get more students near the floor. This is a must. The best venues in college have a large, loud student body and our team deserves the same home court advantage every game. It makes me sick that we have one of the largest student bodies in the country, but you wouldn't know it by watching our arena. 

So what if students won't buy the seats? Here's an idea, invite them in for free. Or try picking 2 or 3 different dorms every game and send busses to bring the students over. The university now forces them to live in the dorms a second year so this would be a nice gesture while helping generate more support on campus for Buckeye hoops.

Anyway, back to the coaching debate.

Comment 19 Feb 2017

The thing I love about basketball is it reveals your true character because there is nowhere to hide on the floor. If you are a leader, it shows. If your lazy on D, it shows. It you refuse to lose, it shows.

It was on Thad to have implemented the big attitude adjustment this season. It didn't happen across the team. The problem is Thad continues to play certain guys who do not care enough about winning to go after it with everything they have to give.  

Comment 15 Feb 2017

I see what you're seeing, 33. To add to the conversation:

Lyle at the point is arsenic for our offense. He doesn't get how a point guard is supposed to trigger offensive movement so, as a result, the offense doesn't move. With CJ at point, everyone moves and Lyle is free to score and wouldn't have to defend a quicker pg.

Looks to me like Kam is running hard to get open and then rushing his shot. There are easily 4 or 5 plays a game where he could catch it and go right past his defender, attack the lane and shoot or kick it out.

Tate's TOs are from just trying to do too much. He needs to understand situations, when not to attack, when not to foul.

I see Potter growing a little every game and I like that he talks on the floor. Potter's defense is a liability inside, so bring Bell in at the same time to tandem on interior defense, and let Potter play his natural stretch position.

Loving has been playing harder the last few games. He's not perfect but he's putting in effort. I've been down on him in the past but hope he gives it his all in his final few weeks as a Buckeye.

Since anything is possible, I could also see a scenario where they catch lightning in a bottle and win the BIG tourney. If there's a year to do it, it's this one.  

Comment 15 Feb 2017

Please quit playing Lyle at the point, Coach. The offense stagnates when he plays point because he does not pass, cut and clear with any sense of urgency. As a result, off-ball movement is non-existent so the ball rarely moves anywhere other than one pass to the wing and then back to the top of key. As the clock winds down, players are forced into individual moves to get off shots.

To credit Lyle, he was productive in the first half as a shooting guard when was in a more up tempo flow. Not sure why coaches let us settle back into our bad ways in the 2nd half. 

Comment 13 Feb 2017

These guys were in a very bright spotlight during the weeks leading up to signing day which was great coverage. But, personally, I've seen enough of the speculation about who will do what on the field. What matters now is they get off to a great start in the classroom. 

Comment 04 Feb 2017

CJ had a few turnovers, but his energy is exactly what is needed at the point. Hope he continues to get more and more minutes running things so the team can play at this pace. Will ultimately benefit Lyle, too, if he can settle into his natural scoring role.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Good assessment. Lyle is a natural scorer and I agree about his confidence. But it's not all on Thad. It's up to JaQuan to decide that he is going to give 110% on both sides of the floor. As of now, his lack of focus and effort on defense is flat killing us. Maybe he's mismatched against quicker point guards on D. But if he plays a SG then he has to be willing to make those hard baseline runs, and fight thru picks. If he's not going to lock in, then just stay on the bench.

Comment 29 Jan 2017

It's the coach's fault for not demanding intensity. Starting positions should be up for grabs and awarded for effort from this point forward. 

Comment 29 Jan 2017

Yes please. Loving shows a rare flash of ability and effort. But 90% of the time, he's slouching, not moving his feet on defense, making lazy cuts on offense, throwing piss poor passes, and generally acting like he doesn't care whether he is out there or not. It's crap.

Lyle is the same. The pisser is that JaQuan is even more physically gifted. Could be a game-changing, elite player. But he has the weakest mentality I've ever seen in a D1 guard. He just wants to shoot step back 3s and not play D. 

Would love to see these guys man up and say to the coaches, "We can only play hard for about 7 minutes a half, and then we would be happy to sit the bench." Then Thad would know what he needs to do.

Side note--get Dave Bell on the floor with Potter to help protect the low post. It's not freaking rocket science, coaches.

Comment 25 Jan 2017

Here's to a not-so-Happy Jamarco and a very vocal Billy Price getting after their fellow slobs this off season. Win today.

Comment 22 Jan 2017

I actually thought we were outplaying them in the 2nd half until Loving's cross court pass that led to the steal and bucket. That was a completely stupid play, especially for a senior. Momentum killer. 

And how does this team practice free throws? They act like they've never been in a close game before and consistently rush their shots. 

Comment 18 Jan 2017

JT's career numbers are great, but with the amount of talent on our squad I believe Burrow could match those numbers. Would hate to see him go elsewhere. IMO he's a bigger, more athletic Joe Germaine.