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Comment 09 Feb 2016

Went to the game. Props to Marc Loving for positive energy and a more upbeat demeanor tonight. Not sure if they showed it on camera, but on a couple occasions he was clapping his hands and being motivational with teammates.

KBD was on the attack in 2nd half, too.

A lot of those NW 3s were contested with 1 or 2 seconds on the shot clock. You knew they couldn't shoot like that all game. 

Keep fighting Buckeyes.

Comment 26 Jan 2016

Great point. Both Lyle and Loving are pretty deliberate with the ball in their hands. We're so much more effective when we 2 or 3 guys continuously moving in the half court set instead of just sort of jogging and watching.

AJ's quickness, even when he isn't handing the ball, forces our other guys to pick up their pace and that makes for a much better flow. Kind of similar to the pace of play conversation that's going on with the Cavs.

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Loving just strikes me as very introverted and self-contained. I'm sure he feels fiery passion on the inside, and he probably truly believes he is playing with passion, but I just don't think he is wired that way.

The only time I have seen it is the UK game when he was vocal, active on D, diving for balls. He played like every point mattered.

One of the coaches needs to play that tape and have a talk with him. This is how you need to play every minute you are on the floor. If you can only play with this kind of hustle for 10 minutes a half, that's fine. If you quit on plays, allow uncontested drives down the lane, or drop your head and shoulders and mope, you come out. 

It's about effort. Time for some tough loving. 

Comment 11 Jan 2016

His new song Lazarus. First lyric is "Look up, I'm in heaven."


Comment 07 Jan 2016

No questions. Complete confidence in UFM and his most important unit, our coaching staff. There will be many Booms from Pantoni, Coach Mick will work his magic, the rest of the staff will recruit like hell. We will see the position groups bond during the spring workouts which is always a treat to see our players having fun together and enjoying being college kids. Sure, at least one young player will screw up and put himself in the doghouse. But most importantly, there will be a core group of guys on the team, the ones who want to be elite, who will find their way into the Woody to get in extra workouts and show up in the fall ready to flat out ball.

It's not the off season. It's time to reload.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

That was a thing of beauty. Movement off the ball, intensity on D, guys stepping up across the board.

Coach Dickerson did the pre-game radio interview and talked about his new big guys being a bright spot. I've doubted coach D in the past because I haven't seen us develop a big man, but if Thompson and Giddens (& Bell) keeping giving that kind of effort, we will see a complete team rise to power. (And condolences to coach Dickerson, it had to be a hard week after losing his sister.)

It's a new season!

Comment 17 Dec 2015

National Player of the Year Evan Turner begs to differ.