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Comment 22 Dec 2011

It has to be the "tat 5"

Not only that but Pryor being the stand up guy that he is only got a 5 game suspension...FROM THE NFL, because he jumped ship! The Senator got a 5 year show cause and the other 3 players got 5 games and 1 got 9! Here's to hoping Meyer has a spy at each tattoo parlor in the area!

Comment 30 Nov 2011

So, with Urban taking the job and already in the hunt of the best recruits and them turning Ohio State into their first choice...are we to assume that The University knows a little more about the NCAA and the sanctions that are forthcoming? In Urban's presser he did mention on how he would have to deal with a few less scholarships, but we already know that...is there anything else we know?

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Everyone wants a guy that can win 100% of the time...Fickell, was so F'd coming into this, with a returning swawd like we should have...we go 13-0...even if The Vest were here, this is as good as 20 Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors can do! Look At The Vests first year...in 2001, all Fickell has to do is beat Shhhhigan and that's all that matters at this point with the talent he has...of course is Urban comes in next year tOSU will be goo, they will have kids playing 2 years together, of course he'll look like a genius again! So would any other coach.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

If he were The Vest, he would have the power to fire, I do not think he ever had the power to hire or fire...I think he said he would keep the coaching staff to appeal to the Buckeye nation! Yea, did it kick his ass, yup! But it is not on him that they have only 2-3 starting seniors this year...with Freshman that can't catch a cold when they have a Freshman tossing footballs into their bread baskets! A coach at the college level should not be directing their focus on catching or tackling, as this skill should have been learned when these kids were 12. Also, it is not the coaches fault if a 4th year starting Senior does not know the play count! I do agree, that when Bollman continuously tried F'n us big time with the no pass game, Fickell could have chimed in! But to say that an Urban Meyer could do better with the deck that Fickell was dealt...well, that is just ignorance

Comment 18 Oct 2011

How about Fickell landing this one. Sure he was already leaning towards coming to tOSU, but he has to see some confidence in the coaching staff and Fresh. QB. He is probably banking on bollrus also being ran out of town after this year! This is great news, we needed it!

Go Bucks!

Comment 11 Oct 2011

 I agree to putting an end to the negativity! I don't see however how we throw Fickell under the bus after one season, a season that tOSU was not ready for. We were suppose to have Pryor and the tatgate clan and groom Miller and then Bausersuck never touch's the field. Instead, our beloved coach takes the hammer from the NCAA (and Smith) and the 5 players are gone for the first 5 games, minus Pryor who ran to the NFL (how he can sleep at night is beyond me) and Posey, well, dumb is just dumb. So now we have Fickell, who is going to be a GREAT coach, along with Vrabel, two young coach's with a young team! Why not keep them?! In 2004 we went 8-4 under the Senator, yea it was the Senator, but still 8-4! We saw a glimpse of the future on Saturday night on the road, QB get's hurt and Bausersuck loses the game single handily by having 3 and outs, hitting fans in the upper deck with footballs and keeping his D on the field! We still do not have a loss in our Division yet, if we can pull a few wins out and stay a top our division, I would think that would be a successful first year, seeing the hand Fickell was dealt! They do have to make a decision soon though or recruits are going to not want to commit to a team without a Head coach! And I for one think Fickell is our guy for a long time! I think this season can be salvaged by winning the next few and REALLY just beating wisCANTsin and sshhhhigan!

Go Fickell and tOSU! I am still excited for the rest of the season, and as always, remember, T.B.D.B.I.T.L. is STILL undefeated!!!!!

Comment 29 Sep 2011

Sparty 24 -  tOSU 17

Think tOSU will show signs of improvement, but MSU has a ton of seniors. tOSU will look good and get us excited for the rest of the season!


Comment 16 Sep 2011

Nice job girl Friday, "Nonetheless, the Buckeyes take their talents to South Beach this week hoping to prove to LeBron that you can, in fact, go from Ohio to Miami and still play a solid four quarters" Priceless

Comment 27 Jul 2011

How does Bielema have a Championship? If tOSU vacates its wins last year, wouldn't that mean that MSU is the outright Champions of the Big Ten? Because if tOSU would have lost to Shhhigan (like that was possible under The Senator) MSU would have won outright, now that it is like we did not play wouldn't MSU take the title and ultimately SCREW wisCANTsin?


Comment 22 Jul 2011

Kirk: You think either one of us have a chance at winning the B1G since The Vest is gone?

Ugly dude: Well I thought so...I mean I know we'll beat you because we have a running quarterback, now!

Kirk: Really?!! That kid is from out East, when is the last time you have known what to do with a running QB?!

Ugly dude: Your right, well I know for sure we won't be beating tOSU, their kids are pretty pissed the way eSECpn, SI, Yahoo!, and well everyone else to is talking about them! Plus we play them there...and I heard, the 11W along with the stefanie Speilman foundation crew is having a huge tailgate party to raise money for Cancer Research......s*** we are screwed!

Kirk: Good luck with that, don't forget to lock the door tonight, I'll be waiting for you for a snuggle buddy!