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Comment 9 hours ago

19 D is the location of our season tickets.  Best sests in the house.  Protected from the weather (underneath the pressbox) and you can see all the plays develop.  The half time shows are great - the band videos are shot from up there.  Some dpn't like the "nose bleed" seats, but having sat everywhere in the stadi we would mot trade them for any other seats. 

Comment 17 hours ago

At least Kelly tells it like it is with the execution of the play by his players.  They ran the play as they were coached to do.  In other words, they drew the play up that way because they did not think an official would call interference.  Sounds like coaching your players to cheat.  That is something that I would really like to pin on Kelly for his lack of sportmanship, but the fact is that almost every coach does it.  DB's are taught techniques to slow down receivers by grabbing and pulling themselves closer to the receiver.  Offensive linemen are taught to grab the pads within the frame of a rusher because it is difficult for the refs to see the clasped hands close in. Just about every coach stretches the rules.  They know it is against the rules, but they teach it any way because of the percentages in getting called.  The big difference between other coaches and Kelly is that most would not make such a public statement after getting caught for an infraction on a play. 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

We have lived in the Puget Sound area since 1977 (both my wife and I graduated from OSU in '74).  We love living in Washington, it is referred to by many as God's country.  Yet, we have ventured back to OSU nearly every year for for football games in the fall.  When I was coaching HS football we would drive to the airport after our Friday night game and catch the red eye back to Columbus. Would get in to the airport about 10 am, and drive straight down to the stadium for a noon game.  Some people called us crazy for our shenanigans in getting back for games in the fall.  Most just don't understand the value of homecoming in the fall for a football game.  I know that I did not understand it while I was in school.  But, as time went on, both my wife and I came to truly appreciate the annual treks back to where we first fell in love (football was a big part of our lives at OSU).  Sounds crazy, I know, but we have discussed where we would live if we weren't in the Seattle area.  There is only one place we would go - home to Ohio. 

Comment 17 Oct 2014

Can we please just stop looking back at the VT game?  Way too many threads on how to spin this.  There is a lot of football yet to be played.  How we end up in the rankings has way more to do with the upcoming games than anything that happened early in Sept.  God, I hate bye weeks.  Tomorrow can not get here soon enough. 

Comment 15 Oct 2014

Yes, I admit I have admired how Gardner plays when hurt.  However, it it is the little white pills getting him through the pain, I gotta question that toughness. 

Comment 15 Oct 2014

Like it or not, the NCAA governs the likes of college sports.  It is comprised of schools that voluntarily become members.  No one is holding a gun to their heads to force membership upon them.  Collectively they have agreed on a set of rules that are designed to create parity amongst the members.  Membership in the organization brings on benefits and responsibilities.  Among those responsibilities is the enforcement of the rules that are there to create parity. 

While many feel that some or many of those rules are antiquated, they were put in place for a reason.  It may be difficult to comprehend, but there was a time when college football and basketball were running amok with activities that gave some schools a decided advantage in attracting not only quality athletes, but athletes in great numbers, quite to the detriment of other schools trying to compete with them.  Hence the rules to try to control the situation.  One of the biggest concerns was the use of cash to attract athletes away from schools that could not afford to offer such (the vast majority of the members).  So, there are rules strictly governing the cash benefits that any one athlete or group of athletes can receive for attending the university of their choice. 

Whether or not the NCAA can enforce the rules without outside help is no reason to abandon any of them.  They are designed to create parity and need to be enforced if there is to be any semblance of an equal playing field for all members.  (FWIW all sports leagues, even professional, have rules in place to create parity)

That said, there is a rapidly approaching apex that will create change in what is now known as the NCAA.  In the end, it will be forced by its membership.  However, there will still be parity rules - every league has them.  Until then, enforce the rules exist, even if it takes journalists to point out the violations.  After all, that is how many of our civil and criminal law violations are exposed - by investigative journalism. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

From the article:

The real selection committee also used 2008 for its mock in August and came up with the same top four -- in a different order.

Same teams, different order. 

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Too much is made of "big name" hires.  Take a look at our track record.  After Woody we had Earl, Cooper, a guy named Tressel, Luke as an interim, and we finally landed on what I would call our first "big name" before he came to OSU in Urban (our first really big name hire in over 60 years).  Tressel was a head scratcher when he was hired - worked out OK for the most part. 

The real emphasis in any job is attracting the right candidate for the position - whether it be a big name or not.  UM tried to make Rich Rod their big name hire, but it just was not a good fit for him.  Then they took a long shot on Hoke, but they had to considering the short leash they had on RR.  Right now they are mired in their own mess, but they will pull out of it somehow.  Many big names are going to take a look at the situation and know that it could be a quagmire for them from the get go.  However it is still a position that could attract a quality candidate.  

Comment 09 Oct 2014

Exactly, don't kick a dog when it's down.  Just may come back to bite you in the ass. 

It strikes me as funny that this is even proposed.  I mean didn't UM do this to MSU last year?  Not only were they the laughing stock on 11W, they gave MSU all the bulletin board material they needed. 

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Meh, this is a Vegas poll that is similar to the system they use to post odds.  It reflects more of how the public will wager on these teams than how good any of the teams are.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Too many people underestimate the strength of the Catholic connection for ND.  It may not be what it once was, but it is still there, much like BYU is a preferred destination for any LDS recruit.  Heck, when I was in school one highly recruited player opted for OSU despite his local Priest threatening him with excommunication if he did not go to ND (didn't go so well for the athlete in his parish after he donned the S&G).  This type of thing still goes on today.  There are those who will call BS on that type of intimidation and pick their school based on other criteria, but there are still many who hold the connection near to their hearts and will jump at the opportunity to play for ND if given the offer.  And, not much is going to deter them from that choice.  Indeed, the fact that Warinner left ND to come to OSU may actually push a kid like that to ND.  

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Coach, Woody often said that television would destroy the game.  How do you feel about that now?

Comment 29 Sep 2014

The story (don't know if it is true or not) was at practice during the week he said "That's why you f**king play me" when a pass was completed for a long gain or TD against his replacement.  It was reported in some of the comments on mgoblog.  That is supposedly the reason he was benched for this game - Hoke was trying to teach him a lesson.  Some on the blog are speculating he is pissed enough to transfer. 

Comment 25 Sep 2014

I know this is late to the party, but I emailed the cheerleader office and there are no scheduled appearances at the Ohio Union this weekend.  Your best bet is to catch them before/after the Skull session at St Johns. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

I heard the Nielsen rating question, followed by "and, you know, the hundred million that was in the stadium"  (great English by the way, Saban!)  Viewers are not "in the stadium".   I'm pretty sure he meant to say 'hundred thousand' but he got his words jumbled, like he does often in his pressers. 

FYI, a 5.1 rating for a game means that is is being seen in about 6 million homes.  Even if the homes have visitors, it is no where close to 100 million total viewers. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Their stadium holds 100 million?  I gotta see that!  (you have to watch the clip all the way through)

Although I really don't care too much for Saban, he tells it like it is.  His answer about his current OC was not very complimentary to his previous OC.  He is sly like a fox, and dumping Nussmeier to MI is about as comical as it gets.  He basically says that he had problems with previous OC's, with the exception of Jimbo, because they would not open up the offense despite his direction to do so.  Really says a lot about the man MI brought in to cure their offensive woes!!!!   You gotta love Brandon for taking the bait on Nussmeier. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I respect Harbaugh as a coach, but there is no need to fear him.  He is human, just like any other coach out there.  True, he has developed good teams wherever he has coached, but his record shows that he can be beaten in rivalry games.  And, he is probably more apt to stay within in the rules than someone like "Let the players vote on it" Miles!  (hence, the respect)

I can't get too concerned about what the other guys do.  My concern is more about what OSU does. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

FYI, former OSU players who are honored as a team must procure their own tickets.  The Athletic Department reserves some seats, but we have to buy them just like everyone else.  Many of us have our season ticket allotments (we pay face value), the number of which vary upon the year of graduation.  I know that anyone who graduated before 1970 was entitled to purchase 4 season tickets.  Those graduating after that are only entitled to purchase 2 season tickets.  And, we must continue to buy them every year or we lose that privilege.  I don't know if those numbers are good for recent graduates, but those are the rules from around 1960 to 1990ish.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

BTN 2Go WILL work fine if you have BTN included in your cable/satellite subscription.  Just make sure you connect on a fast enough internet link up.  Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with the BTN 2Go log in before you go.on your trip if you haven't already done so.