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Comment 9 hours ago

We are going to the game with a VT alum as his guests.  He kind of put off making reservations because he has always been able to get a room at the hotel on the VT campus without much problem.  When I bugged him about it Aug 1, he said that he still hadn't made reservations through his contacts. 

That's when I went to work.  We managed to get 3 rooms at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke.  We had to call the motel direct as there were no rooms showing on any online reservation sites.  The manager at the motel said that she had never seen anything like this.  Rooms began selling out in early June.  Pretty much every room within a 50 mile radius is sold out.  And, for the most part these are not VT fans taking the rooms.  As my friend stated, "Damn those Buckeyes!  There taking every room in town!"

OSU fans are even buying season tickets to VT to get this game.  A season ticket costs $350.  Most of the tickets sold on stub hub are from VT fans cashing in on a golden opportunity, selling their tickets to many OSU fans. 

Do you really think that this will be a hostile environment like PSU?  I think not.  The stadium only holds 65,000, and at least 20,000+ will be Buckeyes. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

If that report is enough to make you say 'whoa nellie' you need to read studies on sugar.  Yes, that's right, our wonderful refined sugar.  You know, the substance that is responsible for more health care costs in this country than any other product.  I am not trying to minimize the concerns of the Colorado  study, but there are many studies on products that we use every day that have an equal or greater amount of concerns related to their use. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Now that MJ is legal in Washington State our family Doctor has recommended it's use for pain relief.  I am on warfarin, and I can take very little in the way of pain relievers.  Just acetaminophen really, and that just doesn't do the trick for long, necessitating repeated doses just to get through the night (I had a lower back problem last December that dragged on through June).  Repeated dosing with that can also play havoc with the warfarin.  The Doc was almost adamant that I try pot to get sleep, as it does really not interfere with my warfarin dosing.  It was the ticket, as I actually noticed much improvement after I gave in and tried it. 

Yet, the NFL would prefer that their players take prescribed drugs like Oxycontin and worse for pain control.  The negative effects and addictive qualities of those pain killers are far worse than using pot. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I live in Washington State.  There were many doomsdayers opposed to the legalization of MJ citing reasons very similar to what was stated by the OP.  In reality, very little has changed in the culture.  College teams still have drug policies that are very enforceable.  The increase in potency of the MJ was cited as a reason to vote down the measure, but the potency is really not that much different than what was/is available on the street.  Any MJ used today is not your '70's '80's type of stuff unless someone is growing it as a rookie at home.  The only real negative about the whole measure is that the state went so crazy with the taxation (from grower to wholesaler to retail) that the price of the pot in the stores is almost prohibitive for many users.  Thus, there is still quite a bit of home growing and trading going on. 

There has been no marked increase of college athletes getting sanctioned for pot.  The argument that legalization would lead to more incidents of this ignores the fact that there are many substances that are already sold in Health Food Stores that will not pass the pee test for athletes.  Yet, we don't see people going overboard with that stuff.  Very similar situation here.  Serious athletes are not going to have the availability of pot completely destroy their passion.  Obviously some will go overboard, but I highly suspect that it is the same number that get in trouble without legalization.  At least that is pretty much the case in the northwest.  Now, you may hear more news about players getting busted for it, but that is primarily due to the fact that it is legal and these instances won't be secretted behind closed doors as much. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Complaining about SOS because Army and FAU were added?  OSU had two open home dates to fill, one in '17 and the next in '19.  Most of the teams that are mentioned as preferred over these two would never agree to an away only stint at Ohio Stadium.  Also, the B1G is going to a 9 came conference schedule, leaving only 3 OOC games.  Given that the Buckeyes will only have 4 or 5 home conference games (depending on the year), the admin has to maintain two home OOC games every year (they have long relied upon 7 or 8 home games to fund the athletic department).  Quality opponents will demand a home and home contract, leaving one of those open dates as an OSU home game only.  With that in mind, they are still going to schedule games like these. 

Please be reminded that last year our OOC was Navy, VT, Kent State, and Cinn.  And, we still made the final 4 despite losing to the one respectable opponent in that mix.  

Comment 20 Aug 2015

LOL  You actually posted on 11W asking for respectful questions for Mr. Fordeeeee?  Maybe you should ask him first when he will be respectful of the Buckeyes as well as the B1G?  Until he is, it is impossible to ask a respectful question of the ass hat. 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

It makes zero sense for them to be in the B1G.  They had their chances many times before and every time they snubbed their noses at the league.  They are still stuck on the notion that they are the biggest drawing card in the country, and they would never settle for an equal piece of the pie with the rest of the league members.  If you want to know what happens if you bring in a school like ND to the league just look at how Texas' demands for superior treatment has ruined the Big 12.  They are not a good fit by any stretch of the imagination. 

Comment 18 Aug 2015

No problem, I'll still refer to him as coach dufus.

There, fixed that for you......

Comment 12 Aug 2015

We live in the Seattle area.  Been here since '77.  Coached HS as an assistant, all the other coaches called me Buckeye when not using my real name. 

Comment 12 Aug 2015

Seriously Adam?   My mother in law was murdered by an asshole abuser who never got charges pressed by the other women he abused in his life time.  They all thought it was best just to let bygones be bygones and move on with their lives.  Because of that he abused many more who just did the same 'hide their head in the sand' routine and he eventually ended up shooting my mother in law.  He was 79 at the time.  We only found out about his history when his previous victims spoke up after the murder.  Abusers are pieces of shit that should not be allowed any privileges in life.  Very bad idea for the Browns.  

Comment 11 Aug 2015

LMAO!  Glow in the dark crap was all the rage when I was a kid - 55 years ago.  What is it with Nike?  It's like they just discovered the glow stuff.  First they crapped up the new Buckeye shoes with it and now here it is on the Ducks uniforms.  I am sure they will make a bunch stuff for multiple school brands to sell to the public.  The OSU shoes and Ducks uni's are just the tip of the iceberg.  Anything for a buck!

Comment 10 Aug 2015

The improvements are great!  Did you also add enough band width to prevent the melt downs when something big happens?  Hate it when the site crashes whenever big news happens.  Don't want to go anywhere else for my Buckeye fix!

Comment 02 Aug 2015

I'd be pretty pumped if they had tall sizes. LOL

Comment 31 Jul 2015

It's not whether Waters gets his job back, that ship has sailed.  What it amounts to is there is kind of a close knit brotherhood of band directors.  If you get rid of one of them under suspicious circumstances the others are cautious about filling the position.  You should recall what happened with the coaching search for women's basketball when the administration fired Foster - they wanted to hire Auriemma from Uconn, but he would not even talk to them because of how they handled Foster.  If they had been more civil in their treatment of Foster they probably could have gotten him.  They were fortunate that McGuff was at UW and his wife wanted to return to the midwest.  It worked out well for that hire. But, band directors don't make big bucks, and who wants to change positions for an incremental pay increase at best, and step into a situation where they blindsided the former director who happened to be well respected member of their circle?  It is nothing like firing a run of the mill employee and finding a replacement post haste. 

Comment 31 Jul 2015

It is not so much the criteria, but how the administration handled Jon Waters.  The candidates don't want to get into that quagmire.  It is a cluster f.....

Comment 30 Jul 2015

My kids just turned 38, 35, and 34 this year.  And, they will always be my kids but to others they are men.  They did not earn that respect from everyone until they were about 23. For the most part they earned that when they became totally independant. My gut feeling is that most college students fresh out of HS still fall in the kid group, particularly if there is any dependence on their families.  

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Productions of The Producers still draw protests from groups because it "humanizes" (not in my mind) the man responsible for all those extermination camps.  When you recognize that it is, indeed, parody it takes on a completely different light.  Although the referenced song is in extremely poor taste, it is also parody.  (Note that I did not say it was funny.) It only supports the point when you realize that there are many Jews and others who are equally offended by his production.