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Comment 8 hours ago

^This!  A coordinator on the sidelines does not have the time to communicate with the staff upstairs.  What is seen from the press box is difficult to relay to the sidelines in real time because the person on the field has so many distractions.  When the two are in the box together they each see what the other sees and the conversation will be about what will work as opposed to "tell me what they are doing" then discussing what will work.  The dynamics changed dramatically once they were both in the booth together.  It has nothing to do with Beck having his hand held.  It has more to do with instant communication between the two of them. 

Comment 15 hours ago

The donation was probably designated by the donor for a project of this kind, so no, they could not use if for something else.  Even my meager donations are directed to the area of my choice. Those choices are quite specific, or I can designate them for a "general" fund allowing the University to direct the use of the funds.  

Comment 16 hours ago

A football team can decline the delay of game penalty, or any penalty for that matter.  Basketball has no such option.  Allowing a team to keep possession instead of taking the free throws would be a similar comparison to declining a penalty in football. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Not even in the same ball park.  Bobby was a stickler for technique, effort and living by the rules.  JH pushes the envelope on the rules.  While many above stated that Bobby's former players respected him, there are probably a few who don't fit that description.  JH has many former players who will tell you that he is certifiable and most likely don't have the respect for him that Bobby has from his players.  Bobby was loyal to the point of absurdity, when he committed to Indiana it was a lifetime commitment that only the school could end. JH not so much.  We are talking apples to oranges here.  The only similarity is that they are both game technicians - they both know the x's and o's of their particular sport (the same as apples and oranges both have seeds), but it definitely stops there.   

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Hey, my wife and I are 60 plus, and we always come away hoarse after a game in the shoe. Heck, we sit in D deck and we know there is no way our voices will be heard on the field, but we scream none the less. Now I must admit I am a little shy about standing because I'm 6'5" and standing will block those behind me even if they are standing, but I'm on my feet quite a bit.  

The real problem is the season ticket process. Priority is given to large donors so you get quite a few of the cheese and wine crowd around and the stadium. It has more to do with the corporate $ than the age of the patron. When your entire marketing effort for seats in the stadium is centered around those corporate accts, that is what you will get.  I spent one game with a 40 something woman seated next to me.  She spent the whole game texting and taking selfies to show she was at the game. I kept having to explain to her what happened on the field.  She was not an alum, just married to a guy (not an alum either) who can donate big bucks to the university so he can get ticket priority.  

FWIW, most of those corporate seats are empty by the end of the game. We slways stay to see the entire game and sing Carmen at the end.  Very few corporate fans do so, in fact many start leaving by the end of the 3rd qtr.  

Comment 21 May 2016

My son who is a Freshman at Shawnee will be attending in Full OSU gear!

It would be awesome if your son could get about 100 or more to attend similarly attired.  He should invite every player in his league to show up!!! 

Comment 19 May 2016

Meh, many coaches have been doing this.  Lane Kiffin was on the early offer band wagon when he offered QB David Sills as a 7th grader.  Sills verbally accepted immediately, but eventually signed with WV and played for them last year.  Kiffin (there seems to be a pattern with him as he is now at Bama) also offered 8th grade WR Nathan Tilford, who said USC was his dream school at the time. He is now verbally committed to Arizona (yay RR!).  Most of these offers are done for publicity.  Too many years between the offer and their NSD's for anyone to take these offers seriously.  With rare exception these early offers don't do the youngsters any good.  Just a lot of hype to live up to. 

Comment 10 May 2016

DJ, Hangovers are basically a bitch because of dehydration.  At the young age of 21, your body can handle your binges and rebound quite quickly.  However, that magic age of 29 seems to be the surrender line for most of us. That said, you can stave off those horrible hangovers by properly hydrating when you drink.  For every drink you have (bottle of beer, glass of wine, cocktail) follow it up with a 12 oz bottle of water (particularly important if you are in a hot climate, but it works everywhere).  You will find you feel wonderful the next day.  At least it works for me, and I have quite a few years on you.  Another trick is to get some glucose in your system (with water) the morning after.  

Comment 10 May 2016

It is amusing how they put past players from schools that are recent additions to the B1G on these lists.  Technically, the athletes never played a down as a B1G member, but still are rated.  Just wondering if the stats from those years they played are included in the conference records? 

Comment 10 May 2016

Linga, you are correct, MRon is M-Man reincarnate.  Must have changed his IP so he has a completely new profile.  However, his antics are exactly the same.  This persona will also step over the line.  I'm sure we will see another Msomething when this one is axed. 

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Every weekend in the fall I cheer for my two favorite teams:

1.  OSU

2.  The team playing against Notre Dame that weekend. 

Comment 20 Apr 2016

From the article:

The University of Michigan denied The Lantern’s requests about GPAs, number of credits, years to complete a degree, the most common majors, and attendance, citing that it does not compile any of this information. The sole data it provided was the number and salary of student tutors.

This is what UM complied with.  Yes, indeed they responded quickly, but the entire info request was not fulfilled (because they said they do not keep records of such).  Can understand the misconception, as the article first indicated that UM complied quickly, you had to read the entire article to see what info they actually provided.  Please note: this does not mean they would not have provided the info if they had actually compiled it.  However, lack of compilation is a great way to deny these types of requests.  

Also explained in the article was the state by state interpretations of the FERPA regs.  It pointed out that OSU is consistent with other schools in Ohio in the interpretation of data allowed by FERPA.. 

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Wow, this has really gotten ridiculous. The OP (despite his rage style) is simply saying that the NCAA reacted to the antics of Harbaugh's swarm satellite camps with a knee jerk reaction that punished far more than was necessary.  FWIW, any coach around the country, whether they like the ruling or not (most of them do not because of the far reaching scope) will readily admit that this knee jerk reaction was caused by Harbaugh pushing the envleope - he had 30 swarm satellite camps scheduled this year!  Heck, Dantonio came right out and provided bulletin board material as soon as he heard the news by laying the blame directly at the feet of the one who was scheduling all the swarm satellite camps. 

OK, we get it.  What he did was not against the rules.  It's also not against the law to flip off a policeman, but try doing it over and over and see where that lands you.  I get that there are a lot of Harbaugh defenders on here concerning this ruling.  But, anyone of you saying this ruling was not a direct result of Harbaugh's antics must be smoking something.  Ok, so he was within the rules, but now not only can he not conduct the camps, multitudes of others are stung by the new rule as well. 

Does it need fine tuning?  Yes, indeed.  Maybe we should all thank Harbaugh for bringing this whole topic to a head.  The guy is bat-shit crazy.  That is not necessarily a slam because a lot of successful coaches can be described in the same manor.  And, sometimes it takes a bat-shit crazy guy to induce change.   Heck, Bud Wilkinson was a pompous ass.  Duffy Dougherty was quite a character, but he had his problems.  Woody was admired by many Buckeye fans, but just about every fan of every other school thought he was nuts.  Bear Bryant stretched the rules so much that many of the rules enforced by the NCAA today are a direct result of the way he conducted business at Bama.  Johnny Majors brought in 75+ players (including Tony Dorsett) on scholarship in his first year at Pitt, only to make sure that 75% of them flunked out of school before their sophomore hear - hence stricter numbers on scholarships per year.  The list goes on. 

So, someone on a Buckeye blog is expressing an opinion, shared by many others on here, that he is frustrated by our rival's coach whose antics throughout his career have been a lightning rod for opposing fan's frustration across the country.  I can tell you that Harbaugh was despised in Seattle because of his time at Stanford and the 49er's.  Is that surprising?  Heck, no.  But, I can tell you that his antics will not gain him the respect his own fans seem to demand for him from others.  Harbaugh may be respected by his some of his peers, but his demeanor is not going to win over very many CFB fans, unless they support the team he coaches. 

As for the ones on here that really seem to let Harbaugh get under their skin - relax, this too shall pass. 

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Mr. Green, you nailed it!  Hargaugh is the reason this all came to a head by running his swarm last summer as well as the FL spring practice BS..  And, he was not doing it for the good of the students, it was to draw attention to UM football.  But, he will never accept any responsibility for this knee jerk reaction because his is a jerk. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Actually, I should have used your word - "typical".  You know, the ones who graduate with a home loan sized student loan and have the potential for a better income based on how well they performed their work on the projects of the endowments and grants. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Have you heard of research grants and endowments?  Regular students do the work, and the total of grants and endowments dwarf the athletic budget. 

Comment 11 Apr 2016

Yes, this!^  I will take that solo man to man on the backside all day long with receivers like Mack, Gibson, Brown and McLauren (also, don't forget about Victor).  Also would welcome the 6 man blitz package with an experienced JT and hybrids like Samuel and Campbell as well as an experienced (albeit sparse) Dunn and hungry Weber at the RB.  With JT reading blitzes he will have his choice of hot receivers in those situations.  You also have to realize that they have taken their (supposedly) best cover corner and made him an OLB.  While their corners will have a full year under their belts before Nov 26, so will our line and receivers.  I really look forward to Dunn and Weber planting JP on his backside in a few of those blitzes.  It most probably won't be a cake walk, but I like our chances.