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Comment 4 hours ago

Heck, we start watching the game at 9 a.m. in Seattle.  Never too early to have a cold one before kickoff.  However, our preferred early morning libation is a Bloody Mary!  

Comment 4 hours ago

Many good suggestions here.  Concur with them all.  However, my favorite 'must do' when I travel back to Cbus (we live in Seattle) is to visit the Easy Living Deli which is owned and operated by Vlade Janakievski (place kicker 1977 - 1980).  As far as Deli fare, the food is quite good, but you really visit just for the atmosphere.  Many pics on the wall of players past and present.  They do a lot of catering for OSU teams.  Bit of a hectic rush at lunch hour, but well worth the wait.  Here is their web site link:

Easy Living Deli


Comment 25 Aug 2014

Yeah, it sucks bad.  Going out to any restaurant can be a real challenge for us.  We have to make sure the wait staff and the kitchen knows about the allergy and her food needs to be absolutely pepper free.  She had a bad reaction at the Columbus Fish Market several years back.  We had explained the allergy completely and they prepared a meal for her that had sauteed carrots.  Problem is that one tiny slice of a red bell pepper found its way into the carrots and we did not notice it until she had eaten about half the carrots - it was on the bottom of the serving, but as it was sauteed with the carrots, the damage was done.  Needless to say, the restaurant had a huge in service concerning this the next week.  They now have a separate 'allergy' kitchen for all their guests who have allergies.  All utensils and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between each meal they cook in there.  Whenever we walk in that place, the staff knows my wife and they bend over backwards to make sure everything is prepared correctly.  And we only go there when we travel back to Cbus for games in the fall! 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

Pranking people with hot peppers is on the verge of assault and battery.  Asking someone if they want to try a hot pepper and giving them a ghost pepper is bad enough, but him rubbing the pepper oil on your cup and then the toilet seat is very dangerous.  He is lucky that you sat down on that seat instead of someone else.  People do have violent enough reactions to pepper oil that it could have actually killed someone (my wife is an example of this - we have to carry an epipen just in case she gets any pepper in her food, or smells it in the air - exposing her to what you described would require extensive hospitalization).  This is not a laughing matter.  Best advise is to let it go before it completely gets out of hand and someone gets seriously hurt.  And, make sure he understands that these shenanigans are over. 

Comment 25 Aug 2014

It is interesting how people back Gottlieb and equate the Manziel taunt to a sexual taunt.  On the one hand you have Manziel, who allegedly lied about monies he received for his signature then openly used the hand signal 'money sign' to show the world just what kind of person he is.  Then there is Sam, who had already come out to his teammates and decided to come out publicly to put an end to any rumors that may be going around possibly causing NFL teams to have questions about his sexuality.  He decided, for better or worse, to let all NFL teams know exactly what they were getting if they were at all interested in drafting him. 

Let's see, Johnny M openly used the money sign to taunt opposing teams, fans, and for that matter, the nation, to say more or less 'see what I got away with!'  And, Sam was caught for one instance kissing his significant other in a moment of celebration.  Did Sam run around the field after a sack and blow imaginary kisses at the opposing team and fans?  No.  Did Manziel taunt opposing teams and fans with his 'money sign' after running/passing for a TD?  Yes - on many occaisions.  Regardless of where you stand on Sam's sexuality you have to understand that he never used it as a taunt during a game.  The same can not be said for Manziel's blatant behavior on the field - it was televised ad nauseam! 

Another thing that is curious is that Gottlieb is more or less standing up for Manziel here while he did everything he could think of to throw Pryor/OSU under the bus during the tatgate scandal. 

Anyone who thinks Gottlieb is not a tool really needs to look at his track record.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

And, now we know the other side of the story, one that is corroborated by other parents watching the scrimmage.  Thanks so much for posting this link.  Seems most of the posters here were spot on with their comments. 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I don't think Rashard Frazier can get a scholarship from OSU because he was a transfer from another B1G school (Purdue). Similar to when Boren transfered in from Mich. 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I have the CBS Sports ap on my iPhone. It looks as though the game will be available on it - at least the listing for it is shaded light blue as opposed to the other listings for that day in a white background.  Their ap is available across multiple platforms.  

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Interesting factoid about Rex Kern.  He played much of his senior season with an improvised shoulder harness to prevent his shoulder from dislocating.  And, yes it was his right (throwing) shoulder.  The harness would not allow his elbow any higher than his shoulder.  Probably hampered him in throwing (although he was still effective), but he was more of an option/running QB. 

His shoulder problems most likely led to him shifting to defense (safety) when he went pro (they did not have such competent sports surgeons back then!) 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Elika was a writer on 11W in the early days.  She left to pursue other endeavors in the sports reporting field about 2 years ago.  She was and is a fantastic writer with a broad base of sports knowledge (no pun intended).  Not to mention she is quite hot.  Great combination for any woman. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

You just need Hoke's decision chart:

1 Star Recruit / Scout Team Player Immediate Dissmissal
2 Star Recruit / Scout Team / 3rd String Wait 1 to 2 Days, then Dissmissal
3 Star Recruit / 2nd String Umm, errr, Still with Team,  Umm errr aaaa, Dismissal (after at least 1 week to review circumstances)
4 Star Recruit / 2nd String, Borderline Starter Umm, errr, aaaa, oooo, well, Suspended but still with team.
5 Star Recruit / Starter

Umm, err, aaa, well, He's a good young man, aaa, made a mistake, and aaaa err well we talked about it, and err mmm aaa, it seems aaa errrrr well he should miss maybe aaaa errr the first  aaaa series of the er aaa next game. / (Or just completly ignore it all together.)

Comment 19 Aug 2014

A 'medical redshirt' is granted after an athlete has already taken a redshirt or has played in a few games early in the season and has a season ending injury.  In Braxton's case there is no need for a medical redshirt as he could just take the standard redshirt.  However, many are speculating that he has seen his last days in S&G and will move on to the NFL after this season. 

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Funny that you should quote Woody on this.  He also said that "TV will be the death of college football."  What he meant was that someday the advertising dollars would generate enough greed to totally eliminate college football as a favorite spectator sport.  He knew what he was talking about! 

He despised the changes that TV broadcasts brought to the game (additional time outs, rule changes to accommodate more ad time, etc).  And, he also knew that it had the potential to destroy the sport and take away the lure of amateurs competing simply for the love of the game.  He knew that was the real appeal of college football.

I also find it amusing that you (DJ) champion the rights of the competitors when you make next to nothing for the work you put in at 11W.  When will you start demanding your fair share of the advertising money made by 11W?  And, as far as that goes, when will you champion the cause of the posters on this site for a split of the pie?  After all, many readers come here for the insight of the numerous bloggers who post on here!  Heck, 9Route had multiple ID's and had to generate thousands of hits during his time here...........  

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Pulling for Sparty to win.