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Comment 21 Sep 2016

Urban needs to add "jump on the ball if anyone drops it even remotely close to the goal line" rule.  If the officials had noticed the ball being dropped before Mixon crossed the line or if Meyer had challenged it, the Sooners would still have gotten the ball at the 1 yard line because no Buckeye pounced on the ball immediately.  Even at the HS level we always taught our players to recover any ball dropped by an opposing player. 

Comment 16 Sep 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Know many people who prefer CFB, also know many people who prefer NFL.  For me, I will take CFB any day over the NFL.  Lots of reasons - too many to list. 

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I was at the game in '83.  It was extremely hot and humid.  The temp on the playing surface was 125+.  I can remember the trainers and doctors measuring the effective heat on the field by swinging their wet bulb thermometers, if the temp were any hotter the game would have been suspended.  I suffered heat exhaustion in the stands!  Don't know how the players handled it. 

Oklahoma fans in the stands were friendly and cordial until the Buckeyes took the field.  We had an Okie family in front of us - mom, dad, and twin daughters about 8 yrs old.  He was nice to us before the game, but as soon as the team came out of the tunnel, he started screaming every 4 letter word possible in his distaste for the visiting team.  I actually felt bad for his daughters who kind of cringed at his tirade which went on for the entire first half.  As the game progressed into the 4th qtr he started yelling obscenities at the Sooners as he just could not understand how their lazy butts could be losing to a bunch of **@#!$ yankees! 

I spent the rest of the day (and most of the next month) hydrating and trying to keep my body temp in check.  The victory sure made it easier to deal with the discomfort. 

Comment 31 Aug 2016

It' not like there hasn't been precedence on matters like this.  Many schools will voluntarily share a scrimmage tape in situations like this, although it is not mandated by any rules.  It is the "gentlemen's way" of conducting business.  One can call it stupid while another would call it considerate.  Consider Harbaugh to be in the first camp and certainly not a gentleman.....

Comment 24 Aug 2016

That was pretty much his stance as he was watching plays unfold on the field.

Comment 20 Aug 2016

When the law is involved with drugs or firearms violations Kelly's policies have little to no bearing on the situation.  The school has a code of conduct that can not be overlooked.  That said, without the law involved or if it is just a sex/rape scandal, pretty much anything goes as is evidenced by the numerous articles from the past - here is one of them:  Notre Dame Sex Assault

Comment 15 Aug 2016

FYI, it is not that unusual for sandwiches/meals to be ordered in during summer camp for football.  Heck, we did it back in the 70's on multiple occasions at OSU.  I can specifically recall picking up 250 sandwiches from McDonalds for one practice.  It is a way for the coaches to spontaneously reward the players for a good day of practice.  Ordering catering needs to be pre-planned in most cases and can not be done on spur of the moment.  Heck, even at the HS level teams I worked with ordered things like pizza or sandwiches on the spur of the moment, most often picked up by one of the assistant coaches.  But, if we ever had anything delivered we did tip the delivery person.  You just have to allow sufficient time for the order to be put together when you do phone in the order (generally at least one hour before you expect it to be ready for pick up, or 1.5 hrs for delivery).  And, all of the large orders I dealt with from fast food places did not include gratuity. 

OSU continues to use local vendors to provide between practice or post practice meals for the team.  One of their favorites is Easy Living Deli in UA run by Vlade Janakievski (former place kicker for the team).  If you have never eaten there, you should.  Just off of Lane Ave as you enter UA.  http://www.easylivingdeli.com/  Great place to eat (good food) and view some Buckeye memorabilia. 

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Regardless of your personal opinion about tipping and wages, the long established norm for prepared food in this  country is to tip the delivery person.  It may be a ridiculous notion in some cultures, but commonplace in the U.S.  Having been involved in operations of athletic teams over the years (in college and HS) I can tell you the the vast majority of organizations figure tipping into their budgets for such purchases.  

Comment 17 Jul 2016

but it's interesting the level of mediocrity that many schools in the B1G have been willing to accept.

There are stats for schools from all the major conferences.  Winning percentages for the bad coaches are not good for any of them, but the B1G has the best winning percentage of them all at ~ 32%.  Followed by SEC ~ 29%; PAC 12 ~ 27%; Big 12 ~ 24%: and the ACC ~ 23%. 

It shows the level of mediocrity of the worst coaches in the B1G is higher than it is in the other major conferences. 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

We have been in 19D for 10+ years.  Would not sit anywhere else in the stadium.  Disclaimer - we are in the small section of 19D - it sits underneath the press box and has 7 rows.  19D also has a section to the closed end that has about 20 rows.  Any seats in the first 7 rows are great.  If you are in the back end of the extended section there will be some obstruction. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

My season tickets are in 19D.  We have been in 21D for several games.  View is great from anywhere in C/D. 

Your tickets are at the southern side of the section.  You are located behind the tunnel that feeds the section, so there will be a retaining bar in front of you (it is actually in front of row 6, so it is one row in front of you).  There is a press box support immediately in front of you and to your right as you are looking at the field.  It will obscure part of the south endzone from your seated view.  You will have to stand up / move a bit in order to see action from about the 25 yrd line into the south endzone, but it is doable.  The view for the rest of the field should be unobstructed unless everyone is standing and you are a short person. 

Hope that helps.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Expect and want are entirely two different things.  I want OSU to be involved in the B1G and National Championships.  I expect that they will be competitive enough to have a chance.  Reality separates the two.  My general feeling about life in general is to want as much as you can accomplish, but never expect anything. Now, get off my lawn!

Comment 04 Jul 2016

LOL!  A better question may be the 5 top rated schools you would never consider.  Here's my list in order:

ND, USC, Miami (FL), FSU, LSU

For those of you saying that you would put certain schools at the top of your list because of climate, there is no better choice than Hawaii.  Weather in FL sucks compared to the Aloha State.  Also any So Calif school selected for weather completely ignores the traffic, drought and smog conditions in that area - too many other nice areas to even consider So Cal.  A close second to great weather conditions is Washington - Seattle Linga can verify that (true, we do get a bit of rain, but the average temp is very livable, never too hot or cold, and beautiful winter or summer spots are a short drive away.)  

Comment 28 Jun 2016

^This!  A coordinator on the sidelines does not have the time to communicate with the staff upstairs.  What is seen from the press box is difficult to relay to the sidelines in real time because the person on the field has so many distractions.  When the two are in the box together they each see what the other sees and the conversation will be about what will work as opposed to "tell me what they are doing" then discussing what will work.  The dynamics changed dramatically once they were both in the booth together.  It has nothing to do with Beck having his hand held.  It has more to do with instant communication between the two of them. 

Comment 28 Jun 2016

The donation was probably designated by the donor for a project of this kind, so no, they could not use if for something else.  Even my meager donations are directed to the area of my choice. Those choices are quite specific, or I can designate them for a "general" fund allowing the University to direct the use of the funds.  

Comment 28 Jun 2016

A football team can decline the delay of game penalty, or any penalty for that matter.  Basketball has no such option.  Allowing a team to keep possession instead of taking the free throws would be a similar comparison to declining a penalty in football. 

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Not even in the same ball park.  Bobby was a stickler for technique, effort and living by the rules.  JH pushes the envelope on the rules.  While many above stated that Bobby's former players respected him, there are probably a few who don't fit that description.  JH has many former players who will tell you that he is certifiable and most likely don't have the respect for him that Bobby has from his players.  Bobby was loyal to the point of absurdity, when he committed to Indiana it was a lifetime commitment that only the school could end. JH not so much.  We are talking apples to oranges here.  The only similarity is that they are both game technicians - they both know the x's and o's of their particular sport (the same as apples and oranges both have seeds), but it definitely stops there.   

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Hey, my wife and I are 60 plus, and we always come away hoarse after a game in the shoe. Heck, we sit in D deck and we know there is no way our voices will be heard on the field, but we scream none the less. Now I must admit I am a little shy about standing because I'm 6'5" and standing will block those behind me even if they are standing, but I'm on my feet quite a bit.  

The real problem is the season ticket process. Priority is given to large donors so you get quite a few of the cheese and wine crowd around and the stadium. It has more to do with the corporate $ than the age of the patron. When your entire marketing effort for seats in the stadium is centered around those corporate accts, that is what you will get.  I spent one game with a 40 something woman seated next to me.  She spent the whole game texting and taking selfies to show she was at the game. I kept having to explain to her what happened on the field.  She was not an alum, just married to a guy (not an alum either) who can donate big bucks to the university so he can get ticket priority.  

FWIW, most of those corporate seats are empty by the end of the game. We slways stay to see the entire game and sing Carmen at the end.  Very few corporate fans do so, in fact many start leaving by the end of the 3rd qtr.