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Comment 29 Sep 2014

The story (don't know if it is true or not) was at practice during the week he said "That's why you f**king play me" when a pass was completed for a long gain or TD against his replacement.  It was reported in some of the comments on mgoblog.  That is supposedly the reason he was benched for this game - Hoke was trying to teach him a lesson.  Some on the blog are speculating he is pissed enough to transfer. 

Comment 25 Sep 2014

I know this is late to the party, but I emailed the cheerleader office and there are no scheduled appearances at the Ohio Union this weekend.  Your best bet is to catch them before/after the Skull session at St Johns. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

I heard the Nielsen rating question, followed by "and, you know, the hundred million that was in the stadium"  (great English by the way, Saban!)  Viewers are not "in the stadium".   I'm pretty sure he meant to say 'hundred thousand' but he got his words jumbled, like he does often in his pressers. 

FYI, a 5.1 rating for a game means that is is being seen in about 6 million homes.  Even if the homes have visitors, it is no where close to 100 million total viewers. 

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Their stadium holds 100 million?  I gotta see that!  (you have to watch the clip all the way through)

Although I really don't care too much for Saban, he tells it like it is.  His answer about his current OC was not very complimentary to his previous OC.  He is sly like a fox, and dumping Nussmeier to MI is about as comical as it gets.  He basically says that he had problems with previous OC's, with the exception of Jimbo, because they would not open up the offense despite his direction to do so.  Really says a lot about the man MI brought in to cure their offensive woes!!!!   You gotta love Brandon for taking the bait on Nussmeier. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I respect Harbaugh as a coach, but there is no need to fear him.  He is human, just like any other coach out there.  True, he has developed good teams wherever he has coached, but his record shows that he can be beaten in rivalry games.  And, he is probably more apt to stay within in the rules than someone like "Let the players vote on it" Miles!  (hence, the respect)

I can't get too concerned about what the other guys do.  My concern is more about what OSU does. 

Comment 23 Sep 2014

FYI, former OSU players who are honored as a team must procure their own tickets.  The Athletic Department reserves some seats, but we have to buy them just like everyone else.  Many of us have our season ticket allotments (we pay face value), the number of which vary upon the year of graduation.  I know that anyone who graduated before 1970 was entitled to purchase 4 season tickets.  Those graduating after that are only entitled to purchase 2 season tickets.  And, we must continue to buy them every year or we lose that privilege.  I don't know if those numbers are good for recent graduates, but those are the rules from around 1960 to 1990ish.

Comment 20 Sep 2014

BTN 2Go WILL work fine if you have BTN included in your cable/satellite subscription.  Just make sure you connect on a fast enough internet link up.  Also, make sure you familiarize yourself with the BTN 2Go log in before you go.on your trip if you haven't already done so. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

My point is that just maybe he does have a depth perception problem.  I know what 'vision' refers to in sports, but surprisingly actual vision problems have been the culprit when some athletes are perceived to have the 'vision' problem the OP has described.  When you think about it, without the proper depth in one's vision it may be difficult to make that cut that everyone else sees from above (or on film).  Edgar discovered this early enough in his career to know that he could not rely on scouting videos to prepare himself for the game / pitchers he would face.  In actuality it was probably the worst thing he could do as the 2D image set his vision back to 2D.  Without the diligent training he did he would never have had the 'vision' of a .300 hitter.  

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Vision most certainly can be taught.  Edgar Martinez (DH for Seattle Mariners in the 1990's) had a vision problem that he had to 'train' around.  His problem was that his normal vision could not distinguish depth very well.  As you can imagine, that is a major set back for anyone wanting to hit a 95 mph fastball.  He engaged in eye exercises to keep him on the top of his game.  He had to do that daily through his career in MLB.  And, he discovered along the way that he had to avoid certain things or his exercises were futile.  For instance, he would not watch TV during the season.  The flat display would set his vision back to 2D, and it would take days of training to correct it again.  

I'm not so sure if this is what the OP was asking, as maybe Wilson's problems are just, like some have suggested above, he doesn't have 'it'!  However, if indeed he has a depth of field problem there are things that can be done to drastically improve it.  Martinez is proof of this as he was recognized as the best DH in MLB during his time with the Mariners.  And, for what it is worth, there are eye exercises to improve peripheral vision as well. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

Hoke should be there forever, he is the consummate Michigan man!   Or is that consuming....?

Comment 15 Sep 2014

The perceived mediocrity of the B1G has more to do with population shifts, antiquated HS athletic rules, and recruiting policies than any idea you have presented here. 

Revenue sharing was around long before BTN showed up.  Each conference has their own formula, but many are very similar to the B1G.  Splitting revenues unevenly is no guarantee to success - take a look at Texas.  They demanded a bigger share of Big12 monies because of past success and popularity.  Even opted for their own network.  Hasn't worked out so well for them, has it?  And, it was nearly the death of the Big 12 as other teams (Nebraska, TAM to name 2) took off for greener pastures in other conferences that have a more equitable revenue sharing system. 

The real culprits here are a lot of other issues.  Population shift - take a look at the numbers.  Just compare FL to any midwest state.  While HS numbers have drastically increased in FL, the number of schools in the primary recruiting grounds of the B1G have remained stagnant or decreased.  A much bigger pool to draw from down south.  And regardless of what we think the draw is to play at even OSU, most HS athletes are going to want to attend school relatively close to home.  That's just the way it is.  Certainly, there will be headliner recruits who will play anywhere in the country, but the pool for everyday players it just larger in certain states (mostly southern).  Add to that the reluctance of certain schools (looking at you Iowa) to even dedicate FL as a recruiting area.  Is it any wonder that they are down a little?

You also need to look at HS athletic rules across the country.  Traditionally, northern tier school systems (both state and local rules) really govern the participation of athletes in any sport.  Each sport has it's season, and practicing outside that season is generally forbidden.  Sure, they may have spring football practice, but that is nothing like what goes on in many southern states.  Take Texas for example.  It is common practice for many schools to basically offer 'year round' football.  Oh, they may not play games all year, but every student who turns out for football is expected to take a year's worth of curriculum that specializes in preparing them for football.  This includes several classes that are instructed by their coaches.  Classes that earn academic credit for the student.  And all they are is an extension of football practice for the entire year.  You can not do that in Ohio and many other midwestern states.  Heck, there is still a debate going on in Ohio about spring practice and making sure that it is extremely limited. 

Is it any wonder that there has been a power shift in conferences?   It has little to do with BTN and B1G revenue sharing. 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

The University was going to introduce Drake as the new president during the game.  However, they have since decided against it because they are afraid he may be booed out of the stadium.  I think the band will perform as scheduled. 

Comment 03 Sep 2014

This sounds similar to what some catchers go through. They lose confidence in just getting the ball back to the pitcher by over analyzing their throwing motion, yet seemingly can throw out a runner with no problem (time issues cancel out the analyzing).  Over my years of coaching HS baseball we actually had this happen to two different catchers, although it appears Stave has a much more severe case of this.  The fix is to somehow stop the analyzing.  

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I have had valves replaced two times in my life due to a congenital problem.  Once when I was 35 (aortic valve) and again when I was 60 (aortic and mitral valves - I opted for a porcine valve on my first operation to avoid being on warfarin for the rest of my life).  Can say that the second operation was amazing compared to the first.  Not going to sugar coat it though, recovery is 3 to 6 months.  However, the process the 2nd time was quite a bit easier as far as pain goes.  They have gotten much better with pain management over the years.  So much so that I was only on Tylenol less than 4 days after the operation.  Also, they did not have to give me any units of blood during the second operation - they do a good job capturing any of the blood and recycling it into your body.  My stay in the hospital was brief - operated on Friday, home on Monday, however most require a couple more days in the hospital. 

My guess would be that she is most likely having her mitral valve replaced.  Many women have a murmur that is caused by a leaky mitral valve.  If she is having any trouble breathing at all it is most likely that.  I can tell you that the the mitral valve problem caused much more discomfort than my aortic valve problem.  And, it was instantly better after the operation.  It's just that you have to be careful and let everything heal properly in your chest.  Overall, the operation is obviously major surgery, but it is one that has great benefits once completed.  Good luck and God bless to your Mom!

Comment 02 Sep 2014

This.  Linemen can get down field on any pass thrown to a receiver behind the line of scrimage. Most refs will allow a couple yards beyond the line of scrimage as well. 

What I find more interesting is the 'touch' pass on the jet sweep that teams are utilizing.  The Q never gains controll of the ball on the snap - he simply redirects the ball into the runner's hands.  If the ball is dropped, it is an incomplete pass.  Yet on a difficult snap that the Q can not handle, a tap of the ball off his hands is ruled a fumble even if it carreens forward.  

Comment 31 Aug 2014

1st game over/under performance. 

Comment 30 Aug 2014

The trek to C-deck is much simpler if you go to guest services and get a sticker for the elevator to take you up there!  Note: stickers are only required for the elevators that are underneath the press box.  The others just have a little bit of a line up, so it is best to get there early.  (FWIW - I would never sit anywhere else in Ohio Stadium other than C/D decks, but to each their own)  Elevator locations:

1. Four public elevators are located on the west side of Ohio Stadium between gates 17-23, which provide access to the Club Levels, and to disability seating on D deck (guests need a green sticker on their ticket to access this elevator to D Deck). For more information on how to get a green sticker, please click on ADA Information.
  2. One public elevator is located in the South Stands near Section 39 and only provides access to seats in South Stands.
  3. Two public elevators are located near section 7 that access B and C Decks.
  4. Two public elevators are located near section 10 that access B and C Decks.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Heck, we start watching the game at 9 a.m. in Seattle.  Never too early to have a cold one before kickoff.  However, our preferred early morning libation is a Bloody Mary!  

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Many good suggestions here.  Concur with them all.  However, my favorite 'must do' when I travel back to Cbus (we live in Seattle) is to visit the Easy Living Deli which is owned and operated by Vlade Janakievski (place kicker 1977 - 1980).  As far as Deli fare, the food is quite good, but you really visit just for the atmosphere.  Many pics on the wall of players past and present.  They do a lot of catering for OSU teams.  Bit of a hectic rush at lunch hour, but well worth the wait.  Here is their web site link:

Easy Living Deli