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Comment 19 hours ago

My kids just turned 38, 35, and 34 this year.  And, they will always be my kids but to others they are men.  They did not earn that respect from everyone until they were about 23. For the most part they earned that when they became totally independant. My gut feeling is that most college students fresh out of HS still fall in the kid group, particularly if there is any dependence on their families.  

Comment 23 hours ago

Productions of The Producers still draw protests from groups because it "humanizes" (not in my mind) the man responsible for all those extermination camps.  When you recognize that it is, indeed, parody it takes on a completely different light.  Although the referenced song is in extremely poor taste, it is also parody.  (Note that I did not say it was funny.) It only supports the point when you realize that there are many Jews and others who are equally offended by his production.  

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Many posters on here are really dumping on Jon Waters.  It seems he is the root of everything wrong with the band  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

There is a certain reporter (cough cough, Mike Bianchi) who keeps bashing Urban Meyer for all the problems at FL. Yet, many of the posters on here (including the ones bashing Jon) defend him saying it was the culture at FL that was the root of the problems, and Urban was just in the wrong place at the wrong time for the troubles that many of his players caused.  How has that changed now that we are talking about OSU instead of FL?

We have many current and former band members defending Waters saying he was trying to change the culture. The University had just giving him an excellent job review mere months before his dismissal. They noted that he was trying to change the culture and applauded his efforts.

Yet, as we all know, it takes time to make changes. Sure, you can say that he should have just come in and changed all things immediately, and rooted out the bad eggs. But, how does that really work? On an athletic team it is relatively simple - just dismiss the athlete involved, next man up! Here we have the workings of a band that performs with all it's members the intricate formations that we see on the field.; There are a few subs, but there is no real second string. There are no recruited members.  Makes for a difficult job moving forward to make changes and keep a full contingent on the field.

Did he deserve to be fired? I can not answer that. Was his firing suspicious.?  According to many current and former band members it was.  I can not make that call.  What I do know is that we are seeing sensational items reported on in the news.  And, just like we saw/see with Urban Meyer every time something goes wrong at FL his name comes up. Yet, we admire him for his accomplishments on the field.

I've been around enough witch hunts in my time to recognize one when I see it.  Everyone in a position of authority can be nitpicked to the point of disrespect and justifiable firing.  Does that make it right?  In Urban's case, no.  In Jon's case? 

Comment 30 Jul 2015

Did you not read ScriptOhio's post above?  Well stated that most band members were not even aware that this was going on.  Putting full blame on the director is akin to hanging a mayor because crime is committed in his/her city.  Sometimes we have to realize that shit happens even in the tightest run organizations.  That is no excuse for this, but we and the university should look to place the blame on the actual perpetrators of the song book. 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

While I agree with you that he should not be given a starting role because of his tenure, he should have a spot on the team guaranteed because of it.  He was handed a full scholarship to play 4 years of eligibility. Because he took a red shirt he had one year left.  Making him try out to stay on the team is kind of a dick move.  And, I completely understand JH wanting to implement his system and learn about the players he has in house, but you don't do it by reneging on commitments made by the school before you arrived.  That said, I am sure many newly hired coaches go through some type of process to weed out players they don't really want to keep, it is just not so obvious as what JH has done.  Heck, OSU was the beneficiary of some of the changes made by RR when he came in - the Boren family comes to mind!  LOL

Comment 22 Jul 2015

I started going to OSU games as a child. My 3 older brothers all went to OSU so we would venture down to Columbus for games.  My most vivid memory was from 1963 when the Buckeyes traveled to Ann Arbor for the game.  Yes, that November was when JFK was assassinated. It happened on the Friday before the game was scheduled.  We heard the news on the radio as we were driving to that state up north. We knew the game would be postponed, but the team was already in AA so we continued. Drove back home on Saturday.

Came back the next weekend to see the game. Paul Warfield was the difference in the game.  It was frigid and snow was in the air.  My seat was in the end zone by myself, my parents had much better seats on about the 35.  Froze my but off, but enjoyed every minute of the game. By the end of the game I was all alone by myself in that end zone.  The game had a very poor turnout because of the circumstances - I could have joined my parents, but I really enjoyed the view of plays developing from my seat behind the goal post. 

Here is the recap of the game.  

Comment 21 Jul 2015

It is interesting that so many are voting no.  There was once a time in college football when the vast majority thought throwing the ball was ludicrous. And, there were those who said two platooning (having separate offensive and defensive line ups) was preposterous. 

Necessity is the mother of invention.  And sometimes necessity is dictated by the tools on hand.  Urban gets paid the big bucks - I'm sure he will settle on a plan, be it playing one, two, or three. 

Comment 20 Jul 2015

Plan a trip to New Orleans, that should be about half way between the two......

Comment 15 Jul 2015

When we recycled our rear projection big screen (which was working just fine) the recycle guy checked three times to make sure we did not want to keep it.  His take was that rear projection TVs are very dependable and serviceable.  Said he gets flat screens in all the time that are 2.5 to 5 yrs old - broken and/or outdated.  That said, flat screens are the only way to go for current purchases.  Most models will be outdated within 4 years, just the nature of the beast.  Samsung vs Vizio debate rages on.  There are 2 Vizios and 1 Samsung in my extended family. All sets work fine, and you really can not tell the difference.  As for Vizio's prices, realize that they are primarily a flat screen TV company.  Did not try to convert from any other TV production.  Their goal was to become a major supplier at extremely competitive prices.  Seems like they have done so. 

Whatever you choose right now, realize that it will be outdated in 4 years.  The 4Ks are a bit pricey right now, you are probably better off to just go HD and buy the 4K when more programming is available (around 3-4 years down the road).  You likely will end up spending less money at than just buying the 4K now - remember how expensive HD flat screens were just 4 years ago?

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I have to imagine that at some point in time the web master became a little concerned about space.  Think about it.  If you follow the site regularly you know that there are many posts daily.  All those posts can be accessed, so they have to be stored some place.  You keep adding and adding content, at a certain point someone has to be concerned about duplicate content.  Don't think it was anything directed at the OP, just that they are starting to to a little house keeping to keep things tidy.  Remember, this is a free site, but storing oodles of content on a server does cost money. 

Comment 12 Jul 2015

Coached special teams for many years at the HS level.  We never taught our returners to do a clear out signal with their arms.  Any such waving of the arms below the head is viewed as an illegal fair catch signal (as expressed by Potatodigger ^)  Instead the clear out signal was verbal - we used "Peter" as this is what most coaches opt for.  The returner was to yell at the top of his lungs "Peter" over and over to make sure no one would get touched by the ball.  This worked quite well, even in noisy stadiums.  It also helps if the rest of the team is coached to be aware of clear out signal.  I know this is also used at the college level (that is where I learned it), and it can be heard even in a crowded stadium. 

Comment 09 Jul 2015

We shall see how valid the rumor of the "certain player" is if he transfers to another school.  Preliminary search given the parameters outlined in the rumor indicates that this player has already left the team and is pursuing his academics.  Can't imagine him transferring to another school if he is indeed interested in his education first.

As for the Vrabel thing, that happens at every school, including PSU.  Quite often, AC's don't necessarily see eye to eye during game situations with the HC.  Many can leave those moments of angst on the field and still be part of the staff.  Others not so much.  There's thousands upon thousands of stories of AC's not getting along with HC's.  Most of those are told behind closed doors and shared with friends, most often in a humorous manner.  Imagine all the stories about Woody!!! 

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Fine, 7/10.  You worked for the Athletic Department for 3 years and most likely got paid for the time you put in.  Managers from his era worked their tails off for no pay, paid their own way to school, and their reward was that they were considered Varsity O Football for life (they still have to pay dues to Varsity O).  When Woody was coaching he once asked one of his managers to add up the hours spent on football from the start (generally around August 1) to the end (generally until after December).  The total was about 80 hours per week.  Yet, he still carried a full load of classes.  There was no opportunity to have a job during school, because of all the hours spent at football.  Winter quarter brought some free time, but they were thrown right back into the fray for Spring Practice. 

Back then, managers did every thing the coaches needed.  Film splicing, practice schedules, hotel arrangements, movie night arrangements, organizing players to be on time all the time, driving Woody to his speaking engagements - these are just a few of the tasks.  You name it, they did it.  Today the football department employs a full time staff at considerable cost to the University to take care of the tasks the managers did for FREE!  Their only reward was an Athletic Letter and the benefits that went along with it.  The coaches knew that, and they promised it to every manager who came on board. 

The success of today's team is built upon the success that came before that.  Woody laid a great path to the future by capitalizing on the success from his predecessors.  It is ridiculous to throw out notions that the people who helped  build the foundations of the success we enjoy today be tossed aside as though their contributions are no longer of any value. 

If you want to chage the rules for managers, change if for the current managers going forward.  But, honor your commitment to those who put in so many hours years ago for a promise made by the coaches. 

And, for what it is worth, Varsity O members (all of them) pay face value for tickets.  One comment above alluded to a false impression that they get reduced rates for tickets - they do not.  Season tickets are now well over $1000 per year, and Varsity O members are bound by a rule that prohibits them from reselling the tickets for a profit - if they do so they are supposed to lose their privilege forever. 

Comment 25 Jun 2015

You know, I watched House.  And, really would not have minded having him as my Doctor if I had anything that was a mystery.  As for coaches, I really don't tune into football to watch a coach that I like or dislike.  The ones that I don't like appear in games that I watch, but I don't tune in to watch them (they are usually playing the team that I wanted to watch).  I generally watch teams because I want to watch the team, not the coach, but I do get your point.  And, Spurrier is the only coach I could think of that I watch (because of his one liners) but, would still not want at OSU (don't really admire him as I just don't think he gets the most out of his talent).  Back in the day, Lee Corso fit that mold.  His antics were humorous, but I did not think he was a good coach.  However, I did watch his games (even though it was tough back then because Indiana did not appear on TV much!)

Comment 25 Jun 2015

Yup, this is the closest I could come to the OP's analogy.  Can't really think of any other successful coach that I am a fan of and would not want to have at OSU.  All the others mentioned above I do not admire.  In fact, I wish most of them would just leave college football for good!  LOL   FWIW, I can not think of any other coach I would rather have than Urban right now.