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Comment 13 Jan 2017

And, 25 years ago the game rules allowed for a full 60 minutes of football.  The clock actually stopped until the next snap on all out of bounds plays (they only do that now in the last 2 minutes of each half). There are other spped up rules that have been added in the last 25 years that rob the fans of complete games.  Stupid made for TV rules.  The next round of speed up BS will probably keep the clock running on incomplete passes.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

So, with longer broadcasts, viewership goes down.  Not my opinion - this is just what happens.  As viewership goes down, the networks lose ad $$.  One way to compensate for lost revenue is to put in more commercials, which decreases viewership even more.  Another way to do it is to shorten the broadcast.  You can accomplish that in two ways:  1.  Shorten the actual game time by modifying the rules and broadcasting the same amount of commercials (my opinion here is that will cut viewership even more).  Or 2. Cut some of the commercials to get a complete game in less than 3 hours with commercials, charge more for the commercials because viewership does not drop off due to the length of the broadcast. (my opinion again, but if it is correct, it is a win/win for fans and the networks.  Plus, it gives them another 30 minutes to one hour to broadcast other events that would possibly generate better ratings than the end of a long ass game.) 

I consider myself to be a big fan of college football.  I used to watch games live, in their entirety, regularly during the season.  Now, the only games I watch live in their entirety are the ones involving the Buckeyes. Everything else I DVR and watch commercial free.  I can watch a 3.5 to 4 hour live telecast in about 45 minutes or less on the DVR.  If the live games were under the 3 hour window I would consider watching them live again.  But, I have made a decision to not inundate myself with the mindless commercials that air continually during games.  Heck, in many cases they show a commercial before a kickoff and then another right after the kickoff.  Is it any wonder that the games take so long to broadcast?  I know many of my friends to the same thing.  The networks and college football need to change or they will slay the golden goose that they now possess.  Shortening the actual playing time of a game will only lose more viewership and attendance will begin to suffer. 


Comment 13 Jan 2017

Woody always said the TV would ruin the game. It seems like every 5 years the broadcasting community is taking away parts of the the game in order to accommodate more commercials.  Be prepared for the next bout of cuts as it seems even Gene Smith is hiding his head in the sand about this. 

The schools need to take control and limit the number of commercials during a game.  The BS that the networks put the public through is absolutely unnecessary.   

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Ranking of recruits is not an exact science by any means.  The recruiting services use many metrics for their rankings, but the one that is most glaring is the interest of the major programs around the country.  When a Bama or other top notch program offers a kid the so called recruiting experts take note and reflect that in their rankings.  While this is part of the evaluation process, it depends on those top notch programs identifying the prospects.

Sure, there are many other metrics like sped, strength, etc.  But if a kid holds offers from OSU, UM, Bama, USC, etc. the rankings will show that. For the most part this works. However, the diamonds in the rough, like Malik Hooker, will not benefit from such a system. 

The star ranking system has been talked about at length on here. As we all know there is a higher chance of a 5 star panning out than a 4 star.  However the real strength of any recruiting class is what happens to them after they enroll in school, how well they blend as a team.  While it is very important to fill a class with highly rated prospects, it all boils down to who has that extra impetus to perform well as a team.  Sometimes it is coached into a player, but more often it is something that the recruit has that just can't be measured by the recruiting services.  Great coaches like Urban, Saban, and even Dabo can recognize that in recruits.  Sometimes it is just dumb luck.  The bottom line is to not get overly hung up on the recruiting rankings of any class. You sometimes have to trust that a good coach will find the good players who can be molded into a great team. 

Comment 27 Dec 2016

Obviously 99% of 11Wer's will be watching the game whenever it is on.  The basic concept of scheduling the game on NYE is still a mistake.  I anticipate that the game will have higher ratings than last year's NYE game, but only because the Buckeyes are involved.  Move the game to the 30th or the 2nd and your national audience goes up considerably.  Stupid idea to play it on NYE, even though it won't deter most Buckeye fans. 

Comment 21 Dec 2016

The tantrum that he threw is cause for concern.  In my years of coaching most players that had hair trigger tempers like that often used and abused PED's.  Whenever we saw reactions like that we began taking a closer look at possible causes.  Then again, maybe he is just a spoiled brat. 

Comment 14 Dec 2016

1. Restrict TV time outs to 4 per quarter

2. Bring back the stop the clock rule on all out of bounds plays. In essence, give the lost game time back to the fans.

3  implement a real time replay review that does not take forever to review. The technology is there. Use it! 

4. Get rid of most of the canned music on the PA system and let the bands fill the stadium with music.  

5. Enforce spearing penalties on both sides of the ball.  Defenders can not lead with their helmets, ball carriers should be held to the same rule. Note:  this is already the rule, just start enforcing it. 

Comment 14 Nov 2016

If PSU wins out and we beat TTUN, PSU will got the the B1G Championship game in Indianapolis,  If TTUN had been undefeated when we played them the best PSU could hope for was a three tie, resulting in a tie breaker that would have sent us to Indianapolis. But, whatever, screw blue!

Comment 02 Nov 2016

LOL - Like that will ever happen.  Just like the amount of input we had on playing two night games in a row vs teams that had byes before they played us.  The BIG does not give a crap about our concerns with the schedule. 

Comment 17 Oct 2016

The side line penalty on Meyer was ridiculous.  Yes, side line interference is a rule, but it is rarely, if ever, called against the coach in the confines of the buffer area (usually the HC needs to be out on the field for a penalty to be called, and even then it is rare).  It is meant to keep the sidelines clear during the play - in effect keeping the team behind the 3 foot buffer.  However, every HC in the country roams freely in that 3 foot buffer.  Officials make allowances for coaches, particularly head coaches, to be in that area.  At first I thought it was an indication of "homer" refs, but the officials proved equally as bad on both sides of the ball. 

Comment 16 Oct 2016

That was indeed the correct call.  Any player who is out of bounds and touches a ball in play in effect puts the ball out of bounds.  Possession is awarded to the last team that had possession on the field of play. Even if a Buckeye player had touched the ball while being out of bounds Wisky would still have maintained possession.  

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Live sports have been the last bastion for big $ advertising.  Basically, they are the only place that people watch an entire 3+ hours of television with commercials.  The networks have taken advantage of that by flooding all games with commercials and earning the biggest payday in broadcasting.  So much so that the rules of the game have changed to allow for maximum breaks for ads. 

Think about it. The clock no longer stops for plays that go out of bounds except for the last 2 minutes of each half.  NFL games (as well as some college games) frequently have ads before and after every kick-off.  There are many more speed up rules that have happened over the last 40 years to allow for more ad breaks.  People are getting tired of it.  Heck, the only games I watch live every week are the Buckeyes and occasionally the Seahawks.  Everything else I record and fast forward through all the breaks.  I can easily watch any game in less than an hour when it is recorded.  Watching a game live means wasting another 2 to 3 hours listening to mindless commentary and ads for crap that I would never use. 

I really believe that the general public is finally getting PO'd at all the crap that comes along with a live broadcast.  Is it any wonder that ratings are down? 

Comment 05 Oct 2016

The Spartans are finally suffering from the Jim Bollman effect.  The walrus has slowly taken his toll on their offense.  It has taken some time to turn things down because previous teams had players that were coached by a different O coordinator early in their time.  The starters on this year's team have had the pleasure of being tutored by the walrus for several years.  Their blocking technique against both Wisky and the Hoosiers was atrocious. This should be surprising to no one. 

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Urban needs to add "jump on the ball if anyone drops it even remotely close to the goal line" rule.  If the officials had noticed the ball being dropped before Mixon crossed the line or if Meyer had challenged it, the Sooners would still have gotten the ball at the 1 yard line because no Buckeye pounced on the ball immediately.  Even at the HS level we always taught our players to recover any ball dropped by an opposing player.