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Comment 21 Jan 2015

Flash back to Nov 2011 and tOSU announcing Urban Meyer as the new head coach.  I was skeptical that he would be this good this soon and if he would stay for very long.  I dutifully eat some humble pie now.  I truly hated UFM for the 2007 disaster in the desert but now I would run through fire and hell for UFM.

While watching the Late Show video I wonder "what is that lapel pin UFM is wearing?"  If anyone knows, please enlighten us.  Thanks.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Anytime the Buckeyes play an away game during non-conference time it should rightfully include a trip to Toledo or BG or Athens or Kent, or even Oxford.  I purposely left Akron off this list because I don't like the idea of the Buckeyes playing there with JT trolling the sidelines.  That would the the "trap game" of all trap games.  Still, leaving lots of Buckeyes dollars in these towns would be super publicity for TOSU that would pay forward for thousands of years.  Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Forgive me for getting late to this thread, but I know something about cereal and beer that many of you might not know:

"There is no beer value in food, but there is food value in beer."

Thus, adding beer to any cereal increases your nutritional value of that bowl of morning goodness.

Also, creamy peanut butter is better.  Just my humble thoughts on this sunny Wednesday morning.  It is 11:07 PST and _ichigan still sucks the big one.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Although 1957 is really foggy in my 66 year old mind, I do remember 1961.  How much you ask?  I began my hate/grudge for 'bama that year when the AP & UPI voted an undefeated 'bama number 1 at season's end instead of Ohio State.  It took 53 years to soothe my hatred when the Buckeyes clobbered the slobs from Birmingham in the Sugar Bowl.  I rewatched that game last night and enjoyed every minute of the Buckeye's total beat down of those dogs.  All is right in the world again.

Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!

Comment 14 Jan 2015

1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 2002 & 2014: what a great way to enjoy my life as a Buckeye.  Thanks for the great article, Ramzy.  I hope all Buckeye fans just now experiencing their own first Ohio State National Championship get to live to see as many NCs as I have.  Go Buckeyes.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Just a few comments:  1. It is a super time to be a Buckeye Fan; 2. Saying B1G Champions and Undisputed National Champions will make 2015 a fabulous for all true Buckeye Fans; 3. All the "Fickell haters can hide now because he did his best coaching job this year: jralvarez is always entitled to his opinion but is wrong about Coach Fickell, just like all the other posters, who apparently do not know a thing about coaching and developing players.  Coach Ash was a great hire for the Buckeyes and he worked together with Fickell to make the defense better.  Coach Meyer's best decision after last year was to get rid of Everett Withers (I know, he quit - but probably only before Meyer dumped his worthless butt); and, 4. Winning it all again next year will make 2014 legitimate and put Ohio State back in the pantheon of college football where it belongs.  It is 11:10 am in western Nevada and _ichigan still sucks.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Can I open my eyes now?  Happy New Year Buckeye Nation.  This was an unbelievable way to begin 2015.  Congratulations to the Buckeyes and all of Buckeye Nation, from my man cave couch, you looked alive and loud in N.O.  One more game for this incredible team.  I harken back to five years ago today when the Buckeyes met the ducks in the Rose Bowl.  A game where the Buckeyes didn't belong on the same field as Oregon.  Buckeye Nation remembers that game and will be looking for a similar outcome on Jan. 12.  Go Buckeyes and bring back the National Championship.  O - H!

Comment 13 Dec 2014

I just returned from five days in ATL.  On Thursday night I wore my colors while at dinner with some friends (both OSU grads from the early 70s).  We got several looks and some comments.  Yesterday while checking out thru the airport TSA checkpoint an agent told me about my Ohio State sweatshirt, "in a few weeks you will have to burn that shirt!"  My response: "no way; win or lose I always wear my colors with pride."  He had nothing more to say.

There was an ignorant FSU fans at the gate who had to tell me how much he hates Urban Meyer.  Whenever traveling I wear my OSU color.s with pride and class.  Unlike lots of other "wannabe" fans of schools so jealous of the Buckeyes.  O - H

Comment 12 Oct 2014

What a boring Saturday w/o tOSU playing.  Did anyone get surprised by close games that were changed by a kickoff return for a td?  It happened at least 3 times in games I was watching, including NW/MINN.  NW finally got it going, tied the game and then bazinga, they lost.  Thank goodness the Buckeyes know how to cover a kickoff.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Going to "neutral" games is fun.  I have been to Tucson several times in October and went to watch Arizona play long before RickRod showed up (including Ohio State in 2000).  Fans west of the Mississippi are so different from Midwest fans.  They show up "whenever" and stay until at least halfway into the 3rd quarter.  My wife and I went to a U of Pacific once back in the day when they still had football.  When we asked the ticket seller where were the good seats, he said "sit anywhere you want, it doesn't matter.  The Cal game last year was a perfect example.  Their fans mostly left before the 4th quarter started, even the students.

We had U of Nevada Wolfpack seats for 25 years and it was great.  The students and locals turned out every game and were loud and supported the Pack.  It was a great small college experience.  Its too bad more people don't get to feel that.  GO BUCKEYES!!!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

My wife and I were sitting just to the right of the press/luxury boxes, wearing our Scarlett & Gray amongst a horde of yellow ducks.  It was the best football game experience of my life (even better than Ohio Stadium back in the 60s).  The best part was watching oregon fans drone on and on about their great offense and then choking when Ohio State smacked them around.  I remember telling one duck fan that "they don't play defense in the pac 10 (or 12 or 14 or whatever it is now) like Ohio State plays defense."

Personally I can't wait for the Buckeyes to play in Pasadena again so I can watch them live.  Whatever the reason for being in the Rose Bowl, it is still an awesome experience, IMHO.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

As a lifelong Buckeye living in the west let me weigh in on this discussion.  I attended Nevada football games for 25 years and beer has been sold there since the early 80s.  It has never been a big problem: fans being overly obnoxious, fans being thrown out for being too drunk, or more fights because they bought beer in the stadium.  (Mackey Stadium hold 30K fans).  It has not been a big money maker either but fans get a choice.  Nevada cuts off beer sales at the end of the half time and you can only buy one beer at a time.

Ohio Stadium allows alcohol in the luxury boxes, Right?  But not in the rest of the stadium.  Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

I agree with the "nanny state" comment in that responsible adults will drink responsibly no matter where they are.  And most fans will take care of those idiots that try tO spoil the game for us.  In 25 years I never has to tell another fan to behave because he or she was drunk.  Just my two cents.


Comment 27 Aug 2014

As a former student at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, a life long Buckeye fan, and a former enlisted member of THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, I find it really hard to root for Navy.  However, as a U.S. military veteran I do root for our service academies in every other game that they play in (especially against that prep school in South Bend).  This Saturday will be a great challenge for the Scarlett & Gray just because of who they play and how Navy plays.  I hope the Buckeyes are as ready as they say because each and every player will need to give his best on Saturday.  Like all the comments here, it will be a great game, a great atmosphere and a great opponent.


Comment 28 Mar 2014

How is it possible in "American Cool" not to have a pic of Steve McQueen?   He was the ultimate "cool' for guys growing up in the 60s and 70s.  Love the 70s pic of Debbi Harry, too.  db

Comment 19 Feb 2014

The chicken sh*t referee under the basket should have been ejected too for not doing his job right.  Had he called a foul on the NW player sooner, it probably would not have gone that far.  I refereed many fraternity games at OSU that never got that far with my whistle ready.  That referee should not be paid for that game because he slept through it.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Another great article about OSU's running game.  While I agree that Carlos Hyde and the OL deserve most of the credit for Hyde's awesome year, the OL only gets him to the second level.  The down field blocking by the receivers gets Hyde open on the 15 - 20 yard runs and the long TD runs.  It must be a phenomenal feeling to get past the DL and know you have alot more yards to go when Corey Brown, Devin Smith, Evan Spencer and other guys are out there planting the LBs and DBs in your way.  As someone above said, "strap on tight guys" it will be a tough, Big Ten type game on Saturday night.  GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 25 Nov 2013

It is pretty clear that OSU Men will have to win on defense this year (if the officials will let them).  Since the ncaa has taken defense out of the college game to make it more like pro ball, then OSU better find a reliable scorer or it could be a long, long season.  Again, just my opinion.  db

Comment 25 Nov 2013

Are you kidding me!!!  The expression on his face in the last few minutes of the game said it all.  He sat with his arms folded and leaning back in his seat, too.  While the other guys were cheering and smiling, Ross was thinking about why he didn't turn pro last spring.  If Matta has the guts he will tell Ross to sack up, play like a man or leave.  Right now he is taking up a scholarship that could be used on a recruit that wants to be in Scarlet and Gray.  Just my opinion.  db

Comment 20 Aug 2013

OK, to prove my true Buckeye Family membership: while walking around stores in Jacksonville, FL (at a convention in town) last week I passed a shop with Buckeye flags.  When I entered the store, to my horror, it had placed a ttun flag above my beloved Buckeye display flag.  This can not be" I shouted to the store clerk who promptly moved that discussing corn and yuck colored flag below the tOSU flag.  In a few short seconds the world was alright again because tOSU was over ttun again.  The store clerk even apologized for the error.  Long live Buckeye Nation!!!!!!

Comment 08 Aug 2013

Two things I remember most about being there in person:

1. surrounded by duck fans and telling them before the game (to shut up their boasting about duck offense) that oregon had not faced a defense all year like Ohio State played - very prothetic, right?; and

2. watching all the touchdowns right in front of our seats, including the big fumble out of the back of the endzone (absolutely deflating the green and yellow - it was really quite after that).

A truly fabulous game for all Buckeye fans.  GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Comment 27 Jun 2013

FWIW, back in the 60s I lived in Park Hall around several football players.  They had time to find jobs in the off season (most were phony/make work type jobs but they still worked).  It never seemed to interfere with their class work or their off-season workouts.

Also, I like the idea of making them pay for school if they get money for playing a sport.  Take away the athletic scholarship and make them pay their own way or get an academic scholarship.  That seems fair to the 50K+ tOSU students that have to struggle to pay for school and then struggle to pay off loans after school.  Most major collegiate sports athletes are too pampered anyway.  If they want compensation then exchange it dollar for dollar with the cost of getting that free education each receives today.  That will give them an education on campus and about real life in the real world.

Just my opinion and thanks for reading.  Go Buckeyes!!!!!

Comment 24 Jun 2013

Sitting here writing this is Carson City, Nevada I take umbrage to the "wasteland" comment.  CC is really a nice little town with lots to do and beautiful mountains all around.  While it is not C-Bus it is still better than any other BIG state capital and I have been through half of them since leaving Ohio 30+ years ago.

Great article and keep them coming.  GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!