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Comment 4 hours ago

My Dear Mom, God rest her soul, was a person that had many "sayings".

I remember one time, I was really mad about something, was going off complaining and acting crazy.  My mom walked over to me and put her arm around me and said, "Well, it's better to be pissed on, than to be pissed on."

She made me look strangely at her, and I laughed.  Helped me get over whatever I was mad about... Because it was something trivial.  I was only 15 at the time.

Comment 4 hours ago

How about trying to name her after one of your favorite Buckeyes...

Eddie or Eddy after George; Chris (Spielman or Carter)

Or Rose after our "traditional" bowl for Big Ten Champs

Comment 4 hours ago

I will say this: Martinez had maybe THE WORST form I have ever seen throwing a football.  His mechanics were horrible, dropped his shoulder, stepped basically backward and threw off the wrong foot...  I had a girlfriend that threw better than he did... no shit.

If Beck could improve Martinez's numbers - and some of his form - in one year, this guy will work great here in Columbus.

Comment 4 hours ago

Monday may be a good night for TV, but Tuesday is a BAD DAY for going to work on about 3 hours of sleep after watching your team win the National Championship.

I am just very happy I used my better judgment and DID NOT drink that night!

Comment 4 hours ago

Amen.  This is the type of thing that may never happen again in any sport.  The third string player leads them to a Championship??

Comment 20 hours ago

Birm wrote:

Replying to everything they tweet or post with "#Buckeyes" or "Stay loyal, bro!" is not only ludicrous but more importantly does nothing good for the Buckeyes or their coaching staff. Best practice? Leave recruiting to the coaches, they get paid a lot of money to do it, and they do it well.

If there was such a thing as The Ten Commandments of Twitter, this would be the First Commandment.  DO NOT be TROLLS, folks.  This DOES NOT HELP our cause.  Be quiet, refrain from tweeting any recruit, and let the professionals do their job.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

AMEN!!  Preach on...

Can't we have the National Championship on a Saturday night at Prime Time?  This late work night shit makes for a bad couple of work days - even when our team wins it all.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Sounds like my kind of lady!

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I really hope Ohio State wins it all again next year.  It will be very interesting to see what May has to say about The Ohio State then.  Will he finally bow down and realize the true greatness of our football team, or will he continue to be a douche-bag antagonist of our Buckeyes?

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Yes I did, and I was surprised at the "inaccuracies" of the article... I mean, a non-sports interested person could have done better....

Maybe this is one reason why SI fired the staff??

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I agree.  As good a talent that he is, he fails to understand that he is not above the NFL and the by-laws the players must abide by.  It's time the Browns part ways with him and let some other team deal with his crap...

Comment 26 Jan 2015

If this is the young man from Ohio that committed to scum, the Channel 4 news here this morning was all excited, acting like they "stole one" from Ohio State... I don't think we EVER OFFERED this young man... The one from Westchester is who they were referring to.

Let the "little brother" have his moment....

Comment 25 Jan 2015

You're a "the glass is half empty" type person, I take it...

If someone says they are coming back, it sure as shit doesn't mean "I have some thinking to do."  You negative thinkers are getting on my nerves... Hush up, sit back, and let everything play out, and don't get your undies in a bunch over things you cannot control.

And - in the SLIGHT CHANCE he does not come back, RELAX... We are fricking LOADED at QB...

Comment 25 Jan 2015

AGREE with both comments above.  I wouldn't be surprised if Price can be moved back over to the defensive side of the ball, where he originally started out, if the OL talent shows well this spring.  We are a little thin now at the DT spot...