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Comment 11 hours ago

Way to go ATL!!  You may have won the Long Distance Award this year.  I made it in from 35 miles north of Detroit, but your drive is WAY LONGER!

Way to represent!  And thank you for coming.

Comment 11 hours ago

I think he will emerge this season as our next big-play deep threat.  He looked pretty damn good in the Spring Game.  He will be even better when the games actually mean something.

Comment 11 hours ago

Hey JamesBrown, I would like to add two things here:

1) We have Urban Meyer.  If any coach can motivate a team and have them prepared, it is Meyer that will do it.  I'd take him over any coach in the country (Saban, Miles, anyone else).  Meyer can get his team motivated to do the impossible.  Hell, he did it just last year.

2) If Ohio State is unbeaten heading into the scum game, Meyer WILL HAVE THIS TEAM PREPARED.  They will not lose to UM, and I am sure they will know every play of the '69 game.  I would expect Urban to have that game playing all week long.  This team will be pissed off and play like THEY WERE THE TEAM that lost that game way back in 1969.

Comment 11 hours ago

I would certainly think Wilson does, but I have a feeling the staff likes getting him the ball in space.  I cannot recall how good he is at catching the deep ball.

My concern with Dontre is that if he can't stay healthy, he may get buried in the depth chart.  Lots of speed and talent at his position.

Comment 12 hours ago

The young man I was most impressed with was Erik Smith.  He was always around the ball, had a pick, and seems to just have those football smarts and the high football IQ.  Too bad he has Bell and Powell in front of him, they will be TOUGH to pass up.

Any chance Smith can be the nickel or star?

Comment 12 hours ago

After Marshall's fumble of the punt, I don't recall seeing him get another chance.  I did see Samuel back for Marshall fielding punts.

I love Marshall, but he has GOT to improve in the punt returns if he wants to handle the chore in the regular season.

Comment 12 hours ago

I wonder if Zeke is going to get crazy with his hands the way he did the PA announcer after the Sugar Bowl.  Put his "swimmy hand" behind the man and got an eye to eye look real quick.  Hate to see Zeke get his hand hurt by the Secret Service.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

I talked to two sophomore recruits from Indianapolis after the game on Lane Ave.  A WR and OLB first name of Walter.  I asked them what they thought about the size of the crowd.  Both chuckled and said they could not believe the number of people that come.  I told them that we Buckeye fans are nutty about our Buckeyes, we love our team, and we support them seriously.  I told them I now live 35 miles north of Detroit, and I have been a constant at the spring game for 16 years now.  They laughed and said good job.

They were extremely nice young men.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

How true!  It's like watching two hot chicks jello wrestle!

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Hot damn!!  I got sun burned last week in Cincy on a single day - weather was sunny and only 57.  I am hoping to add to the tan on Saturday!  You'll notice me.  I'll be the 5-foot 9-inch dude weighing about 230 in an Ohio State tube top!  Hahahaha...

Seriously, if the weather is going to be that nice, I expect to give the Spring Game record a run.  I mean, who doesn't want to come see the Defending National Champions in their first public appearance?

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Oh.  Dear.  Gawd....

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I find it amusing that many schools don't charge for their spring game, and they can't even put half as many people in their stadiums that Ohio State does - a certain weenie of a school up north comes to mind.

We Buckeye fans are some of the best fans in the land.  We PAY to watch our beloved team play in a scrimmage against each other - and we pack the stadium.  On behalf of this "Nutty Buckeye", thank you to all who make the trip.  This is a special breed of people, and I am sure all the players, coaches, and administrators appreciate our efforts.


Comment 16 Apr 2015

I will say this:

If Ohio State is unbeaten heading to Annie Arbor, Urban Meyer WILL HAVE HIS TEAM PREPARED.  I am sure our players will see plenty of tape from the "69 season and they will have that on the front of their minds.  I bet they come out like that happened to THIS SQUAD and they pummel Hairball and his 'weenies.

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Hey Jay - tailgating starts early.  I have arrived  as early as 8 am and there are plenty of people already in the parking lots partying.  Not as big as a gameday, but it's still a big party.

Your ticket also gets you into the lacrosse game that starts at 11 am.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I haven't seen this happen before.  If it is on, that is GREAT and me and my brothers will be attending!