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Comment 16 May 2017

MichiBuck, you speak the truth about UM fans.  I live up in TSUN as well, and most scUM fans are so blinded by their entitlement, or whatever the hell it is, that they cannot even admit that Ohio State has a very talented football team over the past 8-10 years.

I also hope and pray that all us Buckeye fans NEVER begin to feel entitled.  I'll never forget a quote we had on our wall in the weight room at Bellevue: "Show me a player that is satisfied with their effort, and I will show you the first sign of failure."

Comment 11 May 2017

Chris,  you wrote "In total, Zeke went for 696 yards on 76 carries, good for 9.2 yards a pop with eight touchdowns. Damn, son."

Those are some damned impressive statistics, if you ask me.  Zeke averaged 9.2 yards per carry against three pretty good run defenses, and I think this is one of the most impressive statistics I have ever seen.

Great article, by the way!

Comment 08 May 2017

“How will they respond when they get beat for a touchdown? How will they respond when they have an issue in class or an off-the-field issue that distracts them? Will they be able to come out here and block it out?” Schiano said. “Those are all things you learn about newcomers that we have to wait and see.”

I love that the coaching staff looks beyond football with these young men.  This is a big reason why many quality young men and football players are flocking to Columbus and Coach Meyer.

Comment 04 May 2017

Hey Buck68, I am betting that if our OC stuck to a normal game plan, Mike would have touched the ball in the 1st quarter and the fumble problems would not have been a factor.  When you don't get your first touch until later in the game, it can have a negative effect.

He also had damn-near 5 yards a carry on his meager touches.  Get him the ball early and more often, and I think the game would have been a much different story.  Not saying we would have won (maybe so, though), but it would NOT have been a blowout.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

We are truly blessed as fans of Ohio State, and becoming spoiled to expect depth every year at almost every position.  We are fortunate to have great coaches like this that can attract the very best athletes with the very highest character and team first-oriented discipline.

I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds for this group.