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Comment 28 Apr 2016

Hi Chiro, I upvoted you, but not because I can't stand the Steelers.  I used to HATE them with a PASSION, but with the loss of the Browns, moving to Baltimore, and the smart drafting of the Steelers (drafting OSU players), I actually RESPECT the Steelers now.  I would never in my life wish on any other team or fans the loss that we Browns fans had to endure.

I am still a Browns fan, but not as rabid as I once was, and you can blame on the temporary loss of the team.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Watched the ESPN mock draft last night, just to see what they had for our young men.  They have the Browns taking Zeke at #8, followed by Bosa to Tampa Bay at 9.  Then, three straight Buckeyes Decker to Detroit, Lee to Atlanta, and Apple to Buffalo later.

I really HOPE the Browns get Zeke!!!

Comment 21 Apr 2016

Yeah Phi, I heard that in the news up here, and thought "Isn't Peppers a bit small?"  If he is going to be successful there, he's going to need to spend more time in the weight room - and not just checking himself out in the mirrors!

Here's to hoping our offensive line breaks the little man!

Comment 20 Apr 2016

I would love to see Lee's name attached to the new walkout LB, hybrid LB, or whatever the new name will be for this position.  This young man is fast enough to cover just about any player on the field, and he is big enough to punish running backs.  And on top of all that, he just flat out has a nose for the football, great instincts.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

In all fairness to JT, his two INTs were not his fault.  Watching the game on TV, the first INT his arm was hit when throwing and made it sail high and like a duck.  On the second one, he threw the ball to where the receiver was supposed to be and you can see that Dixon I believe it was didn't finish the route.

I was pleased with JTs game.  He's going to win us quite a few games this year.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Two things I loved: 1) the corner blitz - was impossible to contain; 2) the number of catches to the TE.

I think most of the TE passes may have been check-downs because the defense had everyone else covered.  But - it was awesome to see that many catches by our TE.

Our blitz packages this year are going to win us some big games.  I'm looking at the OU game as a potential first big win.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I was very impressed with Joe Burrow.  This kid has STUD and FUTURE STARTER written all over him.  His touch on the deep ball, even when not caught, was right on target - no chance of an interception.  He stood tall in the pocket a few times and took a lick in order to get the pass off.

Many impressed me - Torrence Gibson, Malik Hooker, Michael Jordan, Mike Webb, Devon Hamilton to name a few, but young Mr. Burrow was tops I feel.  I think he's are 2017 starting QB, as JT will leave after a great Junior season.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Personally, I would love to see Armstrong get an offer.  Great name for a QB, and he plays in my alma mater's League (Bellevue) but maybe not for long.  The NOL is going away after this year, most being absorbed into the SBC.