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Comment 29 Jan 2016

Plain and simple, Brady had something to do with the balls.  An equipment manager is NOT GOING to make a decision like that UNLESS HE IS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.  The Pats cheat, and the League loves them for some reason, maybe not Goodell, but others that wield the power do.

As for Manning, I like to hold to our philosophy that he is innocent until proven guilty.  From everything I hear and read on him, he really takes being a role model for young boys seriously, and I like to think that Manning IS innocent.  Let's see how this plays out.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Buck - I sort of agree with you about the game being unnecessary, but it is a pretty good indicator of how these young guys will look against the "Cream of the Crop Talent" so-to-speak.

I also think they have the gaem in Mobile to keep the players out of trouble... not too much to do there.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

Man, this stinks!  He was one guy I was sure that was going to EXPLODE in that game and really help his draft stock.  I mean, that frame and the speed he has - should be sure-fire 1st round pick.

Get better, Josh, and TEAR UP the combine.