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Comment 01 Jul 2015

Another stellar article from the magnificent Doctor!!

After surgery, is the leg immobilized in a cast?  And in what position is it held at, slightly bent?  You mention in the article that flexing the quad muscle pulls on the patella.  I would think the knee would not be straight.

Thank you again for the articles, Dr. Aloiya!  Keep up the great work!

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I love the question pondered as the title of this article.

Remember, we played our best defense during the last three games of the season last year, and against some pretty damned good offenses.  Our defense took on the three players invited to NY for the Heisman Trophy Presentation - and they SHUT EACH ONE DOWN - CONVINCINGLY.

The defense was also learning a new system, and as the season went on, you could see the players picking this system up.  I for one expect this year's version of the Silver Bullets to be much better than last year's version.  We could be in for another very special season.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I have a high school friend that lives in South Bend.  He's still a HUGE Ohio State fan, but he is an usher / security field gate guard for Notre Dame.  He, like me, was raised Catholic.  He was at a few of the ND - Boston College games, and he told me he's NEVER HEARD worse language than the fans at this game.

For some "holier than Thou" Catholics, they sure can swear - and pretty inventive, too.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

I don't know, Maka, Alabama had a better and faster defense that VT had, and Zeke outran them all night long outside.  Once the Crimson Turd tried to take away the sweep, Zeke burned them with that famous 85 Yards through the Heart of the South.

Add in the revenge factor, and VT may be in trouble.

By the way, this is about the only game of the year where I think our chances of not scoring 35+ points could be tested.  But with that said, I go back to the revenge factor.  This is going to be a game to watch for sure.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Chardo - I certainly agree about Miller having less carries this year.  The reason he had so many in his last season, well, let's look at the WR group we had.  He basically had to run.  This year with all the team speed and talent at the WR position, I fully expect to see more passes from Miller, and a higher completion percentage.

Oh yeah - and DCs with nasty stains down the backside of their khakis!

Comment 23 Jun 2015

Not only is the MSU-Oregon the best non-conference game in the Big Ten, it may be the best non-conference game of the year.  Both will be ranked fairly high, until MSU levels Oregon and their high hopes.  I am one that feels the Ducks may be seriously over-rated in the PAC-12 this year.  UCLA and USC are predicted to be very good.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I am sure that Urban will have these guys ready to defend their title.  He will have some type of edge for them: everyone is gunning for you; they want your trophy; we are now the hunted, no longer the hunter - something to keep this team focused.  I am not worried about this team becoming complacent and resting on their laurels.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

Rockford wrote "Harbaugh is showing some characteristic traits of narcissistic personality disorder. They need to quit putting his face on everything it is getting creepy."

I say, not necessarily.  I ran out of Bo toilet paper.  I wouldn't mind getting some Harbaugh TP to replace it with!