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Comment 11 hours ago

And thank goodness the guy didn't go off like Cowherd!

Did you actually hear the interview? When did Cowherd "go off"? Harbaugh didn't want to be asked questions in an interview? Explain please.

My take is the Harbaugh interview went south after Harbaugh confused the context of "buy" with "bye."

Comment 12 hours ago

Barbara Walters was a great interviewer, but I don't think she could carry a 3-hour daily call-in show.

I absolutely disagree. Walters' interviews were set up to be intensive, over a relatively short period of time. I think she would have been fine with multiple interviews over 3 hours. You really think that is more difficult? An hour interview is much more difficult that an 15 minute one.

Comment 12 hours ago

I saw that and I'm like WTF? You really think that interview was anywhere near positive for you? I don't like Colin AT ALL but when Harbaugh bitched about him asking questions I almost bent over laughing. What does he think an interview involves? Guy will end up being naked crazy in the streets of Ann Arbor before all is said and done.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Also, our fans need to get the hell over the "deal with it" story. That was five seasons ago. How thin skinned are you?

Thin-skinned? He accused an OSU player of lying and told an entire fanbase to deal with it. Their entire coaching staff went out of their way to try and say Sully was "thin skinned". So how thin skinned are you?

Comment 25 Jun 2015

it won't be hard for them to connect the dots to present a negative picture against Ohio State sticking with and/or being honest with recruits.

So Harbaugh's record with burning commits doesn't keep you on your own board. I heard some ridiculous numbers of "decommits" when he was at Stanford. Do your research.

Comment 14 Jun 2015

I do not blame the players as much as I do the institutions and the individuals in charge that allow such behavior to exist.

I get your point but the person has the most responsibility for his/her behavior. I'm so sick of people who blame "the system", "the man" etc. and thinks the world owes him/her a living. If Winston raped a woman then HE raped a woman. If FSU covered it up then that is just as bad but Winston is the rapist not the university.

Comment 08 Jun 2015

I don't have to guess. Bad competition and the holiday season. Just responding to a post about the seats being covered over. Not obvious? But if they were playing quality competition? It would sell out. Your thoughts?

Comment 08 Jun 2015

At student breaks they offer those seats to the general public. If they aren't filled then the program has to wonder why. The students got put courtside several years ago. While the atmosphere has improved our student section does not rank anywhere near the top student sections in college basketball. Yet people keep blaming the alums and general public although they keep our attendance record respectable. Smith said that if students show more interest then they will offer more student seating. That hasn't happened. The students who do show up, grandma says bless their hearts, aren't the most lively crowd by a long shot.