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Comment 17 hours ago

Should have no effect on us, but definitely taking a toll on the quality of kids the other schools in our conference get.

A concern to us directly? No, I just don't think it is a concern at all.

Comment 18 hours ago

Really? I seriously don't give a crap. All those saying we need a better Big 10 must have missed last season. These are players who are being recruited by the MAC for the large part. We are worried about MAC recruits? If Indiana gets better recruits then our chances of winning a NC improve? UK is a mediocre, at best, football program and their recruiting against bottom feeder Big 10 programs and the MAC will never be a concern.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I'm not sure about this. I remember his high school coach talking about him being in college a year or two. Yes, it was his coach and not him but I find it hard to believe he never thought of basketball as anything more than a free college education.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Maybe Amir just got pushed into this.

Uh, then don't accept a college 'ship where you are obligated to play the sport for a free ride. He didn't understand the commitment he was making? That is hard to believe.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

NOW, if he would only teach rebounding, FT shooting, and had better, consistent, cohesive offensive schemes that didn't depend only on crazy good defenses...

Agreed. See my post above. Does he have any help on his staff?

Comment 27 Feb 2015

With the resources we have I think the mentality that we should be happy with "whatever" is one of the reasons we will always be second tier in basketball. The fan's expectations are pretty low and entirely contributed to the fact our football expectations are high. Why? Why are the top 5 coaches not interested in coaching basketball at OSU? Resources? Fan base? That will never be an excuse but is forever the excuse.  The fact the fans are willing to accept whatever is entirely based on the fans willingness to accept less from the basketball program. Sweet 16 is a great season.Caught up in the fact we are a football school. Imagine that in football. We will always be only a football school with those expectations from fans. Fans do indeed drive the sport.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Thad Matta is to Ohio State basketball what David Sutcliffe is to Duke football. Great recruiters and teachers of the game at schools where they will always be in the shadow of one-of-the-kind greatness. Be grateful for what we have.

While I am grateful for Matta I get resentful for this type of thinking. So we shouldn't have high expectations for the basketball program? We are THE Ohio State and I fail to see a reason why we can't consistently be contenders in basketball because our football program is successful. Who made up that rule? So OSU hoops is destined to be Duke football?

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I have had my squabbles with other fans about Matta and his ability to make players better. Most of my criticism has been directed at this year's senior class. I think Matta needs better assistants but he needs to stay put. Strength and conditioning coach needs to get a long, hard look. Dickerson may be another.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Really? I'm tired of this argument but I will say all of the above were slightly better if at all. Ross sat on the bench for his first years due to academic issues and work ethic. As Thomas' minutes increased so did his production. Craft was a defensive dynamo from day one. And yes, I am looking at stars. It matters what a player is ranked, just ask Matta if that is true. Ask UK, ask anyone. There are always players who are overrated but to act like rankings don't matter is ridiculous. Turner, a 4 star, certainly got better. You now admit that this senior class is a bust. The fact three of the four (I actually think McDonald has improved a bit) is the same player we saw 3 years ago is and has been my main gripe all along.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I'm not sure why you don't understand the concept of development. Look at Wisconsin and God forbid TTUN. You can't say anyone is expecting a a player "goes from completely raw and unpolished to 1 round pick they don't acknowledge development". That sounds idiotic and ignorant. A four or five star player ending up the same player they came in as is not player development. A team who has recruiting classes in the top five for years and are a bubble team for the tournament says something. You have made it sound like the players on this team were low ranked recruits and that simply isn't true. You want to give Matta credit for all the guys who left early without giving him responsibility for this senior class, and all the guys who left early who weren't ready. Most, if not all, were at least 4 star recruits. Again, I'm not arguing to fire Matta. I'm arguing that he needs to get better.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

And you came back with Turner, Buford and other 4 stars who did and did not manage to get drafted while giving Matta credit for Russell. You made it seem like Buford, Turner and Diebler were low ranked recruits. They weren't. Have the seniors improved? Seniors who were at least 4 stars out of high school? Again, I don't think Matta is a bad coach and am glad he is OSU's coach but he certainly has his area for improvement and player development is one of them.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I got called out and DVed into oblivion for saying Matta is responsible for the lack of development in the senior class while others were giving him props for developing Russell, who has been in the program several months not years. I like Matta and want him to be our coach but he has to get better in certain areas.