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Comment 01 May 2015

You caught me...I faked my death so that I could defend pricing structures based on R&D, manufacturing, logistics, etc. costs on an Ohio State Buckeyes message board.  My brilliant scheme has been exposed.

Comment 01 May 2015

NOTE: I'm about to get heated with a #fresh #hot #take, so watch out.

Re: the Apple iWatch cost--this drives me crazy. YES THE PARTS COST $85, but that is such a misleading number.  As the article mentions in a single sentence buried at the end of the piece:

Note that the analysis does not include logistics, amortized capital expenses, overhead, R&D, software, IP licensing and other costs.

Without those numbers the $85 is meaningless and I'd wager that those costs are substantial.  YES, this is capitalism and they are trying to make a profit, but that profit IS NOT $265 ($350-$85), as would be suggested by touting the whole "BUT THE WATCH ONLY COSTS $85!!" thing.  And my complaint isn't that they wrote the article itself, it's that it (and others like it) will be cited to show the moral decay of business and make all sorts of ill-informed arguments.


Comment 24 Apr 2015

Nothing like exploiting the "cool" factor as a business.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Seriously...I don't have $6.99 in my pocket for a scoop of pretentious ice cream.  Graeter's ALL DAY.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

I strongly endorse this.  I come to this site to avoid all of that crap and argue about important things like football and where 17 year old boys should play football.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Exactly. Give him the option, at the very least it diminishes the impact that this thing can have when other schools are negative recruiting against Ohio State.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

Seriously, not to mention the grown men that freak out on 17 year-olds when they have the audacity not to go to the school that they are a fan of.  Pretty pathetic.