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Comment 24 Nov 2015

GO PATS. Come at me haters, my time as an Ohio State fan from New England has trained me well to fight the good fight against you. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

As a New Englander with three degrees from Ohio State, I don't. ;)

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Is this supposed to be some meta-anti-Ohio State-hater post?  It's funny because it's the exact same argument that SEC fans use every year against OSU.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

This is not an attempt to troll, but do many people really care about the Crew?  

Judging by the fact that it was a sold out game with a great atmosphere, I'd say yes.  Definitely generational though, millenials and younger are all in but I don't see many gray hairs.  Definitely used to getting shit from my older relatives about liking soccer but IDGAF.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Actually...I went and looked it up.  The answer is no, they cannot.  Article 6, Section 2(d): "No player shall be eligible to be employed by an NFL Club until he has been eligible in an NFL Draft."  Article 20, Sections 1 and 5 deal with players in the CFL and the Arena Football League and have strict rules.

Basically, and relative to my point, you have to have gone through a draft and not been picked to be a free agent.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I don't think players right out of college in the US can actually (as opposed to, for example, players from the CFL).  The process is a part of the CBA between the union and the league.  The CBA sets most of those rules, including the draft, supplemental draft, free agency, etc. so the answer would be there.  I don't have a copy of the CBA so I can't be sure.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Good one but no, I'm defending people against those A-Holes.

Comment 17 Nov 2015 a graduate of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law I have a few things to say, DJ:

1. Twitter Law School is the real deal, so on point with that.

2. The draft actually was (is?) a really controversial topic in courts for a long time.  Many of the major sports leagues were sued over it, with some mixed results.  I was going to do a whole analysis and talk about why they aren't illegal...but really they probably should be (and I'm lazy and have better things to do).  

Comment 28 Oct 2015

I would comment more so I could inform people that they are violating the rules such as talking politics and being a big ole jerk but my man (or woman, don't know) Triple B (BBB) apparently has that covered.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Dude, yes, let's do it.

We could also joust.  When I was a kid the neighborhood kids would wrap ourselves in pillows, ride a bike while holding a hockey stick, and try to knock each other off.  Sure it resulted in my worst injury as a child, but it was fun as heck.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Of course not many will agree with me, I'm on 11w after all...sanity and perspective on Ohio State sports are not to be expected. Love you guys anyway.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Thanks for your support.  Since I don't see a saber I'm going to assume you agree and don't want to duel.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

1) I think we can both agree that Texas takes creepy to the next level in football, so I'm not buying the argument that because Texas is crazier, it makes this OK.

2) I prefer on field action/actual practice videos/occasional prank videos to watching boys walk into a hotel, but that's just me.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Good lord football needs to come back, because this paparazzi BS makes me sick.  

There are literally grown ass men who camp out all day to watch 18 year old boys walk from cars to a hotel lobby.  That's it.  Seems pretty dang lame if you ask me.  And then we go on to talk about what their t-shirts say? And we are the ones that will later criticize people for caring about what some celebrity is wearing?  

DAG YO.  We need perspective and kickoff.  I pray for our souls.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Anyone else think it's incredibly creepy that grown ass men and women spend hours standing outside of a hotel to take pictures of 18-22 year old boys walking from cars to the lobby?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We gossip about the SHIRT THEY ARE WEARING?! I couldn't care less. (Although this rant proves that that is unequivocally false) And yet, we will make fun of our wives and girlfriends when they talk about what dress a celebrity is wearing on the red carpet?  JIMMINY CRICKETS WE ARE FLIPPIN' HYPOCRITES AND THE OFFSEASON NEEDS TO END.

I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS IT'S SO STUPID.  We need to take a deep look in the mirror, because we seriously lack perspective if we think that it's necessary to cover that.  

And yes, I get that it's OHIO STATE FOOTBALL but sweet baby Jesus have we lost our marbles?  


Comment 07 Aug 2015

Late to the party, but a couple points:

1. Have we all just decided that we are going to spell "judgment" wrong until it sticks? As a lawyer I feel as cringey as I imagine you feel when you see "as a lawyer" in a thread.  This is America.  No "e" in "judgment".  GTFO wit dat BS.

2. I like Harbaugh more than I've ever liked a Michigan man, including my father, but I bet that will change, oh, mid-November, 2015.  Also I want to see him fail, but not because I dislike him, but I dislike how much Michigan fans LIKE him and want to see them experience pain.

Peace out Buckeye Nation.