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Comment 10 Aug 2015

Dude, yes, let's do it.

We could also joust.  When I was a kid the neighborhood kids would wrap ourselves in pillows, ride a bike while holding a hockey stick, and try to knock each other off.  Sure it resulted in my worst injury as a child, but it was fun as heck.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Of course not many will agree with me, I'm on 11w after all...sanity and perspective on Ohio State sports are not to be expected. Love you guys anyway.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Thanks for your support.  Since I don't see a saber I'm going to assume you agree and don't want to duel.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

1) I think we can both agree that Texas takes creepy to the next level in football, so I'm not buying the argument that because Texas is crazier, it makes this OK.

2) I prefer on field action/actual practice videos/occasional prank videos to watching boys walk into a hotel, but that's just me.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Good lord football needs to come back, because this paparazzi BS makes me sick.  

There are literally grown ass men who camp out all day to watch 18 year old boys walk from cars to a hotel lobby.  That's it.  Seems pretty dang lame if you ask me.  And then we go on to talk about what their t-shirts say? And we are the ones that will later criticize people for caring about what some celebrity is wearing?  

DAG YO.  We need perspective and kickoff.  I pray for our souls.

Comment 10 Aug 2015

Anyone else think it's incredibly creepy that grown ass men and women spend hours standing outside of a hotel to take pictures of 18-22 year old boys walking from cars to the lobby?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We gossip about the SHIRT THEY ARE WEARING?! I couldn't care less. (Although this rant proves that that is unequivocally false) And yet, we will make fun of our wives and girlfriends when they talk about what dress a celebrity is wearing on the red carpet?  JIMMINY CRICKETS WE ARE FLIPPIN' HYPOCRITES AND THE OFFSEASON NEEDS TO END.

I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS BECAUSE I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS IT'S SO STUPID.  We need to take a deep look in the mirror, because we seriously lack perspective if we think that it's necessary to cover that.  

And yes, I get that it's OHIO STATE FOOTBALL but sweet baby Jesus have we lost our marbles?  


Comment 07 Aug 2015

Late to the party, but a couple points:

1. Have we all just decided that we are going to spell "judgment" wrong until it sticks? As a lawyer I feel as cringey as I imagine you feel when you see "as a lawyer" in a thread.  This is America.  No "e" in "judgment".  GTFO wit dat BS.

2. I like Harbaugh more than I've ever liked a Michigan man, including my father, but I bet that will change, oh, mid-November, 2015.  Also I want to see him fail, but not because I dislike him, but I dislike how much Michigan fans LIKE him and want to see them experience pain.

Peace out Buckeye Nation.

Comment 04 Aug 2015

Calling it right here:

February, 2016. Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California.

Super Bowl 50.

4th Quarter, 0:12 remaining.

Seahawks 24, Browns 20.

4th and 12 Browns at the Seahawks' 25.

Joshy-Josh (as his teammates have begun calling him) looks at the defense.  "Crud," he thinks to himself, "If only I was good at football."  Without a plan he hikes the ball yet it bounces out of his hand. DISASTER! Surely the Browns are down now! 

NOPE!!!  TP catches the ball, hops a defender, twists and turns and runs for 13 yards looking like a Brazilian soccer player playing against a couple of Iowa farm boys.  He runs out of bounds with :07 on the clock.

1st and Goal Browns.

Joshy-Josh looks at the defense.  Sees a Safety cheating in. "Maybe it's time to TP these mofos like we been doing this whole time. Heck yes I went there, " he thinks.  His heart beats out of his chest, yet he knows no fear, Terrelle Pryor is here.


This music begins to play.  Time slows. Joshy-Josh steps back gracefully, ballerinas envious of his footwork. The ball goes in the air floating as if it were a leaf lazily dropping from a tree. TP dives (it was a shitty throw, Joshy-Josh being the QB and all). All of Cleveland (and therefore the world) holds its breath.

TD Browns. TD Pryor. TD the hearts of those living in the Frigid North.

Super Bowl Championship, Cleveland Browns.  30,245 Terrelles are born at the Cleveland Clinic over the next 5 years.

And git yo Who Dey selves outmaface.

Comment 30 Jul 2015

What kind of pie was it?  To me that's the most important part.  Was it cherry? Apple? Peach? Pecan? Chocolate Cream? Banana Cream? Blackberry? Blueberry? Raspberry?  WHAT WAS IT?!  DJ WE DEMAND ANSWERS.

P.S. Don't say pizza.  It's not a pie.  Come at me bros.

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Good for him and exactly what he should be saying as a player (note to self, don't talk to him about it)...BUT COME ON, there's a difference between players and fans.  

This championship was probably the best season I've experienced as a Buckeye (maybe '02 was better, but, you know, recency bias and the playoffs were fun as hell).  I'm going to think about this Championship all I want and IDGAFF what anyone, including our own players, has to say about it.  I appreciate what you have to say Mr. Lee, but I'm a grown ass man and I'm going to think about it and talk about it with friends whenever I DAMN WANT. BOOYAHHHHHHHHHHHH. #counterculture

Comment 10 Jul 2015

TL;DR is that it was customary for integrated northern teams to have black players sit out when they played segregated southern teams.  PSU played SMU in the 1948 Cotton Bowl and SMU requested that they oblige by the custom and asked to meet to discuss their grievances.  Their response was reportedly "we are Penn State, there will be no meetings." (IMO College Football's equivalent of the famous "nuts" during the Battle of the Bulge).  Love or hate Penn State you gotta respect how badass that story is.

On another note, I wish they cheered the whole response: "We are! Penn State!  THERE WILL BE! NO MEETINGS (especially on a Friday afternoon!)"

Comment 17 Jun 2015

Statistically, they had one of the best years IN NBA HISTORY.  I think the Cavs could have won if healthy, but to say they are one of the worst in recent memory is a total farce.

Comment 01 Jun 2015

Awesome as usual.  One question though: I was under the impression that there was no "checking in" in college and that if you were wearing 50-79 you were always prohibited from touching a forward pass, is that not the case?

Comment 01 May 2015

You caught me...I faked my death so that I could defend pricing structures based on R&D, manufacturing, logistics, etc. costs on an Ohio State Buckeyes message board.  My brilliant scheme has been exposed.

Comment 01 May 2015

NOTE: I'm about to get heated with a #fresh #hot #take, so watch out.

Re: the Apple iWatch cost--this drives me crazy. YES THE PARTS COST $85, but that is such a misleading number.  As the article mentions in a single sentence buried at the end of the piece:

Note that the analysis does not include logistics, amortized capital expenses, overhead, R&D, software, IP licensing and other costs.

Without those numbers the $85 is meaningless and I'd wager that those costs are substantial.  YES, this is capitalism and they are trying to make a profit, but that profit IS NOT $265 ($350-$85), as would be suggested by touting the whole "BUT THE WATCH ONLY COSTS $85!!" thing.  And my complaint isn't that they wrote the article itself, it's that it (and others like it) will be cited to show the moral decay of business and make all sorts of ill-informed arguments.


Comment 24 Apr 2015

Nothing like exploiting the "cool" factor as a business.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Seriously...I don't have $6.99 in my pocket for a scoop of pretentious ice cream.  Graeter's ALL DAY.