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Comment 02 Aug 2012

I have actually admired Urban his whole career as a head coach. I went to school at BGSU when he was there. (Josh Harris anyone?) It was only for those 60 minutes in Tempe that I couldn't stand Urban far the worst and most disappointing game I have ever watched as a Buckeye fan, the 1998 Michigan St game is a close second. (Nick Saban was head coach...)

Comment 05 May 2012

The comradery you get with being apart of a football team is unmatched. Thats my personal opinion. But I do agree that other sports teach the value of leadership, working together, and listening to others. There is just something about being in a battle with 11 other guys who have your back. Football is the only sport that offers that, and I played basball and basketball as well. Nothing compares to Football...11 WARRIORS!

Comment 05 May 2012

Comapring the physicality of soccer to football is delusional. The most physical play in soccer is routine in football. Football is non stop contact for 3 hours. Soccer is constant running with contact about 20% of the time. And the contact is slide tackles mixed in with a few shoves, maybe an elbow. I played football so maybe I am being biased. But it kind of sounds like Alex Root is still bitter about the football guys making fun of his team. Which would make me mad too probably.  

Comment 05 May 2012

Yes of course I want my kids to play football. I played football from pee wee through high school. I will of course give them the option. Its football, you should know before hand what you're signing up for. Its not for everyone, and the people who dont play I totally understand that. But for the people that say No are the people who never played a down in their life. Being part of a ultimate team sport like football, teaches our kids how to work together and achieve someting. Not to mention the memories of playing under the lights on Friday Night. People who have played know exactly what I'm talking about. Their is nothing like it.

Comment 12 Mar 2012
Hey RedStorm looks like I was right. Ohio State did have a shot at a #1 seed, if they would of beat MSU we would of got it. Unlike what you said, that there's "no way." ^
Comment 11 Mar 2012
I have never questioned the coaching staff. I have said this before, I'm not at practice what the hell do I know. I just would like to see Williams get a few minutes. Although Evan has been playing great in the tourney!
Comment 08 Mar 2012
I couldn't agree more with this post. L. Ross gets atleast 15 to 20 minutes a game on any other B1G team. How about using the bech in general, Amir Williams is 6'11 and at the very could give you 8 to 10 minutes a game. The minutes Williams did get early in the season were productive, he's a McDonalds All American for a reason.
Comment 05 Mar 2012

I was very happy for Buford. After OSU had Senior Night (William Buford Night) ruined by Wisconsin, OSU came back and ruined 2 senior nights in 1 week. That win gives OSU atleast a #2 seed with an outside shot at #1 seed. If we can get that kind of play out of Buford night in, night out then the Bucks have a good shot at a final 4. But I still feel Matta should have instituted a better rotation back in November, so much talent on our bench. Syracuse/Kentucky have a great rotation, too deep for anyone to compete with. OSU could have had something similar with A. Williams/ Weatherspoon/ Scott/ L. Ross/ Thompson. Thats a pretty good 2nd string and I didnt even mention Ravenel or Sibert. Saying all that Im just a fan with an opinion and I dont see what goes on in practice and Im still a huge fan of Thad Matta. B1G Champs...AGAIN! Going for a 3 peat at the B1G tourney!!!

Comment 20 Jan 2012
Moeller will be easy to replace, would love to see Jamie Wood get some snaps on the Defense. Safety seems like a hard position to find snaps, seeing Jeremy Cash transfer leads me to believe that. Could Doran Grant challenge Travis Howard for starting DB? I say yes, especially if Howard don't learn how to provide run support. All in all should be exciting to see who fills out the positions on Defense.