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Comment 26 Dec 2014

Loved me some Philly Brown, but if he never muffed that punt, Sammy Fuckin Watkins, even with all his yards and TDs.... we still beat Clemson.  The difference between Bama and Clemson is.....we can't muff punts in this game or muff anything else and be close to winning.   

So there you go. You have all the information needed to predict this game.  More wine, please!

Comment 25 Dec 2014

There is a big difference between calling a guy like Desmond Howard a dumbass or Mark May a hater.  They are young guys with their careers still ahead of them at ESPN or somewhere else.  Lou Holtz is a legendary coach who is popular and his schtick with Mark May is seen to be a hit by the masses or else one of them would be doing something else.  I don't know how old you are carmen, but I bet you are not of an age where you could be let go ....because of your age and nothing else.  I can tell you from experience it is a shitty feeling and I hope you don't experience it.  

So....yes, when Bosa or anyone else his age suggests that someone as accomplished like Lou Holtz should retire or just go away, unless Holtz is being over the top rude, annoying, or simply incompetent, it is a dick move imho. IIRC  Meyer and Holtz are on friendly terms and Joey will hear about it.  Bottom line....this kind of shit is simply the by product of the contrived lapse of time between the regular season and the cfb post season that no sport on any level has.   

Comment 25 Dec 2014

Fully agree, Andy.  Obviously, Joey Bosa  has too much time on his hands.  He should find better ways to fill it. 

Considering all the haters in the media....he decides to jab one of the few who consistently supports the Buckeyes. 

smh, Joey.  smh.  

Comment 24 Dec 2014

The "Hot Seat" on the Offense next year will be Quartback.  I doubt that all 3 qbs will be back next year, but even with 2 of them, at the first sign of a lousy game or multiple interceptions, this fanbase will be screaming for the backup, lol.   

As for Defense, Powell may be a possibility, but not to be replaced by Gareon Conley.......who may be heralded with a lot of promise, but showed absolutely nothing on the field this year except the cleat marks on his jersey of opposing RBs an WRs he was trying to tackle or defend. 

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Agree with this.  Want to gain some respect from the media....even if they give it kicking and screaming?  Stop being the bug and start being the windshield. Brando also holds no love for Urban Meyer and has, in essence, said so often on his show.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Just to be clear, rosen......I am not "frustrated".   Just making an observation.  You want to see things half-full?  That's your prerogative. 

You'll get no argument from me or any reasonable person that Thad breathed new life into an otherwise dormant OSU basketball program. He also seems like a great guy and a proven recruiter. I am just not convinced, with  a good freshman class duly noted....that he can push this team into elite status any time soon. I have just seen too much flat, lifeless, stretches of basketball from his teams in the past 2 years to wonder if he has lost his he clearly lost last year's team.  On the 2 biggest stages this season, his team were embarrassed before halftime. you glow enthusiastically, color me watchful, that's all.

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Waaay over-reacting?  Maybe.   Or are you seeing and believing only what makes you feel good?  This team hasn't just lost to 2 good teams, they were run off the one team (UNC) that Iowa beat in Chapel Hill....and that Butler beat.  

Hey, it's a free board.  Hoping you are right.  Over-take Wisconsin by season's end?  Like I's a free board...and country. 

Comment 21 Dec 2014

Glass half-empty rant:

This team, whether Matta or the fanbase wish to acknowledge it, has a more fundamental problem than the annual weak schedule it marches out with to pad its (Matta's) win percentage: an apparent lack of heart and grit.  Yes, I am acknowledging that they had spirited comebacks against L-Ville and UNC....teams who were mentally heading to their busses at half-time.  Nobody is afraid of going to the basket on this team...nothing will happen and no, I am not talking about thuggery or playing dirty. I just see kids who are talented but soft (Loving); untalented and soft (Amir), untalented with heart (Trey). talented and selfish (Russell); talented but a role player (Thompson and Scott).   The Zone D is a joke with players on D with their hands at their sides. Good shooting teams will gut the Buckeyes, and we're seeing that already. 

As much as I like Matta, damn few players have come to Ohio State and really upped their game over time. Jon Diebler and David Lighty are notable exceptions. But all in's time to question how much player development happens here, not to mention, leadership.  Beyond his Thad 5 team, which was led by Freshmen, and since then, Sully (Frosh) and Craft, there has been a dearth of leadership and development in players over time, and Matta's performance in March is up for debate with reasonable arguments on both sides.  

You can argue that with the glass half full, this is a young team in a weakened Big Ten conference as compared to recent years.  They may still contend for a top 3 spot in the conference if they gel and mature. Glass half-empty:  this team, due to what should be obvious concerns, will struggle to exceed .500.  We'll see.  And we'll also see in the next 2 years or so...if Matta's best seasons are in the rear-view mirror.

And finally to a previous poster who thinks that beating up on SEC teams will soften the blow to the annual football beatings? Uhm....No. Doesn't happen that way, dude, but if it makes you feel better then.....enjoy it.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Generally speaking...and yes, there are some exceptions, but it's not a bandwagon. It's a fact. 

So tell us:  Would you rather play:  Indiana; Michigan State; Michigan; Penn State; Rutgers; Maryland

or;   Bama; LSU; Arkansas; Ole Miss; Miss State; Texas A&M 


And to the thread's theme:  Bama will be the best Offense, Defense and coaching staff the Buckeyes have played this year, regardless of what the statisticians tell us.  

Comment 18 Dec 2014

And in recent memory, remind me again what has been good to say about the Big Ten in post season play?

Oh that's right.....they've just been "bad matchups". 

People on this website have been just as critical as Forde and they are Buckeye fans.

Time to spot blaming the media talking heads for saying what we already know but deny.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Huh?   Everything Nick Saban has done and will continue to do at Alabama is designed to win a National Championship.  They are a better oiled machine than many NFL franchises.  Not sure what your point is, but Bama....while clearly mortal this year, is at the top of the college football world in many respects and it will take our best effort to win this game.  The distraction of losing one of the more productive OCs in recent Ohio State history during or right after the playoffs is not a positive at this point in time.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Very bittersweet indeed.  Happy for Tom.....lots of questions that have probably been raised (sorry) not the least of which concern the impact on Miller' return and the development of the quarterbacks on this team.  Without a doubt, the most important hire Urban Meyer may ever make at Ohio State. 

It's funny, isn't it?  There will be some gnashing of teeth over this, mine included.  Imagine this news on September 7th after the VA Tech game, lol.  Little different reaction, I bet.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I agree with the tone of your post, but not sure what you took issue with in the article.  Everything in it was factual. 

While the Ohio State football PROGRAM is and always has been elite, the team has only been elite in 2002 and 2006. Yes, the 2010 was great, but was curb stomped by Wisconsin and blew a shot for a national championship vs. Auburn. 

The bottom line that the article pointed out, is that Alabama, whether we want to admit it, has been the standard bearer of college football. The shot at the crystal went through Tuscaloosa, not through Columbus.  Argue that if you wish, but it is fact, and Meyer pretty much said as much.  We have a chance to regain some, maybe a lot of credibility on January 1st.  If we win....the enormity of it will be obvious. If we lose a close, physical match up, we gain some respect and credibility. Nobody will forget we are playing with our 3rd Team quarterback.  Ask Oregon or FSU if they'd like to go into this Final 4 with someone who has only wore a headset, not a helmut this year.  If we are curb stomped, every pundit will say "I told you so" and Urban Meyer will have to resurrect the team's credibility in 2015 like Jim Tressel did in 2009 after consecutive NC blow outs and an embarrassing loss to USC.  It's about as simple as that.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Disagree.  I enjoy the BTN, and if it did not exist, we'd see..about 3 fewer OSU games per football season and a lot fewer B-ball games and fill this website up with bitching. 

Alabama is the bell cow in the SEC.....but except for the NC game, is every southerner a Bama 'slurper'?  I seriously doubt it. 

If the BTN should be in its knees to OSU, it should be for the eyeballs and ratings this fanbase brings...and perhaps that is what you meant.  And bringing in outside "pundits" even if they are blowhards like Forde, adds some spice to the show.  I don't mind conflicting points of view on the BTN nor do I mind them here or other Buckeye fan sites.  If everyone typed with pom poms, this would be pretty trite and boring.  

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I agree....and if we play as well as we did ....or nearly as well as we did on Saturday night, we can beat Bama and any other team in the nation. 

Unfortunately, since none other than Urban Meyer's team took us to the woodshed in Jan 2007, I am afraid the burden of proof on this Ohio State program (the Arkansas Sugar Bowl win duly acknowledged) is on US....not on Alabama.  A trophy case full of crystal will do that for you.  One, now expunged, win vs. the SEC in the past 20 years of Bowl games......will do that too just in the opposite manner.

And we'd be downright foolish to dredge up last year's Bama loss to Okie.  Bama wanted to be in that game about as badly as we did in the first half vs. Clemson.  Like I said, Game on.  There is a lot to look forward to and the Holidays just added some real spice!

Comment 07 Dec 2014

Interesting.  And when Mike Slive is introduced to SEC fans, he gets a reception like Jesus in Jerusalem.  Just goes to show, the SEC is all for one and one for all in the post season.  The Big Ten ?  Not so much.

SEC fans will get on the Bama bandwagon, save for the diehard Auburn fans.  The remainder will cheer as if they were witnessing the Battle of Bull Run or Shiloh.   Big Ten fans?   ' Will line up in droves and hope that our Buckeyes get their azzes kicked.