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Comment 22 May 2017

I see this as a good warm up game for Oklahoma.......not suggesting IU has equal talent to OK, but a passing QB who can move around in the pocket will give the Buckeyes a more "applicable" test than if they had started with UNLV or even worse, with a cut-blocking and run-oriented Offense from Army.  So, net/net, while I expect a choppy start to the game owing to emotion and nerves, if our starters are not chatting it up on the bench with the 2s and 3s in the game in the final 5 or 6 minutes, then something is wrong. 

Comment 17 May 2017

Funny how Pop sneers at the media when they are often (yes, some dumb questions are a fact of life) just doing their job.  Now that he takes the bully pulpit, I have one response:  yawn.   

Comment 16 May 2017

This basketball program isn't just being hurt by elite players choosing to go to Duke, UNC or Kentucky.  The program is suffering because elite local talent is going to Michigan, Michigan State, among other teams nearer by than those in the south.  The stark realization impacting this basketball program is that it has regressed to being the 3rd best basketball team in the State of Ohio.....not in the Big Ten or in the country, but the state.  There's a big difference, to say the least.

Comment 12 May 2017

Agree with you northberg.  While I appreciate Blu's flattering and (arguably) factual description of our Buckeyes, I choke on my coffee when I read that "OSU is the only elite team in the B1G".   While I understand why that description exists, when that "elite team" to your point, has only 1 conference championship in 4 seasons and has failed to win its Division in the recent 2, then that "elite" moniker sounds hollow, cfp appearances or not.  Wanna talk elite?  Regrettably, that descriptive resides with Alabama.....hard to peg too many others at this point in time across the cfb landscape with the possible exception of Clemson, depending on how they do this year.

Comment 11 May 2017

In any other year, I would agree with you about MSU, 927, but not this coming year.  Dantonio has a character dumpster fire on his hands and by all appearances, the cloud around his football program will likely bleed into Fall camp.  Considering how Penn State bitch slapped Sparty, and came within a play of beating a good USC team in the Rose Bowl, they need to be our biggest concern going into next year.  And for those among us already chalking up next year's PSU game as a win just because it is at home (or just because Meyer is our coach) are being naive.  We may love the Horse shoe, but good teams are not afraid of it.  

Comment 09 May 2017

I appreciate the work you put into this, miami, but I hope I never live to see the day it is get off my lawn, lol!

I don't even want an 8 team playoff.......I could live with a 6 team playoff with the top 2 teams getting a first round bye.

College football is one of the few treasures we enjoy in sports......whose season never wears out its welcome.  I would hate to see that change. 

Comment 02 May 2017

I haven't read the full thread but if Dabo Swinney isn't among the highest paid cfb coaches, then Clemson is getting a bargain too. He almost tasted 2 consecutive NCs.....which is rarified air.  His teams, with 2 different Quarterbacks, have beaten Meyer's Buckeyes twice in the past 4 years, with the most recent being among the most humbling beatdowns in OSU history and Bowl memory.  And those who think Swinney's program will crash back to earth with the departure of DeShaun Watson may be in for a surprise.  There is nothing I'd like better than to put Clemson in its place.....but our $ 6MM man needs to win his conference first. 

Comment 02 May 2017

Was it a "free education" .....or easy out of state tuition for the University and state of Alabama from "Yankee parents" all too willing to pay it so their kids could go to school there?  I have seen a number of kids -- who were good students with just average standardized test scores who applied and were admitted to Alabama and other schools in the south - and paid full boat.  And as a final pleasantry, I have known more than a few of those I just described, drop out and transfer from 'Bama at the end of one year or even during the Holidays....after tiring of fighting the Civil War all over again.  

Not sure I would be as nostalgic as you, brutus, about the influx of OOS kids to Bama.  For what I have seen, the "flight back north" has been rather profound.  

Comment 02 May 2017

I can see why. Remember how many games we won that year by the skin of our ass......Cincy, Illinois, Purdue, among others? That Miami team was being hyped as one of the greatest college football teams of all time.  It's no wonder they overlooked us.

On a lesser note, the outgoing seniors or NFL bound players from Alabama practically said the same things 3 years ago.  While it is true they could not have expected Cardale Jones to play like he did, they were unprepared physically and mentally for the pounding they took from the OSU Offense that night and they all but admitted it in interviews later.

Comment 02 May 2017

What can be gleaned from this data? The college football programs that produce the most first-round NFL talent typically are in the conversation for the national title by season's end.

Amidst all the draft excitement, this sentence, to me, is the only one that matters.  And when a program with this much (or any school with this much) talent fails to be that conversation in December, then the program has grossly underachieved.  So....the riches cut both ways. 

Comment 27 Apr 2017

Oh absolutely it is.  Again, my only beef with Spence, was that at times, he seemed stuck like velcro to people blocking him.  I just did not see him as a run stuffer but as a one-trick pony, albeit a good one, as a pass rusher.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Maybe.  I am probably the only person on this site who was mixed in feelings about Spence.  

He was (obviously) a total beast as a pass rusher, but I considered him a liability against the run. So....against a stout rushing team like Bama.....I am not sure we would have been better off.  Against a team like VT that year......his pass rush may have taken Spence right out of plays.  It wasn't until Bosa and others became more disciplined in their lanes as the season went on, that the Defense became really, really strong. 

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Maybe you are right about that, niblick.  But just think, even with Nick Sic, the 2010 Buckeyes were a Wisconsin loss from likely playing in the NC against Auburn that would have featured the 2 best and most gifted, athletic QBs in the country at the time.  And if Tress had stayed off of email that year, the Bucks would have had a team to truly fear in 2011. 

So....Tress's thinking may not have been as flawed as many believe.

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Completely agree with you, spell, as it relates to Price.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I won't hold it against Saban for "never getting over" the losses to Ohio State or to Clemson, especially the Ohio State loss. 

I can only hope that Urban Meyer and the kids on this team "never get over" the humiliating loss to Clemson this past December 31st.  In one weekend, Ohio State and the Big Ten lost their street cred that it took almost 10 years to regain.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

I agree with cutting Dobbins some slack due to his youth.  And honestly, I can't for now, worry about anyone's blocking until I see improvement with the blocking of the O-line, especially pass pro.

We focus a lot on RB blocking because Meyer demands it and because Zeke was such an absolute freak about it.  We may not see another RB who assassinated blitzers the way he did for another generation. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

You make a fair point, shawn.   But I think over time, standing on the sideline with a clipboard and headset will get the best of at least one of these young men.  Maybe I will be proven wrong, but I don't see it. 

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Hey, far be it from me to criticize someone for airing their opinions....that is what this site is for!

With that said, I will offer my own in response to yours.

1.  The QB issue will make 2015 look like child's play if JTB has a poor outing vs. Indiana or heaven forbid, we lose to OKIE and the Offense is blamed.  Not sure Haskins is the guy just yet.  Funny how nearly everyone who thinks he is "the guy" right now, all say that Burrow has looked better than anyone!    I will go with JT until we have no other choice.

2.  McCall is a change of pace guy.....has not shown he can move a pile like Hyde and Zeke did.  Until then, Weber is our guy but yes, there is no excuse for McC not getting touches in the fall.

3.  I don't see Young or Browning starting against Michigan.  The starting front 7 or 8 on this team will be comparable to Clemson's and Alabama's.  I just cannot fathom a Frosh stepping in there in the absence of injury.  I just can't.

Your demonization of Tim Beck is exaggerated.  While he will never be as revered as Tom Herman for obvious reasons, to lay the Offense's messes at his feet is simply unfair.  Herman hired him for a reason......and presumably not because he owed him something that he had to pay him back for.  Herman has too much at stake.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

One thing is for sure:  Burrow, Haskins and Martell did not come here (or anywhere) to sit for 3 or 4 years.  At least 1 of them will likely transfer out at some point in time.  They are all too talented and hyped to be career backups.  

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Hey, I  hope he becomes a WR that we describe in the breath as Joey Galloway and David Boston, but geez, I am just not seeing it with Ben Victor so far.   We are in love with his potential and his "measurables" as a WR, but beyond that, I am not seeing it.  Most of the passes thrown his way are dropped and he clearly needs some strength training in Mick's dungeon.  IMHO,  To be clear, I am not trying to "hate on" what appears to be a fine young man whose sky is the limit.  But against more elite DBs, he won't catch a cold until he really develops beyond the 2-deep this year into next.