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Comment 24 Mar 2015

Regarding Kwon,,,,,yes, some of it is psych to keep him motivated.  It'd be pretty easy for him to assume the MIKE job was his this fall.  OTOH.....he has work to do.  While a freakish athlete, Kwon was clearly unable at times to shed blockers and he was a running down liability in some games. Why else was Curtis Grant on the field so often on 1st and 2nd downs or near the goal line?

If Kwon can become a beast in the middle and clean up runners after the DLs have eaten up blockers, then he'll be great.  If he can't, he'll be a disappointing LB relegated to situational packages.   So, net net....yes, it was motivation.  But it wasn't completely without some underlying concern too.  And no, I can't read Urban Meyer's mind, lol. 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

Not so sure you are in the minority.   While Russell has great talent, I don't think he is physically ready to go the nba.  We saw in several games, his output was limited by physical, defensive players.  And if he was impacted by the rigors of a college basketball season, he and his body are in for a surprise when he takes on the travel and other requirements of playing at the next level.  His ascent to the big show in my opinion, simply dilutes both the college and the pro games.  Another year could help him....but if the money awaits, he won't turn a blind eye to it.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I see your point, town, and there are some elements of your post I agree with.  But when you mention that over 11 years there has been "improvement in almost every player"......we have to shake hands and part company.  

To be clear and fair and in the spirit of this thread:  I am not trying to be a "hater", "troll" or some other trendy fan site descriptive.  I am simply saying that while Thad Matta has EARNED the right to call his shots and his future at Ohio State, there is reason for a bit of concern in looking at this program.  Am I a "spoiled" Buckeye fan?  No.  I am a sports fan simply doing my best to windex off my S&G glasses and call it as I see it...or as I have seen it in recent years.  

Love me some Thad Matta.  Also....have me some concerns about Thad Matta.  And I think both are justified. 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

While I understand your point....and agree to a certain extent, I think you are looking at one example and painting player development with Matta with too broad of a brush.  There are many players who seem to leave as seniors with the same or similar skills they arrived with as freshmen.  Notable exceptions would include Diebler and Lighty. There are others, but they are few. 

Comment 23 Mar 2015

"Liking the prospects of next year's Basketball team more than this year's team"......has been said a few times the past few years.   This website likes to shout down those who even hint at a criticism of Matta -- understandably (or miguidedly) due to all that he has accomplished.  But it's fair to look at player development issues, inconsistent  team effort and chemistry for 2 seasons running and ask some pointed questions of Matta ---  or at least uncomfortably wonder if his best days at Ohio State are behind him. 

Comment 22 Mar 2015

Fair points, Cooper.  I can't argue that.   The only urine that I will float in the punch bowl is my bit of sligthly (or more...I am not sure) shaken confidence in Matta.   For two seasons in a row, his teams have shown the same weaknesses and at times, inconsistent effort.  

Can he bring them back?  Sure.  I would hope and expect so.  But my posts can't hide my concerns. 

Comment 14 Mar 2015

I agreed with your post until you spolied it with your last paragraph.  The Bielein-coached  TTUN basketball team showed more heart and tenacity than this Matta-coached b-ball team could ever imagine. TTUN had injuries to its best players and were competitive to the end.  If DAR had been injured this year, these Buckeyes would have won no more than 4 Big Ten games.  

Comment 14 Mar 2015

"Minnesotas and Purdues"?  LOL.   I have news for you.  Maybe you are right about Minny...but Purdue is a better basketball team right now than Ohio State is no matter how they are seeded.

And as for time.....these seniors have built a shrine with the bricks they have put up since they were freshman. They ran out of time, yes.....but it wasn't as if they had none to start with.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

I have a lot of good things to say about Thad Matta.....but where does it say he should be immune from public criticism for the performance of his team and the nearly categorical lack of improvement in play over 4 years from his graduating seniors?  

No offense, but I hope Thad's skin is thicker than yours.

Comment 12 Mar 2015

No offense taken at all.   I am discounting Vegas in college basketball only due to the number of upsets that we see in the "Big Dance".  The Lehigh upset Duke (or Mercer last year) that Vegas would likely never see coming has me more skeptical about predicting basketball than football. In College football, the Appy State upsets over Michigan; the Utah over Bama, etc. are far more rare than what we see in college least to my perception....which was the basis for my comment.  I am not saying my argument can't be refuted....I know it can, but it's just my gut feel.  That...and I think the original point article about the Buckeye team has them over-rated, fueled my commentary.

You are comparison, there is a lot more data to analyze in college basketball than football.  But I see it far less predictable than college football and more prone to massive upsets in Tourney time that what we'll see in football.  In football, the rich are more likely to get richer.  When Northwestern makes the final four in football, then my argument goes to hell in a hurry, lol!

Comment 12 Mar 2015

It's amazing how schizophrenic this fanbase is about the Buckeye b-ball team.  Of course, a big reason for that is you really don't know what team is going to show up from one game to the next.  Will it be the team that beat Maryland handily?  Or the team that has mailed in so many first halves this season?  

Regardless, while I take to heart what the Las Vegas oddsmakers say, I give it more credence in college and pro football than assessing the odds in college basketball.  IMHO, there is no reason to get too high or low about this Buckeye Basketball team.  They are what they are: an average basketball team with a sensational player.....surrounded by big men who can't play and swing players who will either run hot or ice cold from one game to the next. 

Comment 09 Mar 2015

And please, don't give me that, "Big Ten pride, man!" when we're talking about the NCAA tournament either. I hope Kentucky turns Wisconsin into a gaping crater.  

Well DJ, it's your keyboard and your fan site, but if you'll excuse me, this displaced midwesterner has some Big Ten pride.  I wouldn't mind seeing Wisky win the whole enchilada in 3 weeks. That would make the Big Ten the reigning National Champs in Football and basketball.  Considering Sparty has the only NC in basketball in recent memory while the football conference redeemed itself just this past year, after being nothing more than toilet paper stuck to our shoes since 2003, I'll take this opportunity thank you very much.

If you have some deep seated crush for Kentucky or if your Bo Ryan hate supersedes all else, have it your way, and I'll have it mine, thank you very much!

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I see fire out of Matta.  

What concerns me more.....and I suggest it should you the that fire, is missing from his Team.  There is no more damnable accusation of this program than that if you ask me.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I don't know the answer to that....but I would say he lost last year's team....and this year's team is on a banana peel. 

I love Matta like many Buckeye fans....but I am getting this sinking feeling that his best days at Ohio State are behind him. For 2 seasons in a row, what I am seeing on the court is......becoming, slowly but surely, all the proof I need.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I was thinking the same thing.  It's time for him to transfer.....for his own good. 

Never in my life have I seen an athlete regress so far, so quickly.  

A Div II team so he doesn't have to sit out would be a great idea....unless sitting out a year at TU or Bowling Green would be better.

But I truly believe....he needs to go....for his own good and the team's.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I see you point....but to nitpick.........I hate to disallusion you, but Purdue is a better basketball team than this Buckeye team is.  To illustrate your point, you might want to select...oh....Penn State, Minny, Nebraska, or Rutgers. That's about it for this year.