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Comment 20 Jul 2014

Agree with you.  And proof of least for the Ohio State and Michigan players who played that game....nothing that happened afterwards, including the NC.....and the Rose Bowl....meant shit to them.   Not saying that is right...but it was what it was.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Lots of good (and memories being dredged up here!

One game getting little to no mention (unless I missed it) is the 2004 game.  We took the skunkbears to the woodshed....a good Michigan team I might add.   Teddy's punt return to the house;  Musberger saying..."this baby's over"....then catching himself and saying....uh...."this race".. ha ha.

Troy's opening bomb to Gonzo.   What a game!   After a shitty season....this one was fun to watch. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

Some of the posters think these kids are passing on Ohio State to start for Miami of Ohio or Eastern Michigan.

You don't think there are terrific athletes at Florida? That there won't be competition for playing time there? Or Michigan State? Or Alabama?  smh.  Penn State? Of the schools is the only one in which a frosh can play from day one.  Wimbush will have one red-shirt year while Hackenberg is there...then it's his...if he stays or doesn't sign somewhere else.

The coaches and players at competing, elite schools are playing there....and the coaches are making big money...not because they are schmucks...but because they have a resume of success.  If every 4 or 5 star Ohio born football player played for the Buckeyes in the past 45 years, there would have been more than 2 National Championships.  Simple as that.

Some kids go elsewhere --  and have been for a long time. Let's stop acting like it's a new development.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

While my opinion in this Forum is in the minority, count me as being from "Missouri" ...meaning Noah Spence will have to "show me" he is worthy of all conference and all-america honors.  Yes, Larry Johnson can or will make him more of a complete DE, but until now, I have considered (others have as well...they're just not as vocal) Spence a 1-trick pony as a pass rusher.  As a run stopper.....he is soft.  Teams were already opting to run at him vs. Bosa or it seemed that way.  He stuck to blockers like velcro and was simply not someone you worried about.  If he becomes the complete DE he is capable of...then let the accolades come to him....and this will be a sick D line. 

Until then...and IMHO...he is a distant 2nd to Bosa as a guy to game plan around. If Jamal Marcus had been a scholar athlete, Spence would have had some real ground to make up in week 3 of the coming season. 

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Not Kyle...obvioiusly....but I doubt we ever know.  I would suggest....that I think  is naive to believe that Mitchell left strictly due to his dad's health. 

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Interesting article and spot on.

I blame the failure to convert 3rd and longs on one more issue or limitation:  Rarely has B Miller thrown a pass into a tight zone with a D Lineman draped on him or when taking a hit.  Part of this is due to what I presume has been the coaching Miller has received limit the hits that he takes.  Hard to argue with that, but how many times have we seen opposing quarterbacks complete passes at the very last second?  I'd say often....especially against the sorry D we have fielded.  Still....I would think....within reason of course, Miller will need to prove he can throw accurately into a tight zone and do so under duress or these 3rd and long stats will not improve....and neither will Miller's stock as pro quarterback.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Really?  I seem to remember a "wtf were you thinking" reading of lips when he reamed Nathan Williams azz for a block in the back penalty on a k/o return or punt return for a TD that was nullified in 2012.  I thought for a second.."Yo Urb.....I wouldn't fuck with that guy if I were you".    

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Don't forget....those "shitty MAC teams" find a way to beat a Big Ten team or two every season. a proud  Bowling Green alum!

Comment 10 Jul 2014

The B1G beat writers can boast about the Buckeyes all they want and point to the disparity in recruiting that Meyer enjoys over Dantonio and Michigan State.  But until it is proven on the field otherwise, the two teams are pretty even.  Buckeyes have superior talent on Offense and Sparty has a superior braintrust and Defensive mechanics on that side of the ball. 

Buckeyes running ahead of the B1G and leaving it in the dust?  As Lee Corso says..."not so fast my friends".  No wonder the rest of the conference schools are haters. Let's prove it on the field first.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

I don't have the time to do an "analysis"....but it is not going out on a limb to suggest Duke was better than most of the teams the Buckeyes played last year....and the year before.  You only need to look at the end of season rankings of the teams we have played to realize that the next, true signature win of the Urban Meyer era....will be its first.  

Comment 07 Jul 2014

I agree with the choices....but just for the sake of conversation, I will offer 2 other and much needed selections for the 2014 team on either side of the ball:

1.  Nick Mangold;  the O line needs his skills and moreover, his experience.

2.  James Lil Animal;  While I don't put him in the same category as Spielman and Hawk, this team could really, really use him. 

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Garbage?  Did you think Boeckman was garbage in 2007...when after the Penn State game he was actually getting some Heisman commentary?  Fleeting perhaps...but commentary nonetheless. 

Boeckman was an old school, relatively immobile QB who could throw a very good forward pass. He played behind a pitifully slow O line (see LSU NC Game and USC in 2008) which spelled his doom. His pick-six in the USC game ended his career, but by no means was he a "garbage" QB. didn't go to any games, but hearing an Ohio State crowd boo its QB is reason enough to believe he really sucked?  C'mon, dude.

Comment 03 Jul 2014

Pricing is only one reason why, at some point in the future, there will be empty seats in many college and NFL stadiums. 

The "forced" 3 hour plus timing of games; sitting on your ass waiting for the TV time out to be over and the guy in the red cap giving the signal to the ref to blow his whistle and start play.  It's endless and tedious. 

I will try and go to one Buckeye game a year. But if I don't?  A 55 inch high def TV with a beer fridge nearby....and another game on my laptop feels pretty good too.  TV has spoiled the in-game experience....and it's not going away any time soon.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

Here is how I'd rather look at it, Jeff:

College football season starts when camp breaks around August 1st. 

Season runs through the Bowls on or through December 31st. 

That makes for a 5 month season....or nearly half the calendar year. 

That is how I prefer to look at it....especially during the dog days of summer.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

I agree, bigz.   I confess.....I read the article incorrectly and focused originally on BCS era games only.  

We all loved Troy....but Pryor, for all of his self-centeredness, just may be on the better big game QBs in the history of OSU football.  We'll see what kind of legacy Braxton Miller can craft this season.....hopefully with a Defense that will bail them out when needed. 

Comment 26 Jun 2014

The argument for Smith as the MVP in the BCS era for the Buckeyes is very strong, no doubt about it.  As for BCS Bowl games, however, it is worth noting....and worth noting because Ohio State and the B1G lost their national credibility in BCS games, so:

Pryor was the MVP in the Rose Bowl....and the following Sugar Bowl. These were the 2 high water marks of Ohio State in Bowl games since the 2002/3 Natty vs. Miami.  

Smith was great vs. an over-rated Notre Dame team in the Fiesta...and could not outrun Gator D linemen the next year in the same stadium.  Was that entirely his fault?  Absolutely not.  But as a team leader.....he was included among the guilty suspects in the epic failure that night.

When people eventually get over (including the writers in this Forum) their Pryor hate, they will realize what a big time player he was, poor passing mechanics and all.  

As for did not stay in college one year too long.  He simply did not make the most out of (or anything out of) the final year he played.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Don't count my BG Falcons out.  Not saying they will beat Wisky by any stretch, but we won't lay down against them either.

Comment 21 Jun 2014

People don't root for conferences, except in the SEC. 

Why?  The first half...of the first word in the name of the conference is....South.

You need no further explanation.  I heard southerners...who were diehard fans of other SEC schools.....say blatantly, "I don't like Urban Meyer or the Gators, but I sure loved watching them kick Ohio State's ass last week."  The same was true for Les Miles and LSU the next year.  Like I said....this isn't a tough concept to figure out as soon as you know where the drivel for the conference cheer is coming from. It's the modern day equivalent of a rebel yell.  All that is missing is the soldiers in grey, the stars and bars and a rifle.

Comment 21 Jun 2014

I applaud (above) "Johnblairgobucks"....for being spot on. For all the talk about Ohio State dominating the  weak or middling Big Ten, maybe the author needs to be reminded that the last time Ohio State was the outright, sanction-free, sole winner of the Big Ten was in 2009.  Since then, with the sanction year of 2012 noted, and the debacle in 2011, the Buckeyes have watched someone else represent the conference in the Rose Bowl.  

While I agree with DJ, that to become the best you have to play and beat the best, but the Buckeyes are not there yet.  Hell they couldn't even beat (or find the motivation) to beat Sparty or Clemson last now, we've graduated beyond the B1G and ready for the SEC....really, DJ?  Buckeye arrogance is one thing, Buckeye silliness is another.  When we've dispatched the B1G with regularity, then we can thump our chests and seek bigger prey. Until then, let's take care of what is in front of us.


Comment 19 Jun 2014

Guess again. With the death of the Pitt-Penn St rivalry, Penn Staters have nobody else to "hate" than Ohio State. 

You hate those who keep you from achieving your goals....or more bluntly, you hate those you haven't beaten.  Yes, the Nitts have gotten the best of us a few times in the past decade, but all in all, there is no visceral rival on their schedule beyond Ohio State. 

Why should they hate on Maryland?  They've made Maryland their bitch in recruiting.  The two schools are not really even comparable in terms of football panache (although I predict this will be a tough year for the Nitts...they are one or two years away from being really competitive game in an game out). 

So again.....why would PSU hate on Maryland?  Makes no sense.  There is nobody for Penn State to truly loathe than tOSU.  Better get used to it, cuz it isn't going away. 

Comment 16 Jun 2014

Five million college football fans south of the Mason-Dixon line just snarfed their sweet tea all over their keyboards. 

And just maybe, posted tongue-in-cheek just to get some responses. worked!

Bama over-rated?  OSU beats them comfortably?  Hey, my blood runs Buckeye scarlet just like yours and most on this Forum....but with all due respect, I think yours is an opinion that is hard to support.....based on history....and what is to be expected in the coming season. The last football game our Buckeyes won of any national significance, against a really good football team, was the Sugar Bowl against players no longer on this football team.  With that as a fact (ok, just an opinion)...and the many ??? on this team for the coming year....I would exercise some caution. 

Phil Steele can make us feel good all he wants....but I would not be so quick to get carried away.  For more loaded OSU teams than this one could not make it through a season unscathed.  We shall see.  Hey, we're inside 75 it's not all bad.