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Comment 9 hours ago

What a bunch of whining bull shit.  Last year's team had an embarrassment of talent and riches that most teams, fanbases, and coaches can only dream about.  They had a shot at Ohio State immortality (2 NCs in a row) and by all appearances and recent truths, didn't give a crap about anything but their touches and stats.  Meyer was an by his own admision....and judging by how he coached the Michigan St game, puked on his own shoes. 

Someone posted earlier...."Hey don't bitch....we could be Purdue".  Uh no.  Ohio State isn't Purdue.  They're not even in the Purdue hemisphere, so let's not go there.  Darrell Hazel can only dream of Ohio State walk-ons now at Purdue.  And we are feeling sorry for ourselves? Tell it to someone who can ain't me. 

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Hard to argue with your post, Hockey, but speaking only for don't expect a title every year.  I sure as hell don't this year, although we can always hold out hope for a year like 2014.  People expect Titles in years in which the Team is loaded.  Like 1975; 96; 98; 2006; 2015.... and others. To have fallen short in each of those years is deserving of some gnashing of teeth.  Yes, we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed to their fullest, magical years like 2002 and 2014.  

But most enthusiastic, rabid or unrealistic (choose your descriptive) fans have the same expectations we do.  Do you think Bama fans are saying..."let's take the year off and let someone else win the crystal this year?" Nope......their expectations probably exceed we're not all that crazy even when we complain about "ugly wins'" lol.  And now, with all the press and hype around Meyer's recruiting success, the ante has been upped and the tolerance for losses will be even smaller if not this year, then certainly going forward.  It's just the way it is.   

Comment 24 Jul 2016

Agree with Loco.   We "older guys" will always have Woody on a pedestal and so will, deservedly, the University. 

With that said, 1975 is another example of a Woody-coached team that after the 1968 Super Sophs beat the USC felons, could not put together a win in the Rose Bowl when all the marbles were on the line.  Both Woody and Bo, for all of their greatness, could not muster enough within themselves, their coaches, and most of all, their players, to give a damn about anything after the Michigan game. It's why the Big Ten became the media punching bag and the Pac 12 bitch over 2 to 3 decades.  People understandably resent Cooper for squandering talent and failing to beat Michigan in the 90's.  But quite possibly nobody....squandered more NCs that Woody did in his era....and that is AFTER having one so many of them as coach.

But for all he did to put THE GAME on the map forever, the win-at-all costs approach to this humble opinion, took its toll afterward, and his Rose Bowl record with favored teams (Stanford in 70 and UCLA in 75) are but 2 examples of it.  

We have posters on this site who played for Woody..or were at least would be great to read their perspectives on this.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Why?  There was a featured story last year on air and in print about the same issue in Alabama -- pertaining to both Auburn and Bama. Even for Florida.  Believe me, when Nick Saban decides he has had enough and Bama reverts back to the Ray Perkins years, you'll be able to buy tix on game day there.  Same with Auburn...

I have a hunch that on a given Saturday you can find a few empty seats in Kentucky, Vanderbilt and maybe even Miss State.  Hey, I could be wrong, but I'd be interested in seeing if southern fans are that much more "loyal" than those up north....especially when their team is 2-10.  

Comment 22 Jul 2016

There is one more reason why ticket sales may be decreasing in addition to the ones described:  The gameday experience.  By that I mean, I don't care if you have twenty "3 and out" series, college football games on TV are going to last a minimum of 3 hours.  Layer on top of that.... waiting for the official in the red cap to signal the referree to start the game after a TV timeout can be an eternity -- and that is when the game is interesting.  When you are sitting in the rain, cold, lousy viewing area and other shitty circumstance, it's no wonder people are starting to worship their Hi Def TVs instead of being there on site. And of course, you have a generation of millenials for whom, if in a lousy cell phone area, will just about go batshit.  Yes....get off my lawn, LOL. 

I love my Buckeye football and try to go once a year.....but after the excitement wears off and I am on the interstate leaving for home, I can say I've had my fill and can wait until next season for my next experience.  If I were a fan at Purdue, ILL, or the schools named....I'd be hard pressed to want to go unless I were an alum or had a real strong reason to.  I am not a Cubs fan, but would I go to Wrigley Field if I had the chance?  Hell yes.  Can't say the same about sitting in a Great Lakes campus football stadium on a gray day in the midwest. long as many college towns use their football teams as a source of yearlong revenue (Penn State area hotels demanding 2 night stays at $ 250 per night) people get tired of being exploited.  And if they are the ones historically willing to fork over the cash...and are now giving the middle finger, (not just in the B1G but elsewhere) there is reason for the bean counters to be concerned.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Which is why I am of the more conservative mindset of a few of the mods....that this game may be closer than thought and this Buckeye team, although more seasoned by November, will still be young and prone to mistakes that a talented Qb will exploit.  I see us winning a shoot out but not a laugher. 

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Cardale Jones was the QB who was a part of the National Championship, magical team of 2014.  There is no doubt that Braxton Miller was the most talented of the bunch, but the history books will be clinically......cold to Miller despite all the gaudy records and stats. He was the QB of record in 2012...the season that didn't mean shit, thanks to Gene Smith's miscalcuation of the year before.  Beyond that, 2013 was a disappointment for failing to win the Big Ten.  In, 2015, he became a WR.  He "took one for the Team"....and realized...... where his future was.....all at the same time. One of Ohio State's all time greats, no doubt. 

You measure teams by championships -- and Cardale Jones.....helped by a rejuvinated Defense, and supported by Zeke, was the QB who led that team.  The numbers clearly favor Miller and JTB.   But for me.....I'll take CJ.... with a line that can block for him and some WRs to throw to........  

Comment 14 Jul 2016

It also sounds to me like a coach who had a "come to Jesus meeting"...........with his boss lately. 

Glad to see the let's see the proof.  I am tired of seeing OSU Basketball teams mail in effort on Sunday Nationally televised games on CBS.  And then we bitch about the announcers who call them out. Some posters openly chastised Clark Kellogg for not "being a real Buckeye" on set.  I think.....Clark got tired of the shit he was seeing on the court.    

Here's to Thad and the upcoming season!

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Why is Dan Mullen a piece of crap?   Even Joey Galloway gave a pretty impassioned plea on his behalf to a disbelieving Paul Finebaum last night on ESPN U.  The fact that Joey was disagreeing with a shill like Finebaum was reason enough for me to be tolerant of whatever went down with this incoming freshman....even as I am a dad of 3 daughters. 

I don't know the particulars of this case....but let's not forget that under Meyer's regime, he's had to deal with physical altercations with women with Storm Klein and Carlos Hyde....or at least the accusations thereof.  Not saying the situations are the same so don't spill your coffee on the keyboard.  Just saying....we are only one Columbus police report from being on a public, shit smeared legal rap sheet at any point in time......

Now.....IMHO.....Mullen is taking a huge chance.  If this kid turns out to be a serial offender.....then Mullen goes the way of Art Briles. That would then make Mullen a dumb ass....and a piece of crap.

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Thanks, Tim, for a refreshingly candid and "homer-free" appraisal of the season.  A two to three loss season is not beyond the realm of possibilities, despite the talent gap the Buckeyes will presumably hold over most of their competition.  Yes, a 1-loss season and a trip the CFP is a possibility, but also a long shot with a team this green, especially on Defense. 

Comment 11 Jul 2016

Hi PHI -- agreed....neither you nor anyone else "dug in" and said Bucks would run the table this year. I was exaggerating the point that we (and most other teams) have not gone undefeated and sometimes not won the BIG even when we had a considerable or even slight talent advantage over the rest of the field.  Your other points and themes I am in agreement with for sure.  Without beating the nearly dead horse, I am simply shouting from the roof that we've been betrayed by talent advantages throughout the years.  

LOL.  Maybe the recent documentary on the BTN featuring the 1996 team and our losses to Michigan in that decade have me a bit overly sensitive! 

Comment 11 Jul 2016

I am not disputing the argument that OSU will have more talent than any team we face this year......including Oklahoma (although they will have the edge, experience-wise).  

But that "fact" aside......when in recent memory has that NOT been the case  -- focusing on the Big Ten for this argument?  We laugh at guys like Ferentz being named COY, but frankly, why do you think both Tressel and Meyer have been overlooked for this award/recognition?  Because the presumption is.....they should win, considering the talent they enjoy year in and year out.  Even if you filter some bull shit in that (Sparty has had great talent, so has Wisky, so have Penn St and Michigan) talent disparity argument, the bottom line is, the Buckeyes perenially have more talent than the 11 guys they line up against. (Yes, I will note exceptions vs. Bama, LSU, USC, Texas in recent years). But reality bites sometimes...and despite a gaudy record vs. Big Ten opponents, Big Ten championships and undefeated seasons have been hard to come by....even going all the way back to the Woody years. 

So ....I suggest that we need to look beyond talent as a the lone predictor for a record...since OSU history has shown, it is not the radiation protective vest we think it is.

Comment 11 Jul 2016

We may all be saying the same thing, just describing the concern differently.  Hey, to be fair, Meyer has had these kids ready to play just about every outing....with the exceptions you've described, in addition to the HI game I reference and the Orange Bowl vs. Clemson in the first half.  No coach or team is immune to showing up flat after an emotional win or loss.....this team included....but I agree with the general premise, if we show up to play NW....the game, by the 4th quarter, should not be close.  

Comment 08 Jul 2016

Really, droid?  For a team not in the "big boy club", Sparty has beaten our Buckeyes 3 times in the recent five years, last year with their 2nd and 3rd team QBs in our house......twice costing Urban Meyer a shot at a NC.  

Yes, they got their azzes handed to them by Bama, but to suggest Sparty is not among the big boys, when you look at their recent record, is just sour grapes and moreover, innacurate.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

OMG....I've just been referred to as an "elder"!   Yes, I remember the 1969 team and the loss to Michigan which started the 10 year war.

No team since the 1969 team entered a season with the expectations that team had.  It was said that "if you want to watch the 2 best teams in the country, then watch the Ohio State practice on Wednesday, when the First Team Offense goes up against the First team Defense."   Only my fellow "elders" will remember that quote or something similar to it.  It's why the upset loss to Michigan that year was so profound.  Yes, in each decade there have been OSU teams with great expectations, but none like the 69 team. 

As for expectations......yes, we have some fans that go off the rails even after know, the ugly wins, like last year vs. NIU. 

But remember one thing: this program enjoyed plenty of success in the Jim Tressel years....and although we will never know what could've been in 2011 had Tatgate never happened, there was a feeling or a murmur, that our dominant years on the national scene may have been behind us.  Win the Big Ten? Yes.  Beat Alabama or the elites of the SEC?  Maybe, maybe not.   Urban Meyer was hired and PAID to get Ohio State football to the "next level"....which means expecting the highest caliber football every year and competing for National Championships.  There was nothing "missing" from Buckeye football in the Tressel years, except the confidence that we'd never have an off-year.  

Meyer has set a high bar....but frankly, it was expected of him....and in turn, his staff.  Alabama is the standard bearer for College Football as we sit here today whether we acknowledge it or not.  Meyer has been brought in to have Bama and OSU mentioned in the same sentence and we are damn close.  The old adage that "we don't rebuild, we reload"... will be put to the test this year as will Meyer's ability to coach up a truly green team.  It'll be fun as hell to watch, that much I know.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

All purpose yards notwithstanding, as it relates to the return game....both kick-off and punt....I just hope someone can ignite fear into opponents and give us a reason not to step away from the TV to get a beer......or go the bathroom.  Cuz, with some exceptions from Ray Small, we have not had a true KR or PR threat since Teddy's ill-fated fall in the NC game vs. Florida.  And geez....that was nearly 9 years ago.

Comment 06 Jul 2016

Not disagreeing with you, PHI.  Yes, 3 is a stretch....and even with Meyer's "work release" programs that you've referenced, it still won't preclude at least one guy from wearing out his welcome.  But that's a small number and still gives credence to your numbers concern.