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Comment 9 hours ago

"TOM HERMAN TALKS BAMA TRIP. Ohio State humiliated Alabama so badly in the Sugar Bowl Nick Saban and Kirby Smart flew Tom Herman into Tuscaloosa for a brain-picking session."

Humiliated them?  The Confederate flag waivers may have felt violated by losing to Ohio State, but are you forgetting this game came down to intercepting a Hail Mary pass to tie the game in regulation -- or that Evan Spencer's acrobatic catch prevented a Bama onside kick retrieval?  Someone reading this after crawling out of a cave would've thought that we won the game 42-10.

Taking a few liberties by citing our statistical dominance in the game, eh DJ?

Comment 27 Jul 2015

As a Buckeye fan for over 40 years, I have seen worse upsets than this.  So, yes, a "little" is a worthy vote.  I would suppose the only people who said "zero chance" are people who were either born or became OSU fans starting in 2012, lol.  

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Really?  Did you watch the first quarter of the Buckeye game vs. Clemson?  Did you see the Defense jogging after Tajh Boyd on his first TD run?   

The Buckeyes did not want to be there.   Folded like a cheap suit when Philly muffed the punt.  

You can love or hate Saban, doesn't matter.  He was right in what he said about the Utah game and he was right in what he said about pushing back the declaration time for college football players and the NFL and the corruptive influence the Draft has.

Doesn't change the fact that we kicked Bama's ass.  It also doesn't mean that what he said wasn't accurate.

Comment 16 Jul 2015

Hmmm....not sure about the traditionally weak OOC schedule in the B1G this year.  Depends on your point of view.   

Penn State = plays nobody

Sparty - plays Oregon

TTUN = plays Utah

Wisky = plays Bama

Minny = plays TCU

Northwestern = plays Stanford

Buckeyes = doesn't matter....just win, baby depends on your perspective.  There are some baby seals to be clubbed for certain.  But there are some marquee games that will determine the B1Gs street cred or its lack thereof.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

No offense, but you may be a bit optimistic here.  

Purdue will be damn lucky to go 2-2 against that OOC including a loss to my BG Falcons.

Most of the teams you described will go 2-2.....against a good, but hardly a murderers' row of a schedule.

What the pollsters will care a lot more about it will be simply:

OSU vs. VT;  Minny vs. TCU;  Sparty vs. Oregon;  Wisky vs. Bama; TTUN vs. Utah

Those 5 games will set an early mark as to the B1Gs credibility -- or its lack thereof.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Fair point, cuse.  I think many agree with you.  Considering the conservative game plan vs. USC at home, it is a fair point.  It's too bad we did not see the 2011 season come to fruition in full....then we could have made some solid judgments and the comparisons to Braxton Miller would have had more context.   Bottom line:  To JT.....field position was trumped everything else and when it was to our disadvantage Tress pulled the reins in on Pryor....... maybe to a fault.

Comment 06 Jul 2015

"No good plan for TP's development"?

Pryor went from being a raw recruit with a shot-put throwing motion to a bona-fide Heisman candidate by the end of his Junior year.

He was the MVP of the Rose and Sugar Bowls in consecutive years......with wins that pulled Ohio State's reputation at least momentarily out of the college football credibility gutter.  

Go back and look at the Offensive stats of the 2010 Buckeye team....and tell us again if Pryor's development was off-track.

As for Tressel's reluctance to use the dagger.....on this we totally agree -- and part of the reason the fanbase fell in love with Urban Meyer BEFORE he won the NC....and why coaches in the B1G presumably cannot stand him.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

All good, holy.   Gotta light grip on the reins. 

All kidding aside, we are a lot closer in our opinions than this thread and posts, including yours and mine would indicate.

But to an extent, I think we are ALL overthinking this.  It goes beyond "tradition" to the networks, aka the King...ESPN/abc.

What we are all overlooking is that the last time THE GAME was on at 3:30 -- or at a time other than Noon, it was 2006, when it was 1 vs. 2 for the first time in history.  Then...even the networks prevailed on tradition to televise THE GAME at a later time slot, because it mattered in a national scale.  You can argue that the GAME always matters when 1 of the 2 teams has something to play recent years, just OSU.  But if the networks can showcase an Alabama vs. Auburn or another game that has NC implications, we'll get slotted at noon.

Or:  it may be simpler than that.  The networks know that Noon games suck from every point of view. slot the GAME in the noon timeslot......GUARANTEES the advertisers some bang for their buck they otherwise would not get.  At the end of the day, no matter what we the end of the season, there is only one game that will keep viewers watching Budweiser and Capital One commercials from noon to midnight......and we all know what GAME that is.   While we all wish for a timeslot other than Noon or 1;00 as it was in the old days, until the GAME has NC implications for Ohio State and Michigan....or moreover, until another game will put eyeballs in front of TVs starting at Noon....we are all just enjoying wishful thinking.

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Why are you disturbed.....unless you are posting this tongue-in-cheek?  

Woody and Bo were good friends (behind the scenes of course)  even they faced each other......and even more so as Woody's health declined and he was near death.  For my money....if those two could get along, especially after "playing days"....then I am OK with Eddie and Woodson being close or any of the former foes for that matter. 

Comment 04 Jul 2015

Did you or anyone else think it was irrelevant when Michigan was kicking our asses for an entire decade in the 90s?

I think that many of our fellow Buckeye fans are suddenly smug with our recent dominance in this series and are looking for a way to add an element of excitement or intrigue into the game.  When the game was "in doubt" or not presumed as a victory, I can't recall and hue and cry for a late afternoon for a night game to "add drama".   

I can live with a 3;30 start, but with a night game, I turn in the fan card I have had for 40 + years.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Not to get into a Buckeye on Buckeye crime scene either, but I see your point.   I will go to my grave as a staunch Tressel supporter and not just because he reversed the Michigan curse of the Cooper years.  It goes way beyond that.  I honestly think that if there had been no Tat Gate, the 2011 Team would have been something special, coming off of the momentum of beating Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.  But in comparing JT vs. Meyer, there is one glaring difference for me:  I have faith in Meyer's ability to keep this team playing at an intense level and not taking their foot of the gas. I think he has infused a good blend of fun and fear in these players that it will keep their edge....especially since they got to the mountain top and they no longer think his methods (the chase, etc) are bullshit like I am convinced more than a few of them did at the end of 2013.  Now....these kids believe.    

Tress?  My devotion to him aside....I am not convinced an intact 2011 team would have won the NC.  Since 2002, one or two teams would come along and piss in the punch bowl and his teams did not have an answer...and rarely fooled the opposition or out executed really good teams. We saw that in both NC debacles (yes, LSU was a debacle too) two losses to Texas and two losses to USC, one of which was an embarrassment, complete with Beanie nursing a fricken turf toe. 

So, net, net.. as a devout Buckeye fan since 1967, I don't know and we'll never know if Tress would have brought home another trophy. I had my doubts.  I have no doubt about Meyer, however.  

Comment 01 Jul 2015

They day I stop being nervous for The the day I turn my Buckeye and cfb fan card in. 

Comment 01 Jul 2015

And a lot of Ohio State fans.  The most comical posts and comments coming from Buckeye Nation since December have been those brave souls who have said....."I knew all along we'd beat Bama.......knew they were over-rated"


Comment 30 Jun 2015

Actually...........Jim Tressel was his QB coach.  In all actuality...and judging by what they accomplished in 2010...sans the Wisky debacle...and what was anticipated in 2011.....that association between Pryor, Sic, Tress and Bollman....did quite well, thank you, no matter how we bash them for it.  The stats speak for themselves.  

Could he have been even better with Meyer and Herman -- or moreover,  a strong O Line?  Maybe. It's too bad....we'll never know.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

This team will be loaded on requests there for me.

1.  Cam Heyward; Need an anchor on the D line....who plays every down;  Big Hank took too many plays off to suit me.

2.  Malcolm Jenkins;  need a shutdown CB to complement Eli Apple

If I have to take one, I take Cam. 

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Well said.   It seems there are some selective memories on the board today.  Purdue played the Buckeyes as tough as any team in the conference during the Tressel years; beat us when we sucked in 2011, and as you said, we needed Kenny G to save our asses in 2012.

Have they been relevant since Drew Brees and Kyle Orton left years ago?  No.  But they've played us tough most years, so the amputation of them.....and Indiana, considering what they both bring in basketball tradition to the Conference and the laughable.