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Comment 3 hours ago

My only disappointment of the day was not seeing Cardale Jones take a single snap, or if he did, I missed it.

We seem to have forgotten (or Meyer has) how much he now means to Ohio State football history.  For his swan song vs. TTUN.....he deserved some snaps in the 4th quarter.  No Brionte Dunn or Warren Ball except on STs.  Damn....this is going to be one green team next year.

Not trying to float a turd in the punch bowl...but since everything went perfectly yesterday (except Webb's injury which looked bad) it would've been nice to see everyone get in the action.  Zeke's yardage record seemed to take priority over everthing else there for a while -- which is understandable -- depending on your point of view.

Comment 3 hours ago

You might be waiting a long time, G.  The SEC and ESPN have a business relationship/partnership, so yes, they are in bed together.

I did not see the segment or the quote about NW being "rolled" so I don't know the context of it and frankly, I really don't care much about it.  I do know that NW was "rolled" by Iowa about 40 - 0 on NW's Homecoming weekend.  They are a team, that despite their win over Stanford, cannot be truly taken seriously IMHO.  It's almost like saying VA Tech was a good team last owing to their early season victory over Ohio State and we know that wasn't true.  I know VTs record last year was worse than NW's this year, but the analogy has some merit whether you agree or not.

All of that aside, no matter our disdain for ESPN and their bedfellow relationship with the $EC, they'd have liked nothing better than to have had the Buckeyes in the Final 4.  Eyeballs and share ratings matter.....a lot.

Comment 5 hours ago

The real Buckeyes showed up pissed off yesterday and showed the Nation why they are the reigning National Champions. 

Take a breath. If the "real Buckeyes" had shown up last week, and at least, more often throughout the season, we wouldn't be having this discussion.  The season was ours for the taking.  

Comment 5 hours ago

Please make the conspiracy theories go away.   Do you think ESPN has forgotten that last year's playoffs.....with Ohio State included....garnered the highest College football TV ratings in history?  There is nothing they'd like more than to have 2 Big Ten teams with Bama and Oklahoma to round out the slate -- as long as the Buckeyes were included and it resulted in new records in viewership and advertising revenues.  It won't happen.....but they wouldn't complain if it did.

Comment 5 hours ago

You may be right.....but our best hope is a Florida upset over Bama....and for good measure, a USC upset of Stanford. 

Neither are likely, especially Florida over Bama.  If UNC upsets will be tough for us to jump them in my opinion. 

You can point to UNC's soft OOC schedule.......and if I am a UNC fan, I point to the Buckeyes' solid win over 1 quality opponent for the entire season while losing their Conference Division in a game on our home turf to a team with its back up QB.  Beating up on the likes of Rutgers, MD, and Indiana will not impress people vs a UNC victory over Clemson, the over-riding # 1 for nearly a month now. I just don't see it, but hey, who knows?

Comment 6 hours ago

Still, a win over Michigan means the season was a success.

It's a qualified success, Michael.  To many of my fellow OSU fans, going 1-11, as long as the "1" was beating Michigan qualifies a season as a success.   For me, (spoiled? -- not really) that thinking went out in whatever you define as the modern age of college football and I have experienced elation and crushing disappointment after THE GAME since 1968.  This was a season of "Playoff or bust" noting the returning talent of this year's team, a soft slate of opponents, and next year's daunting schedule and roster that will be pretty much gutted with graduations and NFL departures.  We lost a hard fought and poorly coached game last week on our home turf to a good football team, but one we should have beaten.  To make the playoff will now take a backing in 2007-like miracle. 

To be clear, this was a great season and yesterday's beatdown was a blast to watch and enjoy.  But this program has its sights set higher than it did in previous decades...that's why it's paying Urban Meyer north of $ 4 MM a year.  

Here's hoping for one or two miracles next Saturday evening - GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Lol.   You are, we're assuming the Basketball Bucks are superior to their competition and playing "down" to them? Actually, for much of this year, it will be just the opposite.

I will say this in their defense last night:  they played with more heart and spirit than I have seen in a OSU Basketball team in about 3 years.  At least they played like they gave a damn - which is more than I can say about them for the past couple of seasons.

The poor FT % sooner or later is on Thad and the coaching staff.  We have a trend here and the accountability needs to be addressed.

Comment 27 Nov 2015

Completely agree with this.  

You can say what you want about the Conference they play in (and I'd be careful about that too) but the efficiency and precision of the Houston Offense, makes the Buckeyes' by embarrassment.  

Comment 27 Nov 2015

After last week's performance, mojo better not have anything to do with it.  And as for "handling them pretty well", we gave up 27 to Indy while their first team QB and RB were hurt for much of the game.  Like I said.....'hope my heart wins out vs. my brain on this one.  

Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Nov 2015

No offense, but you and your co-worker can't be that naive.

The HBC and Meyer on the same sideline?  There isn't room for two egos of that magnitude on the same sideline.....and why would a coaching legend like Spurrier go to a conference (B1G) he disdains (citing his comments earlier this year about the Buckeyes' schedule) when he can ease into retirement on his terms?

That's like thinking Bill Bellichek will step down at the Patriots at the end of this year citing burnout, only to become the Bengals DC next year.  

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Only a few references to the 2004 season. Understandable since it was a down year, but we lit them up that year as a DECIDED 'dawg.

They had no answer for Teddy, Troy and Gonzo.  I was at a sports bar that was dominated by *ichigan fans.  Damn that was fun!

The Comeback in 2005 was amazing.  Still can't believe they called a celebration penalty on Santonio that nearly cost us the GAME.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Hmmmm......I have my concerns about Matta as well, but not sure I agree with him moving on and certainly not due to "his time here."

How long has Izzo been at MSU or Ryan at Wisky?  Nobody is ready to push them out.....although they have certainly tasted success in recent years but their longevity wears well with them and their fan base.  I no longer buy the "football school" canard.  That hasn't stopped Sparty from enjoying success in both sports.  In fact, there is a good argument for suggesting that Izzo and Dantonio are the best 1-2 punch in major college revenue sports in the country.  

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Even with Cardale in, teams stacked the box.  Hell, I even saw HI do it when I was there.

What we learned this year was not that 2 QB = 0.   What we learned is that 2 OCs sharing that role = 0.  

Not sure what further proof we need.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Jae'San Tate plays with so much heart...gotta love this kid.  But the sobering reality is that he is not a scorer and can't throw it in the ocean from the foul line.  Until his offensive skills develop and until he can convert on the fouls he draws, his future in the game is limited.  This year's Team is really going to test Thad's resolve and his skills as a coach.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

As much as I hate Harbaugh, I like what he's doing to renew The Rivalry.  Hoke made it zero fun

What were you hoping for?  A *ichigan win?   The games vs. Hoke typicially were nail biters to the end (except for late, late last year) and included a win against our hapless 2011 Team.   

It was more than "zero fun" -- at least to me!

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Message to Darron Lee and Team:  Don't worry about Penn State.  You have a more immediate problem on your hands.

And one more thing, Darron: You used to be a one man wrecking crew on D.....terrorizing quarterbacks on blitzes.  Haven't seen that lately, bro.  Just sayin......

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Good post and no offense, but:  you'd be naive to think that the threat  of Jones' arm did not put opposing Ds on their heels.  You are that nobody had tape of him.  But he had the threat of Devin Smith at WR and when he threw those bombs (jump balls) that Smith came down with, it absolutely opened up lanes for Zeke to run through at some point in those games. Although Thomas is an NFL caliber WR, for whatever reasons, we could not reach him deep and could not, at least often enough, to Marshall and Miller, thereby dooming Jones' season as our QB.  It's hard to believe that an injury to a kid like Noah Brown who never saw the field could be so profoud, but it might have been so.

We gave nobody...nobody....any reason not to stack the box against us and and the Offense became a shit show (starting in the 1st half of the HI game) until we established run lanes for Zeke...... in the 2nd half...... against weaker competition.  I am no coach, but I think it's a simple as that. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

LOL.  No.   I didn't mean it that way.  Just the futility of what we were trying to do.  I had no problem with trying the QB runs at first.  My beef was with the repeated attempts to do it.....along with our total, paralyzing fear of passing.  Hell, Sparty was passing and doing pretty well with the back up QBs.