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Comment 21 May 2015

I think FSU will be better than Clemson, especially with the addition of Golson (sp). 

Agree that USC and UCLA should not be bunched together.  

I guess I would rate them as....without going out on much of a limb, In no order of final four:

Winner of OSU - Sparty Game

Winner of Bama - Auburn Game

Winner of TCU - Baylor game

Winner of FSU - Clemson game

Comment 21 May 2015

I agree. Hard for me to believe that all of a sudden Samuel forgot how to run the ball and the coaching staff discovered Dunn.  Don't get me wrong, I hope Dunn gets his touches this fall, but I doubt too many will be at Samuel's expense.  Besides, Samuel's sobering performance as a pass catcher in the Spring Game showed where he truly belongs. 

I am not sure if it has been mentioned already....if not, I am surprised, but count me in as expecting some big production from Noah Brown this fall. 

Comment 20 May 2015

There are times I think that too.  Then I am reminded of the game at Camp Randall when John Clay face planted any member of the Buckeye Defense that he chose to, starting with an undersized Brian Rolle.  That game was not as close as the score indicated which keeps me from putting that team on too high of a pedestal as that was a good, but not great, Wisky team.  

But yes, that Sugar Bowl beat down (at least during the first half) of Arkansas was damn fun to watch.   The 2nd half in which Tressel put the game in the hands of his Defense laid the groundwork for the current fanbase's lovefest with Meyer -- a coach who, within reason, will do what he can to score and break the opponent's will. 

Comment 19 May 2015

I would have liked to see the list expanded to include his kids at Utah and at Bowling Green.  Why not?

As for the outcry about Bosa's omission, I can understand it, but for my money, the D Linemen should be the front 4 of the Gators that bitch slapped our O line for an entire game and had Troy Smith wishing he had trimmed the fat of the cuts of meat he over-ate during the Heisman Trophy dinner circuit.   Those D linemen and the LSU kids the following year ushered in the D linemen superiority craze in the SEC and branded Ohio State, the Big Ten and northern college football as too slow to compete with the south.  No need to overthink that side of the ball for this argument. 

Comment 18 May 2015

Here's one for the fans:  

How about reducing the number of time-outs in the 2nd the last 3 minutes of the game do not take 20+ minutes in real chronological time?

Comment 18 May 2015

Actually, the point being made was pretty straightforward even if some are tired of it.

I translate what was written in the Dispatch as:  "Be careful of expectations.  More dominant teams than this Buckeye team have suffered upsets, with the team in '69 as the most obvious."  There were others, notably the 98 team to give the younger folks on here something to latch onto.  But the point made was fair:  As Buckeye fans, we have (and this year especially) high expectations and hopes every year. I would not think it our birthright to beat Michigan and run the table this year.  Lastly, I am not sure how a group of kids whose parents were teenagrs in the late 60's will respond to a "remember the 69 game" rah rah from Meyer or anyone else.  It's a long way in the rear view mirror.

Comment 07 May 2015

He may not have the breakaway speed for a "stretch the field guy", but I think he gives the Buckeyes the biggest threat in that regard. 

Until Corey Smith can prove he has the ball catching skills in traffic to be "that guy", then to me, Thomas is it.  He has the size (which Marshall does not) and the balls skills (which Smith needs to prove) to be the go-to-guy down field. Unless someone else steps up, Thomas needs to be this team's all around go - to pass catching threat either for medium possession, move the chains routes, or deep, go patterns.  

Comment 06 May 2015

Lol.   "The Diamond Formation" is like....."this is going to be Jake Stoneburner's  breakout game" .

Kidding aside....I am looking forward to a formation where Jones or JT is the QB... with Miller in the slot or in the backfield.

Comment 06 May 2015

Not to mention:  You'd never get a QB with NFL aspirations to come here again.  As of now, Ohio State has 3 quarterbacks with NFL potential....and that potential would never be developed in an option style program.  Heck, the NFL is still trying to decide if a spread offense is really a predictor of future professional success with opinions all over the lot. Considering the lack of Buckeye success in the big show at QB, I doubt that Meyer wants to do anything that reinforces it, especially with Tim Tebow's shadow still following him.

Comment 06 May 2015

Joe Paterno; Bobby Bowden; Mack Brown; Mohammed Ali; Chase Utley (Phillies fan here); and dare I say it....Woody Hayes?

And for the Keith Jackson debate.....never grew tired of him even when we had to listen to "Bad Call, bad call"  Dan Fouts with him, lol. 

Comment 06 May 2015

While I agree with DJ's final comment about what it would have been like to have seen Pryor in a Meyer-led offense, let's not forget that for all of the bashing the Tressel-Bollman offense has taken in recent years, the OSU offense in 2010 was a juggernaut except for the Wisconsin game.....a game in which the O was on its heels as the Defense was getting rolled by Wisky.  If you look at the stats for 2010, including the Sugar Bowl, that was a prolific that we tend to overlook due to the shit storm that followed in 2011.  

Comment 05 May 2015

"Easy -ass schedule" for TCU?  Maybe.  But it's arguably no easier than that of the Buckeyes. Sparty is the only team on our schedule that is better than any team TCU faces.  After that, it's a wash. Unless you are worried about Northern ILL, Hawaii or Western Michigan.

at Minnesota Golden Gophers 
Sep. 12 [Jacks] Stephen F. Austin Jacks 
Sep. 19 [Mustangs] SMU Mustangs 
Sep. 26 [Red Raiders] at Texas Tech Red Raiders 
Oct. 3 [Longhorns] Texas Longhorns 
Oct. 10 [Wildcats] at Kansas State Wildcats 
Oct. 17 [Cyclones] at Iowa State Cyclones 
Oct. 29 [Mountaineers] West Virginia Mountaineers 
Nov. 7 [Cowboys] at Oklahoma State Cowboys 
Nov. 14 [Jayhawks] Kansas Jayhawks 
Nov. 21 [Sooners] at Oklahoma Sooners 
Nov. 27 [Bears] Baylor Bears 

Comment 05 May 2015

Unless there are facts I am not aware of, I would not put Gary Patterson in the same snarky sentence with Bert and with Briles.   Patterson seems to carry himself and his program with more class than Bielema and Briles combined -- and his teams have been pretty damned good.  You can argue that little TCU has transformed the Big 12.  Who would have ever thought that the Okie-Texas game, the so-called Red River rivalry would be completely eclipsed in importance by the TCU - Baylor game?  

I have no quarrel with TCU....we can smirk at them and their lack of D all we want.  To this armchair QB, Patterson has built a sound, damn good team will play any team in the country hard for 4 quarters...including ours.

Comment 04 May 2015

The writer, in this case, Schlabach, a historical Buckeye basher and we bitch about his nitpick oversights?

Smh........national scribes have gone from overtly mocking the Ohio State football team and the program it is run (even while gnashing of teeth) openly admitting they are deserving of a # 1 ranking and we complain when they don't fully acknowledge everything good about the program or misspell a player's name. 

It wasn't that long ago that writers like Schlabach were openly hoping we'd lose a game in the middle of the year so it would end the talk of the Buckeyes making to the NC game and have their asses handed to them......again.  How far we....and they have come.

Nothing to see or complain about here boyz......let's move along, eh ??

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Lol.  Your kingdom for an editor?  

Yes, this year's team should be better.  But after 40 + years of fandom, I have learned to control my hopes and expectations!

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Yes but:  they did not have to worry or even think about play action passing as there was little to no running. They knew ths in advance.  Most of the passes were long floaters that were essentially jump balls.  Very few crossing patterns or anything that made the secondary think.  A little balance here boys....just a little balance, floating a Mars bar in the swimming pool.  

Comment 18 Apr 2015

I agree with the consensus on Smith at WR.   He may be the home run threat (along with Thomas) this team will need in Devin Smith's absence.  Marshall needs to play in space.  I don't see him as a WR to catch the home run ball.  He's too small and for a burner, did not get good or any separation today.  Get Marshall in the slot and create plays for him....not long bombs. 

On D.....again, I agree with the consensus on Connor.  He looks like the kind LB who has terrorized Buckeye offenses in the past ten years from places like Purdue, Illinois or other schools.  A good find for sure.

Comment 18 Apr 2015

IF the incoming QBs are as good as advertsised, Collier will need to look elsewhere to get playing time. It won't be this year or next (assuming Barrett starts next year).  While he showed some improvement as the game went on, his skills don't scream elite, (or even close to it) so unless he is really enjoying his experience at Ohio State, he is better off looking at a MAC or D2 school.  Not trying to be harsh, just telling it form one armchair fan's perspective. 

Comment 12 Apr 2015

No....I won't admit it.  The Sugar Bowl and NC were 2 of the most popular/heavily watched Bowl games.....ever.  Their common thread?   The Ohio State fanbase.  See all that scarlet in the stands in New Orleans and in Dallas?  Guess who else saw it?  The whole world.

ESPN is part of a corporate conglomerate that has profit numbers to make.  You are right: ESPN "does not like Ohio State".  That is because they LOVE Ohio State - we butter their bread, no matter what Herbie, Fowler, Mark May and the others predict on Saturday mornings. What they do is show business.  What ESPN does is make money for their corporate "parent".  And that is just the bottom line in a bottom line world.