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Comment 23 May 2016 my anonymous DV-er....was my "cart before the horse" adage too complicated for you? opinion that no matter how much we value JTB.....and no QB in recent OSU history has been so valuable to his team that I can think of....that NFL scouts still want to gauge his armstrength and other NFL qualities before chasing after him in next April's draft?So...was that offensive?  At least offer a rebuttal....I'd be interested in reading it...not as a smart ass, but as a fellow fan.

Comment 23 May 2016

Cart meet horse.   Cart......move in front of horse.  That should be the title of this article. 

JTB may very well become the greatest QB in Ohio State history.....but as an NFL QB, in his humble armchair fan's opinion, he has a long way to go and the NFL scouts will decide, not us or the record books.

Comment 19 May 2016

I am one of the more glass half-empty people on this site and even I see this team winning more than 8 games, assuming JTB stays healthy.

I think 10-2 is a fair bet this year......anything worse, and to state the obvious, a lot of questions will be getting asked.....pointed ones.

Anything better.....for me, is a pleasant surprise.

Comment 17 May 2016

I do see your point, 54.....but the practice of "not pulling the starters" is why so many players on this team will be as green as grass.  So if the score is 49-10, you want the starters in until 3 minutes to go in the game?  Nice.  Tell that to the 2s and 3s.....and their parents who made the trip to watch their sons play.  They'll be impressed.  And if an O Lineman starter gets hurt with a 30 point lead, will it be worth it,,,,in an effort to "gel"?  Not in my book.  

Comment 01 May 2016

Let's please stop with the "He should've come back".   Why? He did not want to come back and that goes for every player on the team who had a year of eligibility remaining.  The guys who got picked on Thursday and Friday played their cards right.  As for the guys who languished until Saturday, let's wish them well and look forward to this football season == for the Buckeyes and for the historic class who is taking their trade to the next level.  My interest in the NFL is now piqued.

One more thing:  Let's stop wondering how we lost to Sparty with all this talent and why this team struggled to beat vastly inferior teams in 2015.  By their actions and commentary after the season, after they hoisted the crystal in Jerryworld a year ago January, they started losing interest in this season. To doubt truly naive.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

I've got news for you, Beth.   Tresselball......has beaten the Buckeyes 2 out of the recent 4 games against Sparty.

He may be nothing more than a figurehead, but Jim Bollman is still smiling in his EZ chair somewhere in East Lansing.

Our gameplan vs. Sparty this past November is not even worthy of being called Tresselball.....and lost to the guys who played it better.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

While I think you are, to an extent, over-rating him, I don't disagree with the theme of your post, macke.  What I am are many for Apple to go as high as he did, the expectations in a media crazy and media unforgiving market will be huge, and the tolerance for a learning curve will be interesting to see.  I am cautiously optimistic.  

Yes, Eli has a huge upside.  The concerns about him as a risky Pass Interference penalty waiting to happen are justifed.  To be fair, he'll only be a rookie, so, we'll see. Wishing the best for him...just not as enthusiastic as you are, but only because of his draft status and the team who picked him.  I think one more season in our secondary would've have make him "the man", especially with Schiano as the coach.  Again, we'll see.  

Comment 29 Apr 2016

I am happy for Eli, even though I think he left one year too soon.  And as for his tweet happy mom, she'll need all of her protective, mothering skills, cuz if young Eli fails to live up to the NYC media and fan base expectations, Columbus, Ohio and college football will be childs' play, literally.  Here's wishing great things for that young he'll need them.

Comment 28 Apr 2016

We all loved Beanie, 92, but there is one fundamental flaw to your logic: Of all the elite backs I have seen at OSU, he was among the most brittle.  Yes, there were games where he put the team on his back and carried them. Too often, however, he stood on the sidelines with a towel draped over his head, unable to play.  As good as he was, I can't put him in the same sentence as Hyde and Elliott....cuz they always made it back to the huddle.  Unfortunately, the injury curse ended his NFL career all too quickly and reinforced the new age thinking that RBs are not a premium in the NFL due to short "shelf life."

Like I said....luv me some Beanie...but he is not in the same conversation, no matter who the coach or the scheme is in this humble opinion. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I continue to be surprised by the thoughts of JTB leaving after this if in some opinions, it is assumed. Although he is the most accomplished (and valued) position player on the team, Barrett has the most to prove to NFL scouts.  While his "weenie arm" gets a lot of quotes in sarcasm fonts on this forum, Barrett still has to show he has an NFL caliber arm.  Yes....2 seasons ago in East Lansing, he lit the stadium up, not to mention the Sparty Defense.  He can throw a bullet, touch pass, and the long ball.  But his reputation as a guy with a questionable cannon has some credibility to it.  JTB bristled at the comparisons to Jones' arm strength last year, but he did nothing to prove those comparisons wrong....only to show he was a better field general.  And lastly, JTB will be considered by many pro scouts to be the prototypical Urban Meyer college QB.....which is flattering at the NCAA level....not so much at the NFL level.

To be clear, Barrett may very well become the most prolific QB in Ohio State history.....heck, we all hope he is.  But to presume he is going to the big show after next season is presuming that he has a year that truly exceeds the expectations of not just the fanbase but of skeptical pro scouts.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

Most people who knock Urban for QBs are either overly critical, dumb as a rock, or flat out haters. In any of those cases, who cares. 

Maybe some of them are, macke.  The rest.....are opposing coaches, recruiters, etc.   They're not all dumb or haters....just people doing their jobs while probably, to your point, embellishing their stories.

Comment 25 Apr 2016

I agree with this.  Jones can indeed break the mold -- I bet Meyer is rooting for him to do so.  Because until then, Meyer, whether we want to agree or not, with Alex Smith as the lone exception, has essentially no track record for developing NFL ready QBs and JTB has a long way to go to be another exception.  Even Sparty can say that they've sent 3 (Hoyer, Cousins, Cook) to the Big Show in the past 6 years, to Ohio State's ....none.  

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Completely see yours and Kyle's points of view even though I have to take my Orange and Brown glasses off to read them.  I don't know much about the new coaching staff, but I do know BG lost some key players and will be installing some new schemes.  Had they played last year, it would've been a more competitive game than this year vs. the Buckeyes. 

Yes, my expectations have to be cautious, no doubt....and I am tired of losing to Toledo and being their bitch.  My post was partially tongue in cheek - if there is such a thing, lol.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Did not mean to get your pulse rate up, allday1!  Yes....based on what I have seen from Samuel, I'd like to see him get some carries this season to see what he can do.  I don't think that is a desire that is baseless since Dunn is still trying to live up to his recruited potential....and potential is all that Weber has until he makes his bones on Saturdays.  

As for the H back challenges....maybe you didn't see them last year, but I did.  Yes, Marshall, Miller and Samuel had great receptions and some highlight reel plays.  But they also had a lot of failed jet sweeps and other plays that resulted in 2nd and 10.  While money was probably the biggest motivation, I think Marshall's other motive for jumping to the big show may have been his frustration over the Offensive scheme.  I am guessing...without wanting to play a mind reader, that he said, "screw it...I'm moving on"....without a bunch of remorse.  So, yes, there is reason for excitement...and cautious optimism.... regarding how this coaching staff uses the H back that everyone is so giddy about.  And yes...Gibson brings a whole new option to be excited about.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

I agree with you, PHI.   And knowing Meyer's penchant for waging psychological warfare, I think he is putting the "public" attention on Johnson and the D Line cuz he and they can handle it.  Meyer, and everyone else knows, that the key to this season rests with the O line.  But with Studs as a new coach, he wants him to assimilate into this culture, size up his kids (which I am sure he has done) and behind the scenes, mold this young O line.  He's got a lot of work to do state the obvious.

Yes, Defense wins championships and our D line more than held its own in 2014.  But as for was that O line that blew open holes in Wisconsin, Bama's and Oregon's D lines that paved the way to a national championship. As a matter of fact, it may have been the last O line that truly dominated the LOS against Bama...for the foreseeable future.  It will again be the key to this year's success in this humble opinion, no matter how Meyer wants to cleverly shape media and public attention. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

With regard to your last sentence about Samue, you base that on something he said, where you think he fits best, or simply his lack of size and bulk to be an every down back in college or the NFL? 

Not looking to pick an argument at all....but I have this sense that Samuel is, to a degree, being overlooked.  He has an amazing burst through the hole, that frankly, he showed more of in 2014 than he did last year. Maybe....that better utilized as an H...but after the questionable success this Offense and scheme showed last year with both Miller and Marshall, I fear that Samuel's prolific skills could be neutralized.  Interested in your thoughts...rebuttal so to speak...

Comment 19 Apr 2016

This.  Even though our returning nucleus of O Linemen sat out Saturday's Spring Game.....this group will need to stay healthy and gel quickly -- or simply gel at some point, or we can forget about RB by committee or any other cliche or stat.  They've got a long way to go and that, for now, is just reality.