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Comment 10 hours ago

Yeah, those are some really strange match ups.  At best....really at best, we can hope for a split, but all that matters is how OSU, TTUN and Penn State play.  The rest is filler.  WI better hold serve against Western or it will be a bad look, even though my allegiances run heavy with MAC teams.

Comment 10 hours ago

I see TTUN beating FSU --- but only if they are motivated to play FSU as they were Florida last year.

Wisky got hosed.....should've been matched up with OKIE, but hard for me to feel sorry for them after that collapse last night.  

I see them being upset by Western MI .....sort of like last year's Houston's upset over FSU

The #5 Penn State Nittany Lions will face off against the #9 USC Trojans from Pasadena in the Rose Bowl

A very intriguing game.  I am no longer waiting for PSU to get exposed.  I think they are better than we want them to be.  Not sure they will beat USC, but it wouldn't shock me.  I can also see them getting curb I will cover all my bets, LOL.

Finally, our very own #3 Ohio State Buckeyes will be matching up against the #2 Clemson Tigers in the Fiesta Bowl at 7pm on Saturday, December 31.;     All "9 strong" better show up and that means STs too....;  I am not convinced we win this game, but I am glad we are there!  Will make for an exciting Holiday Bowl season, that is for sure.

Comment 16 hours ago that case, I can't wait to be "exposed" by another team after we've beaten them 54-16.  Count me in for that, LOL.  

Comment 16 hours ago

We can say what we want about McSorley's passing habits or his form.  Or that he just chucks up prayers that his WRs come down with. One this is for sure whether we like it or not: PSU has the hottest Offense in the B1G right now and it it's not even close.  McSorley has been willing this team to win for 9 games in a row with his arm and his feet.  To deny that is just, well, living in denial.

Comment 17 hours ago

Not sure about that, especially after a physical team like USC curb stomped UW.  

Logic may agree with you, but for 9 games in a row, McSorley has thrown up 50 yard jump balls that his WRs have caught.  Houston, we have a pattern here.  McSorley also gains a lot of yards with his feet, which Bama has historically had a hard time with.  I wouldn't be too smug thinking Bama would have an easier time with PSU than any other possible top four team they would face.  Not any more.  

Comment 18 hours ago

Thanks......geez, good call out.  That means we and they will share top billing for next year's early season picks for the Division.  Sparty is a question mark and TTUN loses a LOT to graduation or early moves to the NFL like Peppers.

Comment 19 hours ago

Agree and well said.  If anyone hates to see what Penn State has done it is me.  I have to listen to this shit now for 12 months.  Face it: Penn State is playing some of the best football in the country right now.  They have a QB who has absolute faith in his WRs (cuz they have earned it) and a D line that has come around.  Although they will likely lose Barkley to the draft, I see them as going head-to-head with us to win the Division next year.  

Their fan base is irrational.....but that doesn't mean we should marginalize them as a team.  They are playing the best football with the best QB in the B1G as we sit here today whether we like it or not.  And lastly.....Offense sells.....which we are lacking.  Will they jump to # 4?  I doubt it.  Then college football will lose TV sets for an entire section of the country....on NY eve....which it can't afford after last year's ratings cluster-f**k.   But their match up with USC in the Rose....if it comes to that, will be pretty compelling TV. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

And to think Jim Tressel was given a 5 year "Show cause" penalty by that fuck ball, Mark Emmert, and the NCAA.   Don't get me started......okay, I already did.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

I remember those threads, allinosu.  And there is one telling phrase at the close of your post regarding Herman:  "Before we won it all."

We haven't even won our Division since he left. 

And yes, I remember JT's errant passing tendencies, but I will take him and that Offense of 2014 now anyday -- before and after Jones.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

I think that Barrett has been the victim of a coaching dysfunction between Warriner, Beck and Meyer.  JTB absolutely flourished under Tom Herman.....when Herman had won Meyer's trust and put all of his efforts and mentoring into Barrett in 2014.  That he hasn't flourished since then while carrying the team on his back, is a credit to Barrett for the wins.....and a testimonial to the loss of Herman. There are no coincidences here. 

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Our only exposure to the Penn State argument is if they put a curb-stomp on WI similar to how we did two years ago. We would all hate to see that happen, but it's not beyond the realm of possibilities.  If Wisky's Offense doesn't kill the clock and move the chains, Penn St may boat race them....and that would suck big time.  I live here and tired of hearing this shit.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Maybe.  It would take a lot for the committee to take OSU and Michigan....when neither played for the conference championship.  

OTOH.....there is a strong argument in support of The Buckeyes and Michigan as the 2 best teams in the B1G regardless.  In fact, I don't even think there is an argument in that statement even if TTUN lost twice in November.

For me, the final 4 should be:

Bama vs. Michigan

Clemson vs. OSU

Although I think USC is at this time, a better team than Clemson.  But they can't get in with 3 losses with one of them being a curb stomping at the hands of Bama.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I agree with you, bro.....but if the MGo thread had been titled or described differently, it would not have been off the mark. Until Meyer finds a QB (maybe it's Burrow - it just might be) who is a true passer.......who can run.....instead of the long line of Tebows, Braxton Miller's and JTBs who are running QBs asked to throw (and not very good at it) the Meyer nay-sayers will be largely proven right.  

Alex Smith is Meyer's lone exception to this rule, and no, I don't count Cardale Jones.  So....I agree with you that Meyer doesn't have to worry about what the NFL thinks, he gets paid to win at the college level, and that he does with regularity.  But to poke fun at his ability or even his interest to develop NFL ready Qbs or NFL ready Offenses, is a commentary that has merit whether we agree or not.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

At any rate, seems like JT calls off deep balls a good chunk of time they are called. Maybe that accounts for the no interceptions. I don't know that it speaks to development.

I think the calling off of deep balls speaks to 2 things:  His lack of faith in his WRs coming down with "jump balls" -- with Noah Brown as an exception....And 2:  his lack of time in the pocket against good defenses.   Those 2 factors, in this armchair hack's opinion, (and yes, his lack of accuracy at times) have hindered JT and the long ball in this offense.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I think you make some great, provocative points, roo, especially about our WR corps, JT and Samuel.

Your most haunting (not sure why I chose that word) point is about "distributing touches".   That was the bane of last year's team....touches to Zeke, Thomas, etc.....and it was all on Meyer.  It was as if he wanted his guys to shine at the April draft... and assumed they would win the conference.  Oops.  Even some of the jet sweeps and jump passes to get TDs during garbage time to starters made me wonder if Meyer was more worried about keeping his locker room happy rather than just win and get on to the next game.  Many of Meyer's hard ass tendencies seem to either have been left in Florida or waned since the 2013 season. While nobody can argue with his won - loss record.....there have been some curious tendencies seen in play calling in the past couple of seasons...that have not helped JT in his development.  

IMHO....this season proved that when the Warriner-Beck and Meyer get out of JTs way.....he seems to prosper.  The more they script for him.....the more forced his actions....with shitty results.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I agree with you for the most part, pastor, especially regarding JTs bad weather challenges....but I will take one exception:

His finest game as an OSU Qb was that cold night under the lights in East Lansing, in November 2014. Granted, it wasn't "frozen tundra" weather, but it was pretty darn cold. Besides, is it ever "nice" in East Lansing after November 1st?  

He was absolutely surgical that night....and honestly, with some good to great games played since then, it was by many opinions, his finest game ever.  Still trying to find that magic......elusive at best, two years and counting.

Comment 02 Dec 2016

The narrative that J.T. Barrett has regressed as a downfield passer since his freshman year is simply not accurate

Hey, who are we to argue with facts?  That was interesting, but as DJ wrote in his piece, stats are a funny thing. Regrettably, here is one more fun fact: there isn't a DC collecting a paycheck who fears the OSU passing attack......and it's becoming a moral victory when we complete a pass on 3rd down to move the chains. It clearly does not all reside with JT.  His O line and WRs share much of the blame (and coaches). So facts aside, the narrative is worse than it was in 2014.  There is no Devin Smith, Mike Thomas, Tom Herman or dominant O line (by year end) ....and we've seen the results in the passing game, percentages be damned.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Fair enough, squirrel.   Glass half-empty vs. glass half-full.   Cannot argue with your points.

Luck or no luck, the standard is still Alabama.....and by appearances, we have a steep ladder to climb to get there.  Yes, their QB is prone to mistakes and we can console ourselves with the fact that a sloppy Ole Miss team put 40+ points on them.  But we'd be naive at best, to ignore the failings of this Offense and the appearance of dysfunction on Ohio State's offensive brain trust.  You need look no further than JT's apparent plateauing (or pick a word that suits you) as a passer, the O line's inabilty to block a bunch of freshmen at Michigan State, and the inability to get a play in until the last second this past Saturday at crunch time.  

The offense has devolved to a point where it seems to work best when JT says to himself....."F**k it.....I am going to run this play the way I think it needs to be run....and screw everyone else."    Thank god he still has the wherewithall to make that statement or we would have the 3 losses I described instead of the 1 you've reminded me of.  It certainly is not due to the coaching staff that is paid to put these kids in position to succeed.  And yes.....I don't discount the fact that good schemes this year have been scrapped by poor execution too.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

The only glaring criticism of the defense is 'Kown (MLB) needing to get his hands in the air on passes over the middle and make an attempt to bat the ball down. He's generally in a good spot to do so, and he's kept in the middle to spy on the backfield.

Who knows....maybe that explains why he was on the sidelines on so many 3rd downs in the 4th quarter last Saturday.  Especially for a guy who used to be known for having freaky speed for a MLB.