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Comment 18 Apr 2014

No.  We don't always know the story.

Some of you are confusing.....blunt talk as being truthful talk.  You were soooo tired of Tressel's bland demeanor, that you're wetting yourselves over listening to Meyer's "candor"....without knowing how much of it is truth or how much is bull-shit.  But we as a fanbase and the scribes who cover the Buckeyes, whether they are in the Digital space like this one or the Columbus Dispatch are all in a lather over Meyer.  All over a guy who has won a lot of games.....and so far, nothing else. 

For all of Meyer's "candor"....he was talking a lot while clearly covering up a seething bit of discontent on this team at the end of last year.  His "chase" rants got old....that was obvious. You only needed to see how flat this team was to start both the Sparty and Clemson games to know that something was wrong in mudville.  For all the love he got from the fanbase, Vrabel was a disruptive and negative force in the coaching room.  His D line is glad to see him gone and I would bet the DBs are happy to see Withers move on as well.  

The head coach who "did not believe in red-shirts" painted the locker room red and some players, like Mike Mitchell, said "fuck this" and moved on.  For a guy who let anything go on at Florida, he stripped Bradley Roby of his captaincy....for the over-all scheme of things?  There is another guy who said "fuck it" to this program at some point last year and still will be a high draft pick. 

And if you're thinking I am some sort of "Meyer hater", you'd be wrong. He was the perfect coach for what this program needed when he arrived.  Yes, Meyer's vs. Tressel's pressers are more entertaining. Both coaches are skilled at manipulating the media.  They just go about it in markedly different ways of speaking bull-shit.  That's the only difference imo.


Comment 18 Apr 2014

Agree with you, radar.   Unless Drayton changes his habits, i.e., really platoons his RBs, there will be at least 2 guys in his stable that will not be happy.  It just isn't numerically possible.  A glut of riches...yes!  With Dunn, Samuel, Wilson, Ball, EZE and Smith....that is enough to gloat over, even with a young O line.  But I just can't see enough touches for those guys to keep them happy, especially in an offense that will be forced to pass (often) as Defenses line up and dare Miller to throw.  Will be fun to watch how it progresses, though!

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Maybe I am the only person in our fanbase who thinks this way, but a night game at Sparty....while making for great TV excitement, really creates an even bigger edge for MSU.   A night game always has a home crowd stoked even further.   We won there two years ago in the afternoon....that was good enough for me.  

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Then I speak as a proud BGSU Alum, would have turned out ok, buckeyebbd!! 


Comment 15 Apr 2014

On this, we are in total agreement, Ethos!  PSU will be another drunken, loud crowd with a stoked up team and coaching staff.  Cannot let them have a lead that night.  An undermanned team that gains confidence is dangerous.  Especially one that will have the number 63 likely to be taped to their helmets during the week.....and reminded how "Urban Meyer ran up the score" last year.........

Comment 15 Apr 2014

You would, eh?  I guess you didn't see the "guys being developed" this past Saturday afternoon that had the QBs running for their lives and the D line living in the backfields like Big Daddy Wilkinson used to.  Maybe you didn't notice that if Braxton Miller goes down, this team's season is over.  

An Alabama trained O lineman....and you say....uh..."no Thanks".   I'll respectfully disagree while shaking my head.

Comment 12 Apr 2014's giving us our college football fix, okie.

Good news?  Our DBs are looking good......Apple especially.

Bad news?  Some parts painful to watch. Youth on O Line is obvious.  WRs not getting as much separation as I would have expected....going against a secondary that has been a sieve  in recent years.


Comment 12 Apr 2014

The sideline interviews are just painful.  Hope the play picks up.   woah...M Thomas with a grab!

Somebody make a out my garage starting to sound like a good idea.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

No.  You're not crazy or alone, but Ohio State teams far better than this one (at least on paper) could not go 11-0 let alone 15-0. 

This team has question marks galore including Miller's improvement; a green O line; Herman's play calling in the clutch... a Defense that is coming off of one of its worst years history....just to name a few.  While every team and season starts with a bit of uncertainty, this team has too many ??? for me to think that it can run the table.  I hope you are right Davis...but I think it's wishful thinking. I see this as a 10-2 team next year.  

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Well, if you're going to dream...then dream big!!

And yes, this is the type of scenario...and maybe the only one in which the OSU football program re-establishes the street cred that it had in 2006 prior to that fateful night in the desert....for which the cfb fanbase and media has not forgiven them for.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

I agree with you.  While he may change his approach, Meyer has staged the last 2 Spring Games almost as a flag football scrimmage with Miller and Guiton airing the ball out with passes on nearly every play -- or so it seemed that way. Our passing stats in 2011 and 2012 were an embarrassment, and this year, teams will still dare the Buckeyes to pass the ball until we give them a reason not to. Therefore, I'd be surprised if we see a "statement game" from Smith, Ball, EZE, or Dunn on Saturday unless Jones and Barrett are so awful that the coaches say, "screw it, let's run the ball".

I have a feeling one of our RBs is going to be really disappointed on Saturday evening (EZE excepted) and think seriously about taking his show on the road.  Time will tell.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

I hate to ask this, but:

What is the format for Saturday's game / scrimmage? 

Will the teams be split by Meyer and have "captains" and play under simulated game conditions? QBs "Live" or red jerseyed?

Or will the 1s on Offense play the 1s on Defense and players are rotated from there  2s vs. 2s, etc with the O and D earning points?

If I have missed an article on this, then my apologies.....just curious as to how this will play out.