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Comment 23 Jun 2017

It really is hard to believe that despite their greatness and toughness, HOF players like Eddie George, O Pace, and Big Kat.....just spit the bit against Michigan and under Coop's direction, probably squandered at least 2 legit chances at National Championships in 95 and 96, long before the days of Conference divisions and cfb playoffs. is just hard to believe.  That senior class of '96 won a million games it seems.....except the one they needed to. 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

That's because the Vest had very few poorly performing coaches.  People will laugh and point to the QB Coach Sic.....but as I recall it, Pryor improved every year at Ohio State and the offense was shaping up to be a monster in 2011... until the Tatgate mess occurred. 

If it took Meyer to be completely humiliated against Clemson on New Year's eve to see that he needed to make changes, then I am not sure that is something to brag about.  The Buckeyes in 2007, save for the flop vs. Illinois, arguably over-achieved until they, too, got taken to the woodshed and we over-matched by LSU.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Agree with you on that, south.  Although in fairness, there were players who improved remarkably while playing for Matta:  Diebler, Lighty, Turner come to mind.....but not in recent years.

What I am excited to see is how the Offense changes and improves.  I have lost track as to the number of times in recent years, the Buckeyes exhausted the shot clock only to put up a lousy shot from someone who had no chance. Or after Sully left, their futility in-bounding the ball under the basket. 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

We as a fanbase can focus on Michigan.....and there is no doubt that Urban Meyer is expected to -- and incentivized to beat Michigan as a priority in his performance evaluation and his earnings.   But we'd be foolish or living in the past to place the emphasis on this game as we have throughout our lives.  Before you consider that blasphemy, remember that Urban Meyer was hired and PAID to take the Ohio State football program to the proverbial "next level".....and the next level is not (just) beating Michigan, it was beating Alabama, which he has done once already.  

Remember, in the new world, we can conceivably lose to Michigan and still play for B1G championship and possibly even a national championship.....something unheard of 5 or certainly 10 years ago.  If Ohio State is going to be spoken of in the same breath as Alabama and now Clemson, we can hang on to our heritage of beating TTUN.....but focus on the greater prize, cuz I assure you, the guy at the top sure is.  Even Meyer knows it has been 3 seasons not just since he won the NC, but also since he won his Division even though his teams beat Michigan in these recent years.

Meyer knows that he pulls favor from the alumni and fan base while outwardly focusing on Michigan. But if he wants to line crystal trophies in the WHAC, and cement his place in OSU history, he needs to think much, much bigger and broader.  For proof, you need to look no further than the guillotine he used after the debacle against Clemson last year. 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

Dethroning them from the recruiting top tier is one thing.  Dethroning them from the top of the SEC and CF playoff may be an entirely different animal.

Comment 16 Jun 2017

Anyway you look at it, it will be a tall order to win more than 17 games this season

Channeling my inner Jim Mora......playoffs, playoffs???   All kidding aside, it may be difficult for this team to have a .500 season this year. Reaching or sniffing 17 wins would be almost miraculous for them, let alone win more than that.  This was a team that struggled to win with a full complement of players.....let alone one that is now depleted.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

Yes.  Chuck makes some strong points, no doubt.

I am not an OSU alum, so hey, have at it!  If I were an alum, I would struggle with having someone like Conley as a HOF-er at Ohio State, who was there for (barely) one year, when there are people like Archie Griffin who played at OSU for 4 years and afterward, dedicated his life's work to the University athletic program and is the school's greatest and arguably well- loved ambassador.  I admit that it is a tough comparison and there is no one like Archie.  

But......if you believe in your argument then you must be at peace with Conley and Griffin sharing the same pedestal....which I think is a bit questionable.  

Comment 14 Jun 2017

I agree with Brutus.  One year -- then HOF?  If I were one of the other athletes (who stayed at OSU for at least 3 years) being awarded/honored, I am not sure what to think of someone who played one season, stayed for the compulsory 6 months to ensure academic eligibility, then checked out for the gold in the NBA.  

This is not doubting Conley's success at OSU or in the NBA.....and I hear he is a really great dude, but as I tell you to get off my lawn, I have to laugh at the idea of glorifying the "1 and done's"....while vilifying people like Calipari who make their living at it.  

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Agree.  While it will certainly and eventually change for the better, some of us are forgetting the most popular meme on this site describing the OSU B-Ball program has been a dumpster fire.  Kids don't want to play here and coaches don't want to coach of now.  Not sure how much clearer that needs to be. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Be grateful for the chatter, Andy.   It's almost summer.   Your peeps could take the option of checking out until August 30th......

Comment 06 Jun 2017

College football games that start after 7:00PM that are guaranteed to run for almost 4 hours.

MLB strike zones the size of a pubic hair.  Yes, let's make it a four hour game.  Swing the damn bat before my wife and daughter turn on the f-ing Bachelor.  Thank you.

The length of the MLB, NBA and NHL seasons.

Talk about a college football playoff with 16 teams.  Please, just give that shit up. 

MAC games on Tuesday nights in November.....just to create revenue.  Yes, I am a BG grad.

Nick Saban's faux anger at the media when they ask him how he will  get his team to take The Citadel seriously when they play LSU the following week. What a fu*k ball!

The Bengals' arrest records.  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  

Penn State fans.  Yes.  I live among them. 

Comment 05 Jun 2017

I disagree.  Last year, the ACC had Clemson, Florida State, VA Tech and Louisville competing.   You can poke holes at 3 of those teams other than Clemson, but top to bottom, the ACC was more than competitive the past 2 years and in Clemson, had a team play for the NC twice.

Considering the Big Ten flag bearer (our Buckeyes) were practically teabagged by the ACC front-runner last year, I wouldn't consider them garbage.  If so, then that might be more of an indictment of the Big Ten than the ACC.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

This 60-year old's guide to Saturday 3:30 games.

Sleep in until 7; make pot of coffee and read Weekend Wall St. Journal and be reminded of everything I can't afford. Hang the Buckeye flag.

View TV schedule for which games are at Noon and am I interested in any of them?  Probably not, but if so, make sure I am back home in time for the 2nd half.

Mid-morning options: play golf; mow the lawn; nervously clean the garage if it needs it or not; rake the leaves; shop for food and beer for said 3:30 game if a crowd is coming over.  Put on Buckeye battle cry music on CD.

Keep an eye on 8;00 PM College Night game schedule. This will tell me when I should start -- or delay drinking during Buckeyes' 3:30 game start. Of course, that plan goes to hell the first time the Buckeyes have a turnover during 3:30 game.

7:00 to 8:00....dreaded Saturday dead time zone unless I want to watch the featured Big 12 teams take turns scoring TDs.

Nap. Read and post on 11 W.  Get ready for night games in a good mood.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

I can't argue Martell's skill set, but if he sees a lot of playing time or starts, I would bet that it is because Burrow or the other kid (mid-day brain drain here) left.  We have 3 terrifically skilled kids waiting to take the reins when JT graduates -- and none of them is going to wait another 2 years, after this year, to start. 

Comment 02 Jun 2017

Good points, especially the field position and defense references.

I seem to recall Meyer going for it more often in 2012 and 13 than recently, although I could be mistaken about that. I seem to think he has more faith that has been earned by his Defense in recent he has been willing to punt and put his opposing team in a hole deep inside the 20yard line and win the battle of field position.  

In 2012 and 13, the Buckeye defenses were not as stout....and sometimes they just flat out sucked, so he may have felt compelled to go for it on 4th down unless it was a crazy thing to do. I am just speculating.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

In my opinion,  two realities limited Meyer's going for it more often on 4th down last year:  

1. The limitations of his passing game made the play-calling more predictable.

2. The inability of his O-line to really set the tone against good teams; it's easy to be brave when playing Bowling Green and Rutgers; it's a whole other thing against the better teams we went up against. I also wonder if the more conservative play calling or the lack of 4th down "go for it" attempts was due to the yardage to gain.  When the offense is at 2nd and 10 because of another failed QB draw, incomplete pass, or failed jet sweep, it's unlikely you'll be in a 4th and 1 with a shot to go for it.