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Comment 22 hours ago

I hate the thought of Thad on the hot seat because I respect him so much, but I do agree this is a tough ask tonight. 

Mid-week road trip; coming down from Sunday's emotional high against an under-rated NEB team. I can only be cautiously optimistic on this, but hey, I will be thrilled to be surprised tonight!  

Comment 18 Jan 2017

I hope that isn't true, 33, but it would not be surprising.  Disappointing, yes.  But not a shock.  Let's face it, everyone loves what Burrow can do and in limited time, what he has shown.  OTOH, all we hear about is how good Haskins and Martell can be.  If you are Burrow, knowing that JTB has been ordained as the starter for this coming season, what would you do? at Texas, creates a possible move for Burrow, if he even wanted to be that far from home.  Like I said, would love to see Joe sling it as a buckeye in the Shoe.  Just not sure it is in the cards.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

I agree with miami on this one.  The "face of the program" is the HC.   Even if Coordinators are ever found to be abusive, it's the HC who is ultimately accountable whether it was Leach at T TECH or Wilson at Indy or Beckman at Illinois, it is the HC who nearly always takes the fall for these issues, some or many of which they bring on themselves.  I also agree that Smith needed to answer the question, but within limits.  I am presuming he went "public" with his responses to avoid a cloud of some sort of a backroom deal on this.  Every coach at every big name program has his enemies and Meyer (as did Wilson) will have his too.  It's just the reality of the business, but I have no problem with Smith's actions here.  

This will pale by comparison to the questions Smith will have to answer in the coming years regarding his appointment to the cfb Playoff Committee. Now that....will be a little shit storm he'll have to manage through with a sarcastic smile.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

"My mind's made up.  Don't confuse me with the facts".   Lol. 

Okay, fine.  Who would you rather have as your wing man if you were a QB?  Zeke or Weber?  Yes, Zeke was older, so the comparison is not completely fair, but nonetheless, I know who I would want. 

Statistics can lie too.  IIRC our O line scored quite highly throughout the year, especially when you look at running yards gained. 

OTOH, our vaunted O-line was thrown around like ragdolls by nearly every D they faced that had a pulse and most viciously, by Clemson, even though some people like to point to the first quarter and post "hey, it wasn't as bad as we thought".  Okay, good to know.  Might explain why, in addition to predictable schemes, this fan site was bickering over the fates of Ed W and G Stud as Meyer was cleaning house.

So, I will stand corrected on the scoring of Weber for his pass pro.  I will also hold my ground that stats can be really deceiving too.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Scouts will want to see him fix ball security and improve his catching, though.

This.....and Weber's desire to and ability to block in pass pro.  He's done well and he's done poorly evidenced by the sack and run-for-his-life frequency by JTB.  Is some of this on Barrett?  Yes.  But Zeke set a really high bar for pass pro blocking and Weber will need to up his game as well.  Not saying he is poor at it, but his game will need to be elevated on all counts.  Since he is not a bona fide breakaway threat, he'll need to prove he can move the chains.  

Comment 17 Jan 2017

I agree.  I don't see anyone taking anything away from Haskins either.  If anyone has been somewhat overlooked in this Forum as the season went on, it was Burrow, oddly enough as new QBs were being signed. Hey, these kids all have shown in previous levels they can play.  We're all anxious to see what they can do.  

And regarding the "In Urban we trust" mantra.....yeah, that still deservedly holds true.  But it is also deserving of more scrutiny coming into this season than any previous year.

Comment 17 Jan 2017

It'll be interesting to see how Meyer splits up the two teams and moreover, how many reps each quarterback gets.

In recent years, Meyer has orchestrated the Spring Game with a lot of passing and the staff hoping (and the fans) nobody would get hurt and after halftime, to get the game over with.  This year?  While I expect the QBs will wear the essential red or black, "don't hit me" jerseys, for a lot of the team members, especially O linemen, WRs and DBs, it should be pretty spirited competition.  

Coming off of a woodshed beating, one would think, within reason, there will be more than the usual amp up for this game. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

but Meyer's comments on Haskins have me really excited to see what he can do

Meyer's comments on Haskins (and Burrow) would have me wondering about my future at Ohio State if my name was Joe Burrow.  Tom Herman supposedly told Meyer after he saw Burrow play:  "I found your next Alex Smith".   I think the upside for Burrow is enormous, but I have a hard time (regrettably) imagining him holding a clipboard on the sidelines again this year in Columbus.  We shall see. 

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Maybe.  But for a competitive WR coach or OC to not bring up Ohio State's passing stats in the past 2 seasons (with the same QB coming back for his senior season) when competing with the Buckeyes for a top recruit, would be almost malpractice by that coach.  As the trite cliche goes, "it is what it is" with our passing game until proven otherwise.  It's fair game. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Eh, you sure, miami?   Sometimes having a "stable of unremarkable" DBs who play 3 or 4 seasons without turning heads" may not always be a bad thing.  Other than Mike Doss, the DBs on the NC team of 2002 had guys like Nickey and Fox who were drafted, but nothing spectacular and certainly not freakish athletes.  But they got a NC ring that the recent guys did not.  Although clearly not their fault, the DBs of the past two OSU teams were not even champions of their division, let alone the nation.  

Be careful what you wish for. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I agree with you, CC. 

While my Get Off My Lawn sign is not as obvious as kdunphy's (smile) I do believe one thing fundamentally, until proven otherwise:

You can't -- or at least it is damned difficult to win a national championship in the first season after your 3rd year Sophs or Juniors leave and dominate the NFL draft. 

It's already been chronicled that both Bama and Clemson had players come back this year that had an opportunity to leave last year. Based on what I saw of both teams in the NC they were physically way ahead of our guys.....and you need look no further than the way Clemson's D-line dominated our O line and the skill set of their WRs.   No need to argue about scheme, play calling, or what has already been hashed out about our debacle vs. Clemson.  But I do believe that if this fanbase is going to jump up and down and celebrate a great showing at the NFL draft, we better recalibrate our expectations for the following Buckeye football season until shown otherwise. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Saturday night games at 8:00 are now routinely 4 hours.   That's too long if you are in the stadium (actually it's worse) or at home.  The product in front of us, due to commercial timeouts and replay reviews, is sucking the life out the college football game experience.  If Gene Smith cannot acknowledge that, then, well........I'll keep my remote handy while at home which will piss off the TV advertisers and I'll think twice about going to the Shoe.  Actually, I have already done both. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

And according to some, too worried about touches for the players he felt that he needed to keep happy.

Our fanbase is getting Tim Beck off their chests, as evidenced by Silver's lengthy post.  While there is no denying that Beck had a role in this year's Offensive debacle, none of us will ever know where his (and Ed W's) influence ended and Meyer's began. Now, it doesn't really matter.  As DWC hints, the new Offensive regime may be Meyer's make or break opportunity.  

The Buckeyes will either find its Offensive mojo again, crank this Offense into unprecedented high gear, or, perish the thought, Meyer may be guilty of squandering more talent at Ohio State than any coach in recent memory.

There are no more scapegoats.  It's up to the $ 6 MM man and the men he has hired.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

While I understand concern for the Secondary with this year's flight to the NFL, I have no time to worry about the D next year. Until proven otherwise with the new Offense's braintrust, the only thing I will lose sleep over is the production of the Offense.  Coombs and Schiano have earned my trust.  The other guys have yet to do that is where I will focus my Buckeye angst for the time being. 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I agree with this.  I don't have the time or the energy to look at the stats for Clemson's Offense this year, but based on what I saw on TV, there weren't too many 5'9" smurfs getting passes thrown to them.  I'd feel worse about this if Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall had blown the lid off this Offense the last 2 years, but they didn't....most likely to no fault of their own.  Wish the young man well and move on.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Interesting how a story like this gets a massive amount of "hits" on this site, while the much bigger (yet anticipated, I realize) story about Lattimore leaving gets a "ho-hum, good luck to 'Shon" response.   Put it this way, we, now me included, expend this energy over a young man who never put on a Buckeye jersey, while one of the most important cogs in next year's wheel just joined his mates and said, "see ya."  

It don't add up, and hey, get off my lawn while you're at it.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

In the absolute sense, you are right, TNT.   It is equally factual to realize that during the first week of December the past two years, our boys have been at home, while 2 other B1G teams were playing for the Conference championship.  And judging by the curb stomping we took at the hands of Clemson two weeks ago, we better win the Conference next year, without your noted tie-breaker, cuz we won't get to the cfb playoffs any other way.