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Comment 10 hours ago

You make a fair point. is what the cynics will point out:

Go back 50 years and look at the Big Ten record in the Rose Bowl vs. the Pac 12, Pac 10 or whatever you want to call it. will see why the Pac 12 gets more love than the B1G in any pre=season ranking.  We can argue the logic of that all we want, but the results are what they are....historical context or not. 

If we want to put a stop to the shitting on this conference...then it is time to be the windshield....not the bug.  Otherwise...nothing changes.

Comment 19 hours ago

While there are a couple of memorable passes vs. Wisconsin to refute my point, I think calling Braxton an "awesome" deep ball passer is a bit of a stretch, squirrel.  Yes, he had the capability, but all too often he missed his mark when the chance was there.  I will be happy if Barrett can throw effective slants across the middle as you suggest (although always a risk with a young QB who doesn't see the Safeties creep up) and move the chains and eat the clock.  

If he can do these things while getting the ball in space, in stride to Samuel, Wilson and Marshall, this team will be damn fun to watch.  If he can't...then we'll be drinking a lot of beer this fall!

Comment 21 hours ago

No arguments here, woody. 

I suggest....this is the year Herman and Meyer earn their paychecks. 

In 2011, Jim Bollman was excoriated by the OSU fan base for running a plain vanilla, boring offense that was painful to watch. He simply did not have faith in Miller's ability to learn the playbook and run an open offense...or at least an offense that was designed for Terrelle Pryor.

Now?  In the midst of another firestorm, Herman and Meyer have to decide how to use the vast weapons on this team and find out why some of these kids like Marshall, Wilson, and Samuel were recruited in the first place...while taking some pressure off of Barrett. If they do, then this will be a fun team to watch.  If they don't....then there will be some interesting reading in these Forums. 

Lastly, one thing is obvious and for damn sure:  Luke Fickell and Chris Ash better turn that dumpster fire of a Defense into this team's biggest asset cuz I don't see this team winning games by outscoring their opponents (except for MSU and Clemson) like we did the past 2 seasons.

Comment 23 hours ago

I am not sure what point you are making.  We're talking about teams getting shredded?

Our Buckeyes were shredded by a freshman QB from CAL.  I hate to think what famous Jameis would have done to this team last year. 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Winning 2 of the recent 3 National Championships gives you a certain amount of street cred.  Aside from 2 wins vs. Michigan that meant nothing on the national scale, the Buckeyes under Urban Meyer are still waiting for their first marquee, signature win.  That might be why 'Bama is predicted to go the Playoff and the Buckeyes aren't. 

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Fair enough and I agree with you, hovenaut.

Now replace Mariota with Miller;  Replace Oregon with Ohio State.

And that response is what you get from a healthy cross-section of college football fandom.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I am married to a woman who played a "non-revenue sport" and we brought three daughters into the world who competed in high school and college in non-rev sports.  Not sure if they relied on football to fund their programs, but if so, great. 

So......while I accept all arguments in this Forum, let me politely say there are other points of view. 

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Vanderbilt is a train wreck, yes.  KU......give you that.  

Tennessee, Miss St and Florida would not fear this Buckeye team for a second.  Yes, Meyer is the new sheriff in town, but the Buckeyes have one, now vacated win vs. the SEC, since Nixon was in office.  Trust me, they wouldn't be shaking in their boots over the prospects of playing us.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Well said.  This will be taken by the media haters as "Buckeyes dodge a decent opponent and pick up a basketball team and a lower Tier PAC 12 team".  No other way to look at it from many points of view.   And really....just typing the words...."is an SEC team afraid of us"...sent laughter everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

A well written, nicely balanced article. 

Does anyone other than me remember when Tommy Tuberville was still at Auburn....and after the Debacle in the Desert....chimed in and said that "Ohio State probably would be a 5th place team in the SEC" ?  My only wish is that Jim Tressel could have gotten a measure of revenge on him for that, but I will accept it from Urban Meyer now.  They do have the athletes to make this an interesting game, no doubt.  

And you can argue with my analogy if you wish, but Dayton's victory over the OSU b-ball team in the NCAA tourney gave the underdogs more than hope when playing an Ohio State team. 

Comment 12 Aug 2014

This Greek will miss seeing him on the field bragging to my kids!

Good decision though. It's a big sacrifice....especially knowing that playing time will be limited.  I wonder what he could have accomplished someplace else.  Easy for me to say...I am not an OSU alum like most of you.  But, nevertheless, he will be a Buckeye for life and I, like you, wish him well.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I say worse.  

Lost a lot of talent and experience on the O Line.  You just don't plug and play at this level even if Warriner is your coach and he recently turned around the O line.

Lost Carlos Hyde....a RB that history may show was even better than we thought -- and we thought he was pretty damned good.

Question marks around B Miller's health......pocket proficiency, etc. 

Too many question marks for me to even consider this O will be better than last year's.

Lastly.....the addition of Navy, VA Tech and maybe even Cinci will test this Offense in the OOC season much more so than previous early Septembers.  I don't expect X Box numbers with this schedule vs. the last 2 years.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Fair enough.....but I suggest something in Meyer's passion had lost traction by year end.  It also appears that the Defensive lapses created some finger-pointing and lack of team cohesion.  While I am at it,  I think Bradley Roby's stripping of his captaincy left a rough edge with him that lasted throughout the season and may have rubbed off on others. There was obvious friction with Withers and I don't hear any of the D Linemen wishing Mike Vrabel were still here.  Michael Thomas' calling out of the WR corps may have been simple frustration over his lack of playing time...or something more deep seated.  So.....something was wrong in Mudville regardless of the source.

In short...while Meyer is keeping the "Chase" is only because the team has now bought into it..albeit the hard way. By the end of last season, his grip on the team had frayed. I am clearly no insider...but I don't think I - or anyone else would need to be to see it.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Not surprising to see that something was 'rotten in Denmark' regarding last year's team especially by November.

When a team comes out flat (especially on Defense) against Michigan, Michigan St and Clemson, you know that mental preparation is missing.  I also think that when Alabama lost to Auburn, the Buckeyes thought they had a cake walk to the NC game and mailed in their preparation eerily similar to the 2006 team with the NC debacle in the desert.  That...and the "Chase" bull shit had finally worn thin. .

As others have posted...this year will be truly interesting to watch.  My expectations are not nearly as ambitious as many of my fellow posters, but my anticipation for the season is just as great.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I agree with Rabbit.  This is pause for Miller had some serious work to do to get ready for the season...not just mentally, but also as a passer. This Forum is acting as if Miller has been a top - rated...and the team by extension...a top rated passing unit in the past few seasons.  In reality...the opposite is true.  Teams that thought about daring Miller to pass have every reason to do so.

Could this be a simple manipulation of the media by Meyer and his staff?  Sure.  But I suggest Miller needed all the reps he could get and the limitation is not something to be shrugging our shoulders about.  Not when the back up QBs really have not shown us anything to speak of. 

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Fair enough.   You make good points and while I am committed to my beliefs, there is good support for your  arguments.

The Defense sucked all of last year.....and yes, the points you and George 27 describe should have been enough to win both games.  But they weren't.  The Offense had to win both games and get this team into the NC.  It wasn't good enough to do so and neither was the coaching.  Carlos Hyde will be carrying the rock for the 49ers this year.  But....he wasn't good enough to put the team on his back when Sparty had Miller figured out in the 2nd half?

Florida State gave up a million points to Auburn in the NC game.  But nobody says FSU had a shitty Defense.  They talk about Jameis Winston and the offense being unstoppable when they had to be.  That same thing cannot be said about Ohio State's last year.  

Does all of this mean that Herman is a lousy OC?  No....of course not.  I am only saying that his resume is still unfinished when it comes to worrying about whether he will be on the other sideline in the Big Ten in the next 2 or 3 years.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Why the worry about Herman?  

While his offenses the past 2 seasons have put up gaudy numbers, his teams have played a soft schedule.  And that is being kind.  His offenses have also been slowed or shut down for long stretches and he is only one long pass to Devin Smith in 2012 from being 0-2 to Pat Narduzzi and Michigan State.  When the chips were down against Sparty and Clemson, Herman and Meyer took turns puking into their headsets and forgot they had the best RB in college football in the backfield.  He had the benefit of a veteran O-line and a beast of a back in Carlos Hyde and the best improvising QB in recent memory. 

So net, net: I think the verdict is still out on Herman. I wouldn't anoint him the king of college football offenses just yet.   Let's see what he does with a green O line....and see how Miller progresses in his senior year.  A senior year that Terrelle Pryor did not experience.....with Tressel or his so-called game movie QB coach.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Got a laugh out of your post.  And yes....I live in PA in the Philly burbs....and mow my lawn until Thanksgiving.

As for THE GAME........Noon for me;  3:30 an acceptable alternative once-in-awhile.  

Night game?  I will give up on college football for good.  There are few traditions left....if that one goes by the wayside, I will play a lot more golf in the fall.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Agree with you.  And proof of least for the Ohio State and Michigan players who played that game....nothing that happened afterwards, including the NC.....and the Rose Bowl....meant shit to them.   Not saying that is right...but it was what it was.