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Comment 25 Nov 2012

I have been going back and forth with John Kincade. He has his panties in a wad over Tressel being at the game, and how dare they lift him up.  Archdeacon not happy with the Tress lift also. I don't see the issue it was a spontaneous moment that last a whole 2 minutes! ESECPN has a bone to pick with OSU and the Big 10.

Comment 27 Dec 2011
So my question is? I know we are on probation, but are we on double secret probation?? Narrative #5: I listened to Beano Cook this weekend spouting off how we got off easy, and what we did was as bad as USC!
Comment 02 Oct 2011

Thanks for clarifying that. 

I believed the announcers knew what they were talking about.

I should have known better!



Comment 17 Sep 2011

31  Bucks

28   Badguys


I have been nervous since the end of the Toledo game!

Comment 30 May 2011

It didn't help that the Dispatch and ESPN was on a mission.  Every day no matter what else was going on in the sports world the drumbeat was on.

"Off with his head" is thier motto