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Comment 21 Feb 2015
I'm in tears right now. I've been checking back all night and all morning for updates. Good luck brother. You'll get help, you'll get better, and you''ll get to experience a Buckeye dynasty that includes the best damn fans in the land! Don't stop posting either! I know you said you were humiliated, but nobody is here to judge. We just want to hear what you have to say about anything and everything......within 11W guidelines of course!
Comment 21 Feb 2015
618, The things you're feeling aren't permanent. With time and the right help they will subside and never return with such magnitude or maybe even at all. Just step back brother and take a look at everything. There's alot of bad in this world right now, but the scales always right themselves and lean to the good. You just have to give it the chance. Life isn't long enough as it is man, don't cut it short. You deserve better. I've read your comments on here. You're a funny dude and you're a good dude.
Comment 11 Dec 2014

That face makes it look like ol' Jinxy  peed on him.

Comment 07 Oct 2012

I'm really loving R. Smith. He's definitely made the most of his game time this year. I hope he gets more touches. Not because Hyde gets hurt, but in a blowout or when Hyde needs a breather. Just hope the fumble bug stays away from him!


Comment 05 Oct 2012

Just found this on ESPN. No big deal I imagine, but not a good representation of what the team is about. I'm sure Meyer already has or will squash this real quick.

Comment 03 Oct 2012

42-17 Something clicks on offense and the defense gets redemption for last year!

Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Oct 2012

Good on Meyer at Florida, but I don't see Dantonio taking any action. We're lucky he didn't gouge big Hank's eyes himself!

Comment 01 Oct 2012

This is the first time I've seen video of the gouging to big Hank. I thought there might be some misunderstanding, but that was pretty damn deliberate. I can't believe he got away with that. Can action be taken after the fact? 

That "pussy" chant for Braxton really got me fired up! It makes me wonder how it affected him and what his reaction to it was. It didn't look like it affected him much unless it sent him into ass kickin' mode! He seems like a really level headed dude  especially for someone who has more talent in his right pinky than the entire MSU team.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

^^^These two. Brady Hoke and The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Bret Bielema and Slimer. We'll have to go from the Buckeyes to The Ohio State Ghostbusters.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

I've been creeping around 11W for two years now collecting Buckeye news and reading your comments. What finally makes me sack up and post? A chance to win dinero! Ridiculous I know, but I'm hoping this will just be the first of many. Oh and the helmet sticker idea sucked me in too. Who doesn't want helmet stickers?!

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