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Comment 13 Jun 2017

Unless you were within those walls, you don't know what really happened. ESPN totally shitted on themselves with this story. And that's been happening a lot for them lately. Look how badly they drummed up Tatoogate. Almost none of their speculation was right, and yet everybody went HAM on OSU when they (and SI) came out with the story.

Comment 25 May 2017

I know a 7' guy that might help, but he's horrible at basketball. I decided he didn’t deserve to be 7'0" tall so now I say he's 6'12".

Comment 16 May 2017

I would just like to know what is being said behind those walls. The Lyle situation was completely out of left field. Even the BBall hacks were surprised. Is the sneaker pimps? Is it other coaches? To me, things seemed to go south as soon as his medical condition was revealed.

Comment 16 May 2017

Doubt that Archie was gonna take his friend's job...that's a bad look. Better off looking at the ACC or Big Est for an up and coming assistant. 

Comment 16 May 2017

For all the talk of firing, the real question is, who are you gonna replace him with? Gotta have a game plan here.

Comment 05 May 2017
Maybe i've just missed it, but why haven't more "reporters" called out LaVar on the fact that this is a pre order? He's taking your money to use it to have your shoes made. Right now, there aren't any shoes, that's why you're waiting till November to get them. I mean if some dummy wants to drop $500 on something that no one has ever seen before, god bless. But i'm not gonna do it.