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Comment 2 hours ago

I don't think people are "glad" he lost his scholarship. He reaped what he sowed. He wanted to get hammered at the game and run onto the field. It was selfish and totally unacceptable behavior. 106k+ fans, many of which who were hammered, managed to watch the game without running onto the field. It's not normal or acceptable behavior to run onto the field- it is completely inappropriate, illegal, totally selfish and completely self-absorbed. You know how many students who graduate with debt would kill for the opportunity he had, to attend school completely free of cost? He had that opportunity and this is what he did with it.

As a fan it pisses me off that someone would run onto the field and disrespect both teams, the university, and themselves. It's just embarrassing. It's also not his first run-in with this: he bragged on twitter and had photos of him on the court at Madison Square Garden.

Comment 2 hours ago

You can't really play the what-if game. He was intoxicated, ran on the field during play, and was arrested. It was on TV. It was widely publicized and made the organization look bad. Why would they keep giving him a full-ride scholarship? The Evans Scholarship is competitive- there were other kids that didn't get it that would've loved to have it and would've been model students and citizens. 

Like it or not, he was a representative for the program and he embarrassed it and himself. It's within their right to show that such behavior isn't tolerated. He's not entitled the to scholarship, it was a privilege that he clearly didn't fully appreciate. It might be harsh but he only has himself to blame.

Comment 5 hours ago

I understand the point you are making, however the fine analogy doesn't work for one reason: you are entitled to the money you have. It's yours, you've earned it. You are not, however, entitled to other people's money. Yes, fining someone $40k for running on the field is ridiculous. However, the kid's scholarship isn't his money- it's someone else's (Evans Scholars). He's not entitled to it. He has obligations and responsibilities- namely being a good citizen and getting good grades and presumably not bringing shame/bad press to the scholarship. He's not entitled to receive his scholarship- it comes with continual obligations that he failed to meet in spectacular and selfish fashion.

Comment 10 hours ago

Hyde's scholarship was given by OSU and he was never convicted of anything. Wunder's scholarship is given by a private third party and there is clear video evidence of him committing a crime.

I don't think the kid should be suspended/expelled from school. I'm not "happy" he lost his scholarship. However, he needs to learn the hard lesson that actions have consequences and he is not entitled to receive what amounts to $20-25k a year in scholarship money from a private donor if he is going to make a fool of himself and the organization that gives him the scholarship by behaving like a criminal. The kid disrespected himself, Ohio State, his scholarship, the fans in the crowd, and the players from both teams doing what he did. It wasn't normal 21 year old drunken behavior, as there are literally tens of thousands of similarly intoxicated young people at the games who somehow manage to not run on the field during play. 

Comment 11 hours ago

This kid's scholarship wasn't given to him by OSU, it was given to him by a private 3rd party. All he had to do was get good grades and be a good citizen and he got his undergrad fully covered. Instead he acted like an asshat. If you want to give this idiot $40k of your own money, go ahead. Actions have consequences. I hope his 15 seconds of being on the field were worth the humiliation, pain, google history, and being $40k in debt when he graduates.

Comment 11 hours ago

Not a surprise he lost his scholarship. The WGA (organization that provides the scholarship) can't be pleased that "Evans Scholars" is being associated with a drunk idiot running on the field and getting body slammed.

It's a big hit for him as he'll now have to pay full tuition and board for whatever time he has left at OSU. Assuming that's just a semester, it's probably close to $15-20k. Maybe he'll learn that being a douchebag doesn't pay.

Edit: According to the Dispatch he's a 4th year student in a 5 year program. So looks like he's taking a $40k hit. That probably hurts more than the one Schlegel put on him.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

The Evans Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship, it pays full tuition and you get to live in the scholarship house while you're a student. Pretty stupid to jeopardize that and your freedom so you can look like an asshat getting slammed into the turf.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

That is actually not true, there are no entry fees for these major level competitions. The teams that play have dedicated sponsors that pay them a salary. The teams are all sponsored, and the games are live-streamed with commercials. Viewers can also buy "tickets" that enhance their viewing experience by offering stuff like in-game items and stat tracking. It's more akin to a traditional major league sporting event revenue-wise than WSOP.

As much as I cringe at the term e-sports, the rise of online streaming has really made this blow up in popularity (and money) and it appears to be sustainable. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

What a disaster. I understand that college kids want to do college things, but it just boggles the mind that a potential first round NFL draftee would submarine their future earnings potential as well as let down their teammates and school just to pop a pill or smoke some weed or w/e it happens to be.


I'm not normally negative about players and whatnot but with everything that has been going on lately, all the adversity, you just cannot let your team and yourself down like this. Shameful.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

As much as these little burner guys are fun to watch on highlight tapes, I really, really, really, want us to get RB recruits in the mold of Carlos Hyde/Beanie Wells. Big backs that can make yards out of nothing.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Based on his quote, if that's really the approach he wants to take with his college football career, being "laid back" and just having fun while handling his business, doesn't really make me feel like this is a miss.

Remember, star ratings indicate potential. If someones a 4-5 star guy with a 1-star work ethic or a lackadaisical approach to his college career, he's better off outside of Urban Meyer's system.

Comment 20 Feb 2014

To be honest, I don't mind seeing things like this. Everyone did a pretty good job of keeping their cool, and we just had a little pushing and shoving. Added some color to the game without getting ugly.

That being said, you're always one swing away from a UC-Xavier situation.

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Does it really matter how much is spent on students? More money does not equal a better education. Is Buffalo close to us? Are our admissions standards being lowered?

Don't think so.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Why can't we just put people on the edges and trust our base D not to get gashed by their awful running attack? 

These clowns literally just running gimmicky screens back and forth across the field.

Comment 03 Oct 2013

As much as the schadenfreude is nice, rules like this are still INCREDIBLY lame and unfair to athletes. Keep in mind what happened to use with the tatgate nonsense. I seriously doubt Ha Ha Clinton-Dix came from an upper-middle class background and demonizing college athletes for taking money is a complete joke.

Comment 25 Sep 2013

This idea that students aren't "real fans" when they leave at halftime or early is a joke. Students bring it to the max when it matters, i.e. against any team that's semi-decent or in any big game. You honestly expect students to hang around past halftime during the early September noon games when they've been baking in the sun for 2.5 hours in 95 degree heat? During a drubbing of an FCS or MAC team? Students pay good money to both attend school and attend the games. The fact that they even show up in force to the clowny, joke games early in the season is testament to that dedication.

If you want to blame anyone, blame the athletic department for scheduling Noon games in extreme heat against garbage opponents while consistently raising the cost of tickets year in and year out. Blame the other Big 10 schools who can't figure out how to recruit and put a competitive team on the field. I honestly do believe that we have the best fans in the country, but you are really trying the patience and wallets of said fanbase when you expect them to get hyped week in and week out when they schedule is filled with creampuffs and the games are noon kickoffs.