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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State defeats the "unbeatable" Miami Hurricanes in 2OT.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All Time: Joey Galloway; Current: Carlos Hyde
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All Time: Greg Oden; Current: Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers (sorry Cleveland, I've moved on)
  • NHL TEAM: Detroit Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Seriously? Should have taken Missouri. Better fit geographically, academically, and football-wise. Historically, not too shabby at b-ball. Would have made the western division much stronger. I understand that it increases the revenue of the B1G Network to bring in MD and Rutgers, but it definitely doesn't do much for the "brand".

Comment 07 Apr 2014

The story of the attempt to raise the sunken sub is amazing. Read "Blind Man's Bluff" for more of what the US did in the Cold War under the water. 

Comment 03 Apr 2014

Went to grad school there. It can be a great place for a game when the team is doing well, but as you see the fans are fickle. Good bars, and they used to have 2 La Bambas (!) The stadium is small by B1G standards, but as a result, the worst seats are pretty good.

As far as recruiting, the school has great academics, but Chicago's central location and lack of "affiliation" to a particular university can be a problem for retaining recruits from the area. It's not that far from ND, Mizzou, UW, scUM. Purdue, etc. Success on the field would do much to convince more of these players to stay in state.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

I agree that it's fine since the tribe is cool with it. But seriously, the warrior in the logo is as white as I am freezing my a$$ off in northern WI. I guess he and blond-haired blue-eyed Jesus should get together for drinks with Santa Claus.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

I don't think the French would wear something so tacky looking. As bad as the 1994 ones.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

He should thank Eddie Lacy for the numbers he put up last year, since they are similar backs: tough, punishing runners with surprising speed and agility. Reminds GMs that the power game still has value. Best of luck, Carlos.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Report from WI: The state of Wisconsin is engaging in some serious schadenfreude, which is remarkable, since they usually reserve that kind of negative energy for the Vikings. They're happy to be rid of him and have Gary Andersen in his place. 

Comment 01 Apr 2014

Totally. From the box score: both teams shot around 46% from the field. But UF shot 10 of 18 (56%) from 3, while tOSU shot 4 of 27 for a blistering 17%. Hard to compete with that disparity, but given the way Oden was dominating the paint, it seems like he should have been getting the ball even more.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

7 ft tall and 40% from 3pt-land? Also shoots almost 90% from the line? Sick.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Nice math! Economics predicts that the universities will form a cartel to negotiate a standard compensation package, in order to avoid bankrupting everyone. But economics also says that everyone has an incentive to cheat on the terms of the cartel to gain an advantage. In other words, it's going to be a mess, especially once the boosters get involved, since this setup would seem to make direct "donations" to players legal.

Comment 25 Mar 2014

The new NBA commissioner is considering raising the league's minimum age to 20. The cynic in me believes that this is more to protect the teams from making bad draft decisions than for the player's benefit. 

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Wait, the 76ers were only 4 down to Chicago with a minute to play? That's truly newsworthy. Might not get that close the rest of the season.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

True, but it's pretty much the only college football news for 7-8 months of the year so the coverage is a bit disproportionate to the actual amount of activity/news. I crave red meat news about the Buckeyes as much as anyone here, but it's a bit much when every prospect is labelled as the salvation of the program (5 stars), the player with flashes of brilliance (4 star) or under the radar gem (3 star). The NFL has the same thing with the draft in the off season. Endless speculation about who's drafting who, if the Raiders will inevitably draft the guy with the fastest 40, if the Patriots will trade down and grab lots of value players, if the Browns will trade up to draft a bust QB (please, for the love of all that is holy, not again), etc. Why does network you know who have 2 draft analysts on staff? A lot of hype and speculation to keep eyes on their website and TV station.

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Without a doubt, I take old Ronaldo, probably the best striker of the last 40 years. Definitely not a diving whiner like new Ronaldo. The goals at :55 (takes on entire defense of team, get held and fouled twice but doesn't dive and still scores) and 2:40 (ultimate in ball control) in the video are sick.

Comment 17 Mar 2014

I know tOSU is only a 6 seed, but wow, I think we have one of the worst draws possible. Dayton isn't going to be easy, and then we have NM, Syracuse, and Kansas as possible matchups in our half of the region, with UF, UCLA, and VCU on the other side of the bracket. Nebraska at an 11 seed looks to have an easier path than us.

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I had hoped the Browns would have taken Cousins or Russell Wilson in the second/third rounds that year after all the big name QBs were off the board. They're both solid QBs with much more future upside than RG3 (I'll start calling him Michael Vick 2 soon). I think AJ McCarron is a similar QB this year, and would be a good option for the Browns, allowing them to use the early picks to get more playmakers (Watkins).

Comment 11 Mar 2014

I would put him #1 on the list, no offense to Archie. I've never seen a lineman dominate the way he did. He knocked D-linemen flat on their a$$es so many times I lost count. Once he crushed whatever lineman was in his way, he had great quickness to get down the field and get another block crushing whatever d-back was dumb enough to try and get in his way. 

Oh, and he played basketball in my high school league (and was on the all-state team). I pitied my school's "big guy" trying to play in the paint against him. Post up? Definitely not an option. Take the charge? Not if you value your life.