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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ohio State defeats the "unbeatable" Miami Hurricanes in 2OT.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: All Time: Joey Galloway; Current: Carlos Hyde
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: All Time: Greg Oden; Current: Aaron Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Green Bay Packers (sorry Cleveland, I've moved on)
  • NHL TEAM: Detroit Red Wings
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Bayern Munich

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Comment 21 Jan 2015

Between them and the Browns, I think that might be for the best

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Personally, I like Arsenal. I think Chelsea rides out the year on top, and Manchester City in second. Arsenal looks to have an easier schedule in the next couple of months, so I think they'll overtake Man U and end up in 3rd or 4th with Southampton.

The relegation battle is, for some reason, as entertaining to me as the race for the lead, and there's a huge cluster down there. I wish we had this in American sports- it would make things a whole lot more interesting, and no one would tank games at the end of the season.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

As I told mt PSU co-worker when all this stuff went down:

Free tattoo = 1 year bowl ban

Allowing pedophile to assault children for years = 4 year bowl ban

Therefore, molesting children is only 4x as bad as a free tattoo.

The NCAA is a joke. When they punish excessive pasta consumption at a banquet, you realize that keeping athletes as amateurs is their only priority.

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I thought, who the f is this guy going into that championship game. I came out thinking, that team was the fastest, nastiest, strongest team I'd seen. That was quickly followed with, that guy is going to rule college football.

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I'm making grilled duck wings (as I type this) for part of the game time spread. This seemed like a totally awesome idea when I thought of it, but there is an incredible amount of flare up from these fatty bits of goodness, that has necessitated using my beer as a fire extinguisher. Luckily, it's barely above zero, and the rest of the six pack is chilling in the snowdrift. No fava beans, but a mango chili sauce. Hope everyone has a cold one in hand (or will soon). Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

In grade school (Bernie kosar era), we had a kid who was a scUM and Broncos fan (in NE Ohio). He was a total dick. I ran into him again a few years back, and he was wearing a Ravens hat. But he was still a dick. That's a long way of saying some people are just born being a-holes, and these are the times that let you find them pretty easily.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

They should at least get Les's name correct in the article

Comment 08 Jan 2015

There's two or three huge ones in the University of Wisconsin's arboretum.