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Lifelong Buckeye back in Ohio. Spent 4 years in the heart of SEC country. It was awful. But the women were beautiful.


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Comment 17 Nov 2014

Chubb isn't exactly a slouch, so it doesn't appear that they'll be a mess without Gurley. But you're right... They're a much better team with him. Worst case scenario now is Mizzou falls, UGA gets in the SEC Champ Game from the East (sans Gurley), and gets blown up by Bammer.

We could easily see two SEC teams in the playoffs if that happens.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

Penn State fans can get bent. There were more than enough makeup calls to launch them back into the game. If anyone got jobbed in that game, it was Ohio State. Don't blame the refs for your stadium's shitty replay technology. Urban, OSU, and the refs had no control over that. The missed delay of game call was pretty bad... But let's be honest, that kick was probably good from another 5 yards anyway.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Confirmation that he at least used to be a professional scalper... Not for sure if he currently is still in that game. Heard he used to slang OHSAA basketball tourney tix, too. I know people that have attempted to buy from him (for OSU football), and yes, his prices were ridiculously high. This was back in '05-06-ish, when he wasn't as much of a noticeable asshat. Still an asshat, obviously, but much less recognizable back then.