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Lifelong Buckeye back in Ohio. Spent 4 years in the heart of SEC country. It was awful. But the women were beautiful.


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Comment 01 Sep 2016

At those hearings, is he afforded legal counsel, a fully impartial jury (review panel), or the right to confront his accuser?

If the answer is no to any, then due process has not been followed. And that was my point when I meant U's don't have to answer to really anyone... Their policies dictate what their results will be, often times without even examining any detail of the real story. Look how quickly the Rolling Stone / UVA rape case became unraveled once the facts came to light. Mammoth universities play by their own rules. Personally, if I was TG (and completely innocent of all charges), I'd grab my bags and hit the bricks. Don't need some pencil-necked dipshits and liars messing up my life.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Violating the student code of conduct doesn't mean he was guilty of anything. There is no due process, nor is there any guarantee that TG had any chance to defend himself properly.

Believe it or not, the administration at OSU has to answer to literally no one. If a tutor claimed harassment, they could have made the decision without even speaking to TG. This is the hyper-sensitive climate facing many institutions. Shame it's reached Columbus. 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Doug Gottlieb is more qualified to be a proctologist than a sports commentator with as much time as his head is stuffed up his own ass. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Agreed... Absolutely way too early to make a move now. I would imagine OSU will poke around and see what they find. And if it's all hearsay without a shred of corroboration, I would expect nothing to happen.

Personally, I don't think Penn State wants OSU to fire Schiano, because more info could come out at any pending civil trial. Aside from the depravity and horror of the actual crimes, the rest of this whole situation has been an absolute circus of the grandest scale. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Ehh... That's if Schiano is totally in the clear and has zero to hide. When you step into a court, best not get caught telling tales out of school. If it went to court, he would obviously have to take the stand. If OSU parades in a string of witnesses saying he knew about the abuse, and he chooses to let his lawyers do all the work, hard to find a sympathetic jury when it comes to the matter of child rape. 

I have to imagine there is a morality clause in the contract that they could try to work around... Think Bobby Petrino. But who knows without actually seeing the full contract.