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Lifelong Buckeye back in Ohio. Spent 4 years in the heart of SEC country. It was awful. But the women were beautiful.


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Comment 02 Feb 2016

No evidence? Cardale had been in the system for 3 years. JT was there a full year before he started a game. Learning the system is important... Did you read my post?! Transfer and start isn't a long term solution. Recruiting quality guys who can start after years of studying the system, getting reps at practice, and being part of a team is what wins. 

edit: Never mind. I see what you were referring to.

Comment 27 Jan 2016

This smells of a hit authorized by the Holbrook Crime Family. Still trying to remove any joy whatsoever from campus life. 

Comment 14 Jan 2016

Sir, if you think Alabama (or any college) grads make up even remotely more than 10% of their fanbase, I'll have to politely disagree. The Bama (or any college) alums I know are usually very knowledgeable and engaging football fans. It's the "Phyllis From Mulga" crowd that makes up a huge chunk of their fanbase and provides viral videos for the rest of us. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

All joking aside, economic demographics do come in to play. Alabama is not exactly a wealthy state. Take that with the fact that Bammer fans have seen (and spent money traveling to) 3 previous NC games, and you can figure out why they were outnumbered. Clemson hasn't even sniffed a natty since the days of the Iran hostage crisis, so they had hungry fans willing to travel. Which is amazing, considering Clemson has roughly the enrollment of Bowling Green and is the second-favorite team in their state. 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

Can't remember where I heard that line... But it's absolutely true. Just bring up OSU around anyone from Bammer and watch the color drain from their face. They hate losing to Ohio State more than they enjoy winning a natty. It eats at them worse than a hungry redneck at Dreamland (all kidding aside, Alabama doesn't play around with the bbq).

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I still don't get all this hate for Alabama. OSU can (and did) beat Bama... It's Clemson that's been a thorn in our side since 1978. Why would anyone root for Clemson?

I think CFB is better when there's an evil empire to chase. Bama is a great school to be on top, because each time we dethrone them the YouTube videos will get better and better. And always remember... OSU lives rent free in every Bama fan's head. The 2015 Sugar Bowl still makes a good friend of mine, and an Alabama alum, wince with pain. And it always will.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

Come on, Mo. Not after all the stupid BS you've already gone through. Do better, man.