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Comment 20 Mar 2015

Kyle Snyder just won by decision giving the Buckeyes a sweep of the quarter final round. They are now 20 pts up as a team in first place. Keep rolling guys. A Natty in wrestling will make for great icing on the cake of the Natty in Football.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

I'm not sure about this game as I have not seen it. However, usually the officials stand directly below the uprights watching the ball cross over. If ANY PART of the ball would have hit the upright (had the upright been tall enough), then the kick is deemed to be missed. The ball must cross completely to the inside of the upright. I have seen a lot of fans complain about these types of kicks no knowing the rule.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

To me, AJ Hawk should be a no brainer. He was the most instinctive linebacker I'd seen since Spielman. There was a play in the bowl game against ND where just before the snap, he took off from his LB position and sprinted towards the sideline. Just he got there, the ball was snapped and they threw a screen pass that way and AJ was there to blow it up. I loved watched the Bucks then JUST to watch AJ. I now tune into GB Packer games sometimes just for the memories.


Comment 20 Jun 2014

I don't remember much about his recruitment, but I officiated one of his HS games his senior year, and god he was an ASS. He was a great player and he knew it. He seemed the perfect fit for tsun. I also did a Sandusky HS game that year with O.Pace. He was a complete opposite of Woodson, very humble and plesant to be around.  Oh yea, and he could block. He OWNED the his side of the line.

Comment 14 May 2014

How can you not love that pic of Spielman in what is most likely his last game against scUM. Notice the blood on the pants. He was a beast. I've always said that if you compare him to Katz, with the way Spielman played, if he would have been as big, strong and fast as Katz, he would have killed people. That is proof there is a God as that was God's way of protecting opposing players from death.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Unfortunately, my daughter has a volleyball tournament in Ada at Ohio Northern Univ. otherwise, I would be in attendance. Oh well, will try to catch it on the tube.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

While Gen. Sherman may not have been the most moral Ohioan to be on this list, he is definitely a warrior and understood what it takes to win wars. Had Sherman been a General in the Revolutionary war, it would have been over in half the time, not to knock Washington as I believe he did the best he could with the resources and training he had at the time. However Sherman most likely would have employed more guerilla tactics instead of trying to go toe to toe with the British in the European style battles.


Comment 24 Mar 2014

That was a tough pick, but I have to agree with you. Paul Brown is probably the single most important football person of all time. He basically revolutionized the sport. 

Archie was a great college back and one heck of an ambassador's for tOSU. However, his accomplishments pale in comparison the Paul Brown.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

This is a very tough region. Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Clark Gable and the list goes on. Bob Hope will be a tough out in this bracket. The man was such a good person and had a long career. He made millions laugh and always kept the armed forces at the fore front. I would probably vote for Bob Hope as one of the most influential Americans in the field of Arts. 

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Not a problem. I am somewhat of a WWII history buff. The advances in technology during the war was amazing and the B-29 was a perfect example of this. This plane was so far ahead of the other large bombers of the day. It's development almost bankrupted the Boeing corporation. It is a facsinating story if you every care to read about it. If I remember correctly, it was the single most expensive weapon of the war followed by the development of the Atomic bomb.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Curits LeMay was a no nonsense general that believed, like Sherman and Grant, that if you are going to wage war, wage total war. Make the enemy beg for peace. When LeMay assumed command in the Pacific theater, the B-29's were largely ineffective in their bombing campaigns over Japan due to the high altitude that they flew through. When they tried to hit their targets from such a high altitude, the jet stream blew the bombs off target making them fall far from the target. 

LeMay addressed this right away by changing tactics to carpet bomb Japanese cities from low altitudes and using incendiary bombs that would create large firestorms and wipe out munition manufacturing in the cities. This style of bombing reduced Japans ability to resupply their forces during the war making it easier on the Army and Marines tasked with clearing the Pacific Islands of their Japanese occupiers.

General LeMay is one of the greatest Generals of WWII that barely gets recognized with the likes of Eisenhower and Patton to contend with.