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Comment 17 Jan 2016

I thought it was understood that he was moved (most likely against his wishes) so we could get an OL coach... With warinner staying in the box, we need someone on the field. You're only allowed 9 main assts so that means someone had to be moved...

Comment 08 Sep 2015

Honestly, not concerned by the turnovers last night with one caveat: not sure why zeke is returning punts when it seems like Curtis or Braxton would've been better suited. I'm assuming jalin will be taking over from here on out, so no worries. The other turnovers were kinda flukes (and the interception looked like it hit the ground). Oh well, I'm determined to avoid getting too critical this year.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

i'm quite certain he was just saying that to put some fire under each guy. like saying "Cardale, you better work harder". i bet they do that kinda stuff with everyone.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

I don't understand... That link just has a bunch of tweets re: osu abs vtech