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Comment 07 Jun 2013

I had this exact experience during the 1997 Rose Bowl -- after AZ State Plummer scored that last TD with just a little over a minute to go -- I turned it off in horrible dejection.  Hour later I called my brother-in-law in Maine and sadly said, "Wasn't that game a shame?"  and he said, "What do you mean, they won!!!"  No game classic re-runs in 1997 -- I had to wait years to actually SEE that game.  And unbelieveable as it was -- the NC was better -- and last year's Purdue game ranks right up there with the most thrilling finishes of all time.  Hope some day Guiton gets the proper recognition for what he did that day...............

Comment 27 May 2013

This is an incredible story.  I also do not remember this young man's name, and am

very glad you have told us this wonderful story.  Imagine how proud Woody Hayes would

be of a kid like this?!  I believe I now have a new FAVORITE Buckeye football playing

hero.  Hu - rah and Go Bucks!