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Comment 17 Jan 2017

RB not a chance. 3 stars because they know value. Ohio University not Ohio State University. Cincinnati if he's lucky. We can, should, and will do better.


Worst.Post. Ever.

And who is this "we".

Seriously...short of returning Campbell to RB where he is a natural, taking 

Ellison wouldn't bother me a bit. You don't run for nearly 1900 yards

and 29 TDs w/o being good. His (very long) highlight tape is as impressive

as most I've see, for an "upright" kind of back.

Iowa and MSU and Northwestern have done very well with backs like this.

maybe he's not your feature back, but he's a guy that plays hard and moves

the chains.

If he's more Herron/Pittman than Ball/Dunn, we'd have a good one. 

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I made this list of my favorite LPs from the 1970s. 

Many of which I won from listening to WCOL in my youth.

Elton John -" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"; (and all his LPs from 1970 to 1975) Queen - "A Night at the Opera"; Eagles '"Hotel California"; Led Zepplin - "Runes/4"; Supertramp "Breakfast in America"; KISS ' "Alive"; "Frampton Comes Alive:; Styx - "Pieces of Eight" and "Cornerstone" ; Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon"; Fleetwod Mac - "Rumors"; Stevie Wonder - "Songs in the Key of Life/"Journey through the Secret Life of Plants"; CSN & Y; "Deja vu" and "Four-Way Street" ; Santana - "Abraxsas"; George Carlin - "Class Clown"; Alice Cooper - "Billion Dollar Babies"; Deep Purple - "Machine Head"; David Bowie - "Ziggy" "Young Americans" ; Steely Dan - "Aja"; BTO - "Not Fragile"; Steve Miller Band - "Fly Like an Eagle"; Boston - "Boston"; Chicago - "Greatest Hits"; Cheap Trick - "Live at Budakon"; Billy Joel - "The Stranger"; Meatloaf - "Bat Out of Hell"; CARS - "Candy-O"; Blondie - "Parallel Lines"; Tom Petty - "Damn the Torpedoes". (Love me some 10CC; Doobie Brothers; ELO and Paul Simon too - plus the softer side from Cat Stevens and Gerry Rafferty)

Comment 14 Jan 2017

"Dream On" was a smash in Columbus on WCOL/WNCI and WCOL-FM.

It was as big as Stairway to Heaven in Columbus.

"Last Child" was a huge #1 hit in Columbus although it only was Top 25 nationally.

We always thought it was hilarious when "Dream On" was re-released three years later.

"Same Old Song and Dance" was also big in 1974 in Columbus.

Columbus was often ahead of the rest of the country.

KISS had several hits in C-town before KISS: ALIVE .

Peter Frampton's "Show Me the Way" and "Baby, I Love Your Way" were studio hits on WCOL
a year before "Frampton Comes Alive".

Bob Seger had a decade of hits before "Katmandu" in 1975 and "Night Moves" in 1976.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Sorry...that isn't how it's done.

You rate the 20 highest rated players.

The "overage" isn't used. 

Compare OSU's Top 20 with Michigan's Top 20 and it isn't close.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Kid reminds be of Langford and Bell from MSU.

Kind of upright. Not smooth, not fast, just yard-marker-movers.

OSU just didn't look PHYSICAL enough down the stretch.

Surprised the likes of Indiana; Iowa and Louisville we'ren't all over this guy.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

30 minutes after this was posted the receiver out of Vegas decommitts.

Thanks a lot.

(Just kidding...sort of) 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

FWIW...a person who talked with Lattimore on Monday said Lattimore is announcing

he's declaring later this week.

Also says there's "other stuff" going on that isn't positive in the program.

I get the feeling (just a feeling) Meyer took the Clemson debacle hard and 

not all these changes he's making are being looked upon by the players as favorably as

the folks who post in here.

It is what it is.