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Comment 28 Mar 2014

For as much as OSU fans complain about how arrogant Michigan fans are, there have been a great deal of OSU fans (and website personalities) displaying the same type of behavior that is typical of a Michigan fan after they lose a game to Michigan State or another opponent their fan base deems 'lessen' than their own.

If losing to Dayton doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, why are there still cynical attempts at justification amongst OSU fans and website personalities a week later?

The city of Dayton is Ohio's own, no matter how long the orange barrels will decorate the lanes of I-75.  Cincinnati is Ohio's own.  Same with Toledo, Akron, Athens, or any other part of the state.  Even if these barbs at other cities/schools within the state are made in jest, there is still a bit of truth to every insult.  If another Ohio school beating OSU is cause for finding some sort of fault about the city or school that happened to come out on top is necessary to repair the fragile insecurities of this fan base, then people really need to re-evaluate the pedestal they've built for themselves.

Go Bucks.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

I was never around for the older guys mentioned, so it's hard to vote for them.  I loved Jay Burson when I was a little kid.  The program never did much when he was at OSU, but after breaking his neck, he was pretty inspirational to me as he went through the recovery.

It's hard to vote for the guys who only stayed a year or two, even if they were great.

I loved watching Jimmy Jackson at OSU, but Craft gets my vote because it feels like he was at OSU for a decade and every single minute of his time here was glorious.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

I thought he'd stay 10 years when he arrived.  Any OSU fan should be doing backflips if he stays 10 more years on top of the two he's already put in.  We'd all love for Urban to coach for 20-25 years, but this job (as great as it seems) is extremely demanding no matter who the head coach is.  The days of a man coaching a program 20+ years are over. 

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Spend 15 minutes talking with Clarett and that should be all the proof you need that his life is now in order.  I don't know your guidelines for measuring Smith's redirection in comparison to Clarett's (I hope it's not the Heisman Trophy), but to make an assumption that others are basing their opinion on some documentary as your own basis for proving a point really makes me question your ability to make a sound judgement on another person's character.

Comment 17 Feb 2014

The best defense against a fast-paced offense is a methodical, effective offense that can sustain drives and force the high output offenses (Auburn, Oregon, Texas Tech, Washington State, etc.) to stay on the sidelines.  Saban used to have this.  Now he doesn't, so his desire is to manipulate the rules in the same fashion he has with his roster management tactics, which have allowed him to basically add an additional recruiting class every four years.

If Saban and Bert were so worried about player safety, they wouldn't seek out 300-350 pound defensive lineman who can barely run 10 yards without stopping to gasp for air.  Like Mike Leach said, spend more time coaching and less time advocating for a competitive advantage that only suits those who are suddenly at a disadvantage.

Comment 16 Feb 2014


While I usually enjoy your writing, sometimes I wonder if you deliberately try to alienate 11W readers/OSU fans on occasion or if these are simply random unconscious acts that just happen to go unnoticed before submission.  In this post, using 'second tier talent' to describe a young man who is one of the top 15-20 overall players in Ohio, has a love for Ohio State, and would probably have an offer if Tressel were still here may not be the best choice of words to attach to this kid.  

I'm all for having some fun with the University of Kentucky, but not at the expense of a kid who is exploring his post-secondary options while patiently going through the recruiting process as he works for the one offer he really wants.

Go Bucks.

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I think Franklin commenting on the most academic-focused institution in the entire conference having such a significant focus on football is just as powerful as a comment regarding over-signing.  

Comment 28 Jan 2014

As always, well done Curt.  

And as always, without Ohio talent (both as participants and coaches), U-M is a mediocre participant.  Great to see so many Ohio kids making an impact at the next level (even if it is as a Michigan Wolverine).

Go Bucks!

Comment 28 Jan 2014

Gene Smith is playing the game.  Love him or hate him, he's climbing life's ladder and has miraculously managed to outlast two of the icons in the industry (EGG and James Patrick Tressel).  Gene is a professional politician specializing within the context of quasi-amateur athletics.   As someone infamously stated, 'don't hate the player, hate the game.'  Gene is simply working the system.


Comment 22 Jan 2014

Mr. Baugh mentions his son attempting to fit in, which I think is exactly the issue here (more so than the distance factor).  The first year transition when kids move from a comfortable, familiar environment to an environment that is completely unfamiliar is where many kids have issues.  With OSU being a large school in a large city, there is plenty of opportunities to run into the wrong people and situations when a kid (Baugh in this case) is trying to find his place outside of the comfortable web of his high school/family back home.

Sending him home may be the worst thing for Marcus.  He needs an intervention plan put in place to assist in his transition into college.  OSU has plenty of resources outside of the football program that can help Marcus navigate through this challenging phase of his life.

Comment 21 Jan 2014

I love the idea of holding matches at the high schools of current Northwestern wresters.  It's great for the program's exposure to potential recruits, great for the wrestler who gets to 'host' his teammates, and great for the high school (and junior high) kids who are able to take in high-level college wrestling without these younger kids having to find transportation to college campuses.

St. John Arena is a great environment for wrestling, but it would be neat to see OSU travel to a few high schools around Ohio and hold matches.

Comment 17 Jan 2014

I can only imagine the blanket THIS IS MICHIGAN text his entire contact list gets every morning at 10:30am when Hoke rolls out of bed.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

At a time when many pro and college teams are having difficulty selling out their stadiums, Penn State decides to jump on the dynamic pricing bandwagon.  The universities running these big-time athletic programs are delusional in judging their worth in this economy and desperate for revenue.  Not a great combination.

Comment 13 Jan 2014

People I know/have met who interacted with Kelly/were involved in the football program at UC during his time at the school don't have fond memories of the guy. He won games. That's about all they want to remember about him. I'd have a tough time sending my kid to Notre Dame to play football (unless he had no other legit options) if Kelly was still in charge.

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Even though Tressel has been a model citizen and the 'show cause' stipulation may not be enforced if he took a job, it makes me sick to my stomach to see that stupid phrase brought up every time there is a coaching opening while Bobby Petrino jumps right in with no repercussions. 

Comment 08 Jan 2014

A few years ago as we lived through Tresselball and the Walrus, I would have a tough time believing us as OSU fans would be arguing in 2014 about the offense not being conservative enough in big games.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

OSU fans can argue all day long about the pro's and con's of Braxton Miller's game, but finding a way to get Miller through games with less hits has to be a priority in 2014.  Regardless of the opponent, when #5 goes down, the mindset of the entire offense/team/stadium/viewing audience instantly changes from a comfortable confidence to uncomfortable anxiety (even with Kenny G waiting in the bullpen).  Who knows where Miller will project in the pro game, but keeping him upright throughout 2014 will benefit OSU's season and Miller's pro prospects.  Braxton Miller in 2013 was (to me) the most emotionally stirring individual performance since Clarett in 2002 because every snap had the chance for disaster.  That wasn't the case at FSU, Clemson, Louisville, or even A&M in 2013.  This isn't a knock on Miller, but just a suggestion that his body may not be built to take the abuse that a running QB built like Newton, Tebow, Boyd, Pryor, or Vince Young could take at the college level while running 10-15 times per game (I don't consider Winston, Manzell, or Bridgewater as 'running' QB's as I do those listed above).  Considering OSU is replacing 4 starters on the OL, #5's health should be something to really watch as we roll into league play.

Comment 02 Jan 2014

AJC's recruiting guy interviewed McMillan at the UA practices and posted the interview on their website today.  I think the southern folks are still not accepting the fact that he's going to Ohio State (and Carvell even asks McMillan if he's wavering on OSU).  Not surprising, the first user comment questions McMillan's choice to go play 'on the frozen tundra.'


Comment 02 Jan 2014

I think Bryant will go the route of Marcus Freeman (fast track into coaching).  We could see him back in Ohio Stadium very soon as a GA under Meyer.  He's got a bright future in coaching (if he wants to go that route).

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I don't think Miller leaves (because I think he wants a legit shot at the Heisman).

Even with the MSU win, I was disappointed as a B1G fan yesterday.  Nebraska beat a team missing their star QB, which will be an excuse in every conversation with a SEC fan.  The big loser was Wisconsin, who should have beaten South Carolina.  The Badgers ran all over SC's defense and allowed every momentum changing play (minus the kickoff TD return) to go SC's way.  If Wisky had seized opportunities earlier in the game, Stave would not have risked going for the extra yard to get hit (I think it could have been a targeting call) and knocked out (which would have saved every person watching the game from witnessing Wisky's backup QB who makes Kyle Orton look like John Elway).  Yesterday was a golden opportunity for the B1G to go 3-0 vs. the SEC and they just didn't get it done.  Even Iowa had a legit shot to beat LSU (and should have if they had not had a few mental errors).  But, an OSU win on a Friday night national platform will go a long way for the league's image.  In the eyes of many outside the B1G, the Buckeyes ARE the B1G and a capstone victory over Clemson will be good for the league moving into 2014.

New Orleans sucks.  One of the worst and dirtiest 'big' cities in America unless you strictly want to get hammered on Bourbon Street.  Even in my partying days, I had much better times in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, and Miami.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

Michigan being good isn't as important to Ohio State as just someone else in the conference being good.  The SEC has seen perennial ranked teams Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn all struggle in the past 10 years.  However, at least one of these teams (in addition to LSU) has been very strong each year as the league has maintained a top-heavy status that assists in their perception in relation to other conferences.  This top-heavy conference status has also assisted the national perceptions of the Big 12 (OU and Texas), Pac-12 (USC and Oregon), and ACC (FSU and Clemson).  For Ohio State, that means one out of Wisconsin, Michigan State, Penn State, Iowa, or Nebraska fielding a top 10 team in addition to the Buckeyes to assist in the B1G's national perception.  OSU just needs 1-2 other B1G teams to win a big out of conference game against an alleged 'top' team and the 'bad B1G' chatter subsides.  It doesn't necessarily have to be UM.