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Comment 19 Dec 2014

The NFL and college is a completely different ballgame. You're correct in that some prefer one or the other, but I have a hard time believing Harbaugh's personality and goals would prefer the college game after being so close to a Super Bowl title (which is something Saban was not even close to achieving with Miami).

Michigan fans are quick to point to Saban as 'proof' as to why someone would make this move, but for the large majority of coaches entrenched in the NFL, it's a demotion regardless of what program they're going to. Recruiting, less practice time, dealing with alumni/donors, etc. is not optimal for many that also have legit options in professional football.  I don't care what money Michigan is offering because the NFL can match any dollar amount that a college throws out there.  And with most jobs for most people, if you just chase the most money instead of happiness or satisfaction (or fit), you're not going to end up happy or satisfied.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

If you read Bosa's thoughts about football from interviews/sound bites, he seems to play football because of the enjoyment factor rather than a means to an income. With a dad and an uncle who played in the NFL, he is probably well aware of the fact that pro football is much more of a job than it is an authentic life experience (not saying being a D-I major college football player is an authentic experience for all, but for people like Mike Doss and AJ Hawk and Little Animal, it was).

I think Bosa stays all four years.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

This hire will not only increase YSU's football profile, it will also increase YSU's entire profile as a university. Many schools have used football success to leverage increased university applications, more selective acceptance rates, and increased test scores for those entering the school (Notre Dame is the most famous school for this strategy and more recently, Ohio State is using this strategy, as well as numerous SEC schools).

For every OSU grad from the non-recent past who brags about their degree being worth more because of increased competition for spots in the freshman class and increased test scores, you have Jim Tressel (and now Meyer) to thank for that bump in perception and interest. From working with kids who are going through the college selection process, the success of a school's athletic teams does have an impact on a school's perception and/or a kid's decision to apply/attend a school (not all kids, but more than you think). When Tressel was at Akron, a UA admissions rep told me his presence at Akron had a positive impact in interest in the school (and potential increase in admissions) that was not there before he took the UA job.

This hire is a slam dunk for YSU. I still chuckle at media personalities and/or opposing fan bases who criticize Tressel or make jokes about his NCAA issues. While these critics are spinning in the mud, Tressel is making huge strides at each place he has been since he left OSU and he will continue to push YSU upwards as long as he is there. I know YSU was attractive to Pelini because his kids would be able to attend Mooney, but Tressel is probably the person who thought this highly improbable coaching hire was actually something that could happen.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

I wouldn't consider Joe Schad a 'very credible source.' This is the same reckless person who reported Tyler Moeller being involved in a bar brawl near the University of Cincinnati campus when Tyler actually was in Florida eating with his family when some drunken moron attacked him (and nearly killed him). Schad never issued an apology and/or correction to his initial report.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

I don't think a lot of people know that Eric Kumerow has a son (Jake) who is an NFL prospect (and obviously Joey's cousin).  

Jake Kumerow started his career at Illinois and now plays at Wisconsin-Whitewater (the playoff nemesis of Mt. Union).

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Clarett is one of the top five RB's ever at Ohio State. He was an offensive version of Chris Spielman on the field. It's hard to speculate on what he would have accomplished, but in his short time here, he was a joy to watch. His vision, balance, and patience was second to none.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Regardless of what the Houston coach makes, taking the "right job" frequently isn't about money and the head coaching job there is a step up from an assistant's position at any program (including OSU and Bama). We should all be rooting for Herman to get the job. He has given a ton to OSU and if he aspires to be a head coach at a big-time college program or NFL, Houston is a good step in that direction. Kevin Sumlin went from Houston to being successful in the almighty SEC and I think Herman is a superior football coach to Sumlin.

The brightest and best assistants are well aware of Meyer's coaching tree and Meyer will have no trouble filling Herman's shoes with another top-notch young assistant who is ready to give 110% to Ohio State.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

The solution is to just have the families of the players get jobs for the NCAA or major sponsors of the NCAA. Instantly, they're using expense accounts for their entire trips and then end up spending nothing to stay at luxury hotels and eat at 4/5 star restaurants the entire time they're in town for the games.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

You really don't think fans of Midwest and East college programs would not attend major bowl games/playoff games held in cold weather cities? You put the OSU-Bama game in Chicago, Indy, New York, Philly, DC, or even Detroit and it would sell out in minutes. Just considering alumni, the Big Ten (and even ACC) schools have a ton of alums in Chicago, New York, and the DMV area.

I've been to Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Detroit, and New York multiple times (never been to Philly) and I would take Chicago or New York in a second over Atlanta and New Orleans. Miami vs. Chicago would be a toss up.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I hope the Vegas oddsmakers (and national media personalities) continue to place Ohio State as underdogs as long as Meyer is the coach at OSU. I'll take a Meyer team on a huge stage as the underdog every single time.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Did anyone else notice the "Lil' Buck-I-Guy" on his car? If I ever see that thing on game day, I'm punting it as far I can.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

After DJ beats up Clay Travis in a steel cage match, I'd like to see him paired up with Fat Bob Wojo in a TLC match with Faux Bo Pelini as the guest referee.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Every big-time coach has a bit of arrogance.  Actually, any successful person probably does (arrogance and confidence are what separates those who "can't" in life (the writer of the article is a "can't" person who can only judge others). You have to be bigger than the room to survive big-time athletics (Muschamp and Hoke were good coaches, but not bigger than the room).  Meyer, Saban, Coach K, Billy Donovan, Calipari, Pete Carroll are all bigger than the room.  That's why they are great.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Violation (unfortunately).  During my time in public education, I had the unfortunate opportunity to sit in with NCAA officials during reviews of changes to eligibility rules/standards for athletes. If anyone ever sits in on a meeting with the NCAA, it's hard not to break up in laughter (or anger). They are an absolute joke of hypocrisy.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I'm sure Meyer has the mental aspect of the next few weeks already planned out, but allowing the team to watch/listen to some of the commentary from 'experts' at ESPN/Yahoo/SI regarding the superior athletes at Bama, the superior play of the SEC/Pac 12/Big 12, and/or how OSU backed into this playoff from the past 48 hours (as well as leading up to the game) will only stoke the fire even more for these guys.

Davey Pollack (who lived in the Liberty Township suburb of Cincinnati and was an authentic jackass long before he joined ESPN) is the first person I'd put on the TV for this team. If I hear him talk about the "dudes" at Bama and FSU one more time or making excuses for JT Barrett being "allowed" to improve during the season because of the Big Ten, I'm going to puke.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Sadly, most of the allotted tickets will be going to corporate sponsors. While the playoff is exciting and I'm just as happy as anyone to see the Buckeyes included, I have a hard time with what has transpired with college sports over the past 20-25 years. There is nothing amateur or tax-exempt about Division I football or basketball other than the technicalities stated in the legal and financial documents.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

If the B1G can get Rutgers or Maryland into the finals, MSG would be great for a B1G final (vs OSU or IU or UM).  The Big East tourney rocked during it's MSG days. 

After spending a lot of time in NYC and Chicago (or Indy), I just don't know if the B1G has the pull to pull off a grand tourney like the Big East did in MSG.