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Comment 2 hours ago

The issue with Michigan and Harbaugh is that the constant attempts to hype the program are being created mostly by Michigan and Harbaugh and not by the general media whores (ESPN, Yahoo, SI, etc.).

The girl who has to tell everyone how desirable she is probably isn't all that desirable.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

If they're going to play the game in NFL stadiums, get the major metro areas with open air stadiums, such as Chicago and NYC (even Philly and New England) into the mix. It will give the northern and eastern fans a chance to see their favorite college teams matched up against the SEC/Pac 12/Big 12 in meaningful games in their own environments (I don't consider September non-conference games a typical 'football weather' environment for northern or eastern teams).

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I ran into Maurice a couple of years ago and had about a 5 minute conversation with him. He is well-spoken, polite, and very humble.

Unfortunately, there are folks who still hear his name and think only about the negative aspects of his past (and some of these people will always have that view of Clarett), but I believe he has completely turned the corner and is destined to leave a positive impact on society.

I wish our conversation could have been longer as I found Maurice to be an authentic, intelligent man with very good intentions who will do great things in his life as a mentor and motivator.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Don't underestimate the media/social media's constant search for anything and everything they can use to create even a sliver of sensationalism, especially when it involves a political figure and an athletic team that each are about as polarizing as they come. The team and Obama could have stood there for 12 hours taking photos and someone was lurking for that one second of a chance to turn nothing into something.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

The people down there also still think they should have won the Civil War.

The lack of self-awareness in the south makes southerners unable to acknowledge that someone else is better than them. The lack of self-awareness also makes them look like fools on the Finebaum show, each and every day (and most especially during the Sugar Bowl Film Room show).

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Some folks on this site act like spoiled toddlers when it comes to recruiting. Ohio State just received a commit from a really good OL a few days ago (who has a NFL pedigree). I'm certain there will be more who want to pledge to become a slob in the next few months.

Some kids with options just feel like another place is a better fit. I think Eichenberg has handled his recruitment appropriately (meaning he hasn't led people on, he hasn't made a bunch of twitter "lists" or updates, and he isn't tweeting percentage chances that each team has (or can make up in the future)). He isn't one of these kids who will "commit" only to change his mind a few weeks/months later, which I think we should applaud in our current world where our word doesn't seem to mean as much.

I hope he has a great college experience and makes the most of his opportunities in life. I'll root for any Ohio kid, regardless of where they go to school (well, except for one school).

Comment 18 Apr 2015

Some of you folks who seem upset about the perceived unfairness of the merchandise sale today probably should pay more attention during your Econ classes. The sale today is simple supply and demand. If those upset about not getting what they wanted really wanted those items, maybe heading down to get in line earlier than other people would have gotten you what you desired. People stand in line for days for tickets to big games. Some folks felt the need to get in line earlier than others and it paid off when they were rewarded with the first selection of merchandise when the doors opened. Unless they jumped spots in line, they did nothing wrong. Maybe they were not students, but OSU doesn't care because they just wanted the stuff sold as easily and quickly as possible. The stuff belongs to the university and it was their right to do with it as they pleased. From working in real estate, I've seen similar things go down at estate sales nearly every time there is an estate sale ('professionals' come in before everyone else and grab all the good stuff as soon as the sale begins). I didn't go to the sale because it didn't matter to me, but from reading the comments, the sale mattered to some (those who got a ton of gear to sell for profit) more than it mattered to others (those who arrived later and felt it's their right to complain about a perceived lack of fairness).

When it comes to "Bucks" at Ohio State, the word is just as important to the university as it is the fans. You saw that today in real life.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

OSU fans complained that Tressel and his staff were too conservative and when they did speak, public comments or media quotes were vague, frustrating, and/or deliberate. While the new regime sometimes makes calculated comments (which have a specific purpose when they are made), everything else about the way they do business is brash and bold, which seems to also bother OSU fans.

Folks, the "gentleman's agreement" was the first thing thrown out when Meyer took the keys to the office on 11/28/11. The brash and bold mentality is how The Chase was completed in 2014 and this mentality will be needed to keep OSU on top of the college football world. This new staff has taken the OSU football culture to the next level in both recruiting and on the field and there is no looking back.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

With OSU currently sitting at the top of college football, rival coaches in the midwest and the south (as even more so their loyal antagonists (local media/fan sites/blogs)) are going to go above and beyond to blow any sort of negative light on OSU and Meyer out of proportion. We saw it with the Weber/Drayton situation and we're seeing it with the Dean situation. If either of these recent events happened at Arizona or Clemson or Iowa, the only mention of it would be hidden somewhere in a blog post.

After considering what is occurring with Jamel Dean, I think Meyer should step in and proactively assist Dean in finding another program (if that is what Dean actually wants to do). Meyer has an abundance of former assistants/staff members in the game and he should have no issue finding another home for Dean (Houston, Marshall, Texas, BC, and Florida are just a few off the top of my head). If Dean wants to stay in the Big Ten (even Michigan, where Dean's HS coach would probably get a job offer), let him do so. Once Dean finds a place he likes, all liability would be moved to that program's doctors.

Even in this day in age with advanced medical technology, some people just are not the same after an injury. It's unfortunate that this has happened, but if he wants to continue to chase his dream, I think Meyer owes him some assistance since Dean has been committed to OSU for nearly 2 years. Whatever happens, OSU needs to overcompensate in doing the right thing with this being their second major recruiting "story" over the past 90 days.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

Regarding the conflict between OSU and UC, does anyone else find it interesting that a conversation that begins with a discussion about two revenue sports on this website always seems to turn into a personal attack on the city of Cincinnati and it's residents? When discussing Michigan fans in Toledo or Notre Dame fans in Cleveland, 11W writers and readers rarely turn into a personal attack on the preferences and traditions of Toledo or Cleveland residents. However, when it comes to Cincinnati, the content frequently turns to slights about the people, preferences, and traditions of Cincinnati. 

As someone who has friends and family in every corner of Ohio and as someone who has lived in both Cincinnati and Columbus, I've seen first hand the good and the bad of every large city in Ohio (and even the smaller towns/areas). While Cincinnati does has it's flaws, I don't think any other part of Ohio has much to brag about when thinking their area or their residents are superior to Cincinnati. 

The negative comments by DJ and the readers of this site directed towards Cincinnati are off-putting and ignorant. Honestly, what I read on here that is directed towards UC and Cincinnati reminds me an awful lot of what you would read on a Michigan site when those people are taking shots at Ohio State and/or Ohioans (basically "we want your recruits, but your schools and the rest of your residents are beneath us.") When you demand respect from another person/region or fan base, it's probably a pretty good idea to show some respect as well.

Our Honor Defend We Will Fight To The End FOR OHIO.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

The OSU-UC pissing match between media and fans is a little humorous, but the sad reality about OSU's appearance at GABP yesterday is that Cameron Johnston didn't get a chance to attempt to hit the Toyota Tundra sign with a punted football from home plate. With the wind blowing out, Cam may have even been able to punt one into the Ohio River.

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Maybe when Dean wasn't initially cleared in January, he attempted to rehab the knee for a few more weeks in hopes of gaining clearance to play for spring ball. Once he wasn't cleared for spring practice, he then could have decided to leave the program. Even though this was announced today, Dean could have informed OSU a few weeks ago and they just now decided to release a statement.

Whatever happened, it's unfortunate Dean is leaving. From reading about him, his desire to play at Ohio State seemed clear cut from the time he committed (which does not always happen with Florida recruits who commit early). I just hope he doesn't end up at a program that makes medical decisions based only on the program's best interests.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

The issue at Ohio State is not just increased admissions standards, but a significant increase in applicants. The past three years, OSU (main campus) has seen applications rise from 27k (2012 graduating seniors), to 35k (2013 seniors), to 43k this past year for graduating HS seniors. There isn't just an increase in demand from those who have OSU as their first choice. Many students looking to get into the Ivy League schools or places like Cal or Stanford or Northwestern are using OSU as their safety school in case they can't get into their top choice(s) or they can't turn down the financial aid package offered to them by OSU compared to what they would be paying at one of the more challenging schools to gain admission to. Every one of those students who are using OSU as a safety net is potentially taking a spot away from a kid who really, really wants to attend Ohio State. Regardless of why you are applying to OSU, the admissions requirements that students faced at OSU in 1995 (and even 2005) was much, much more relaxed than it currently is in 2015.

I've attended workshops with OSU admissions reps and if you're thinking you (or your child) can just look at the ACT and GPA numbers and think you're safe, you may want to reconsider that plan and do whatever you can to make yourself stand out from the pack. And from working with kids who have parents or siblings who graduated from OSU, living in Ohio and being in a family of OSU alums won't automatically help you (unless your parents are big-time donors) as OSU is looking for the balance and diversity that out of state and/or international students bring to the university. And with consistent decreases in state funding, the revenue generated by out of state students may actually put the in-state students at a disadvantage. If you do want an advantage of living in Ohio, OSU admits at least one student from every Ohio county, so if you don't think you can match up with the applicants in a more populated county, I guess you can always move out to the country where you have less competition. OSU also admits one person from every major, so that is an option as well. And if none of these work for you, get really good at a sport which requires a ball because there is always room at OSU (or ND/Virginia/Michigan/Duke/UCLA /USC or any other high profile academic institution) if you can generate revenue for the athletic department due to your superior athletic talents.

As others have mentioned, the branch campuses and Columbus State are ways to get into main campus if you don't make the cut the first time, but those who I have talked to who were presented with these options were not very welcoming to the possibility of attending OSU while living in Lima, Ohio and/or attending CSCC for a year or two. And I probably agree with that. The freshman year experience in Columbus is really unparalleled when looking at the other options a student has who can't get into main campus.

Comment 05 Apr 2015

It's hard to sit here and read about the officials being a potential reason for Kentucky's loss last night. I've watched many NCAA tourney games over the past few years with UK having double (or more) the amount of free throws as their opponent and the majority of those free throws were due to a Kentucky guard (Harrison(s), Knight, Wall, etc.) driving into the lane in less than a controlled manner and flinging the ball towards the rim to 'draw' a foul on the defender.

Wisconsin won because they boxed out, kept UK from numerous second chances in the paint, limited turnovers, made shots, and played together as a veteran unit with discipline and confidence. When Ohio State starts playing as a determined unit with the efficiency and effectiveness that Wisconsin has displayed in this tournament, the Buckeyes will go a lot farther than round one or two.

Comment 05 Apr 2015

For me, #7 is Joey Galloway, accompanied by Keith Jackson's rising voice calling Galloway's name as #7 runs into the green natural grass end zone of Ohio Stadium after a long TD against Wisconsin. I can picture it like it was yesterday...

Comment 04 Apr 2015

If you're interested in the New Lexington basketball game, but can't make it tonight, Roy Hall and his football alumni crew will be in Mason next weekend for a charity basketball game at the Mason High School Arena benefiting Driven and the Dragonfly Foundation. Unfortunately, living legend Kenny G won't be in Mason next week, but Michael Jenkins ("Holy Buckeye") and Jake Ballard ("Holy Buckeye (Rose Bowl version)") will be in attendance.

The game starts at 4pm and the guys will be signing free autographs. Here is a link if you're interested:

Comment 04 Apr 2015

DJ, thanks so much for mentioning the renovations to North Campus. The original buildings will always hold a special place in my heart, but the updated facilities are an incredible tribute to our OSU student and alumni veterans.

For those who want more info on what's going on with the updates:

Comment 03 Apr 2015

I voted 'a lot' because of the leadership void created by Michael Bennett graduating. I agree with you that the skill of the LB unit is back to being what OSU fans are accustomed to and will assist with the transition to less experienced interior defensive linemen, but Michael Bennett was the heart and soul of the defensive line (and arguably the entire defense). I'd even argue that with Bennett and both Grants moving on, each unit of the defense has lost it's most valued leader from 2014.

I'm very confident the back seven has the people needed to step into leadership roles (Bell with the secondary and Perry/Lee with the LB's), but I'm not so confident about the defensive line. Washington could be that guy or it may be someone else, but the unit needs a vocal, emotional veteran to move the unit forward like Bennett did during the stretch run of 2014.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

Hackett doesn't want the college game to mirror the pro game, but he brought in a NFL head coach and multiple NFL coaches to replace a guy (Hoke) who actually seemed like he was just as interested in the student as he was the athlete. 

I know "CoachJim4UM" is probably a swell "Michigan Man" who is just as worried about diplomas and altruistic pursuits as he is football victories, but his atypical amount of transfers, non-coaching football hires, and current quarterback competition involving what seems like a dozen transfers/new recruits seems a lot more like something you'd see at the 49ers camp than you would see if Hoke (or Carr or Bo) were still coaching at Michigan. And don't forget the traveling road show Michigan is disguising as 'football camps.'

Michigan's hypocrisy when it comes to what they say they stand for and what they really are is obvious to anyone who doesn't wake up on fall Saturday mornings and immediately finds something blue and/or yellow to pull over their delusional head.

Comment 02 Apr 2015

The chance of snow this weekend reminds me of the 2005 Spring Game, which featured an almost unbelievable atmosphere with snow showers throughout the second half of the scrimmage. Future Heisman winner Troy Smith (with the $500 handshake fiasco still hovering over him) solidified his place as the leader of the offense.

A lot of folks were not happy about the snow that day, but I thought the snow provided a pretty cool touch. Only in Ohio (and that is a good thing.)

Comment 01 Apr 2015

Students paying for college sports through fees isn't much different than local residents paying for pro stadiums through local taxes (property tax and/or sales tax). The positive emotion and goodwill created by sports teams are used as the solid reasoning (or bad excuse) for placing the financial burden on those who will only be granted access through additional financial burden (paying for cable to view games on TV, paying for overpriced food/drinks to watch at an establishment, or buying tickets to attend games).

It's a great deal for those who benefit from the success of the teams (players, team owners, school administrators/employees). I guess I wouldn't be so bitter if students at OSU (or any other Ohio college) were granted free access to any sporting event held on their campus, but as long as students/alums/fans keep paying both the fees and the ticket prices, those who are in charge will keep the pedal on the floor when it comes to 'generating' revenue to pay for all this stuff.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

Michigan football has about as much credibility in the south as Georgia and Alabama basketball have in the midwest.

$25 seems a little for steep for a camp that is going to show you how to be mediocre.