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Comment 9 hours ago

I listened to SVP this afternoon and in the first 15 minutes of college football talk, it was split 50-50 between FSU/ND and Bama.  I wouldn't be surprised if Russillo has 'Roll Tide' tattooed across his arm and the SEC logo on his calf.

I live in Cincy and this blog post was the first time I've seen the score of the Cincy-SMU game.  That either proves how much OSU tunnel vision I have right now or just how little I care about the local news around here.  

Barrett for Heisman => '14

Comment 18 hours ago

The only two teams in the AP top 15 to not move up this week are the two Big Ten teams.  That should speak volumes about the media's perception of the conference. The AP poll historically places more emphasis on immediate reaction than it does an entire body of work, but this is not the case in week 8 of 2014 as Notre Dame and Baylor are both considered to be 'better' than both MSU and OSU, according to the current poll (even though both just lost).

The arguments against MSU being ranked above Oregon are exactly why SEC programs will not play out of conference games outside of the South against elite programs (I consider the SEC umbrella territory to include Jerry World and Reliant Stadium).  Auburn dodged a huge bullet at Kansas State (and probably should have lost that game) in a game that was scheduled when Kansas State was a program on the same level as Kansas (translation: not a threat to the SEC's image).

Until a SEC team wins a meaningful game (bowl game or regular season game) outside of the South in a non-climate controlled stadium, I will not give them any credit.  I don't care if they win 20 'national' titles in a row at championship games played in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, or Texas.  (I still don't consider the Bama win over Texas in the Rose Bowl a win as Texas played the entire game without Colt McCoy).

Comment 19 hours ago

My favorite post-OSU win 'riot' is still Columbus in 1995 after the Notre Dame win.

Comment 19 hours ago

The Vegas line for OSU-PSU opened at Ohio State (-11.5) and has now moved to Ohio State (-13.5).  

I don't think OSU will have the game in hand by the end of the first quarter as they did against Maryland and Rutgers, but Penn State's depth will really start to show midway through the third quarter.  I can see the game margin still being within 10 points or less by halftime.

Also, for as much as people are concerned about Penn State's night atmosphere and this game being Penn State's most intense rivalry game, you also have to factor in the recruiting battles in 2014 between OSU/PSU and Meyer's desire to gain a little bit of revenge for a few kids OSU has lost out to PSU with (translation: if OSU can knock in another TD or two with the game in hand, they will).

Halftime: Buckeyes 24, Lions 17

Final: Buckeyes 52, Lions 24

Comment 18 Oct 2014

That 3:30 CBS game features two of the five most overrated preseason top 25 teams in America this year (the others being Stanford, South Carolina, and LSU), but Gary D and the Happy Gilmore announcer will sell it like you're watching the NFC championship game.

DJ, I don't like Notre Dame any more than you do, but it's hard to root for the success of Winston and his enabler coach/program/school/town/state/conference/region.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

Sanchez doesn't have anything on me.  During my sophomore year of HS when I was not starting varsity, we played a late October game and while I was riding the bench during the first half, I found a few cheerleaders behind the who had made homemade chocolate chip cookies and stashed the cookies in my helmet to eat during the game. Even better, I had one of the water boys go get me a hot chocolate at halftime to go with the cookies.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

I still think the media outrage in 2011 had a lot to do with OSU's massive (and polarizing) presence in the media, as well as Tressel's perceived 'clean' image that was suddenly in question.

Now in 2014, I wouldn't have a problem with any of these current players in the news for autographs/taking money if the NCAA would simply reinstate the vacated wins and Big Ten title for Ohio State from 2010 and the Sugar Bowl.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

The Beanie Wells TD run against Michigan in 2006 is still one of the most electrifying OSU plays in the last 20 years.  Even if he never plays another down in the league, he'll always be remembered as a beast at Ohio State.

Comment 15 Oct 2014

There is a place for Evan Spencer on a NFL roster.  While he'll never be an elite receiving talent, he is an incredible blocker (one of the best I've seen at Ohio State), a team-first player, and a professional's mindset, which will allow him to stick around in the league for a few years as a special teams player/reserve WR.

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Birm's write-up on Alex Stump and his timeline on committing to OSU are exactly why I blindly love college football.  

Every write-up on Jameis Winston and his consistent coddling by FSU and his 'inner circle' are exactly why I have serious issues with college football.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

The politics have been in place since week 1 as inflated rankings of LSU, Texas A&M, Alabama, and South Carolina have benefited the sudden rise of the Mississippi programs.  What's amusing is the new focus on just the SEC west, even though the inclusion of any 2 of Miss/Miss St/Auburn would alienate at least 75% of the college football playoff's viewing audience (due to the exclusion of the Big Ten, Pac 12, and/or Notre Dame/Big 12).

If Arkansas is going to finish games, Bert needs to instill confidence in his quarterback and allow him to throw the ball.  The Hogs look like they have Jim Bollman calling plays in the 4Q of their last 2 losses.  10 guys on the line and they still run within the tackles.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

If 2 teams from the SEC are in the playoff and no team from the Big Ten is in the playoff, I think a large amount of fans in the Midwest/East Coast will not pay attention/watch the playoff.  And for the TV big wigs who only care about eyeballs on the screen, that is a huge red flag for ESPN.  A college football playoff dominated by the south will turn the viewing metrics into NASCAR numbers and no network wants that.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Cowherd speaks favorably of OSU a lot of the time.  Whenever he mentions the heavyweights of college football, OSU is usually one of the 4-5 teams he rattles off and he loves Urban Meyer.  Cowherd also stated he thinks there needs to be a Big Ten rep in the college playoff and he loves MSU this year.  If the Buckeyes take care of MSU, he'll be all in on the Buckeyes for the final four.  Colin's big issue is that he puts too much weight into what Jesse Palmer and Davey Pollack (obvious SEC bias) covers on his shows ("SEC good, every other league not good").

Russillo is the SEC honk viewers/listeners should question.  His views on college football begin and end with the SEC and he consistently mocks the Big Ten when discussing the comparisons between the SEC and every other conference.  Russillo fell all over how strong teams such as South Carolina, LSU, Bama, and A&M earlier in the year and now he really doesn't have an argument for their mediocrity. 

Comment 12 Oct 2014

Two things about yesterday:

1. Anyone with thinks the SEC is the clear-cut best conference after watching Auburn-Miss St. and Bama-Ark mistake -prone games is not an objective person.  These mistakes are trends, not exceptions this far into the season.  If OSU can win out and makes the playoffs, I'm more concerned with facing a Big 12 team than a sec team.

2. Michigan players celebrating in the stands after every prime-time win just proves to me that they don't believe their program is elite any longer. This is a desperate attempt to gain attention and externalize their insecure mindset.

Comment 12 Oct 2014

If a school like Miss St or Baylor can be a top15 program, Minnesota can become a top 15 program.  They just need a few huge wins or a star QB to fall in their lap.

Comment 11 Oct 2014

I find it ironic that today's Skull Session questions why someone would send their daughter to FSU before giving attention to some girl's choice to exploit herself on the internet.  

For those of you who think the twerking video is cool or who question the authenticity of any female who reports sexual assault, maybe one of these days you'll be lucky enough to become a father of a daughter and then you'll understand why most of us dad's spend about 50% of our time worrying about the safety of our daughter and spend the other 50% of our time buying more ammunition.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

So far, UK's win total in 2014 includes a couple cupcake SEC teams in addition to their 'directional college' opponents.  The UK fans I know think they are at or above the level of Ohio State right now (seriously).  Tell them they're nuts and they throw out the 'hater' term so commonly used by their entire fanbase.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

I've argued the 'lack of OSU recruiting success in Cincinnati' topic every since I started visiting this site, but if there is any part of Cincinnati that OSU is going to have trouble in, it's the West Side of Cincy located south of I-74 and west of I-75 (which is exactly where Elder is located).  I'm over in that area often and I see kids walking around in #9 Notre Dame jerseys (Kyle Rudolph) and I rarely see any OSU flags/clothing attire on people in the West Side (it's either UC, Miami, or ND).  Any Elder kid with an offer from ND is going to be a tough get for the Buckeyes (Jake McQuade was a fine OSU special teamer from Elder, but he's the exception around that area).

Comment 05 Oct 2014

My biggest thrill from yesterday was not only seeing the star players shine, but seeing some of the other guys (Lee, Steve Miller, Frazier) making big plays.  I still think the Va Tech loss was the best thing to happen to this team.  They are holistically getting better every single week.  I have minimal concern about the pass D.  They'll still give up a big play or two, but when everything else is clicking, the impact of those occasional lapses are small.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

Not even ready for just an NFL roster spot.  John Simon was cut by the Ravens this year and can't even make an active roster (he is currently on their practice squad).  I am all-in on Bosa and McMillan, but lets pump the brakes a little bit.  I do think Bosa has a much higher ceiling than Simon, but he is not a NFL player today.

As soon as I started reading the comments, I thought of the CBS SEC wonks (especially Danielson) with their 'these are NFL players on this field!!!' crap during Bama or LSU games.

Comment 01 Oct 2014

LSU has the best tailgating in America.  If someone thinks Auburn is better than what I experienced in Baton Rouge, I need to see it for myself.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Every Michigan fan I know has a list that begins and ends with two men, and both have 'JH' as their initials.  They don't seem interested in any other alternatives.  I still think Butch Jones would be a great hire for Michigan due to his recruiting ties to Ohio and Michigan, but I'm not so sure he'd consider Michigan a step up over Tennessee (even though I do).

Comment 29 Sep 2014

For some reason, Josh Heupel is the person I think lands at Kansas.  In that part of the country, Oklahoma football is the gold standard and I think Heupel's ties to OU gives him the edge (if he wants the job).

I think some of these rising assistants would rather begin at a place such as BG or Central Michigan or Houston where they can turn a program around in under 3 years (and move onto their next gig) than at a place such as Kansas or Purdue where it's a 3 year (at least) process and they take the chance of losing their shine as an up and comer.