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Comment 19 Feb 2015

I attended a conference in 2014 and the NCAA gave a presentation on the changes going into effect for 2016. These are not significant increases for high school students looking to obtain NCAA eligibility, especially at certain high schools that have questionable reputations when it comes to passing kids through the system. In theory, it's a good idea I guess, but the NCAA is so hypocritical it's hard to take them seriously.

I have a bigger issue with the one and done basketball players. The courses they take for a semester to maintain eligibility into March Madness are in many cases an absolute joke. I've heard Calipari brag about the GPA of the freshmen that he funnels through the Kentucky program and those kids are taking spoon-fed courses that you don't even need to open a book or take notes (or even have a brain) to pass.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

When Skip Prosser coached at Xavier, he would frequent a couple of Cincinnati bars (Haps or The Dubliner) and drink two glasses of Guinness, but never more than two.  When asked why he would always stop at two, Skip responded that he was a public figure and it was his duty to set a proper example for others.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Harbaugh is in full desperation mode. He failed to make a splash with recruits before signing day, ended up with a couple decent players and a bunch of flips from MAC schools, and now he is 100% dedicated to selling recruits based strictly on his NFL career. The goofy tweets with NFL players and/or future NFL players who have nothing to do with Michigan is about as relevant as Urban Meyer tweeting pics of him and Belichick watching a Red Sox game in July.

The media comments by Winston and Petty about Michigan's facilities and appeal seem staged and unauthentic.

Michigan fans tell me the school sells itself? Apparently not, my friends.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I think it's a slippery slope for Michigan and Harbaugh to attach themselves to Jameis Winston. Why not get Johnny Manziel, Greg Hardy, and Dez Bryant in Ann Arbor for a 3 day weekend and play that up on Twitter with a "#whynotmichigan" hashtag?

Ray Rice could be on his way to AA as we speak to reconnect with Jay Harbaugh, take some social media pics with "CoachJimfromUM" and "impress" recruits with stories of how a Harbaugh or two is responsible for his NFL success.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Cannot have a list of OSU b-ball great without Lucas. I don't care if he played when the hoops were actual peach baskets.

And putting Redd over Jimmy Jackson is like putting Carlos Hyde over Eddie George in a list of best OSU running backs. Redd was a great talent, but Jimmy Jackson was the face of OSU basketball for nearly a decade (or until Oden/Conley/Cook arrived).

Comment 18 Feb 2015

The Auburn football coach should not be the one apologizing to the media or calling the young woman to apologize, the pieces of trash who began harassing the woman should be the people apologizing.

I've worked with a few veterans who suffer from PTSD and I'll take their side any day over some entitled football player whose absence of character has more than likely been present long before the recent event that transpired with this young woman.

Comment 17 Feb 2015

Harbaugh is not a QB guru. I would even argue he's an anti-QB coach as he favors a more run-heavy, conservative game plan than he does a QB-focused offense. Yeah, he coached Andrew Luck, but Andrew Luck would make that video coordinator Tressel hired look like a good coach. 

These quarterbacks are there to be prepped on what to expect when put under the microscope by NFL teams prior to the draft and Harbaugh is there as a PR move so Michigan fans and bloggers can plaster this all over social media as a reason for recruits to play for Michigan.

Parents may look at Harbaugh as a way for their kids to get to the NFL and they may look at Harbaugh as a guy who befriends people like Jameis Winston. Michigan fans brag about how their program, coaches, and players are not part of a football factory mentality as they claim exists at Ohio State, USC, and the SEC, yet Michigan has a staff full of NFL coaches (or a few new high school coaches/parents of recruits) and their new savior is spending his free time working with NFL draftees while other coaches are on vacation.

For those of you Ohio State fans who think it's a good story that Harbaugh is taking on Winston as a 'mentor,' think for a second what Michigan fans would be thinking/saying if Urban Meyer hosted Jameis Winston on OSU's campus for 72 hours.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

He may not be recruiting players, but he moves into the NFL grind of constantly viewing film, scouting players, etc. The college game is also a grind, but it's still not as bad as the NFL grind.

I think the move is less of 'spending more time with the family' and more of having the NFL itch and (after OSU won the title with a dominating player Drayton coached) now being the time to take advantage of the momentum created by Elliott and the rest of the team.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I welcome someone who will come in and be hungry for more. That will translate down to the players in the unit. Yes, he may only be here for 2 years, but they could be 2 incredible years. The only consistency I'm worried about in terms of staff is Meyer, Coach Mick, and The Swaggernaut.

Most of the players being recruited to OSU under Meyer have a 3 year plan being mapped out for them (opposed to the 4-5 year plan that Tressel was more fond of). I know staff turnover is a touchy subject right now at OSU, but the one recent recruit that is causing the most uproar over staff turnover made it clear when he signed on Wednesday that he plans on being in the NFL by year 4. Recruits can't expect a coach to commit to a coach for at least 4 years when they're not willing to commit to 4 years themselves. Get in, get better, move on and enjoy the results of the hard work.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

In other news, a Detroit lawyer (and Michigan homer) wants to file a lawsuit against Drayton, Meyer, and Ohio State.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

It's a highly emotional (even irrational) response from a desperate fan base and desperate city. There is a ton of built-up frustration from Michigan fans over OSU taking over the rivalry since Tressel arrived. If Mike Weber had signed with Minnesota and their RB coach left yesterday for a NFL job, this all would be a non-story.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Why isn't the Michigan/Detroit media covering the planned QB transfer that was announced the day after Harbaugh signed two college QB's? Does Wilcher not care about the feelings of those two high school kids who may have also been 'betrayed' the day after signing day?

Just let Weber out of his LOI and give Michigan their "pipeline" back. That program needs every edge they can get if they plan on competing with Ohio State moving forward. Harbaugh has tried to hire every freaking assistant who has worked under Meyer and he has tried to hire every freaking assistant who has solid recruiting ties to Ohio. And they still are not at Ohio State's level, so they turn to freaking tabloid Detroit media coverage in an attempt to even the playing field.

If Ohio is full of such sketchy/shady/immoral people (as the entire Michigan fanbase leads you to believe), close the freaking border and let their precious Detroit HS kids go to UM and be coached by Jimmy the Great while the sketchy/shady/immoral Ohio HS kids go to OSU with "corrupt" Meyer and let's see how it plays out over the next 5-10 years. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Even if the kid is having second thoughts, the media and fans of OSU's most intense rival are always going to side with whatever angle makes OSU and Meyer look the worst. Michigan fans over the past 10-15 years already were looking for ANYTHING they could to validate OSU's dominance of the series and got that in 2010 ("Tressel cheats"). While they lost the Tressel angle when Meyer was hired, if you don't think they're going to run with the new excuse ("Meyer is a scumbag"), you're not giving them enough credit for their keen ability to place blame onto others.

On Wednesday morning, Urban Meyer went to Detroit and basically gave the entire UM fanbase and program the middle finger when he signed Mike Weber. And now, that entire fanbase/program is out for Urban's scalp.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

The Cass Tech coach is in the UM athletic hall of fame (track) and for years has been steering kids to Michigan. Even before the Weber sage, Wilcher was 150% committed to getting kids to Ann Arbor and the kids who typically went to OSU or MSU are the players that "UM didn't want."

I think more than anything, the ability to snag a few Cass kids over the past couple of years that Michigan was seriously interested in is about Kerry Coombs being an ace recruiter who wasn't afraid to go in there and develop significant relationships.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I was actually in line behind Ickey in line at at Greater Cincinnati Kroger in the late 90's. He's a decent dude, especially considering what he's been through (specifically losing his teenage son a few years ago).

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Detroit News already has an article posted to their site with "Shady OSU" in the title.

They are foaming at the mouth in the mitten state right now.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

If Washington plays like he did in 2014, he should also be selected in the first round.

I could see Decker being a late first rounder and I could also see Vonn Bell leaving early and being a first round pick in 2016 if he continues to progress.