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Comment 7 hours ago

It's tough to trust rookie RB's, even though Hyde appears to be heading into a great situation with Gore banged up.  If you have Gore, you absolutely need Hyde as well.  I would say around pick #70-80 if you can get him.  I've seen mocks with backs such as Lamar Miller or CJ Anderson or Kadeem Carey or Jeremy Hill going before Hyde.  I'd take Hyde over any of those four (specifically because of concerns over Gore staying healthy).

I really like Tre Mason this year.  I think he is the highest scoring Rams RB this season.

Comment 8 hours ago

I don't know why some posters have issues with the preseason polls.  These polls absolutely benefit traditional powers every year and our Buckeyes have received (and will continue to receive) a 'head start' over programs that don't have the historical success of the traditional powers heading into each season.  It's a lot easier starting at #6 than it would be starting at the back of the pack every year (as schools such as Iowa or Oregon State or Duke (etc, etc) face each year).

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Urban Meyer will never coach in the NFL.  If he does anything after he leaves OSU besides enjoying retirement, it will be back to TV.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I don't think this team needs a superstar RB to succeed.  On Meyer's two national title teams, I would not consider any of the Florida RB's to be a legit playmaker.  As long as the OL matures and the back of the defense is better/continues to get better, the Buckeyes will be just fine this year.  

I do think OSU throws the ball more this year (especially early in the season as the OL takes a few games to mesh).

Comment 25 Jul 2014

For the commenters who have issues with this kid having an issue that OSU didn't pursue him harder earlier, it would be interesting to see how you'd react as a life-long OSU alum/fan if you (or your child) were to be slow-played by the Buckeyes during the recruiting process while other, higher 'rated' national players were given preferential treatment over you or your son.  Sometimes, it's easier said that done to just flip the switch once OSU finally comes around.  Just sayin'

Comment 24 Jul 2014

What wasn't mentioned are that UC's biggest weaknesses coming into 2014 are offensive line (very thin and inexperienced) and defensive line (very inexperienced), which should really show often and early in this game.  While OSU also has some fresh faces on the offensive side of the line, the OSU defensive line is arguably the strongest DL in America and unless UC plays out of their minds, the OSU DL should really limit UC's offensive output in this game.  While UC does have a great group of receivers coming back (and OSU struggled in pass D last year), I think the pressure on Kiel will be too much for him to get into a groove when it comes to passing the ball.

For those placing wagers on this game, I'd be much more interested in taking UC for the first half than I would for the second half.  I think OSU wins this game by at least 25 points.  Yeah, UC will be up for this game, but a lot of Cincinnati people (specifically OSU targets) will be watching or attending this game and OSU is going to put on a show for those kids.  This isn't going to be a classic Tresselball game against the Ohio school that is much too uncomfortable for the home crowd for much too long.

Also, Gunner Kiel is a big name going into this game to throw around, but I'm just as interested in seeing how former 5-star recruit Jeff Luc (who OSU (and every other school in America) recruited out of HS) plays in this game.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

I wonder how much time Kyle has actually spent in Cincinnati? When he writes these amateur sociologist articles analyzing the culture of the city, does he speak to anyone besides Coombs before aimlessly generalizing the city?  Or does he just cherry-pick certain recruiting decisions and throw in some perceptions along the way before closing out the piece?

OSU got nearly every kid from Colerain and Lakota West that they wanted during the Tressel era (which produced most of the OSU-level talent coming up in Cincy during that era).  OSU also wanted and got Posey, Ballard, Norwell, the Underwood brothers, Jalin Marshall, and some very good walk-on players from Cincy. Any time a Cincy kid chooses to play for and/or is offered by the Buckeyes, it's a big deal in Cincinnati.

Hicks and Ware were not originally from Ohio, so why is this never mentioned when these two are always two of the main Cincy kids who 'spurned' OSU?  Kyle Rudolph (not mentioned) was a bigger loss than either Hicks or Ware and Rudolph was a hometown kid (unlike the other two).  Others like Ryan Kelly and Luke Kuechley and Denicos Allen were not even really pursued by OSU.  The lack of OSU interest until later in the recruiting process is/was OSU's biggest issue in Cincy, not some perceived bias that exists in the city.

And Trey Dupriest is considered a Cincy kid?  The Centerville area (Nuge, Mangold, Hawk) is more Cincinnati than Springfield Ohio!  Does Kyle also consider Charles Woodson a Cincy kid who turned down the Buckeyes?  I expect better writing and due diligence out of you Kyle.  Did you have Joe Schad edit this for you?

Comment 01 Jul 2014

There are too many pre-game tasks/routines to prepare for (not just for the team, but for the band, trainers, TV people, security, etc.) to have kids on the field before the game.  While I love your idea, it's not realistic.

I do agree that alienating the fans/alumni/students with the trend towards treating them as strictly a revenue stream and/or transaction is the biggest issue facing Ohio State.  Fans can deal with the horrible opponents and extreme weather that sometimes finds a way into the Shoe, but pricing people out of the seats and concessions will be the real reason why fans stop attending games.  I expect pro teams to run their business like a corporation, but not the school I have poured so much time, energy, and money into.

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Harper is engaged to Kayla Varner (she is a transfer from BYU).  She is definitely in the running for the most attractive OSU athlete!

Comment 30 Jun 2014

A kid I went to school with had family in Hyden, KY who was close with Tim Couch.  I heard over and over about the legend of Tim Couch a year or two before the SI article came out.  The only recruiting decision Tim Couch struggled with was choosing UK for football or UK for basketball.  The article discussed Couch considering where to attend college, but he was going to Kentucky all along.  His family really would have had to move if he chose Tennessee, OSU, or ND (sad but true).

Comment 29 Jun 2014

He only played a single season, but Maurice Clarett was the best OSU football player during the BCS era.  I would give Pryor the nod as the second best during the BCS era at OSU.

However, I would say that Smith was the most valuable player due to what he was able to accomplish in 2006 (as well as his incredible games against Michigan in 2004-06).

Comment 26 Jun 2014

I hope fans of any school that is recruiting Justin Hilliard appreciate just how appropriately he has handled his recruitment.  The way this young man handles himself speaks a lot for the positive role models and exceptional influences in his life (specifically his family and his St. Xavier teachers/coaches/support staff).  I didn't attend St. X, but the way their kids handle themselves in the recruiting game (regardless of how many stars they have on recruiting sites) is very impressive.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

Kentucky's population is about a tenth of Ohio's, but down there about 90% of that population considers themselves rabid UK fans, so the broadcast rights cover basically the state's entire population.  Even Louisville has a high amount of UK fans.  UK's radio teams for football and basketball are actually pretty solid (one of the UK football broadcaster's dad played football for Ohio State I think).

Comment 23 Jun 2014

UC basketball was an absolute train-wreck when Mick agreed to take the job (the former UC prez who fired Huggins basically self-imposed a death penalty on the program).  I would consider the state of the program as bad (or worse) as when Randy Ayers left Ohio State.

Mick has had multiple offers from the BCS power conferences to leave UC and he's stayed loyal to his school.  I admire his loyalty, but with what he still has had to deal with through the revitalization of UC basketball (conference realignment, horrible facilities, traveling commercial to recruit, a bitter divorce, etc), it's amazing that he continues to stick around.  Good for him though to get paid.  If any basketball coach deserves a raise, it's Mick Cronin.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

UC vs. Alabama is a no-lose situation for each program, even if this ends up being a home and home series.  UC gets the publicity/hype for scheduling the (currently) biggest name in college football (which the local Cincy media will absolutely use to troll Ohio State's OOC schedule) and Alabama gets a game in an area they are currently building a presence in (there are/were U. of Alabama billboards on I-71 earlier in 2014) and a home game against a 'name' OOC opponent that pretty much has no chance of beating the Tide.

If this series happens, I believe they will add-in a basketball home and home as part of the deal.  Even though UC basketball has lost a bit of shine due to the original Big East falling apart, they are still a great opponent for RPI/NCAA tourney considerations.

I just have a hard time believing Bama will agree to play at Nippert.  In the past, the big-time programs that have visited Cincy (OSU, Oklahoma) play the games in Paul Brown Stadium due to the increase in capacity.  Even with the Nippert renovations, I doubt it will hold what PBS does.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

Excellent write-up Kyle.  The biggest issue with UC athletics is not the presence of Ohio State in the state, but the presence of all other alumni/fan bases in the city/Greater Cincinnati area.  Cincinnati is similar to Georgia Tech in that each school is located right in the middle of a fertile metro area stocked with an abundance of recruits, but just like Atlanta and Ga. Tech, Cincinnati is in a competition for every legit recruit with not only the flagship in-state school (OSU or Georgia for these two states), but the entire Big Ten, SEC, and ACC/Notre Dame (I don't consider the Big 12 or Pac 12 competitive in Cincinnati as only a handful of kids have left Cincinnati for one of these two power conferences in the last 15-20 years).  With the larger corporations located in Cincinnati bringing in more and more transports from outside the region, the amount of alumni/fan bases will only continue to grow.  Compared to Cleveland, Toledo, and Dayton, Cincinnati has many more rooting interests than these three cities have (which heavily favors OSU in all three cities).  Outside of football, UC has even more of a battle for recruits with the other program in the city (Xavier) that has just as much of a fan base (some may argue a more loyal/passionate fan base) or draw to recruits than UC.  Chris Mack at Xavier has a private jet available to him for recruiting and Cronin does not (if that says anything about UC's uphill battle to recruit players to the school).

As for OSU in Cincinnati, the lack of a media presence has and will continue to hurt the Buckeyes in the city.  The only presence OSU has in the city are billboards and radio advertisements for the James Cancer Center.  And to OSU's fault, their SID team hasn't exactly bent over backwards in the past to make Cincinnati a priority.  It's not that Cincinnati is loyal to UC or Notre Dame or Kentucky over OSU, its more of an 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality with the lack of OSU coverage within the Greater Cincinnati area.  If recruits only see/hear OSU on national media outlets, how is OSU any different to Alabama or Southern Cal or Florida State to a top recruit who has grown up in the city without the OSU presence?

Tuberville and Cronin may be UC's last shot at getting into a Big 5 conference.  UC nearly eliminated football in the early 90's and without a move in the next few years, the athletic program could be in trouble and fade into the path that MAC schools have traveled down.  Kyle mentions Nippert Stadium as a issue, but Nippert is current under renovation.  The bigger facility issue at UC is the basketball arena, which may be the worst D-I basketball arena in the Midwest.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Mayo and Bill Walker were both silent commits to UC before Huggins was ushered out the door.  Both were going to stay a year and go to the league (both players even initially agreed to follow Huggins to K-State, but Mayo changed his mind after Huggins took the WVU job (Walker stayed to play for Frank Martin)).  If Huggins had stayed at UC, I don't think Mayo would have transferred out of North College Hill for his senior year of HS.  The whole Mayo and Walker situation was fishy the entire time both kids were at NCH.  Even though losing Huggins was tough for UC fans at the beginning, its probably better in the long run that Huggins is gone and Mayo/Walker never suited up for UC.

Comment 02 Jun 2014

Nothing says 'amateur athletics' like "Capital One Field."  I still cringe with the transition from St. John Arena to Value City Arena.  Hopefully, once UMd gets comfortable with their B1G paychecks, they can rename the field to "Boomer Esiason Field" or something else related to their actual football program's history.

Comment 23 May 2014

I think it's OSU or Michigan.  I just think he'd be most comfortable at these two due to his relationships with the coaches.  The 'catholic' pull of ND won't come into play with JH.  OSU has done a great job of recruiting him (Coombs especially).

Comment 14 May 2014

It's tough reviewing these numbers and seeing tuition rates rising on (nearly) an annual basis.  I understand OSU's athletic program is self-sufficient, but that's certainly not the case at many institutions across America.  Schools such as Miami University or Bowling Green literally have no chance at competing at a high-level in D-I college football.

Comment 10 May 2014

Though it may seem hard to believe to some fans on this site, Mike Brown is (and has been for many years) a loyal OSU supporter.  When TBDBITL plays at Paul Brown Stadium, this is all due to Mike Brown.  It's a common perception that Cincy is not an OSU town, but if it were up to Mike Brown, it would be.

If this situation had occurred a few years ago (before Brown deferred most (if not all) of the football decisions to Marvin), the pick would have been Hyde.  Drafting Jeremy Hill (and all his baggage) over Carlos Hyde was 110% the doing of Hue Jackson and Marvin Lewis.  The biggest surprise of this draft (when considering OSU and the Bengals preference of OSU players in this draft) is that Jack Mewhort was not picked by the team.

Comment 10 May 2014

The talking heads that fill our media world are so quick to judge, yet so slow to put their own reputations on the line as leaders of society.  When writers/TV personalities start living lives with actual skin in the game, then I may actually start paying attention to their submissions of opinion.  Until then, I take the Jerky Boys as serious as I do media personalities such as the people who are employed at ESPN or SI.

Comment 28 Mar 2014

For as much as OSU fans complain about how arrogant Michigan fans are, there have been a great deal of OSU fans (and website personalities) displaying the same type of behavior that is typical of a Michigan fan after they lose a game to Michigan State or another opponent their fan base deems 'lessen' than their own.

If losing to Dayton doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, why are there still cynical attempts at justification amongst OSU fans and website personalities a week later?

The city of Dayton is Ohio's own, no matter how long the orange barrels will decorate the lanes of I-75.  Cincinnati is Ohio's own.  Same with Toledo, Akron, Athens, or any other part of the state.  Even if these barbs at other cities/schools within the state are made in jest, there is still a bit of truth to every insult.  If another Ohio school beating OSU is cause for finding some sort of fault about the city or school that happened to come out on top is necessary to repair the fragile insecurities of this fan base, then people really need to re-evaluate the pedestal they've built for themselves.

Go Bucks.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

I was never around for the older guys mentioned, so it's hard to vote for them.  I loved Jay Burson when I was a little kid.  The program never did much when he was at OSU, but after breaking his neck, he was pretty inspirational to me as he went through the recovery.

It's hard to vote for the guys who only stayed a year or two, even if they were great.

I loved watching Jimmy Jackson at OSU, but Craft gets my vote because it feels like he was at OSU for a decade and every single minute of his time here was glorious.