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Comment 11 Dec 2014

Thank you!   I've been of the same mind whenever people talk about worst loss:  wouldn't a game where you score 58 freaking points - in regulation - and lose, have a strong claim on the title of "worst loss"?

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Agree that somebody ahead needs to lose.  Is the Committee possibly thinking of the marketing of #3 TCU going against Oregon? TCU has already shown it is entirely capable of scoring 58 points in regulation and losing - but boy won't that make for great TV against the Ducks.

Comment 27 Oct 2014

Just wondering - is it possible the back judge didn't pick up the play clock expiring on that FG because he had a difficult seeing it amidst all the white in the crowd?  

Comment 12 Oct 2014

I'm frankly tired - no, make that "done" - fretting over whether or not tOSU will make the playoff or get a chance to play for the national title.  A national title was pretty much viewed as THE objective last year by the masses, and unfortunately, for me, it kind of made each week of the season a bit less enjoyable - I felt more relieved by the fact they won, but savored it less b/c I was worried about the frigging polls.  After Brax went down, and I got over being sick to my stomach, I frankly felt a little more excited for the season because the expectations were suddenly reduced.  The hope of pulling it all off was still there, but there was a better sense of "reality."  Anyway, the past three games have gotten me really excited, not only because of the wins, but how this young team looked in them. From my ignorant, layperson, weekend-warrior seat, the way they are trending is very exciting.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

Dude.  It's "Thom McDaniels".  Guy's kind of a legendary HS football coach in Ohio.  

Comment 01 Oct 2014

I've been to Wisconsin 5 times. Fantastic gameday atmosphere, but nothing about the tailgaiting really stuck out to me.  I've actually been more impressed by the actual tailgating in Bloomington, though the overall atmosphere doesn't hold a candle to Camp Randall.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I'm with you, Bro.  Guy is electric fast, but to my untrained eye, I haven't seen much as far as having that football - choose your word, sense, instinct, feel - about where to go.  He basically  goes full bore, straight ahead (which is good), but it kind of seems like we haven't seen him make any moves yet.  Conversely, a guy like Jalin Marshall, while certainly not as fast, kind of looks to me like he can feel where to move when he has the ball.  I don't know, maybe Dontre would be showing some of that if he had more touches.  All the same, I'm jacked that the Bucks have all these weapons as options.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Awesome!  When I was in jr high and HS, I would wait up until like 10 PM on Saturday nights to watch the replay of the games on the PBS station on one of those monsters.  All the games weren't on live TV back then - I shudder to think about such an existence.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

How about the one dude's hand underneath the elbow of the guy drinking from the can?

Comment 23 May 2014

Absolutely!  That Trevor Berbick fight is the first one I always think of.  I was in HS at the time, and any time Tyson would fight, my dad would take off from work (3d shift cop), and we'd watch the fight on HBO.  I just remember it being an exciting time.  Thanks for the look back!  Great memories of time spent with my dad.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

To some degree, I think you put your finger on it right there -- 6 points, 2 blocks, within 3 minutes.  We've absolutely seen glimpses of the ability to dominate, but it has generally been a run of something like 2-3 trips up and down the floor, and then he disappears.  I think those who express frustration with Amir do so largely in part because from a distance, he often looks very timid and almost as if he doesn't want to be on the floor.  To me, I wonder if he's not the same player, mentally, as he was in that Final Four game against Syracuse his Freshman year - he played very well, but I always remember Craft getting in his ear after he missed a bunny and saying "You gotta dunk that *#!% Amir!"

Comment 30 Mar 2014

I really like this guy.  We saw some flashes of a great runner his Frosh year, and he was fantastic in phenomenal in extended action against Illinois.  He gets that blocking aspect down, and I think he and EzE are going to be a near-unstoppable force.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

KBD is going to be awesome.  If he gets a lot of PT next year, I think he and Loving will be on the floor together.  I think Amir would find more time on the pine.