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Comment 29 Mar 2015
With last 2013's FB game made up for in 2014, I can feel good amount rooting for Sparta in FB and BBall. Love that they get the best of scUM and are coached by Dantonio and Izzo (great for different reasons). They do traditional B1G football and basketball and win doing it well.
Comment 20 Mar 2015
I don't see Amir flashing anywhere. 13 point showing yesterday or not.
Comment 04 Mar 2015
I dunno about you, but the hot blonde liking girls is a fortunate turn of events. Gotta capitalize on that one.
Comment 04 Mar 2015
Out of context, that photo was after the whistle was blown. He's not doing anything like the 8 other players not in frame.
Comment 04 Mar 2015
In fairness, that photo is out of context. That player is continuing after the whistle was blown. Funny, but out of context.
Comment 02 Mar 2015
Less all the fatties that forget the right pants have an opposite effect. Amazing nearly overnight it became OK to wear those in public. Unfortunately (even in California) most yoga pants wearers are not skinny or attractive. (here comes the DV onslaught)
Comment 02 Mar 2015
You're right, the original buildings should be left alone and not replaced/improved. What stood there before replaced something before that which some felt shouldn't be replaced; and before that some may have thought it should remain a field. Selfish reminiscing aside, progress happens. It's not as if they demolished architectural significance. I get that many had good times in extremely dated shady buildings with chipped and sticky floors, but at the end of the day out-dated buildings were replaced and the community has improved greatly. Should that section of city remain the dated hole it was for the people that simply passed through it years ago because it's their memory, or should it be improved so the people currently spending time there can enjoy it? Bet you two shiny nickels that you don't have the original wallpaper, carpet and furniture in your home/apartment (unless you have a new home......)
Comment 01 Mar 2015
I saw him in a bar in New Orleans 10 years ago. He was really short and had a ton of makeup on. It was odd because the bar was a local college age bar so a short B list celebrity (at the time) was really out of place, with or without makeup.