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Comment 14 hours ago

I provide this update while sitting upon my throne in the Ritz. (too much food and drink got my gut)

Lunch on Thursday we stopped in at Parasols.  Used to live 2 blocks from it.  Wife got the roast beef poboy she'd been craving and I tried the firecracker shrimp poboy (likely why I'm on the throne, again).

Next we stopped at The Bulldog on Magazine, another old favorite of mine.  Took a picture of a group of 6 frenchies sitting outside, all of them on their phones.

Checked in to the hotel and grabbed a couple mixed drinks in the courtyard.

Took the St Charles line street car and had dinner at Coquette.  Got the Chef's tasting menu and wine pairing.  It was excellent and I recommend the restaurant.

Stopped at Pat O'Briens piano bar room to return to the spot we met and have a hurricane (because why not).  We had planned on heading down to the Marigny but with it being after midnight and us amateurs now, we returned back to the hotel.

Planning on hitting up The Joint for some of their famous barbeque for lunch on the way out.  My stomach hates me right now.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Peppers was listed as a first team preseason All American at LB for this fall. 

You serious Clark?  Holy shit.  Whatever rag made that prediction should burnt to the ground.

I could see a writer who was on the sauce predicting that as a DB, but only an maize colored idiot would assume his undersized as at a new position would be an All American.  (reference photos and GIFs of him being flipped end over end by non linemen)

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Funny you say that, as the commercials on during the games were quite graphic for anyone under 12.  And the games started out here at 5 and 6pm.

You don't realize how crazy TV commercials are until you're sitting next to your own kid. Violence and sexual content.  I'm definitely no prude and I quite prefer HBO programming because of it's edgy/graphic depictions, but not at 7pm on ABC for an NBA game.  Lil NC's eyes and mouth were wide open.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

And since it links to a less anonymous profile, the intent is to often drive better behavior.  Not always the case though, as there are 10's of millions of idiots in the US.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

All joking aside, I really do appreciate the BART system and the access it provides this commuter to Bay Area opportunities.  Though built in the 70's and aging, it's reach through the SF, peninsula and East Bay areas is wonderful.  Even has an under ground tube that takes you under the Bay back and forth from SF to Oakland.

Now, for the "people of BART", that is something else.  What an interesting slice of people it has.

Oh, there are also charging stations all over the city, and my plug-in hybrid Ford Fusion gets me access to the HOV lane.

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Damn baby boomers and their need to know if the Buckeyes stayed on the list from top 10 to top 9 schools (in no particular order).  What did the uncle say about the trip?

They're almost as bad as them #milennials.  Almost....

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Yeah seriously.  The announcement was last Friday night (Thur for PL update).  Give it more than 2 business days.

It's better than the team just pumping out something just to check a box.  It's the offseason, and NSD is nearly a year away.