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Comment 8 hours ago
If by horrible deal, you mean amazing, I agree. I'd love to get 4 weeks of vacation, increasing every 5 years. At my current gig we start at 18 days each year for time off, which includes sick days. I was pretty happy with 3 1/2 weeks to start.
Comment 15 hours ago
I agree, though they may not have sick days or be able to afford not getting paid (if they're hourly). I'm fortunate where I can just work remote and say I'm sick. Also, deadlines or the pressure to perform keep many from taking time off. I've been there before. I'd tell the boss I ain't coming in if Mr Sniffles is in the office.
Comment 22 May 2017

I was able to capture an image of Zimmy's Xenon powered vehicle that he co-developed with CERN:

Comment 22 May 2017

How could I have forgotten?

We really need to add the option to pay with Helmet Stickers.  

Comment 18 May 2017
I would argue a "good recruiter" has a strong enough network that they don't troll random resumes. They do use their network, which includes professionals in their area of expertise. Each person I've talked to that has posted to Monster has regretted it. No decent leads, just cruddy telemarketing or insurance jobs that were clearly not a fit for them. Also a lot of spam emails. These were also highly qualified and talented professionals, so it's not like they had dud resumes. They did however find great jobs at companies like Apple, Boeing, Tesla, and others by applying directly for a job req or being placed by a solid recruiter. I'm fortunate that I've never been desperate enough to need to put my resume out there publicly. It sounds like the OP is also in a position where he's leading an intentional and carefully thought out search. You're right, when companies post an opening (whether on a public board or their own website) they will get a spectrum of candidates. That's a known challenge for any hiring manager but it has no relevance on whether a candidate would need to post a public resume with their home address, phone number, or email address.
Comment 18 May 2017
A public posting to Monster is very different from applying directly to a specific employer or posting. Also, if they're legit, they aren't scraping public resumes from the bottom of Monster. They post a job and get 100, 200, 500 or more direct applications to the job req. Which of course you'd have provided your phone number on your resume and Taleo profile. Go ahead; post your all of your personal information Monster. Put your SSN on there too.
Comment 16 May 2017
Took my Dad and his cousin to a Cubs game just before he died. He and I were White Sox fans but Wrigley was closer and a better environment for a game. Got to stop in the Cubby Bear for pregame meal and drinks. Fun time. Actually playing the sports, I remember the year I was in middle school and we participated in a parent/kid bowling league along with my mom and brother. He and I ended up winning it since I greatly improved over the league season. We also golfed a ton together from 7th to 10th grade. He'd always have me pack my bag with Natty Ice for him (along with the couple Cherry Cokes for me).
Comment 15 May 2017
I caution job seekers against posting their resume publicly. If you do, keep your address and phone number off of it, and use an email created specifically for the search as you will get spammed. Also, more often than not the companies contacting you for opportunities are not so top notch and will often include jobs you're way overqualified for (like selling insurance from a call center). LinkedIn and are the ways to go.
Comment 14 May 2017
No prob. It's tough to keep up with all the banter & references, even as a forum frequenter. I'm certain you're focused on the real content and not us fellas goofing around out back.
Comment 14 May 2017
(Hey JP, they're joking around / being sarcastic. It's a reference to the thread about HS vs UVs given; kind of like Remy's old threads.)