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2006 alumnus from Ohio State College of Engineering.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing the Buckeyes win the National Championship in 2002 as a student.

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Comment 45 minutes ago

Ill be honest, it was tough living in SEC countryand wearing the colors of the good guys.  I still wore it a bunch, but I caught a lot if cheap living in New Orleans between 2006-2008.  That was a tough stretch.

A lot easier in the burbs of Seattle and the Bay Area.  A LOT.

Comment 55 minutes ago

The hot sauce was boss.  Not as hot as you'd think though, but just right..  I wrapped them both and finished inside cause it was getting late.  I covered the sauced slab with more of the red stuff before wrapping and putting it in the oven to finish.  The drippings were hot Louisisana greatness.

Here's the beef rub only after cutting.  My 6 year old ate half the slab, around 14 oz.  Didn't smoke for too long at all actually, though I kept it wet with a spray bottle so it absorbed plenty in 2 hours.  Cherry and hickory pellets.

I couldn't wait to snap a shot of the other one; it went straight to my plate.
Comment 57 minutes ago

My little guys love it, the 6 year old and 16 month old.  After doing work on a tri til a couple weeks ago, he declared "Dad and I are meat rats", whatever the heck that means.

Even the toddler goes nuts for grilled meat.  Sittingin his high chair saying "ma! ma!" for more.

More poor sister, as a vegan she sees the 4 of us go after the grilled goodness every Sunday and most Saturdays.  She's a good sport, even when I'm trimming up a 20# brisket in the kitchen. 

Comment 3 hours ago

And on the Daniel Boone.  Started at 250F, ramping up soon to finish.

"When is dinner going to be ready?...."

Comment 5 hours ago
Round 4 with the boneless short ribs. Got a growler from Berryessa Brewery yesterday to help with the grilling. Love the hot sauce tip.
Comment 9 hours ago
In wear mine just enough to not be obnoxious. Mon-Thur I'm wearing dress shirts and pants, but on weekends I wear something at least once a day. My car has Ohio State University alumni license plate frames and one of my lunch coolers is bright scarlet with the athletic department Block O. As my 6 year old says now "you gotta let 'em know Ohio's here". Met a nice Midwestern couple at the Berryessa Brewery yesterday when they asked about the Ohio State gear on my two boys. They're from here, but they have family from Minnesota and Iowa.
Comment 9 hours ago
What's funny is I've seemed to notice even more people wearing Buckeye gear here in Cali after the Clemson loss. I sure didn't change my frequency. I'm stoked that I lost about 15 lbs since October and all my favorite shirts fit me again. Yay for being in shape. If anyone is hiking Pena Adobe in the next couple hours and sees a guy rocking a scarlet shirt with a big Block O and two little dudes in Ohio State shirts, say what's to the NorCal crew.
Comment 9 hours ago
I think his 40 time, 225 bench press, locker room leadership, GPA and on the field performance will be more relevant to his draft status.
Comment 23 Feb 2017
Kittens are cool. Adult cats are "meh". Love most dogs, but I'm glad I dont have one in my house. Dog hair, mud, their butts seeming always making their way to your pillows. The best dogs are your neighbors dogs (as long as they have a fence, amirite 7/10??)
Comment 22 Feb 2017

This Uncle Rob fella is my new hero.  Those compilations are hilarious.