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Comment 51 minutes ago

Yeah, I have to say any online community is dependant on great Moderators.  Too bad about the ones here....

(In addition to italics and elipses, I'm adding this note to ensure you all realize I'm joking.  Mods are great here, even the ax man.)

Comment 55 minutes ago

Agreed as well. Didn't think any of the options as an issue. My only wish for the site is a game live-chat feature.  Would take 11W from the best to "Undisputed"

Comment 3 hours ago

Sounds like a winner. 

Have fun today. Make sure she gets to have fun on her day and not worry about any crazy moms or sisters or aunts.

Comment 4 hours ago

The same issue exists at Yosemite. The worst part is because the park is only a couple hours away from SF, Oakland and Sacramento the park has a high amount of uninformed tourists that either don't know better or don't care.  It's fun to check out photos of thrashed cars in the village parking lot because some idiots left some bags of Doritos or peanut butter in there.

Comment 4 hours ago

Pic-a-nic baskets or opposing QB's heads?  I'd go with Bosa as the more dangerous.

(shhhh, I know he did say Jellystone)

Comment 9 hours ago

Silver, that unease with 4th down is just a lingering effect of Tressel's staunch conservativeness. It will wane over time.

Comment 10 hours ago

If you like over used phrases check out Gavin Cupp's article from yesterday.

"It was a very big shock," Cupp said of the Spartans' decision. "I never thought any of that would be happening. I didn't really understand at first, and I still don't at times, but it's the way they operate their program and it is what it is. Everything happens for a reason and this must be what was supposed to happen."

Comment 20 hours ago

Problem is by the time he writes a letter and mails it the new coach may already be selected.

Comment 21 hours ago

Well, try smoking whatever it is Hoody is taking to the dome before his usual forum posts runs.  You'll be imagining all sorts of stuff and feel compelled to put it to the interwebz.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

:)  I knew which one you meant, just playing around.  It was my first thought too.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

That up-close photo with the flash reflection makes it appear like it's a physical texture.  Couldn't say for sure without holding them myself though.