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Comment 12 hours ago
You're right, the original buildings should be left alone and not replaced/improved. What stood there before replaced something before that which some felt shouldn't be replaced; and before that some may have thought it should remain a field. Selfish reminiscing aside, progress happens. It's not as if they demolished architectural significance. I get that many had good times in extremely dated shady buildings with chipped and sticky floors, but at the end of the day out-dated buildings were replaced and the community has improved greatly. Should that section of city remain the dated hole it was for the people that simply passed through it years ago because it's their memory, or should it be improved so the people currently spending time there can enjoy it? Bet you two shiny nickels that you don't have the original wallpaper, carpet and furniture in your home/apartment (unless you have a new home......)
Comment 17 hours ago
I saw him in a bar in New Orleans 10 years ago. He was really short and had a ton of makeup on. It was odd because the bar was a local college age bar so a short B list celebrity (at the time) was really out of place, with or without makeup.
Comment 22 hours ago
Thanks for the flashback and reminder of how much of a dump it used to be. I was there from 2001 to 2006, so I got to see it before it was dozed and experience the empty lots and then finally the construction. Some may dislike new or change but that area needed a good cleaning. There's still plenty of grimy joints and backwater holes to hit up.
Comment 01 Mar 2015
Nevermind, the gas passed. Dark Knight.
Comment 01 Mar 2015
Brain fart; what movie was the prison tube climb from?
Comment 19 Feb 2015
I heard Jay handwrote a letter to Jameis for the invite.
Comment 18 Feb 2015
One day I was playing the Grey Course (miss the student perks) and was added to a couple players including Lydell Ross. He was soo built (like MoC and Boom) he had trouble swinging the golf club (massive pecs and biceps destroy range of motion). It was pretty funny when he landed in a sand trap for the first time and was like "what the hell do I do now"?
Comment 18 Feb 2015
(In italics) Or you could quit being a p#$$y and drink it like a man before it gets warm...... Kidding, I use beer coozies and catch s#!t for it myself.
Comment 16 Feb 2015

Not surprised.  His belly did seem to stick out when his pads were on; thought there was no way an athlete of his "caliber" could have a gut like that.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Save yourself the trouble and start a new show.  True Blood was a goofy supernatural night-time soap opera and just tries to find ways to get weirder as the show goes on.  I had to suffer it because I also got to watch Entourage and SofA with my wife.  That said, even she was like "this is stupid, why are we watching it" (and she's from Louisiana).

Comment 14 Feb 2015
I was shocked to see that DV too. Surprised anyone from the Mulga area would have Internet or the ability to move somewhere with it. Phyllis!
Comment 13 Feb 2015
Who else is thinking charity calendar?