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Comment 15 hours ago


I'm 1982, so depending on the "Generational Scientist" and their specific agenda, I'm either a Gen Y or lumped in with the Millenials.

One gal who supports my team went to a diversity workshop at work and it focused on generational differences.  She left the event a bit upset because it was a generational throw down.  Harsh biases and generalizations were abundant.  Takeaways:

Boomers - Bad with technology; retire already!

Gen X -  Impatient with boomers and millenials, bad morals/ethics

Millenials - Young and inexperienced, get off Instachat, need to know their role and wait their turn

Comment 26 May 2016

Tulane was scheduled as a MAC southern fried snack for the boys.

When I lived in New Orleans I went to dinner with a gal who just graduated and a number of her friends.  The one guy, 6' and about 240 lbs, mentioned he was a starting O linemen at Tulane and I laughed thinking he was joking.  Apparently he wasn't, which made me laugh more.  Since he just looked like a doughy bro I wasn't scared for my life, not nearly like I would've been if I laughed at an OSU offensive linemen.

The Bucks better steamroll the Green Wave.  Bad.

Comment 26 May 2016

One is the example of a great coach at a very high profile NFL team.

Who if you're paying attention above, just got fined and penalized for cheating.  That's a common complaint about Jimbo.

Also, just a short time ago, Jimbo was also doing well and appeared in the Super Bowl.

Comment 26 May 2016

Thankfully I was able to attend the Texas game in Austin and the California game out here.  Both were good times.

Cruised 30 minutes down 80 with my boss and rolled into Berkeley to see a sea of Scarlet.  His first words were "Oh shit, there's a lot of you guys here". Rolled into a random frat house and taught him how to play beer pong, beating a couple bros.

Game was great and he's now a huge Buckeye fan (his dad went to TSUN, too).

Comment 25 May 2016

As a guy who appreciates a nice Situational, you would recognize that's right in-line with Ramzy's writing style and wit.  I mean, that's his schtick.

Comment 25 May 2016

Old Guy: My monitor is gone.

IT: Did you try restarting your computer?

Comment 25 May 2016

I have not wore boat shoes since I lost my virginity.

I bet the story goes like this:

"Fine, I'll let you do it if you promise to never wear those silly moccasins again".

"Hell yeah Dude, I mean Becky"

Comment 25 May 2016

She will be joining a panel of men whom Tom Herman would never allow into the society for towering intellects which he originally founded. 

Haha, Ramzy trolling DJ.

Comment 25 May 2016

I had a similar experience on graduation day in the Shoe.  Our department ended up sitting right in the front of 1A, with me being in the front row right above the tunnel.  Pretty surreal to finally be done.

Comment 25 May 2016

Haha, the restart was my first thought too when seeing the forum post.

Comment 25 May 2016

They have little handheld guns that do it for you.  I watched the "world's most useless IT guy" do a few and got it to work, so it's very simple.