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Comment 03 Dec 2016

I think that's his and everyone else's point, that if you went to another round with 8 teams, it comes at the strong cost of losing a week of regular season games.  That is why I and many others have said 4 is just right when considering all the implications.

You can't make the top 4, you can't claim you're #1.  In my opinion at least.

Comment 03 Dec 2016

Hmm, sometimes my email address doesn't work.  Send it to my buddy Ron's email address

He doesn't speak Spanish but I can read it from there.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

And if you do, make sure you match it with the correct brand of milk, Fairlife.

Enjoy. With a full-bodied milk, if that's your thing.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

It absolutely is a distorted version of that same video screen grab. Ole boy should've taken his shift-key line tool and inspected the hash marks too. Also, it's very very rare to have all those key timing elements match up perfectly (towel, hands, legs, etc...).

I'm no Zapruder expert, but the second I saw that shifted and brightened photo I could tell it was a perspective distorted version of the video screen grab.

JT got the 1st down, Bucks won, end of story.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Completely agreed. Just outside of the top 4, like the JT Barrett run and ball spot. It'll sting so good.

It'll be crazy to see the B1G get a team in that didn't win it's championship, I see it being outright impossible we'd see 2 teams from the B1G voted in ahead of it's conference champion. 

If two get in, it'll be Ohio State and the B1G champ.

I'd also rather let the outcome of "The Game" stand on its own and not get ruined by a matchup.  Unreal game.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I'm with you, GTH.  While young men, they are still adults.  At what point to you stop putting blame on the previous generation (coaches, parents, teachers, community) and begin assigning personal accountability for these allowed behaviors?  Jimbo's antics are not squarely on his father and Bo; they're on him IMO.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

That's exactly my point, there's no risk and all reward for the coaches.  Huge payouts they'll never have to pay but they get to keep their huge salary if they get fired for poor performance.

It's the system that is in place, but in context to DJ's point the kids don't have an immediate option to transfer on a whim if the coach that sold then on the program ups and leaves.

Maybe they can have the students run 100 gassers as a penalty to transfer if their coach leaves.  Or limit them to bagels and cold cereal at the breakfast table.  No bacon for you!

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Fair enough, NorCal, to a degree, based on what little you prob. know.

Your assumption is correct, I know very little.

No need to get sanctimonious, I've worked with our church group to aid Somali refugees, and as mentioned earlier, my daughter is hosting a teen Somali foreign-exchange student in her home this year. This now makes it extremely uncomfortable for him in high school.

"No need to get sanctimonious, but here I go after insulting you and then telling you about all the fantastic things I do for the community I just attributed to an attack by an individual and them picked out every act perpetrated by a person of their descent in the past 12 years."

Double-down Tuesday?