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Comment 56 minutes ago

Georgia, that's right. Must have been that Ohio State brand that pulled him away.

Comment 11 hours ago


I've had the military parallel in my mind through this discussion as well but avoided it.  My neighbor (current active duty) and I have had this same conversation from the perspective of combat veterans.  He actually had people say it's "we" because they're citizens or paid taxes.  Those conversations end quickly.

I'm with you about the crazies or the fairweather fans. They can go ahead and say "they".

Comment 12 hours ago

Agreed, it is rude and obnoxious when people "correct" others for saying we no matter what your opinion is on it.  Preferences aside it is semantics.

Comment 13 hours ago

^ This 100%!

"We" is Buckeye Nation (fans) or Ohio State as an institution (students & alumni)

"They" when referring to the team who is actually, ya know, a defined team of people actually making the contributions.

Just struck me as odd for people to speak inclusively about an accomplishment or group of people as though they're a member of it.  Even if my son was on the field as a starter, I'd say "they".

You know, it's funny but if you pay attention to how the reference changes from "we" to "they" when the team is losing.  A lot more "they" during the 2011 season.  The "we" occurrence seems to be directly proportional to the size of the bandwagon and winning percentage.

Comment 15 hours ago

I just wish 11W would be able to reference the team or use the logo (understand it's a licensing thing).  Problem is when it's worn, even a lot of Buckeye fans don't catch the reference.  Unless you already know the shirt, it's a stop & stare to figure it out (even then many don't immediately get it).

The content of the shirt is superb, just wish an Ohio State logo could go on it too (orders iron-on transfer.....)

Comment 15 hours ago

I'm with you from the alumni perspective of "we", but I use the reference as a "we" to Ohio State the university and not directly towards the football players and their accomplishments.

"We won" vs "our team won"

Comment 15 hours ago

Yeah, it is different as a student (or employee) as it's a team representing the school you're from.  The pro's seem to just be a geographical boundary where as university athletics "represent" the rest of the university; student-athlete.

(that said, as CFB has essentially become like the pro's in many respects, it's become less so)

Comment 15 hours ago

The inclusion to Buckeye Nation as a "we" makes sense, but not when it's referring to the program, i.e. the success and performance.

Let me ask this, would you say "we won the National Championship!" to a football player?  No, they'd look at you like "who's this Mother Fer????"

They woke up early to train and study, spent years to get where they are, and worked together as a team in practice and in the games.  We sat/stood in a seat or turned on our TV and yelled for a few hours, but went back to our day jobs on Monday.

Comment 16 hours ago

Well, as long as there is college football, there will be complaining about who gets in or out.

Even if it were expanded to conference champions and an at-large or two, there'd still be some whining Marshall or Boise State whining that they were left out since they went 10-2 against nobody.

I say 4 power conferences with a 4 team playoff and the rest of the teams can go pound sand.