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Comment 16 minutes ago

The Record reported that Carroo was romantically involved with the woman. He is accused of "picking her up and slamming her down on a concrete surface, injuring her left hip, both palms, left elbow and left side of the head," according to the complaint.

I'll go ahead and assume slamming a woman's head on to concrete qualifies for "unreasonable force".

Will you be requiring hospital bills to validate her visit?

Comment 1 hour ago

With the forum posts title being "Alabama or Arkansas" my mind immediately went to a competition of Worst State.

It a close competition between those two, with Mississippi coming in closely behind.

Comment 2 hours ago

Sorry to hear about your problem.  We've used these for my kid's crib and when we potty trained him, I highly recommend them:

SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector

They make them in a Twin XL in case you're in the dorms.

Comment 17 hours ago

Jack, you bring up a great point. How the hell are you supposed to count those suckers while they're running around?  Those eggs are much easier to count.....

PS - You had me worried for a second there, thought we'd have a thread about CJ here.  Great points about the likely end of year schedule. 

Comment 22 hours ago

Me too, I actually literally laughed out loud.  My wife asked me if I was working or playing around on that Ohio State site again.

Comment 22 hours ago

I think he and all the assistants are underpaid.  Especially when you compare to other teams.  I.e. Muschamp 1 mil. 

Yeah, it does surprise me the massive separation between all the assistants and Urban.  Little an order of magnitude.

Definitely understand the fair market value aspect, but it's surprising to see Urban make 10x his subordinates (would think 2x to 4x).  That said, that environment is quite different than the employment situations we're all around.