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Comment 20 minutes ago

Texas is his home.

Well actually, he grew up in Simi Valley and went to college at California Lutheran.  He got his start in coaching in Texas after graduating college.

While he's been away from Cali for a bit while on his coaching journey, if he's anything like most California natives I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to head back.  Only he could answer that one though.

Comment 2 hours ago

To be fair, I think it was the Sweater Vest that offered him at the young age of 14.

So is Danny Clark like 20 years old then?  I think we should open another thread and debate which round he goes in the 2017 NFL draft, since he'll be elligible.

5th round.  Let's discuss.

Comment 9 hours ago

For a 51 year old gal who lived on your street, yeah she's pretty good.  But by no means is it anything fawn worthy while online. 

Comment 10 hours ago

The next update to Tatum is going to redirect you to and have "" prepopulated.

Comment 13 hours ago

Awesome analysis once again.  Really love these annotated clips.  

Unlike seasons past, defenses will no longer be able to simply stack the box to stop the Buckeyes' most dangerous weapon offensively.

I'm really hoping this will be the key difference from last year.  It was pretty obvious at times, especially with Brax, what they were going to do.  Samuel's true ability at both RB and slot receiver is huge.

Comment 23 hours ago

Tickets bought, going to see the Cal-Utah game this next weekend.  After watching the good guys smear Rutgers at 9am, I'm heading down to Berkeley around 1pm.

Ticket availability was shocking in comparison to OSU.  Would never get to sit as close as we are, for the price I paid, and bought less than a week before the game.

Comment 25 Sep 2016


Most of the time, hearing about an aged celebrity passing away doesn't get much from me but this one is a bummer.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Atta boy Zeke.  Keep grinding and focused on being a top running back.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Flying down the field is one thing.  Launching your 300 lb body at a mixed pile and hitting your own teammate is another.

The stand Herbie made for his friend and coworker Des was the right call too, based on what the radio host said.

The tweet rants are lame though.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Wanted to go, but the logistics with the two little guys didn't work out.  Finally got the pool filters cleaned though.

Planning on taking the oldest to a Cal game, possibly this next weekend against Utah. It's at 3pm, with enough time to watch the Bucks in the morning.  Let me know if you're down.