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Comment 21 Oct 2014

Akron > Pitt

Pitt > VT


Therefore, Akron > OSU

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I assumed it was a given. Anyone affiliated with the SEC has a thick skull and is not able to critically think. I agree with the loss hurting more than Oregon's. I stated I agreed with him in my original post. However, he failed to acknowledge that Ohio State is a much improved team. He simply stated that a team that loses at home like that should not be considered. He however did back up Oregon's loss, which I know is not an SEC school but for some reason an ESPN perennial favorite. All I am saying, I think this Ohio State is much improved and can match up to any team in the country. The ESPN analysts don't give OSU a shot at beating Michigan State for some reason. I actually believe we will beat MSU handily. Urban will have our boys prepared and won't let a repeat of last year happen.

I wouldn't be that upset if we are  the 5th or 6th team and we miss the playoff this year. That loss hurt us. I just think they should give our team more credit for overcoming that loss and looking like a team to be reckoned with.

Comment 14 Apr 2012

Although his film does not compare to that of Bell, Cravens, or Thomas...I trust Meyer's judgment.You have to take into consideration that Thompson only has 3 years of football under his belt so he is very raw and has a high ceiling. Bad Technique is correctable so I am not worried about that. I do love his physicality and his ability to get to the ball.