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Comment 28 Aug 2015

wouldn't worry about it too much, and as said above, is probably click bait.  i'm ecstatic he chose michigan, but that was really the only choice here.  it's the same thing as when anybody that commits to osu is shown as committing 'over michigan and others' when michigan may have not even been recruiting them for a period of time.  don't need to waste resources on a fight you don't think you can win, and that doesn't stop media types from describing an epic slugfest that a team won over another, regardless of what actually happened.  much sexier than saying that one of his finalists didn't see him as a plan A guy.  

i'm just curious as to a potential scenario where meyer whiffs on craig-myers, corley, and victor.  does he make a late push for mitchell? how easy is the flip? i believe i read somewhere that he was going to try and enroll early, which could help michigan hold onto him.  consolation prize or no, they'll be happy to have him.  for a guy his size, he brings an interesting skill set in his ability/willingness to go across the middle and pick up YAC like it's his job, albeit against less than stellar NJ competition.  with room to refine his route running, he could be an exciting players down the line.

at the end of the day, both teams are going to get their share of great players.  and if harbaugh enjoys success season 1 (not a given, but i think it's arrogant to assume he won't eventually given his track record and coaching staff), then recruiting could take off for michigan, as he won't be such a question mark at UM.  i think 8-4 sounds about right.  if you don't think he's worth 3 more games than hoke with a more experienced defense, significantly improved special teams coaching, and a less turnover prone QB protected by an OL that has received actual coaching, that's crazy.  hoke, almost in spite of his incompetence, lost close games to rutgers and maryland that offensive ineptitude would have prevented.  throw in competent play against minnesota (who i think will be pretty good this year) and that could be a toss up as well.  the 4-8's, 5-7's, 6-6's that some are gleefully predicting aren't giving credit where credit is due

Comment 14 Jun 2015

i agree in part with what you're saying.  i think the situation at michigan's a little better than the one at florida right now.  and the situation's better at osu than almost anywhere in the country.  it's obvious most osu fans couldn't even fathom someone not being interested in osu to that extent.  that's bias for you.  every school and fanbase has it.  but to say that harbaugh and the coaching staff he has assembled isn't a good place to develop talent?  come on.  they haven't proven anything on the field, but most of their coaching staff has had success in many different situations at different schools.  and harbaugh may seem like a nutcase (he does to an extent to michigan fans as well), his eccentricities are tolerated because he can coach.

the other thing people jump on is the whole andrew luck thing.  yes, luck is a once in a generation talent.  potentially poised to be the next payton manning, etc.  in 2008, he was the #3 ranked pro style QB recruit.  ranked ahead of him were blaine gabbert and dayne crist.  in the 2009 class, tajh boyd, garrett gilbert, and matt barkley held higher 247 composite rankings.  in 2010, phillip sims.  in 2012, gunner kiel.  in 2013, max browne and christian hackenberg.  and looking before him to see some in the NFL, the 2007 class had jimmy clausen, ryan mallet, aaron corp, and john brantley.  2006 had matt stafford and mitch mustain.  that's not including any potential dual threat QB's ranked higher.  some are too young to make conclusions on, but could it be possible that harbaugh is part of the reason andrew luck became andrew luck?

all are good schools, all have historically good football teams, with osu being great currently and expected to be going forward.  it seems silly, though, to think that neither michigan nor florida will deviate more towards their norm, that being competitive at a national level.  with meyer at the helm for osu, there isn't cause for worry, because he'll keep winning and getting good recruits, but to completely dismiss harbaugh is a little premature

Comment 30 Dec 2014

most here look through scarlet colored lenses, which is fine.  mine aren't, but i try to keep any mega-homerish comments elsewhere.  they don't really tend to do any good here.  didn't get a chance to see the press conference live, but watching it right now on michigan's website.  jim's always been described as extremely confident, and certainly cocky to an extent.  and sure, he was confident today.  i think any perceived disinterest probably has to do with the fact that he's had an extremely busy 24-48 hours, during which he's been sick.  but i think he's a great fit for the university, and enthusiastic about the job.  i could care less what he decides to drink at his press conferences.  he's exactly what michigan needs to get back to delivering a quality product on the field.  i don't think he's perceived as being any more arrogant than urban meyer is by michigan fans and the sports nation in general.

Comment 30 Dec 2014

The press also said he'd never leave the NFL (and now it turns out not only did he leave the NFL, but for less money than Oakland was prepared to offer him).  They also said he was using Michigan as leverage.  The national media had almost no clue what they were talking about in this case, and from what I've read on Mgoblog, lots of people are lining up to troll tools like Cowherd, Schefter, etc.

I've heard about his dipping as well, but no way in hell he goes into a recruit's home and asks for a spittoon.  It's not the same era as when Howard Schnellenberger used to leave his pipe in recruit's homes as an excuse to come back.

Comment 28 Dec 2014

i think it's definitely a home run hire.  people called hackett an idiot at the beginning, but the more i've been reading about the search, the more i was impressed with him.  he really went out of his way to make sure the harbaughs would be comfortable in every way (for $8 million/year, that wouldn't take much), and knew exactly who he wanted.

people are unimpressed by his recruiting at stanford, but if you put that effort and prowess into a team like michigan, those national rankings are easily 30-40 points improved.  not to mention, stanford recruited really well immediately after he left too, which was due to his elevation and changing the perception of the entire program.  think the same level of immediate impact urban's hiring had.  and he can develop talent.  sure, he had andrew luck, which certainly helps.  he also had a great rushing attack and defense towards the end of his time at stanford.  not to mention, luck wasn't anything THAT spectacular in high school, so does anyone think his transformation from pretty good to the next peyton manning (certainly debatable) had something to do with harbaugh?  i would guess it does.

Comment 28 Dec 2014

i think that's reasonable.  i expect him to stabilize michigan quickly and make them very competitive in 2 years.  if half of michigan's roster had actual coaching, they could do quite well.  i would be happy with a successful 5 year tenure, leaving some key assistants in place to either take over when he leaves (as shaw did at stanford), or at least to keep the school an attractive option for a new head coach.  i think hackett has done a good job with the way he went about the search and will get the full time AD gig.

also, be more creative with the name-calling! you can do better than that

Comment 28 Dec 2014

both schools will continue to get top recruits.  they always have, and they always will.  the big difference for michigan is they now have a coach that can develop that talent.  michigan will get recruits ohio state wants in the midwest and nationally, and vice versa.  i expect michigan to pull much more of their weight going forward, which will help the B1G in recruiting and national perception.

to say that urban will own harbaugh is homerish.  take off the rose colored glasses and see that if hoke could recruit top classes, a guy like harbaugh should have no problem doing that.  looking forward to some great football between these two schools in the future.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

correct.  and looking back at video now, michigan had 2 timeouts left at that point.  the game was far out of reach at that point (and probably was since the beginning) so it's not like the timeouts needed saving for a game tying/winning drive.  absolutely pathetic.  and i'm not sure that he wants to be fired, i think he really is that clueless.  embarrassing to see as a fan.  here's hoping michigan can get a hire right this time (i think that first involves canning dave brandon, but that's for another thread) and get a coach to bring some relevance back to the program.  i'd be happy with showing signs of talent development and smart/modern football in all phases of the ball.  

not that michigan is the end all be all of the B1G, nor do i think it ever was by itself, but the national view of the conference is much better when we can throw osu, msu, michigan, penn state, wisconsin, and nebraska into the top 25.  

Comment 28 Sep 2014

agreed.  one of the few things i still supported about hoke was that he seemed to have the players best interest at heart and seemed like a genuinely good guy who cared about them.  now, that wasn't enough in my eyes to give him another year, but this was inexcusable.  and to make matters worse, bellomy couldn't even find his helmet when gardner lost his and had to come out.  i don't remember the specifics of the series, but if they had a timeout left, they need to use it.  morris has at least a moderately injured leg, and probably a concussion to boot.  hoke saying he wasn't aware is just pathetic.  what the hell else could he have been watching when all this was happening?

Comment 22 Sep 2014

interesting that you put school in quotes.  despite the dumpster fire of a football program, which will certainly lose hoke and brandon before the end of the season, the school's academic reputation is still fantastic.  shit on the team all you want, but the degree is one of the more respected in the country.

and if a situation where lane kiffin became head coach at michigan, i would stop watching.  no respect for him at all.  i think mattison gets the interim head coach job while brandon tries to poach the usual targets: miles and the harbaugh's.  none of them bite, because of said dumpster fire, and michigan looks for an up and comer coach with an actual winning record, or tries to grab a national top assistant.  either way, not looking good for michigan.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

at one point, UCF's best CB left the game with a leg issue.  i did not watch enough to see if he returned, but his replacement was victimized almost immediately for a 60+ yard TD.  not sure how he fared the rest of the game.  agree about the OL though, saw a few sacks and a lot of pressure

Comment 31 Aug 2014

agreed! hackenberg was forcing throws all day, and while i root for B1G teams not playing michigan, they were very lucky to beat UCF

Comment 31 Aug 2014

it'll definitely be close, but i'm not sure notre dame pulls it off.  from what i saw of notre dame's game against rice, they didn't move the ball consistently or effectively.  gohlston scrambled around and bought time, or improvised and used his legs.  he is missing their only proven returning WR, and you can hate them if you want, but gohlston will be pressured more by michigan's front 4, and return lots of talent and experience at LB and DB.  they will (hopefully) be able to minimize the damage he commits.  he's talented for sure, so gohlston will get his.  on the other side of the ball, their academic suspensions will hurt notre dame.  they have a bunch of new starters up front, and doug nussmeier seems like he'll put the players in positions to make good plays.  unlike borges, who only called a few great games in his career (last year's version of The Game being one of them, with far more duds).  i think michigan will move the ball just enough on the ground to be able to pass, and will move the ball through the air well between funchess, darboh, chesson, and norfleet.  outside of jaylon smith and sheldon day, they aren't starting anyone to write home about.  i'm not saying it won't be close, especially in touchdown jesus' shadow, but i think michigan has the talent on both sides of the ball to get it done.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

michigan fan checking in, and i agree with you (except for wanting to see another loss).  they could win by 200 points, and it wouldn't erase the fact that they lost in 2007, with what was a much more complete, albeit obviously unprepared team not taking app state seriously.  it's a lose-lose to even put on the schedule, imo.  just like florida could kick the crap out of georgia southern, and it still wouldn't erase the fact that they got beat without their opponent completing a single pass.  love underdog stories usually, but obviously not in the case of "The Horror"

i expect ohio state, michigan state, and michigan to take care of business tomorrow.  thank god for college football

Comment 12 Aug 2014

as a michigan fan that visits this site regularly, i can tell you the general consensus around mgoblog, 247, etc is the same.  there is absolutely no defending those actions.  the kid had his hands in his pockets.  i don't care what he may or may not have said to york's group, you don't do that.  i hope he learns from this and becomes a better person, but it won't be at michigan, and it won't be without a criminal record

Comment 25 Jul 2014

i'm a michigan fan, and that was pretty good, albeit depressing at the same time

Comment 07 Jul 2014

i don't think it's as much that michigan didn't recruit well in the RR years, because they were okay.  schematically, they were probably not ideal.  that's still workable.  the biggest issue was the attrition suffered during the RR years and into the early Hoke years.  gardner's recruiting class (true players graduated last year, redshirt seniors this year) took a huge hit.  very, very few even made it to their upperclassmen years on the team.  those players you look to for leadership, accountability, etc were nowhere to be found.  

how would osu have fared if players like hyde, smith, spencer, heuerman, bryant, roby, grant, mewhort, etc did not develop or stick around? just as an example.  osu definitely weathered the change they endured really well, and landed an absolute home run for their JT successor.  but i think (if hoke can manage to get through this year) that 2015 and 2016 will show a very, very competitive michigan team.  that will probably be towards the end of nussmeier's tenure there, but his system should be well installed, and the zone blocking scheme that nussmeier wants is actually the one that their OL coach funk (who i think probably should have been fired last year too) prefers...so we'll see if he can earn his salary.  the defense should be top 25 year in and year out by that point

Comment 14 Jun 2014

i think they actually have a great chance to get KLS out of california, considering they've been consistently in his top 2 basically his entire recruitment, without the benefit of a visit.  i think UCLA is his top school now because of comfort level, but if/when he visits michigan for an official, he will be blown away.  there are certainly prospects that don't come away loving ann arbor, but generally with the type of kids michigan goes for, they definitely impress during visits.  if KLS were to get out to michigan for a second, unofficial visit as well, i think they win by a long shot.  i also think they land rosenboro over NC state, as he visited for almost 4 days earlier this year and seemed to really, really enjoy his time there.

still think it's dumb backing off on cornell, even if they didn't think they had a good shot.  he is elite, and i would have liked them to get one interior linemen in the class.  i thought that was going to be hjalte frohold before he committed to bert and the razorbacks, seemingly out of nowhere.  and the fact that cornell has ohio state and michigan state so highly ranked means that losing out on him could directly cost michigan in the future.

Comment 04 Jun 2014

while i agree that bosa's backflip is definitely more impressive, the 100m dash by peppers isn't exactly a great comparison.  granted, there are a lot more 5'11"-6'0" 200ish pound people running 10.5 100m dashes than 260ish?? defensive linemen doing backflips, but that's one of the premier examples of bosa's athleticism, while you have peppers handily destroying the field in a straight line race.  great, sure, but something plenty of people in high school do.  the things he did against pretty good competition on the football field were ridiculous.  flat out embarrassed almost everyone he played against.  there's a reason he was as highly ranked as he was.  i think the two are close in athleticism, which is saying a lot for joey bosa.  he's been a stud for osu and will be until the time comes for him to make a tough decision - to go pro or to stay?  he'll definitely have the option.  just a stupid all-around survey by the BTN, and another reason for me to curse the summer months until fall camp starts up again

Comment 24 Sep 2013

noticed that...probably because their arm-punts and debilitating mistakes look so similar, it's making one or both writers nostalgic...ace because regardless of how denard played, everyone loved him, and johnny, obviously because of how denard played

Comment 24 Sep 2013

as a michigan fan, i'm not a fan of the legend patches and changing of numbers.  but not sure how you think gardner is looking for cheap publicity if you take off your scarlet tinted glasses.  most of these players are given notice that they are going to receiver the number, from what i've read, but the coaches don't ask "who wants #98?" and i doubt devin was pushing for it.  he, like denard before him, seems like a well-rounded young man who just happens to play for the team you all hate.  you can hate him on the field, but i don't see where he's done anything non-football related to make people think he's a POS attention whore.

as said in the breakdown of the uconn game, gardner is a decent QB which above average athleticism that is making some TERRIBLE decisions.  some of that is on the OL, but plenty of that is on him as well.  his confidence is shot, and he's playing about as terribly as he could (please let this be rock bottom).

i am happy the defense has survived as well as it has, and hope jack miller, who routinely blocks no one at all, is sitting on the bench against minnesota.  i'd rather hoke's perfect record at home not end until The Game, where it is very, very likely to happen, barring some ridiculous OL turnaround similar to wisconsin's from last year, and gardner turning into russell wilson or dan persa with his decision-making.  neither seem likely


Comment 05 Jun 2013

what makes you think peppers isn't solid in his commitment? usually the kids that waver are not the ones who are spearheading recruiting as commits.  11+ win season or not, i don't think peppers wavers unless something drastic happens (hopefully it won't) like a bigtime coaching change, NCAA violation, or scandal.  all signs point to brady hoke running a pretty tight ship, so i doubt we'll see that

Comment 24 Mar 2013

props to craft to end the game on his terms.  had to be frustrated after those missed front ends and turnovers.  very uncharacteristic of him.  biggest play (besides the final shot) was his drawing of the offensive foul where his hell hovered over the restricted zone but never touched down.  great defense