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Comment 21 Jan 2013

When you made that statement I was in hope that you were right however that has not happend. Amir is weak inside and has his shots contended by much smaller and stronger players.

Comment 23 Dec 2012

Hello! what you are speaking to is the recruiting of this coaching staff.

Comment 23 Dec 2012

Looking at Amir realisticaly it is evident that it is not just his skill set that is anemic but also he is weak and not physically able to play at this level.

Comment 23 Dec 2012

Well some time back we spoke of the upcoming team and season, there were many who defended the team and the season the recruits and rightfully so, however those defenders vision was clouded by the reality that this years edition of Buckeye Basketball was going to have trouble scoring the basketball and was going to be weak inside. So where does this season at currently the Buckeyes are the fourth or fifth best team in the BIG behind Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Minnesota and arguably Illinois. Will make the tounament if the NCAA takes 6 or 7 out of the BIG and will be dispatched round 1 or 2 in the Big Dance. When you can't score the ball and you are weak on the inside your future is bleek.

Comment 16 Jun 2012

Your point is well taken and we will be as good as our outside shooting percentage will let us be, let's hope our outside shooting improves over the off season.

Comment 16 Jun 2012

So, all the comments have been about the 30 wins, let's see the original thought was concerning the recruiting, to even the casual observer we recruited many and got one, that tells me we may be able to get some athletes from Ohio or a Michigan or Indiana, Here is the point; we are not able to get the athletes from outside the tri state which means that you may be able to get 15 wins nonconference and 15 more in conference and tournament. But if that's our comfort level then we will year in and out not be able to compete with the North Carolinas', Dukes' and of course Kentuckys' (which has the model for excellence in recruiting).

Comment 11 Jun 2012

Hope your're right we will see



Comment 11 Jun 2012

Who did we sign? And by the way the way the Dukes'. Kentuckys' and North Carolinas' got there is with a sense of urgency.

Comment 16 May 2012

It appears to this reader that 2012 Buckeye roundballers will have a tough time without some real strong help inside. How good Amir Williams is an unknown and we can only hope Evan Ravenal gets a lot better over the summer. If not we will get killed inside and with some suspect shooting outside we may be in for a long season of hoops in Buckeye Land.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

If the Buckeye basketball team doesn't add some inside tuffness they will hard press to be competitive in the Big 10. Where is Matta with recruiting the one and done guys to be competitive? Has Matta lost his will to recruit the best?

Comment 24 Apr 2012

In deed and to add insult to injury (unethetical) Jeff Long hires (one way) Bobby Patrino, Long violated the NFL rule of contact and Patrino had proven himself to be a football coaching prostitute long before U of A illegally hired him. The U of A needs to distance themselves from Jeff Long and get some educator with intergrity into the postion of Athletics Director (is educator with integrity an oxymoron?)

Comment 24 Apr 2012

Initially the U of A is a second rate university with a major problem other than Bobby P's sexual escapades. Working in that area a year ago it became painfully obvious that the inbreeding has done irreparable damage to the intellectual value of the area.

Comment 27 Feb 2012

You play defense with passion; we had no passion. You win games from the free throw line we were anemic. And what can you say about Deshaun that had to rank up there with so of the biggest blunders of  century (Chris Webber time out call). Go figure, is there a reason why Trey Burke went to Michigan? Think about it he had to play 3 year with JS and he'd had enough of the spoiled brat.

Comment 23 Dec 2011

College players have been paid for doing little to nothing for services then may or may not have rendered. Turning on automatic sprinklers, watching ice melt, etc. The NCAA has to be altered and all their high priced underworked executives (you talk about getting paid for time you didn't work) the NCAA executives are the poster child for that very thing. Make the NCAA a functional support group of real administrators.

Comment 21 Dec 2011

The university missed the point about breaking the rules of the NCAA, knowing that the sanctions would be coming down the university athletic department (aka Gene Smith) should have imposed the bowl ban on this years group of rule breakers and the bowl ban would have satisfied. Again another in a long line of SNAFU's created by Gene Smith and his gallant staff of intellectual morons.

Comment 15 Dec 2011

Class act, he did not even have the professional integrity to face his team (he text messaged them). The University should stop payment on his multi-year contract and good ridence. We know what he really is....a prostitute.