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Comment 12 Aug 2015

Breakout Player: Hubbard

Worried about: Minnesota / Michigan State

Biggest fear: Injuries to the O-line

More involved: Mclauren / Clark

Biggest disappointment: Bama. They will be good but I think they have 2-3 losses and aren't playoff contenders

Out of nowhere: Boise State gets into the playoff discussion

SEC East: Georgia

SEC West: Auburn

Pac 12: Oregon ( with 2 losses)

Big 12: TCU


ACC: Clemson 

Huge year: Corey Clement continues the trend of dominant Wisconsin RB's

Comment 07 Jul 2015

This concept is fine if you want to look like a high school team.

Honestly I've hated pretty much every alternate uniform up until the playoff jerseys. Those were so good that I think they should become our permanent jerseys. I'm so sick of those chrome alternate jerseys too. Just awful.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

1. Ohio State

2. TCU

3. Auburn

4. Michigan State

Ohio State beats TCU for the championship

Big Ten Championship: Ohio State 48 Wisconsin 16


My thinking here is that OSU MSU could be a #1 vs #2 undefeated matchup with Michigan State losing a close one. I think they end up staying in the top four though because the Pac12 is going to be good but very even, and that will result in them beating each other too much and leaving them out of the top four. I also think the ACC has no chance. My other prediction is that Boise State could sneak into the top four, but I don't have quite as much confidence in that one.

Comment 21 Jun 2015

This is pretty simple. After three hours you lose your buzz. A ton of students leave early because they just want to get back to partying. You could say that selling beer at the game would help but it really wouldn't help much. Half of the students aren't even 21 yet and the college students that are 21 won't be too excited about paying the ridiculous prices that it would be. The only thing that would fix this is if the university sort of looked the other way when it comes to students sneaking alcohol inside, but honestly that probably wouldn't be a good thing either.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Why is everyone attacking this guy? Apparently none of you get what he was really trying to say. Obviously the team cared about winning this game, but he's saying that they cared about winning the college football playoff semifinal game and the fact that it was the Sugar Bowl was not that significant. In the past winning the Sugar Bowl really meant something, but with the playoff the Sugar Bowl and it's traditions seem like a bit of a sideshow. But I guess its more fun to just be a dick than to actually have an intelligent discussion.

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Actually NCAA 06 is for the 2005-2006 season. Troy won the Heisman in the 2006-2007 season. Plus you cant be on the cover until after you graduate so he would have been on the NCAA 08 cover, but they went with the Boise player that year.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

I had a dream that I was sitting on a bench somewhere in Columbus and I saw Lane Kiffin walk into a building. Pretty soon Saban walked out of the building and was going to his car. As he passed me he stopped and gave me some fruity little inspirational speech and then smiled like he just gave me the greatest gift in the world. I just sat there confused as shit wondering what just happened. Then a few minutes later Kiffin walks by and ignores me sitting there. I said something to him as he walked by about what Saban told me and he chuckled and said, "yeah, that guy can be a real douche sometimes."

I had a different dream a few nights later that I was a walk on at OSU. During the Sugar Bowl every single player for both teams got hurt except for me and all I had to do was run past everyone laying on the ground injured and scored non-stop. Urban finally said that it was pretty stupid and we decided to end the game as a tie. Another note, the game was being played in my house. We all agreed that we would rather play at the Outback Bowl because at least they got to play at Outback Steakhouse.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

If I had to guess I'd say she either works for a flooring company specializing in the carpet section, grooms cats, or works with beavers at the zoo.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I absolutely hate the idea of conference champions getting an automatic bid for the playoffs. First of all it completely ruins the idea of playing strong non-conference games. If all you have to worry about is winning your conference why would you feel the need to schedule good out of conference games. They wouldn't matter anymore.

Secondly if you use this year as an example we clinched the B1G east division with a win over Indiana. That means that whether or not we beat Michigan didn't really matter in terms of winning the B1G championship because we were already guaranteed to play for a shot at the title. If we rested starters and lost to Michigan it wouldn't matter because we only have to win the conference to play for the national championship. I don't want to live in that world. 

Finally do you really think that Missouri, Georgia Tech, Arizona, and Wisconsin deserved a shot at the national title? Missouri was probably only the 6th best team in their entire conference. How about in 2012 when Wisconsin finished third in our division and won the B1G because OSU and PSU were ineligible? 

The four best teams deserve to go

Comment 09 Nov 2014

I don't think Mississippi State is that good. I think they will lose to Ole Miss and Alabama.

I think we would have an argument over a one loss Florida State if they were to lose but I think that is unlikely. Duke is the only chance of them losing in my opinion.

Oregon has to play ASU in the Pac 12 championship game, so one of those teams are guaranteed to lose. Plus ASU still has to play Arizona. If they lose that game and Oregon loses the Pac 12 championship game then the Pac 12 would be left out.

I expect Alabama to beat Miss State but they do have to play Auburn plus the SEC champ game if they win the division. There could be a scenario where every SEC team has two losses at the end of the year.

As much as I dislike TCU for giving up 61 points in a loss and still being ranked ahead of us, I don't see them losing another game. Baylor has a tough game against Kansas State, but if TCU and Baylor win out I'm not sure if the committee will put two Big 12 teams in the playoff.

Comment 10 Nov 2013

It sounded like she just got speech jammed from the delayed audio. Me and a friend made a video last year of us tricking people into doing an interview with us where the person we interviewed heard them self on a delay. It actually works.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

Why was Wisconsin even trying to center the ball there? The refs messed up, but why would you even put yourself in that kind of position. Just kick the field goal and hope your defense can stop ASU for the next fifteen seconds. Just stupid all around.

Comment 10 Aug 2013

I think Beockman was a really good quarterback to be honest. What killed him was when Beanie went down we had no running threat at all. Boeckman became a sitting duck behind a below average O-line. That's why we needed Pryor to come in and give us a running threat.

Comment 23 Jul 2013

I'm not saying he wasn't assaulted. He was assaulted. One of Urban's main rules is to respect women. If Hyde said something disrespectful to a woman he is breaking that rule and deserves to be punished for breaking it. It doesn't matter if she hit him or not. If he didn't say anything bad and the assault was completely unprovoked than this is a non issue.