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Comment 20 Nov 2012

That day in 1987, only Bo himself got a bigger welcome into Michigan Stadium. You'd have thought he was OUR coach.

Comment 20 Nov 2012

My mother was born in the mountains of east Tennessee. If you've ever met anyone from there, you know that when it comes to forming (and holding) a grudge, the folks down there have few peers.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Ha, ha, yeah, not so much. In exchange for "9-3" Earle Bruce, who left OSU with a winning record against Michigan, you got "2-10-1" John Cooper who .... Didn't. (And except for his delightful and repeatable tendancy to shit the bed against Michigan, I didn't have any opinion about Cooper either way.)

Comment 19 Nov 2012

I was a sophomore at U-M in 1987 and saw Earle's last game (probably than most of you can say). I saw the headbands, the Buckeyes go bat shit crazy on the grid iron, Michigan lose, and 100+ fans shrug and say, "Meh, this one, we can live with. Earle has class. Ohio State's administration does not."

Up until that week, my mom was a dyed-in-the-wool Buckeye, having been raised by an aunt and uncle in Dayton. Her sun rose and set in Wayne Woodrow Hayes. From that week in 1987 on, she has hated everything the school stands for. She's never cheered for them again.

For the record, I still think Earle Bruce is a great man and a great coach. When Bo died, it was Earle who offered a prayer during a banquet the evening before the 2006 game. That was a tremendous gesture and one for which I will always be grateful. 

Comment 19 Nov 2012

It's a hate that is mutual, but you know - and I know - that neither of us would have it any other way.

Comment 14 Oct 2012

Nice GERG reference, Coach. However, he might not have given up 50 to Indiana, but gave up 65 to Illinois and threw everything including the kitchen sink at Scheelhaase to get that 2-pt conversion stop in Triple-OT. 

At the risk of getting neg-bombed to hell, I'll make mention of a quote from Hoke. He said the following about running the spread right after his hire at U-M in 2011:

“Right, wrong or indifferent, when you’re zone blocking all the time -- when you’re playing basketball on grass -- you practice against that all spring, you practice against it all fall and then you’re going to play a two-back team that wants to knock you off the football. I don’t think you’re prepared."

BTW, GERG is now a special teams coach (long snapper) at a high school in California. Here's the link:


Comment 26 Jul 2012

The more the merrier. We've been using "Woody" and "Bo" over at MGoBlog since before the shitty official names of the divisions were announced by the B1G. And if OSU fans start doing it, too....

Comment 26 Jul 2012

While I admire the beat writers' out-sticking necks on picking Michigan to win the Bo division (and Wisky to win over in the Woody division since the Buckeyes are inelligible) I have to admit my Maize and Blue blood thins a bit at the thought of Will Campbell anchoring the DL.  And - oh, yeah - Frank Clark is possibly looking at a couple years in state-provided, orange jump suits, so he's "kinda" iffy (and when I use "kinda", I mean -- no way in hell he sees the field this year) along a line that could ill-afford to lose any talent.

Comment 24 Jul 2012

You raise a good point ... However, had it happened only in 1998, I might have been swayed to believe that Joe Paterno couldn't fathom the very idea of the accusations against Sandusky. And then, it happened again. Only this time, it was McQueary who brought it to the coach's attention. That's not exactly someone who had any reason to make up a story like that (and every reason in the world to pretend he hadn't seen anything).

On top of that, the Freeh Report alleges that Paterno committed perjury during his grand jury testimony. Alone, that's evidence enough of JoePa's willingness to do whatever was necessary to protect his reputation and the school's, no matter the cost.

In my mind, the sum of those two factors greatly exceeds any rational limit for most human beings. At some point - and maybe I'm just too trusting in human nature - a person who valued the lives of those children on any level would have at least turned in Sandusky.

Comment 24 Jul 2012

Being a U-M alum, I've been terribly conflicted about joining 11W, but the quality of the writing here on the PSU/Sandusky/Paterno story has been so outstanding I could no longer help myself. Kyle's contribution today is no different.

In particular, I'm drawn to the notion - espoused mostly by the PSU faithful, but echoed by no shortage of Wolverine and Buckeye fans, not to mention more than a few sports writers - that a punishment meted out by the NCAA should somehow be "fair" to the athletes (past and current), coaches, students and fans of that institution. Sorry, but that's not how it works with the NCAA or in life.

Frankly, any claim to a "fair" punishment went out the window when Paterno, Curley, Spanier, et al - and, yes, even Mike McQuery - swept the whole Sandusky matter under the rug. They did it - as Kyle so rightly points out - to avoid the "collateral damage" to their institution and its reputation (not to mention their own) lest Sandusky be caught and punished. As a result, their athletes, fans, students and the rest got about 14 more years of blissfully believing a lie, and reaping the benefits in the form of bowl games, hero worship, and so on.

So, those are the chickens coming home to roost, and they've demanded the penthouse apartment. PSU fans would do well to remember that it's not the NCAA that created this mess; nor, for that matter, the collateral damage. Their school's former leadership did that as soon as they decided to bet against anyone finding out the truth and some form of justice finally being served. That the punishment is now a hundred times worse for them is only a fraction of the measure of injustice done to those children victimized by Sandusky and abetted by a head coach who self-perpetuated his mythical (and undeserved) status.