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Comment 02 May 2017

Interesting. I think the football draft is more merit based. In general I think the guys getting drafted in football have produced in college and produced their way to a first round pick. Plus they've been in a program for at least 3 years out of high school so there is more data for teams to determine their draft position.  In basketball, the kid may not have been a game changer in his one year but could be a high pick on potential. 

Anybody who wants to argue can point to a high percentage of busts in either sport. 

But the case I am making is that the kid will have more likely produced for his program in football than basketball.  So... to not contend for basketball titles with a bunch of first round picks could be more forgivable as their draft pick being on potential. You generally can not make the argument that a first round football player did not produce at a high level for his football program. IE- the connection between first round pick correlating to actual college stud is, I would argue, higher in football than basketball.  

Comment 20 Mar 2017

I put my blood fued aside and hoped they would knock offer dirty pitino and the cards. Then it came roaring back when Beilein had to get on his high horse and talk about M*ch*gan being the greatest university in the world.  Those arrogant b*tches will get my support no longer.  Go Ducks!

Comment 14 Mar 2017

Thanks Mike.  You are viewing this as sexual assault (no joking matter) and I am not (thus, a joking matter).

I am not condoning sexual assault.  Anyone who thinks this is sexual assault is a very black and white person on this very serious issue.  If I thought it had an ounce of sexual assault in it, I wouldn't think it is a joking or laughing matter.  I see people that are each 'actors' in the scene and are clearly both comfortable with what is happening. This isn't somebody 'grabbing  her by the p****" in a night club in a random act... which is disgusting.  This is a girl that is clearly raising the flirtatious stakes and a guy that called her on it and took it one step further.  He didn't grab anything. He didn't force a situation. He didn't pin her up against a wall in a bar. Nothing here would scar very many girls who would put themselves in this situation to begin with.  In the alternative world where she really didn't want that to happen she could recuse herself from the situation and be fine. 

Ever Kiss a girl?  Well - not you (clearly not you)... but put yourself in those shoes.  If men and woman are going to continue to reproduce in this world then guys and girls are going to have to be flirtatious and chances are going to need to be taken that might be construed by some as inappropriate, etc. 

I can't find the delete button, so I guess I will have to hit Save.... 

Comment 16 Feb 2017

I was at the original white out in 2005. Straight out of college and with my girlfriend now wife. They talked sh*t after they won. Other than that, it was a nice experience and I came away in awe of the environment. 

In my mind, the only rivalry is between the atmosphere in The Shoe and the white out.  Ya, they care and they've picked us off a couple of times... and their fans are increasingly arrogant a**holes in the face of immortalizing a child rapist enabler.... but they just don't move the needle for me on the hate scale.  M*ch*gan just is so much better at being arrogant pompous a**holes. 

Plus, I grew up during the Cooper years. Sorry, but nothing compares to what I feel for m*ch*gan. That hate burns bright. 

Comment 07 Feb 2017

I appreciate the work putting this together, but I think I would state it as:

You must recruit at an elite level to complete at an elite level. However, recruiting at an elite level does not guarantee you will compete at an elite level. 

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Probably very tough to keep that perspective when all these adults are shining light up their ass. That's probably why they gravitate to a guy like Meyer (and probably a lot of coaches) who tells them they need to come in and work and get better.  OR they just go to Kentucky to keep the good feelings going. 

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Most of these kids are probably just trying to keep everyone up to date because people are asking, and 11W is reporting it and creating content from it... because we the fans ask for it and click on it.  

If you don't like the way it's headed - simply vote with your click (or non-click as it were). 

Comment 08 Nov 2016

I would like to be #4 now to have an easier path into the #3 or #2 spots with that win. I would rather play Alabama in the championship game then the semi finals. Although Urban may be better prepping with more time.  I guess I would be happy with either. 

Comment 08 Nov 2016

Upvote for you in that I had the same reaction.  I am deeply offended by individuals acting this way in our society. 

But... I also think that the black population will naturally be more offended than the white population by that act. I don't think Nigel is wrong.  

He could have been more explanatory in his comment but it wouldn't have lost a lot of it's effect.  Conciseness is important to keep the audience.  He wrote about the most important things he wanted to get across. 

The other thought I had about the Halloween costume is that maybe it wasn't a statement about Obama or Hillary.  Maybe it was more a statement about Trump... explicitly that Trump is a racist, a sexist, and a xynophobe.  I'm not here to say that he is or he is not... as I respect the policy on this website.  I'm only stating that perhaps these people were making a statement as much about Trump as anything.  If you ask me what they were making a statement about.. I would say their message was probably taken the way it was intended... but there is another possibility here. 

Comment 13 Jul 2016

Can't put this on just Paterno.  He feels the full brunt but so does everyone and anyone else that saw anything and remained silent. There are enough "full brunts" on this one to go around for infinity.  This is a general comment and is not in any way suggesting Schiano saw and remained quiet. Just stating the head guy should take the fall and so should any soldiers that were in lock step with him on this one.