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Comment 17 Jun 2013

When I saw the tweet I took it more as: 

these problems are still continuing just like they did under Meyer. 


More so than: 

Meyers loose culture is still percolating and causing problems. 


Either way they should keep Urb's name out of their mouths... But media needs eyeballs and trolling does get some. 

Comment 08 May 2012

PLEASE take this guys mug off your blog.  Disturbs me everytime i see it.  You're probably seeing less return visitors today than you have in the past. 

Comment 17 Feb 2012

He gave a great interview and looks to have his head on straight. I'm glad see UM go get kids like this. Looks like a quality individual!  I was scared when I saw the stuff spewing from Stafon Diggs, and am honestly a little thankful he's not coming. We don't need kids like that. 


Kids like this is what we want.