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Comment 05 Feb 2015

first i was like "wow, 11W hating on DJ hard wtf."

checked author. 

"oh lol"

Comment 03 Dec 2013

Ross - do you think the blitzing was the answer? it seemed the passing bread and butter (screens aside) for UM was 3 step drops, and quick 5 step drop single reads to gallon/dileo/funchess. I don't think more blitzing was the answer. Maybe some cover 2 safeties and more press man concepts on the outside to avoid giving away the quick throws? Problem there is that we struggle tackling in space, and Roby is often over-aggressive, and can run himself out of plays. That gives us a chance for coverage sacks though? 

Tough spot.. shocking that UM torched us when they couldn't move the ball against anybody since ND. 

Comment 25 Nov 2013

the reason for the 2009 OSU take over was, apparently, due to the big house renovation/expansion/reworking of seating #s, there were not as many season ticket packages offered, but more were publicly sold one-ticket packages on a week to week basis. thus, OSU fans had the opportunity to buy an additional 4k-6k tickets.


take with grain of salt, read that on the interwebs, but just what i heard is all. 

Comment 11 Oct 2013

OSU Fans need to root for Texas. If OU runs the table, they're likely to have a stronger BCS ranking. 

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Not too sure what the point of the post is, but to take the football-related entitlement facet out of it is silly

From NYT article:

Approached in November to be interviewed about the case, Saccoccia said he did not “do the Internet,” so he had not seen the comments and photographs posted online from that night. When asked again about the players involved and why he chose not to discipline them, he became agitated.

“You made me mad now,” he said, throwing in several expletives as he walked from the high school to his car.

Nearly nose to nose with a reporter, he growled: “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours, somebody close to you will.”


Comment 04 Nov 2012

stats vs. who you'd rather have i guess...

braxton/barner obviously the best combo... but i think barner's so much better than hyde that i'd take mariota

Comment 04 Nov 2012

"Teaming with Braxton, he gives the Buckeyes the 2nd most lethal 1-2 rushing combo in the country and I don't think many people predicted that back in August."


eh? Mariota/Barner

Comment 21 Oct 2012
i don't think he was making any specific point... he was just really freaking excited.
Comment 09 Oct 2012

lol @ "Pay Dye"


Comment 07 Oct 2012

Agree that the plays dialed up for the TEs were teriffic schematically. A few others were barely missed as well. What a tremendous offensive show. 

Comment 07 Oct 2012

- I was dumbfounded when Nebraska continually put the ball in the air. It's like having a gun pointed at your forehead and not giving a ****.

- John Simon was a man last night. And he still doesn't look 100%. 

Comment 04 Oct 2012

how about we just ignore musberger's scotch-soaked ramblings.

Comment 24 Sep 2012

i don't know.. we've played no real competition, which i think goes both ways: on one hand, "holy crap why can't we get first downs and/or stop them from getting 7 on first down automatically," and on the other, there's hope that Herman / Meyer are holding back the offensive firepower for real competition. Everyone noticed that Brax designed runs are consistently amazing? And they're not really called that often?


Would love just to blow the doors off of MSU.. hoping UM has a plan.