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I live in New Jersey, but am a die hard OSU fan since I grew up with parents from Ohio and there was no other team to root for in my house.


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Comment 07 Oct 2014

I think there is an argument that could be made that JT makes the offense more complete, largely thanks to his accuracy in the passing game.  There is also a strong argument that could be made that Braxton may have looked even better than JT this year with the improved weapons around him, especially at the H-Back and WR position.  Philly Brown was consistent at catching the ball last year, but he doesn't pose anywhere near the type of threat to opposing defenses that Marshall and Wilson offer JT.  Mike Thomas has also been critical as a consistent target on the outside, which is something Smith and Spencer didn't bring last year on a consistent basis.  In the end it is tough to compare JT and Braxton without seeing them perform with the same supporting cast.  If Urban was serious when he said point blank last week that Braxton was the starter next year iif he is healthy, then it would appear likely that we may get to see Braxton do his thing with a similar supporting cast next year.  

Comment 01 Oct 2014

They were listed as 'or' coming out of camp and going into the Va. Tech game, but I thought Apple nailed down the spot before the Kent state game.  However, it would make sense after Apple got exposed a number of times in one on one last week that Conley would get another chance.  Conley undoubtedly has better straight line speed than Apple, but I think Apple is miles ahead in his technique.  Conley may have a better chance of making up for getting beat on press coverage so my guess is the coaches may want to see what Stephon Diggs is doing to our corners and then possibly give Conley a go if Apple is getting burnt again.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

I completely agree with what you said about Rod Smith in relation to the other backs on the roster, but c'mon man those 40 times were just made up.  Hyde never ran a 4.3 at OSU or in the nfl combine.  Samuel also has an official 40 time from "the opening" when he was in HS.  The time he ran was 4.36.  It was the fastest 40 time of all the players classified as athletes in his class.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Va. Tech does have a new QB in a transfer from Texas tech, and while Texas tech's system can make a decent QB look other worldly I do believe their passing offense is much improved with him under center.  They also have a new RB who supposed to be quite good.  I think people may be underestimating what VT's offense is capable of doing.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

I thought Barrett just made the wrong read on that play.  No one committed to him and yet he pitched the ball.  Ithe defender looked like he was trying to play both Elliot and Barrett, and that's where Barrett has to get north south and pick up the yardage.  IMO

Comment 27 Dec 2013

Blue chip is a term commonly used to refer to someone who is naturally gifted with exceptional athletic tools, and should have the best chance of becoming a star at the next level.  I am assuming your question is probably not serious.  But I like to think of blue chippers as similar to blue bloods.  They were born with the natural gifts to be a stud football player (or whatever sport is in question).  Watson seems to hold almost every state HS record for passing stats...that is a strong indication of blue chip status.

This is not to be confused with a game called Cow Chip bingo, which is where everyone watches a calf wander around a field that has been divided up into a grid of boxes, and the game ends when the calf decides to leave his chips behind hopefully in the box that you chose when you placed your bet.

Comment 26 Dec 2013

It seemed like Meyer and Herman were only interested in taking 1 QB in this class and they offered Watson early, because he is a true blue chipper.  They probably could have got Kizer to commit if they had offered him earlier and showed more interest, but due to the scholarship restrictions the staff seemed to be hesitant to pull the trigger with offers.

edit: ^^^apologies for repeating what was already said above.

 They also watched Collier throw on at least two occasions in person, which I know is something most coaches would love to see before handing out an offer.  He earned his offer, which shows something of his character too.

They also have a good chance at a number of the top QBs in the 2015 class. They are already recruiting the 2015 players hard.  I would trust Herman and Meyer's ability to evaluate a QB they have seen throw for them at Friday Night Lights and down at his HS in Georgia as well if I am not mistaken.  The recruiting rankings are also somewhat meaningless if the player does not fit the needs of Meyer and his offense.

Comment 19 Dec 2013

IMO even with depth along the D-line their is still too much inconsistency from week to week and play to play, which comes back to the complete lack of a clear identity.   Some weeks the line looks great, and those weeks often are the weeks where the defense as a whole becomes more aggressive.  When the defense is trying to be disciplined and not get real aggressive the d-line begins to look at the very least inconsistent.  They get caught out of position due to over pursuit and silly mistakes with regularity when opponents start to run draw and screen plays. When the linemen take themselves out of the play they leave the back 7 the unenviable task of taking on extra blockers.  Depth is only helpful if the defense can practice and implement a single scheme that everyone learns inside and out allowing the next guy up to have a clear understanding of his role. IMHO

Comment 19 Dec 2013

I hope Fickel can figure out how to call a "complete" game for the bowl, and into the future, because I think he is struggling with the decisions that he needs to make in between every play.  If he is having problems during games, the fact that there is no defined scheme that he can use as a fallback option exasperates his troubles.

Comment 19 Dec 2013

I disagree about Hyde bailing Braxton out.  I think Hyde averages an extra yard at least per carry as a result of the threat Braxton is to the outside.  W/o Braxton Hyde would have been facing tougher interior defenses.  More players would be pinching down into the box, and he would still be a beast, but closer to 5.5 ypc IMO.

Comment 17 Dec 2013

With the Glenville duo hopefully on board, and the staff potentially looking for another DB, is there any chance we get JuJu Smith??  I saw that you don't believe it will be Tony Brown, and JuJu is the only other major target I can recall.  I know It looks like he is a lock for USC, but I was wondering what you think.


Comment 17 Dec 2013

If you don't trust your receivers to get open, then it is really hard to anticipate them getting open on the route they are running.  I think as much as people blame Braxton for the poor passing game in the latter stages of the season, you can just as easily blame the receivers (not named Philly) for failing to consistently get open, and then actually make the catch when they do get open.

Comment 16 Dec 2013

I think the development of Trey Johnson and Mike Mitchell will be a big wild card.  Even if RDS leaves I think Johnson probably nabs that spot at WILL since he is already on the two deep at that spot.  Since Kwon is an out and out MIKE, I think it will all depend on how Grant plays to start the season.  We need a MLB who can be a QB on defense, and make adjustments to match the offense, until that happens the defense is going to struggle for consistency.   I think depending on where MM fits, either inside or out will have a big impact on how much playing time Kwon gets.

Comment 16 Dec 2013

I just picked up on your likely sarcastic intentions on that previous comment.  Meyer doesn't believe in making a competition or a story out of absolutely nothing, which is the reason he would never make Braxton win his own job.

Comment 16 Dec 2013

How can a QB who doesn't go undefeated be considered one of the best QBs in OSU's history?  He would have a B1G title under the old rules that every other OSU QB played with.  That's why he is already one of the best ever.  Oh and there is that little winning streak, which no other OSU QB in history has ever accomplished.

Comment 16 Dec 2013

Assuming Braxton leaves, I think it goes without saying that there will be a open competition since Cardale Jones will have 2 years and a few dozen snaps within the Meyer/Herman system.  Jt barret will have a year to have learned the play book and strengthen his knee, which he injured his senior year in HS.  Stephen Collier is probably an unlikely candidate since he'll be enrolling early, but will have no experience or time to learn much of the play book.

Now if you are saying their should be an open competition either way, stay or go for Braxton, then you are crazy.  Just like people who still believe Kenny G should start the bowl game.  Braxton sure as hell isn't coming back if he is going to be embarrassed by the coaches and forced to win a job, which he did nothing to lose.


Comment 16 Dec 2013

I stopped paying attention to the words of this man when he said OSU wouldn't be a top 4 team in the SEC east and would struggle to be in the top 6 in the SEC as a whole.  Seriously..?  The SEC east stinks right now.  Georgia (true choke artists), South Carolina (inconsistent), Florida (no more UFM), Missouri (couldn't win in the Big 12), Tennessee (need Peyton Manning back), Vanderbilt (finished fourth this year), and Kentucky (enough said).  I mean we could have settled this on the field if Vandy had the marbles to play OSU, since Vandy finished 4th.

Comment 12 Dec 2013

Roby wasn't the freakish stud he became last year until Coombs showed up.  I think that indicates an ability to coach a great athlete into a great corner on his part.  I also believe Roby essentially took responsibility for his poor play when he explained how he had stopped watching film the way he did last year and stopped focusing on his assignment as much as he focused on trying to get a big play for the first 6 games. He also credited Coombs with getting his head back on straight.

I also think Coombs is critical to recruiting for OSU in Cinci or anywhere espcially since he has cultivated some relationships with coaches and players in Michigan's HS ranks which are starting to pay dividends .  Webb's number one reason for committing to OSU so early last summer even though he is a Cass Tech kid from Detroit was because he loved Coach Coombs.  Landing a blue chipper from Michigan's equivalent of the OSU Cleveland Glenville pipeline is enough to keep him for another year alone.

Comment 10 Dec 2013

I think OSU fans are just digesting the loss and dealing with the disappointment after having high hopes.  I think ticket demand will pick up over the next week as the pain from the loss fades and people realize this is still a huge game for OSU's perception in the Southeast and also the momentum that was lost last weekend can be restored if we can beat Clemson to go into the playoff system on a high note.  People should also remember that the b1g could win both their BCS bowl games this year and that could be a big boost to the conference's national perception that has been seriously damaged over the last 2-3 years.  Strength of schedule gets better if people perceive a conference to be more competitive.  It's important for the B1G to start changing the national narrative.

Comment 10 Dec 2013

IMO Guiton is very limited in the number of routes he coud throw against a defense who possess talented DBs.  Guiton doesn't have the arm to throw that td to Brown IMO, and he doesn't have the arm to fit the ball into tight spaces unless the route is <5 yards.  The deep balls he throws are all rainbows that require the receiver to completely beat his man to catch.  If you were throwing Kenny's deep balls against MSU he gets picked 3 times.  Kenny also isn't going to pick up the same type of yardage as Miller on his scrambles, and against that secondary MSU has he would have had to scramble a good bit.  Anyone who thinks Braxton's arm was the primary reason OSU lost this game are just grumpy.  Braxton should have been at least 13/21 if not 14/21 and at least 2 maybe even 3 TDs.  Spencer's drop was just as critical as the presumably poor play calling.  Braxton also had little reason to believe his receivers were going to make the play if he threw the the ball in tight coverage.  Braxton usually loses trust in his WRs when they start dropping the ball every time he puts the throw right on the Money.  Philly's TD catch was really the only time a receiver made a play for him.  Hopefully one of either C. Smith, Clarke, Marshal, Greene, or Thomas step up next year and make some plays at WR.  We will see if one of the incoming freshmen studs like Brown or Samuel can make some plays right away. 

Comment 10 Dec 2013

How about if Hyde gets the ball and he gets stuffed for no gain right up the middle?  We would be sitting here today saying..."what a predictable play call.  Everyone and their mother knew we would run Hyde on 4th and 1!"   It's a no win if the play call doesn't work.  

For instance imagine how risky it was to throw play action on 4th and 1 with Clarrett in the backfield against Purdue back in 2002.  If Krenzel misses Jenkens on 4th and 1 there everyone would have been yelling about the play call and talking about Clarrett being a beast.  Shows how sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some.  The National championship would have been ruined by play calling in people's minds!!