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Comment 30 Mar 2015

This could occur, but if Braxton wins the job I think it will be much less divisive in the locker room.  I think he obviously has the longest track record as well as his status as a senior, and those things would likely prevent the locker room splitting and choosing sides.  If JT or Cardale end up winning the job then I think we could have a problem on our hands.  With JT and 12 gauge being a sophomore and a junior respectively, I think some guys would see the decision as a long term issue.  Braxton it's a situation where he will be done after the year and the other guys will still get their shots.

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I agree.  The fact that ESPN haven't even devoted anything to it is indicative of just how serious it is perceived.  Until the NCAA or ESPN devote an article to it I don't think there is much to this story.  Braxton's been one of the classiest players I have seen in recent memory, and I sincerely hope he doesn't have any issues arise from this nonsense.  Outside of Mariota and maybe Tebow I cannot recall a player being such a superstar for 3+ yrs in CFB yet remaining low key and humble.

Comment 24 Mar 2015

I believe the concussions he had were from wrestling not football.  I haven't heard anyone from his family suggest he had untreated concussions last season.  It is also real easy to fool doctors if it isn't a severe concussion.  I had 3 (with a probable 4 th) concussions and only one of them could have been definitively noticed by a doctor without explaining the unseen symptoms.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Gymnasts and swimmers can get that free education also.  'Zeke cannot get paid for the Olympics, because football isn't an Olympic sport.  That free education isn't quite as handsome as a check for 50 Gs either.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

I know the AAU people have said that all of these athletes are amateurs, but I would be hard pressed to believe that anyone who receives hard currency in exchange for directly winning a competition can be considered an amateur.  The olympics changed their rules in the early 1990s I believe, which for the first time allowed professional athletes to compete.  The Dream team was for instance the first group of professional B ball players to represent the U.S. at the olympics.

The problem with olympic medals and amateur athletics is that there is a set amount of cash paid to the athlete who wins a gold medal, a set amount for a silver medal, and a set amount for a bronze medal from the U.S. olympic association.  'Zeke may get paid for his achievements, but he will have to remain healthy and wait a number of years to get his money in the form of the NFL draft, rather than in exchange for directly winning a national title or sugar bowl MVP award.  I know AAU considers all of these athletes amateurs, but I find it hard to reconcile receiving payment for a title and still being an amateur.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

I agree with what you've said about Braxton.  I have always felt like Meyer would allow him to reclaim his job as long as he is healthy.  Braxton's biggest obstacle to becoming the starting QB again has always been whether he can get back to being fully healthy or even 90% healthy.   The fans have all largely assumed it would be Barrett and then Cardale came along and won and everyone thought he was now the favorite to be the starter, but in reality it has always been Braxton's job in my opinion.   I don't say that because I belive Braxton should start necessarily, but rather that Meyer believes he should start, and he has the final say on the matter.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I think the 2001 Miami team returned a lot of starters, but I probably won't go check for myself.  If someone else wants to check feel free.  If my memory serves me correct they returned a ton of starters from their NC team and we know how their bid to defend that championship ended!

Comment 19 Feb 2015

I see what you're saying, but I'm saying if he does pick up another injury to his shoulder it wouldn't necessarily affect his draft status as a non quarterback.  He won't need to be able to throw at the combine and pre draft workouts.  His shoulder would just need to reach a point where his range of motion allows him to catch balls.  If he demonstrates the ability to catch balls and runs a 4.4 or better in the 40 he will still be a draft pick.  His status wouldn't allow him to be a first or second round guy obviously, but he doesn't need to switch positions prior to the draft to get drafted.  It could actually hurt him if he played as a receiver or an H back and isn't able to perform on the field next year.  A torn labrum for a receiver or a running back isn't nearly as devastating as it would be for a QB.  He doesn't need to be Brees 2.0.  He just needs to be able to make teams believe he can be Randle El 2.0.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Maybe he would rather take his chances at QB and if he does get hurt I'm sure there is an NFL team that will sign him if not draft him as a receiver/running back/return man.  QBs are known to be stubborn when it comes to changing positions and the only way I see Braxton switching positions is if he doesn't return to full strenght as a passer.  I have always been of the opinion that if he is fully healthy even by week 4 or 5 he will be the starting QB.  

Everything I have heard from Urban leads me to believe that he feels like he will owe Braxton at least a chance to show he is the starter.  After all Braxton was injured for 3 games minus one series at the beginning of 2013 and if he had been able to get his 15 TDs give or take against the weakest portion of our schedule that year he would have broken all the records JT broke this year IMO.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

It should also be noted that Cass Tech's coach Wilcher (sp?) was the one saying those things on the radio not Weber.  Fans make the assumption that he was actually speaking accurately on behalf of Weber, when in reality we will probably never know whether he was expressing his own feelings based entirely upon his assumptions of Weber's feelings, or whether Weber ever actually addressed those feelings directly with his HS coach.

I am not saying the coach should be called names or anything of that sort.  I'm simply questioning the credibility of his comments.

Comment 08 Feb 2015

After what we saw transpire on the field this past season I will always feel good about a kid who wants to earn their offer. Darron lee showed me what confidence, hard work, and passion for the school can do to motivate a young player coming out of high school.  I know the situations are slightly different, but I still like what I hear from a kid like Ward who didn't wait for OSU to give him what he wanted, and instead decided to go get what he wanted, an offer.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I am not aware of any...I believe you can have as much contact as you want with one of your own players.  They can certainly visit him at school, but I wouldn't be surprised if they prefer to meet his whole family again, and make sure they all feel comfortable and get to know Alford better.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I would bet Urban Meyer has Alford on it already!  His first order of business is/was probably to go straight to the Weber household. 

Comment 07 Feb 2015

As Shawneebuck74 pointed out, a man by the name of Stephan Collier wears the scarlet and grey as well.  He should be pretty darn good in his own right.  He may have been a 3 star recruit, but he is 6'3 225 with a heck of an arm and very nice accuracy for such a young player. His intangibles are off the charts if you believe what Urban and Herman have said about him, and I thought he looked good throwing with Cardale pregame at the sugar bowl.  

We will get to see a lot of him in the spring since he should be getting 2 type reps in practice.  He should also get to play the entire spring game, and I for one am excited to see what the kid can do.  He enrolled early last year and should have a good handle on the offense.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

OSU could also make releasing him contingent upon choosing a school outside the big ten.  I don't think OSU should release him and allow him to go sign wherever he wants including TSUN.  

Even releasing him would send a terrible signal to future recruits, and set a very bad standard for OSU to follow.  If recruit "X's" position coach leaves after they sign their LOI, then they just throw a fit so that OSU let them go elsewhere without some accountability on the recruit's side.  I think that is a bad idea.  I ALSO DON'T think we know what Weber wants to do.  I am not saying he is throwing a fit, because his coach is the only one talking to a slanted reporter for TSUN.

If he is allowed to sign elsewhere then OSU need to make it contingent upon him not signing within the B1G or at least with any B1G East school. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

According to Birm who has sources inside and close to the program, Mike Weber had been telling tOSU coaches he was solid on OSU and his commitment to them up until the night before signing day.  Birm's track record demonstrates the accuracy and reliability of those sources, and I am inclined to believe what Birm's source(s) were telling him the truth, and if Weber doesn't notify OSU until the night before signing day that their only RB commit is thinking about changing his commitment, then I think Weber shoulders some of the responsibility for how this entire situation seems to have gone down.  

However, I would like to wait for more information, which hopefully we will get at some point in time. Weber could have been deceiving the staff as much as Weber feels he may have been deceived.  I think OSU would have liked the courtesy of knowing Weber was thinking hard about flipping so they could pursue an alternate option two weeks earlier.  If Weber tells the staff a week before signing day that he is wavering then I think if tOSU coaches know Drayton might be leaving then they should have told Weber and his parents, but when you are talking about all this at the last minute on the night before signing day with no real opportunities to go out and sign another RB in this class then I think you try and keep Weber committed.  As long as Weber did not ask directly for a guarantee that Drayton would be the RB coach this year, then I really can't blame Urban for withholding that information.  If they told Weber the night before signing day about Drayton leaving, then they are also only going to make the decision all the more murkier for him.  Both sides may have been a little bit misleading, but it is not a fact that both ides knew about everything well in advance. 

It is entirely possible Drayton did not find out he was getting the job until Wednesday afternoon or even Thursday.  If that is the case then it is just unfortunate timing.  Urban knows his assistants are interviewing and i am sure a handful of his coaches interviewed for jobs and most of them did not get the job they got interviewed for anyway. The coaches don't and shouldn't go telling every recruit they are interviewing for another job when it happens with regularity and will only cause problems, and often the job is never offered.  I think if the job was not offered prior to Wednesday morning then this is all just unfortunate timing.  

Comment 05 Feb 2015

If my memory serves me correctly the B1G started allowing 4 year scholarships to be awarded back in the 2012 class.  I think I remember Gene Smith stating all of them (2012 class) were receiving 4 year scholarships.  If this statement was made and in turn occurred it really doesn't matter if Urban tells them to leave.  They know they have 4 years guaranteed.  The difference with years prior and maybe since that class is that a player must have his scholarship renewed each year.  Coaches can come up with a reason to boot them, but a coach loses that ability with the 4 year scholarship.  That 2012 class will be seniors and redshirt juniors this coming season.  Medical redshirts could change some of those guys eligibility status, but either way it is semantics if we're talking about 4 year scholarships.


Bogard, Reeves, Dunn, and Tanner received those guaranteed 4 year scholarships.  Urban could tell them to leave and take a medical hardship waiver, or whatever the term used to recognize scholarship guys who do not count toward the 85, but IMO if the coaches aren't going to play them, those players can choose to transfer if they want to continue playing football or stay and get their degree on scholarship as a medical waiver.

To me oversigning is only dirty if the kid can't get his degree for free anymore from the school.  Just my opinion, and I am sure others will disagree.  The obligation is to give them a great college education, and as long as they can still get that from OSU, and if they want to they can obviously transfer if they wish to keep playing then I don't think that is really at all dirty.  Kicking a kid to the curb with nothing is the dirty side of oversigning iMO.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I do believe Elliot's importance in Weber's recruitment was first acknowledged yesterday by Urban, which is a nice tactic by Meyer in itself.  He isn't simply thumping his chest acting like he is this one man show out and is out there on the road recruiting these guys. He is the one who told the press that Zeke is the best recruiter he has seen in a player.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Well he did pull Prince away from his soft commitment to Alabama and Hill who was also deciding between 'Bama and tOSU.  No offense to Jim mora, but beating out TSUN for a TE and slightly more impressively a Georgia LB from Georgia, none of those schools present the opponent that Saban and Alabama present in recruiting battles.

however, if you wish to offer a critique of Meyer then you should be pointing out that he failed to land Porter Gustin who chose USC on Tuesday.  Granted Urban was trying to steal a kid in a few weeks who had been recruited hard for well over a year by UsC's staff, but still if you wish to nitpick then you can chalk that up as a loss.  If TSUN had taken Weber back last minute it would have been hugely embarrassing and so there was a little more riding on that battle than the one Mora was fighting with them.  Ultimately the Weber fight was about prestige and Urban's reputation.IMO

I think Dunn's recruitment when Meyer took the job back in November 2011 was similar, in that he was wavering on his commitment to tOSU and was seriously considering TSUN.  Dunn and Weber were both similarly rated recruits and so I think there is some comparison when it comes to the importance of the fight.

Comment 04 Feb 2015

I could be wrong so please don't DV the living hell out of me if that's the case, but I noticed during the season that the scholarship list seemed out of date.  For instance Jayme Thompson transferred prior to this past season, and I think I noticed at least one other obvious mistake if the news I saw was correct, and the OSU athletic department's roster is correct he isn't on it.  As a result I discounted that list as not being up to date.  Maybe it's just one or two mistakes, but I wouldn't use that spreadsheet as fact.  11W is the best and I have no doubt it will be updated, but I think that list is out of date on at least Thompson and Dodson.  I can't remember who the other player I noticed was present on the list but not on the roster.

if I'm wrong please correct me kindly!

I did see that the Google spreadsheet doesn't have those guys.  Sorry, Im simply referencing the 11W scholarship grid.