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Comment 23 Dec 2013

Am I in the minority in not being crazy about alternate uniforms becoming a regular thing?  I'm fine with doing them every now and then (i.e. once or twice a year), but if they switched those things to be the default I'd be pretty disgusted.


Comment 18 Dec 2013

From someone who played 11 years of football (D3 in college) and several years of club rugby after college, I can say I saw more face/head injuries in rugby where they don't wear helmets than I ever did in football.  I had 1 concussion in 11 years of football, 1 concussion in 3 years of rugby.  Though, I saw several teammates on my rugby team get broken noses, concussions, one fractured skull from a head-to-head collision, and one guy had to have his nose surgically re-attached after a players cleat caught him in the nose and ripped it halfway off.  Getting rid of helmets or facemasks is NOT the answer, it would unquestionably make the sport more dangerous.

Comment 17 Jul 2012

I'm sorry, but Braxton does not belong in the #3 slot as a passer at the moment.  If he lives up to his potential he could definitely be in the top 3, maybe even #1... but right now?  Absolutely not.  He definitely a top playmaker at the QB position, but that is because of the threat he poses with his legs, not because of his arm.  Hopefully he'll grow into that role, but I'm not buying #3 right now.

Comment 05 Jul 2012

Thank god.  I guess you can't blame people, though... Even SI fell into that trap, putting Jamal Berry on the cover of their Ohio regional preseason issue last year.  Everyone is always looking for the next Heisman candidate but in the process they overlook or marginalize the steady eddie's out there like a Boom Herron because they realize he isn't a hightlight reel player who can dazzle voters.  It's the solid backs who can consistently grind out 4-5 yards a carry and hang onto the ball that give a team the confidence to build a solid offense around.  Hyde has the potential to be that kind of back, but everyone will always overlook him in favor of someone like Dunn or Ball that they think have the potential to be the next Heisman Hopeful... I'll take Hyde all day long next season.

Comment 05 Jul 2012

I love reading this board, I really do... but sometimes it's very hard to understand how so many people can have such unbridled optimism for a guy who has never shown much of anything on a game field.  In big game situations he not only failed to make any big plays to separate himself from the competition (Boom, Hall, Hyde), but he gave the coaches a reason to doubt his reliability by turning the ball over. 

I realize his recruiting film makes him look like a sick athlete, but he's clearly the fastest guy on the field in that video and doesn't have to get many yards after contact because no one can touch him.  As evidenced by last years first couple of games, at the FBS level he is no longer the fastest guy on the field and he seems to struggle in traffic.  Hyde is a good back with lots of potential who has proven that he can get yards AFTER CONTACT.  That's a very important quality among FBS backs, because unless you're Noel Devine or Tedd Ginn, the odds of you being faster than every defender on the opposing team is absolutely zilch.  Just cause a guy has the Eddie's body-type does not mean he can run like Eddie.  I remain unconvinced that Smith is ready to start for the Bucks.... I guess I'm the only one

Comment 03 May 2012

It's not about it being a road game.  They love road games, as long as they're at a pro venue and bring in tons of cash.  IU-UK in Indy = big $$$. 

Last year's LSU-Oregon game in Dallas wasn't about a nuetral site, it was about cashing in on the Jerry Jones marketing machine.

Kudos to IU for not selling out.

Comment 24 Mar 2012

pretty interesting that Shazier took a backseat to the Curtis Grant hype when the class was committing... I like Grant, though, I hope these two can double as the next Hawk/Carpenter duo once Sabino and Klein finish up their careers (maybe Grant starts over Klein if he shows improvement this spring/Klein continues to be as slow as a down lineman?). 

When does the spring practice depth chart come out so we can see where the LB corps sits?

Comment 01 Feb 2012

It's tough to say Bielma is totally wrong about Meyer bringing SEC recruiting to the Big Ten.  Meyer's recruiting dominance in just a little over a month makes it kind of self evident.  I doubt it was Auburn-style SEC recruiting, but still... he could clearly play the "game" better than Big Ten coaches.  Not sure if that's good or bad for the league... only time will tell!

Comment 12 Jan 2012

Man.. you guys will hate on anything.

Gee's job is to raise money for tOSU.  He does a VERY good job.  Money makes it easier for us to pay people like Urban Meyer to win National Championships and dethrone the SEC.  As long as the benjamins are rolling in, Gee can make whatever weird quips he wants.

Comment 08 Jan 2012

As a born-and-bred buckeye fan who's since moved to the Boston area and become a casual BC fan over the years, I'm not happy that Bollman will continue to impose his terrible playcalling/recruiting/coaching on a team for which i have a rooting interest. 

Comment 06 Dec 2011

Red herring... ties to the Browns does not mean he is in any way interested in coaching college football.

Mattison was a college coach for 30 years before a 2 year stint in the pros.  He was always a college coach, so targeting him in a college coaching search made sense. 

Comment 06 Dec 2011

Not sure why you would think Mangini would want to coach college...

Sounds like that one time when Bill Martin was, for some unknown reason, convinced that Tony Dungy would jump at the chance to coach at Michigan.

Comment 01 Dec 2011

I'm not trying to "skunkweasel" you... just trying not to count our National Championships before they've hatched.  That's bad karma.

Excuse me if I'd like Urban Meyer to wine and dine me a little bit before I let him and his fancy spread offense take me to bed.

Comment 01 Dec 2011


Urban Meyer, former Florida HC (to be new OSU HC)

Mike Stoops, former Arizona HC (to be new DC)

Luke Fickel, former OSU HC (to be new OSU Co-HC)

Does this not sound like too many cooks in the kitchen to anyone else?  I get you want to surround yourself with good people, but at what point do those people end up not working well together because they're used to running the show?

Comment 20 Oct 2011

Being an all-american/pro bowl linebacker does not automatically annoint you a good coordinator.  Position coach? Sure.  Coordinator is a much different type of role.

Where I come from you have to earn a position like D-coordinator at a place like Ohio State.  That means years of experience as a NCAA position coach followed by years of success as a Coordinator at a smaller NCAA program.  Cooper proved himself with a dominant HC career at Tulsa and a successful stint at Arizona State.  Tressel proved himself by winning multiple National Championships with Youngstown State at the D1-AA level.  Spielman has done nothing but take the Columbus Destroyers to a 2-15 season.  I love Spiels both for his on the field contributions and for what kind of a person he is off the field.  However, just because he is a Buckeye legend doesn't mean he should be handed a position as important as D-coordinator when his only experience is in critiquing other NCAA D-coordinators from a booth on live television.

Comment 20 Oct 2011

No disrespect intended... but is Chris Spielman qualified to be a D-coordinator for a school like Ohio State?  I wasn't aware he had much, if any, coaching experience.  We always rag on Siciliano for having no experience as a QB coach, is Spielman much different? At the very least, I don't think he can compete with Heacock, who has proven he can put together an elite unit capable of winning games all by itself (Illinois, and almost MSU) every single year.  Also, Heacock was Urban Meyer's boss years ago at Illinois State.  You think Meyer comes in and replaces his old boss with a guy that has no Div-1A coaching experience at a position as important as D-coordinator? Just sayin...

Also, is Ohio State sure it wants to pay $6 million/year (gotta be one of the highest salaries out there, if not the highest) to a coach who seems conflicted about wanting to coach at a high level?  The high salary screams: "Oh, alright... I didn't really want to deal with all the garbage that goes along with this job again, but if you're going to twist my arm to the tune of $6 million, FINE!"  Not sure that's who we want running the show.

Comment 14 Sep 2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again... College athletes should not be paid to play sports.  If you wanna increase their scholarships stipend, fine... but do so for every scholarship athlete at the school.  The day someone like Terrelle Pryor gets to see $100,000 a year from the OSU athletic department is the day I stop rooting for the Buckeyes and all of college football.

Comment 13 Sep 2011

I'm no legal expert, but I think that Title 9 would make this or any type of asymmetrical revenue-sharing arrangement impossible.  In order to pay college football/bball players what that study says they're "worth", you would have to change the law.  It would take an act of Congress, and I'm sure there would be plenty of special interest groups who control political funding and votes that would not stand for 5% of the athletes on a University campus getting paid 95% of the athletic revenue-sharing arrangement.  If you're going to pay the football team, you've got to pay the swimming team (mens and womens), the track and field team (mens and womens), the golf team (mens and womens), the wrestling team, etc....

Comment 13 Sep 2011

3 year rule is for the kids safety.  Imagine a high school kid getting hit by James Harrison over the middle?  Instant career-ending head trauma could result.  Football isn't like BBall, in this contact sport kids need extra time to develop before they can safely play amongst men.

Comment 12 Sep 2011

There's smoke in the distance... and it's only getting darker and thicker.  Is it bad that this seems eerily similar to the gradual escalation that occurred before Tatgate really broke open?  Someone keep tabs on Dan Wetzel/Charles Robinson and George Dohrmann please...

Comment 10 Sep 2011

He didn't make any mistakes with the football but he did miss many, many opportunities in a close game where those opportunities should have been taken advantage of.  I watched him overthrow wide open recievers at least 3 times, and hold the ball egregiously long on many occasions.  Throwing the ball away is better than forcing a throw, but when you throw as many balls away as Bauserman did today, it indicates that he isn't releasing the ball with the proper timing for the routes that're being run. 

I'm betting that instead of reading the D pre-play and being able to know where the open reciever is GOING to be, Bauserman is trying to read the D as the play develops.  It's causing him to miss a lot of narrow windows to hit open recievers as they pass between zones, which is why he ends up holding the ball for 5 seconds so much.  Braxton probably can't read the D any better, but he can make plays with his legs rather than stand their for 5 seconds and throw it away (or get sacked when we play a better D-line).

Comment 10 Sep 2011

Little off topic... but Penn state just called 3 timeouts in the first drive of the game against Alabama.  They're now out of timeouts with 9:18 left in the 1st quarter.

Comment 10 Sep 2011

Simon and Devin Smith were the two bright spots in an otherwise terrible game. 

Rod Smith looked like he needs another year of development before he even belongs on the field.