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Comment 10 hours ago

Now if we could just get certain staffers here to learn the difference between the words "then" and "than".  Spellcheck doesn't help if you spell the wrong word correctly. I hate to be "That Guy", but it is annoying when they say stuff like "You're better then that".

Comment 09 Sep 2014

While I agree that defenses do need to read/react to an offense, there are many times when a defense tries to dictate to the offense by taking one phase of their game plan away, thus rendering them as one dimensional.  How many times did we see our own defense under Tressel take away a team's running game, forcing them into a one dimensional passing attack? 

My outlook on all of this is Meyer told the media what he wants to run (JTB as distributor in a rushing / short, perimeter passing attack.  VT knew what we were going to try to do, so they used a defense that would take away our strengths.  This was one of those situations that the offense needs to take what the defense gives them.  They gave us man coverage on the outside (vulnerable to the deep ball...if the QB has time), and should have been vulnerable to screens, QB draws, slants and short crossing routes.  We could also have gone to a 2 TE set with a blocking back to pound on them mano a mano, then slip a TE out to burn them down the middle on play action.  Our offense did not adapt enough to take advantage of what the VT defense allowed.  Their game plan worked because we did not run plays that would force them out of it often enough.  Well, that and we did not execute very well...several dropped passes (including a strike to C Smith in the end zone) along with a few other squandered opportunities.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I hear what you are saying about Meyer's comments, but I doubt Meyer would come right out and say what they have planned to combat this in the future.  Why tip your hand?  My guess is they will install more slants, short crossing routs, and other routs that can be used as hot reads.  Or maybe even go to a two TE set when the opponent stacks the box.  But why would Urban announce how he intends to combat a stacked front?  It is not in the team's best interest to do that.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I've lost a lot of faith inUrban last night. Just a poor game all the way around

No down vote here, but it is a bit soon for that noise.  Nine new starters on offense, including an untested red shirt Fr pressed into service to replace what should be a 4th year starter at QB.  Conventional wisdom says anytime you are replacing 3 starters on the O-line, you are likely to struggle a bit at first.  We're replacing 4 O-linemen, so it would be unbelievably amazing if they did not struggle mightily early in the season.  Honestly, I walked into the 'Shoe merely hoping we could find a way to get past VT.  And you know what?  We had plenty of opportunities to do just that.  But instead, a couple of bum calls from the officials (the blown strip/fumble and Eli Apple's pass interference that had nothing to do with the WR's failure to catch the ball, which extended a TD drive that should have ended there), along with a litany of missed opportunities cost us the game.  The talent is there, the experience is not.  I can't blame the coaches when it was poor execution and a long list of damaging miscues are what blew those many opportunities.  I can't blame the coaches for a DB who drops a TD drive killing interception, or a WR who drops a TD pass (when the QB tossed a strike), or the numerous other dropped passes on catchable balls, or a shanked punt, or a momentum snuffing kickoff out of bounds, or the QB allowing a snap to sail past his ear hole.  Seems to me we had two drives start inside the VT 35, and another drive with a 1st down at the VT 28, and we came away with zero points.  The bottom line is this cast of newbies was just not ready for prime time against a solid team like VT this early in the season.  I suspect they will be a formidable bunch in the last half of the season, but they are clearly not there yet.  Keep the faith, Doc.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

 I've always wondered if todays TV networks rig the sound to be louder or quieter depending on the stadium?

Ever notice how on some broadcasts from Ohio Stadium the announcers sound like they are shouting into the mic to be heard?  Meanwhile over on CBS there is huge SEC crowd noise, yet old Verne Lundquist can easily be heard above it despite a delivery fitting for announcing a golf match.  Uh-huh.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I believe the 2002 Penn State game was the loudest on record prior to the USC game.  Definitely the loudest game I've ever attended.  Thank you Chris Gamble!

Comment 03 Sep 2014


Devin's role last year was to block or stretch the field vertically.  If the Safeties cheated up into the box one time too many, he was there to burn them.  The short, ball control routes were assigned to Philly and the H-back.  As a result, they were targeted far more often.  It seems to me that Devin was only targeted on 3rd and long, or in cases when they had the opportunity to burn the Safeties deep.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Obviously, Appy State was decent that year

Yep, and it didn't take Appy St long to realize they were the faster team.  The Skunkweasels were bigger, but speed kills.

That scUM team was better than what they will field this year.

Unfortunately, that Appy St team was also better than this year's team.

Here's to repeating history!

Hear! Hear!  I'll raise a glass to that!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Were you around in 2004?  Just wondering because an undefeated SEC team got left out of the national championship game in part because the SEC was viewed as too weak a conference.  

Well, that and Auburn had an absolutely pathetic non-conference cupcake fest that year.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

While two of Auburn's wins were on insane fluke plays, you can't pretend that those don't count. They beat #24 Ole Miss, #7 TAMU (led by Johnny, on the road, at night, in one of the top 3 or 4 loudest stadiums), #25 Georgia, #1 Alabama and #5 Mizzou. That's one hell of a resume. 

On the surface, that is a strong resume.  I'll give you TAMU, Bama and Mizzou, but seriously question whether Ole Miss and UGA deserved the rankings, or were they the product of the financially motivated media hype coming from ESPN and CBS?  I don't have a problem with how things worked out for Sparty, but the constant media promotion favoring the SEC has to have an effect on the polls & rankings.  And I do have a problem with that.

That being said, the B1G really needs to go out and start winning more of its key non-conference match-ups and Bowl games in order to command national respect.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I really miss the guy.  Thanks for an outstanding piece (as usual) and the rekindled memories.  RIP Orlas.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

The one saving grace in all of this is that unlike the situations in 1978, 2008 and 2011, J T Barrett has a year in the system as a Redshirt Freshman.  In all of those other cases, the QB was a true Fr who only had a few short months in the program.  For all practical purposes, Barrett is much more like a Sophomore with no game experience.  He should at least know most of the plays and reads, as opposed to the others who struggled to deal with a dumbed down system.  JT could surprise a lot of people.  Of course he could also fold in the heat of battle.  Time will tell.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

JT Barrett will surprise a lot of people.  The Buckeyes still have a load of talent, if not so much experience.  The first few games will be tough, as it takes time to gel.  Fortunately, a re-tooled pass defense should help take some of the load off of the offense.  If we survive the first month of the season intact, great things may be in store.

Best wishes to Braxton for a full recovery.