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Comment 18 Jul 2014

Alabama is cunning in how it chooses its marquee non-conference opponents.  Typically big name teams who are heading into a down cycle, and are therefore easily beatable.  VT and now WVU are clearly down, and they had crested long before making a deal with the Tide.  The tools in AA are another great example:  big name, coming off 11-2 season with BCS Bowl win.  Looks great at first glance, but those in the know realize that that 11-2 was done with smoke & mirrors through a super-favorable schedule with key opponents being down.  USC looks huge, but are they really?  Personally, I don't think the Trojans are back yet.  Wisconsin may end up being the only one in the bunch who truly has a chance to beat them.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

The Skunkweasels are my most despised Rival by far.  But compared to all of the rest of the B1G, Penn St and Wisconsin feel a lot more heated.  Sparty is getting there.  Outside of the Big Ten, the schools I would most like to beat are USC, Miami, Notre Dame and Team SEC, but because we face them infrequently, I can't consider them to be rivals.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Dave, he was stating a fact that was pertinent to the discussion.  I doubt the Corporal normally wears still being a teenager on his shirtsleeve.  Maybe we would all be better off to simply thank him for serving our country, and be happy that he is a fellow Buckeye.  He really does not deserve all of the down votes.

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Sometimes they can.  Troy Smith attended the same Elite 11 camp as Justin Zwick.  If my memory serves me, Zwick was a disappointment at that camp, and Troy was a big surprise with how well he performed.

Comment 01 Jul 2014

No arguments here, with the exception being that I see the ACC as being the new Big East.  I would like to have seen the B1G pick up stronger athletic programs rather than mediocrity, but hopefully Delany's vision is 20/20 over the long haul.  Hopefully with more money to work with, Maryland and Rutgers will step it up.

Comment 21 Jun 2014

Tennessee did have a very talented team in '95, but I think we had a speed advantage.  Unfortunately, the monsoon mud pit of a field negated that speed advantage, so it boiled down to a grinding battle in the trenches.  The Vols had an ace in the hole.  At half time, they switched to longer cleats which the NCAA bans during the regular season (but are allowed in bowl games).  Smart, but not very sporting in my opinion.  Needless to say, guys that Orlando and the rest of OSU's O-Line were able to push around in the first half were immovable in the second half.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Cool breakdown.  I remember freezing my ass off in the South Stands for this one.  The wind was terrible (sleet blowing sideways burning any exposed flesh), so I knew going in that the passing game would largely be grounded.  I recall thinking the key match up would be Orlando Pace on Simeon Rice.  Then on an early possession, I saw Rickey Dudley handle Rice easily, kicking him to the outside. Meanwhile, Pace moved the entire D-line over to the Center's spot and Sualua crushed the ILB while leading Eddie into a hole big enough for a semi.  George ran untouched until the safeties got him...15 yards later.  Illinois had the #10 D in the nation, but I knew right then that we owned 'em.

Orlando's pancake blocks were cause for celebration back then.  I remember shouting down to Simeon Rice as the Illini left the field for half time:  "Hey Rice!  I'd ask you about the pancakes, but hell, you can't get past Dudley!".  He shot me the dirtiest look I ever saw.  So I followed up with "You can't even handle a friggin' basketball player!".

As miserably cold as that evening was, one of my warmest Buckeye memories was George being carried off the field with the entire stadium chanting ED-DIE! ED-DIE! ED-DIE!  And the chant continued all the way to the VC.  Great day to be a Buckeye!

Comment 18 Jun 2014

I'll give credit where it is due.  Arkansas did get beat at Rutgers last season, so that makes two SEC games played North of the Mason-Dixon since 2008.  If the entire BCS era is considered, then Tennessee's games at Syracuse in 1998 and at Notre Dame in 2001 and 2005 would count.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

Memo or not, the overwhelming majority of Buckeye fans have wished Mike Mitchell well.  And that has been the case since the news broke that he would transfer out.  I love it when my fellow fans keep it classy.

Comment 11 Jun 2014

However, the South Dakota high school junior's offer list isn't yet teeming with program names that are frequently batted around on the ESPN family of networks, which apparently siphons away confidence some assholes have in Urban Meyer since he has yet to prove he can competently run an FBS program.

The great ones don't need a sarcasm font.  Well done Ramzy!

PS:  Love the one act play.

Comment 05 Jun 2014

"if a dog is going to bite, he will bite as a pup."

I definitely remember that as being one of John Cooper's most memorable lines. I think JT was a firm believer that a pup is also more likely to soil the carpet than a well trained, fully grown dog.

Comment 29 May 2014

Interesting post, Andy.  As a Buckeye who grew up in Columbus, but has been living in West Virginia for over 20 years, I can guarantee there would be mixed opinions of Rich-Rod returning to WVU.  Many would welcome him back, especially with the program backsliding under Holgorsen.  Many would never want him back after the way he left.  Interesting that he agreed to a double penalty clause to return.  That tells me he wants to make it very clear that he is not interested in returning to Morgantown.  Also, don't confuse E. Gordon Gee's return to WVU with the Rich-Rod situation.  Gordon did not leave on bad terms.  I cannot imagine anyone leaving a school on worse terms than Rich-Rod did.

Comment 29 May 2014

LOL.  The stunning Mrs. Vance's opinions are as valid as anyone's.  Being away from the fray, it would be easy to miss how hard the locals took it when Rodriguez skipped town. Folks down in Baton Rouge took it hard when Saban said he planned to remain at LSU for a long time, then accepted an NFL job the next week.  Take that angst and multiply it by a few orders of magnitude to get an idea of how Mountaineers fans took it.

Comment 28 May 2014

Honestly, I enjoy having Skyline from time to time.  I just think it is wrong to call it chili.  Along the same lines as I don't like to think of Taco Bell as being Mexican food.  But I still eat there every so often.

Comment 21 May 2014

BTW, I too am irritated with UK's recruiting success, especially in Ohio.  Stoops had a lot of strong contacts here, so it is not surprising he is finding Ohio talent.  It does not affect Ohio State much, as UK is generally getting guys that Urban is not after.  What bothers me is Kentucky is now siphoning off Mid-western talent that would typically go to other B1G schools.  So while it does not have much direct impact on us, it does hurt the Big Ten.  It is the indirect damage of further weakening the B1G that concerns me.

Comment 21 May 2014

I can't find much fault in what you've said, but keep in mind that your view is a snapshot of the present.  There are many other factors at play here, none more unavoidable than recruiting being cyclical.  It is a down year in Ohio, but that will change.  Just as it does in other parts of the country.

Several posts have hit on numerous reasons for the current situation.  Some have been overlooked, such as lost recruiting inertia due to half of the defensive coaching staff being replaced.  Another is the fact that after 3 successive top 5 recruiting hauls, Ohio State is loaded (stacked) with a lot of great young talent.  I have no doubts that this will affect the decisions of some recruits.

Most importantly, all is not gloom and doom.  Urban and Company may be a bit behind the usual commitments schedule, but it is still only May.  We are still fairly early in the process, and OSU typically picks up a number of commitments during the Camps in June.  While you make a great point about our recent poor performance on defense seems to lead Sparty into being the prime destination for Mid-Western defensive talent, keep in mind that Urban made some strong moves to correct that problem.  I have every reason to believe we will witness greatly improved performance in the back 7 this coming season, which should reverse that trend of Sparty having an advantage.  Even if OSU does indeed have a soft recruiting class this year, not much is lost.  We will come back strong next year, in what looks to be a stronger year for Ohio talent.  One thing is sure, nothing stays the same when it comes to recruiting.