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OSU Alum. Developed a deep love for sports early in my childhood, especially Buckeye football and basketball. Currently attending fellow B1G institution, University of Maryland, for graduate school.


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Comment 01 Oct 2014

I'm really interested in the environment that will await the team at Byrd. Like, we usually know what is to be expected at the other universities across the B1G, but this will be a completely new experience.

I'm currently a graduate student at UMD (graduated from Ohio State in the Spring), and I can say that the campus is definitely excited for the game. The lottery system used to distribute tickets was completely filled with requests when the ticket request period started last week, and for the first time this season, the student section is sold out.

I'm sure that Maryland would love nothing more to knock-off the flagship program in their first B1G home game to add another tombstone in their grave next to their practice field. For each huge program win, they have a tombstone indicating RIP "Team They Beat" with the score and the date. I would really enjoy not having to walk by a constant reminder of a potential loss in my time here.

Definitely been rocking the Ohio State gear all week and looking forward to a Buckeye victory!

Comment 07 Oct 2013
Hearing about the possibility that Tressel may coach at another big school drudges up the same type of pain that I had when my ex-girlfriend of two years started dating again.
Comment 30 Aug 2013

Had Currito the first week of classes with a couple of friends. I got the same order I usually get at Chipotle (or at least as close to it as possible for comparison purposes), and I'd say it's a slight step below Chipotle and Qdoba. However, I do have friends who started to swear by Currito, going there three times in four days.

I think the variety provided by Currito puts it in a different niche than Chipotle/Qdoba, though. Those two are fighting for the more of a Mexican imitation of a burrito while Currito is in a different market. It may provide a burrito (putting it in that market, I guess), but it's more of the sandwich platform than a purely Mexican place. It's in the Subway market, moreso.

So, put me on #teamChipotle, but Currito has its time and place.

Comment 10 Mar 2013

In addition to the lack of title for us, I'm kinda salty over the fact that our chances of seeing Craft/Burke for the (most likely) final time have greatly diminished. If there's any match-up I love seeing in basketball, it's been those two.

Oh well. Now's time for "Survive and Advance".

Comment 27 Feb 2013

Glad to see he is actually trying to fix the problem. He was a 73% free throw shooter last year, so it was abnormal that his FT percentage dropped so low this year. Ken Pomeroy has a good write-up about it in his blog...

Comment 21 Nov 2012

Completely agree with this post.

I think that 16 is the maximum size before you set-up yourselves for future splits. (and even that is pushing it). 12 is just perfect; I just wish we would have had a 9 game conference schedule.

However, I don't mind the 16 if we do a pod system. I want to play every team as much as possible while maintaining our traditional games. If we are able to do that in addition to setting up the conference well for the future, I'll be okay with the expansion.

Comment 21 Nov 2012


It's an interesting idea for a quad-divisional set-up. I'd tweak your divisions a little (switch Indiana or Illinois with Michigan State) because even though The Game is the most important rivalry, I'm sure that Michigan State/Michigan wouldn't be too pleased not playing every year.

I had originally thought up a sixteen team conference with a mere 3 divisional games and 6 rotating games (so you can play everyone else twice every four years), but I had trouble making the divisions balanced with this set-up. My divisions (due to rivalries were)...


East Central
Ohio State
Michigan State
Penn State

West Central


...which is terribly unbalanced (especially in the two central divisions). However, it would be pretty good for Ohio State in terms of strength of schedule (assuming Penn State comes back from their sanctions eventually). Plus, I didn't have room for semi-finals.

So, overall, I like yours a little better with the whole semi-final idea, but the only thing I'm not too big of a fan of is there are still certain schools you're going to play once in a blue moon.


Comment 22 Oct 2012

Gives an explanation of his voting scheme.

Comment 17 Mar 2012

I just read on ESPN that this was the first time in school history we've made a SS three straight seasons. That's surprising...

Comment 13 Mar 2012

Nice comment on the finals. Personally, I prepared for Finals by watching 65 different basketball games Thursday-Sunday.

Speaking of the women's team, they absolutely got snubbed with their seed. I'm not a huge women's basketball, but most of ESPN's experts say that they were under-seeded for sure. They had a rough couple of weeks to end the season, but nowhere near as bad to obtain an 8.