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Comment 04 Oct 2015

No way the VaTech game last season isn't in the bottom 5. JT had like 3 picks. Also, the last Florida teams were god awful on offense. Cardale vs VaTech was pretty good imo. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I hate when on 3rd and 1 Cardale always takes the snap out of shot gun and tries to do the counter QB run that JT and Braxton were elite at. Dude is too slow. Line him up under center and use the dudes massive body to push forward. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015
It's ok to criticize a players play, but these people are horrible. Who says this stuff to a kid... these are awful people I never want to meet or be acquainted with.
Comment 03 Oct 2015

Massive changes on offense needed.

1. Urban needs to start calling plays because Warriner and Beck are awful at it. 

2. Stop recruiting soft H-B's who fumble and can't block. If you wanna run a pro style offense gets some big WR's and good TE's. 

3. If Cardale can't be trusted in the 4th quarter he needs to be benched for JT. 

4. Stop outside runs. We dont have Spencer, Huaerman, or Smith on the edge anymore. 


6. You probably have a top 3 WR in CFB in Mike Thomas. Start targeting him way more. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Florida needed that vs. Ole Miss when they had Tebow. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

We really are. We looked amazing on offense vs Va Tech, then every game since has been down hill. It's so baffling. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Our coaching is awful. Indiana gave up 46 points to an FCS team. We could only put up 6 on em in a half? Warriner should be demoted back to line coach and we need a young innovative guy like Herman to come call plays. 

Comment 03 Oct 2015

I'm 100% confident Michigan beats Michigan State in a few weeks, and by a big margin. MSU has looked even worse than us this season imo. They've struggled in pretty much every game. 

Comment 27 Sep 2015

For Tommy Armstrong and Armstrong sucked even worse. 

I still dont get the Beck hire. I complained about it when it was announced. He's never developed a good QB. 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Mack Brown is so true about going back to tempo. So annoying when we keep  subbing people in and out and running the play clock down to 5.