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Comment 25 Jun 2014

This could just be Urban tempering expectations after a bunch of misses this year. Classic PR move. Say you were only going to take 15 anyway. It doesnt look as bad when you dont have a top 10 class. 

Comment 15 Jun 2014

I'm predicting we finish around 11-12. Not bad but around where Tressel usually ended up. Filled with more Ohio guys who really want to be here so I think they will play way better than their class ranking indicates. If anything finishing lower than expected is good for us because it'll teach Urban to be a bit more smart in recruiting. 

Comment 14 Jun 2014

I really really hope Gene Smith was forwarded this article. The point about not charging for something despite the fact you can is the best. Arguably the best team in sports the last 5 years, Alabama, still only charges students 10 bucks a game to get in which is crazy. Lower prices= happier students= in the long term they are more likely to give back to the university with nice donations. Yeah you miss out on a few hundred bucks per kid, but like the article states, schools need to stop thinking in such short time spans. 

Comment 13 Jun 2014

Great coaches mess up sometimes. Heck Popovich, probably the best coach in all of sports, messed up the end of Game 6 by taking Duncan out and then Saban, arguably the 2nd best coach in sports, made the wrong call in trying a 60 yard field goal at the end of the Iron Bowl. 

Comment 07 Jun 2014

The last few years FSU has been putting 10 people a draft into the NFL with the similar numbers expected for this year Hard for a prospect not to be impressed by that especially, since before this year, we've struggled with our NFL numbers for a bit. 


There's zero doubt that over the last 20 years we've been impressive in this regard but I doubt any recruit is looking at what happened three coaches ago as a metric for developing NFL talent. Fisher has been doing a hell of a job at FSU. 

Comment 27 May 2014

I wonder why Urban never went to a draft before. For a dude that is 100% about recruiting you think being shown on ESPN with your guys going in the 1st and 2nd round would be the ultimate card to play with recruits. 

Comment 26 May 2014

I'd say he produced results. He helped take A&M from a mediocre/bad team to competing for national titles in the SEC in the course of 2 years. That's pretty impressive to me. 

Comment 26 May 2014

People forget Lebron did this exact same thing at 21 and he turned out ok. 

Pretty sure almost every player in the NFL parties but we never hear about it. 

Comment 25 May 2014

I think Braxton is going to limit his running a lot this year. I think one of the terms of him coming back was not being ran 20 times a game because the risk of injury greatly increases. I think Braxton sees a dip in his running numbers like Manziel did last year as he focuses more on getting the ball to the tremendous amount of talent and speed around him and really works on the passing game for NFL scouts.