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Comment 21 Aug 2015

Man you guys that completely rely on JT's stats, did you not watch remember the games? I'm not gonna pull up the games exact stats, but I remember them relatively close.

GAME 1 Navy

JT's line looks deceivingly good, like 12-15 couple hundred yards. Great #'s first game. But anyone remember this game? Herman would not throw a pass past 5 yards whole 1st half. They did not trust JT throwing the ball. I at one point asked myself how we were going to score until Lee returned that fumble. Also remember Devin Smith caught an under thrown 80 yard TD pass where the defender fell down extremely padding his stats. They played the game not to lose. Everyone gives mulligans fir It being Barrett's first game and act like it was the first time any of his teammates ever started a game too. Cardale has 0 growing pains, needs for acclimation and his performance against Wisconsin gets dismissed.

Game 2 enough said

Game 3-6

- look at JT's stats against these 4 teams relative to the rest. The defenses he faced ended up in rankings for totL defense in '14 at 84th, 98th, 94th and 96th people... Out of 125.

Game 7 Penn State

-love how JT gets lauded for his play here playing injured. Uh he played injured because playing another top 20 defense, JT passed so bad in the first half 2 picks 1 housed) Urban completely shut down the passing O second half. Urban ran read option all 2nd half clinging on to lead almost lost, he did so because JT was once again overwhelmed facing a top defense, second time in 7 games. How did Cardale do against 3 top teams in a row. I know that was because the rest of the team wasn't good....

Game 8 Illinois

- with a sprained knee JT had no business playing a meaningless opponent with Michigan State looming. Urban had no choice in starting him, he could not risk JT going up to Michigan State from the Penn State disaster. His idea was for JT to carve up Illinois #99 D for a few series and give him and Urban himself confidence. Do we forget the Illinois game?? JT was all over the place, couldn't hit broad side of a barn to the tune of Urban uncomfortably forcing Barrett to throw 27 passes in the first half !! To finally find the end zone a couple times against one of country's worst defenses.

Next two games were JT's as I g grace though he didn't pass extremely well against Minnesota in the snow but still played well. Going into the Michigan State game, we forget so easily, there was not 1 OSU fan who felt good about Barrett against Michigan State. He had a bum knee, against 2 defenses similar to Michigan States had lost 1 already and almost single handedly lost the other, and was coming off a week he couldn't move the ball against a winless Illinois team at home to boot. People need to remember these growing pains JT went through, ones Cardale did not.

Lastly , Indiana had the #109 ranked defense. Lest we forget once again... (A poster earlier posted this games stats in support of JT) we were up 21-20 going into the. 4th against the #109 ranked D. After a successful 1st drive where Barrett found Vannett a few times including a score, Barrett was abysmal and would have been to blame for the loss. He had 7 of his completions to Zeke for 35 yards and this is because he threw two picks against this defense and lost confidence throwing downfield. This is the game Jalin Marshal was all world including housing a shovel pass for 50 some yards that looked great in JT's box score as a TD pass, this after making the 1 handed catch of the year for a TD as well. JT's passing line was nowhere indicative to how he played. What's funny here is Cardale gets dismissed as having a team going at full strength full cylinders. This was week 11!

Against Michigan, I just watched the replay.. JT ran well, but was very erratic throwing the ball. Missed Michael Thomas alone on 3 misfires alone in the first half. Game was in the balance towards the end and he was hurt.

Another thing I've never seen brought up in this debate? How bout durability? JT has gotten hurt everywhere he's been including blowing out a knee in high school, missing a half for a sprained knee and fracturing his ankle. To my knowledge, Cardale has never been hurt. Can you count on Barrett staying healthy?

Look I love JT, it just drives me nuts when people act like he was lights out last year because of his Michigan State performance, just was not the case. JT struggled against 4 of the top defenses he faced played well at Michigan State. He made his season through 6 games, weeks 3-6 and Mich Staye and Minnesota. He was pedestrian to outright terrible in all other games, hardly a body of work telling me anything of certainty he could match what Cardale did. I do t care if Cardale is a 6'5 250pound lucky charm... I go with that all day long if the team plays better with him nine sues that was the case. Barrett's 15 rushes a game gives opportunities to all the playmakers this year. Gotta go with Cardale.


Comment 05 Aug 2015

From my understanding of the story, her face wasn't the only thing that got beat up that night. Only difference is the other thing was used to the punishment, her face not so much.

I tried to picture that dudes face once he saw War Machine bust in.... Lol 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

That list is insane. There are gonna be some tough decision having to be made with the '17 class relative to the WR and DB positions. The staff has to be tickled to death to have the opportunity to be able to evaluate and watch the vast majority compete in this setting against each other . The cream always rises.

Comment 06 Mar 2015

Anyone have insight on to how long Coach Hinton plans on coaching at OSU?

i at first thought Hinton was a holdover from Fickell's 2011 staff but after looking it up, I saw and remember now he was brought over from Notre Dame along with Warriner Urban's first year in 2012.

I know Hinton holds enormous value for the program, I've been told he the coach on staff most respected by Ohio high school coaches, and he's looked upon as the glue in keeping all current relationships in tact, plus help open new doors in the years to come to those schools yet to establish a solid relationship with OSU as of yet. Hinton holds that much clout, and he's the type of guy anyone would enjoy sitting down and having a beer with.

Now in saying all that, Hinton has to me begun to have started to stick out like a sore thumb in a few areas. Although Urban did select Hinton in 2012, going into now his 4th year it doesn't take a genius to see the common traits and similarities Urban likes and wants out of his staff. As well as Hinton's liked, business is business and I wonder if a lateral move in a year or 2 could be in store for Hjnton to better accentuate his strengths day to day versus what's required of him now.

When looking at Urbans staff, all of them are relatively young and most all are recruiting aces on a national level. Hinton is going to be 55 years old which isn't ancient by any means, but still is 10 years older than Larry Johnson, and several all way down to Zach Smith. The only coaches over 50 are Hinton (55), Warriner (53), and Kerry Coombs (51). In fact here are all their ages:

Urban 50

Hinton 55

Coombs 51

Warriner 53

Johnson 45

Alford 45

Ash 41

Fickell 41

Smith 30

Beck 48

Urban demands his staff, in particular the position coaches, to be relentless grinders on the recruiting trail, leaving no stone unturned. He does not share the same recruiting responsibilities with his coordinators the same, it's why even though Fickell and Herman were arguably two of the stronger recruiters on staff last year, their numbers and recruiting rankings won't reflect  their talent. Position coaches should and must under Urban and Hinton failed miserably last year on a national level as a tight end position coach .

its a lot to ask of anyone to hit the road for weeks at a time but understandably the older a person gets, the more difficult that type of lifestyle becomes.

I bring this up because although I can't say Morrow would be a better coach than Hinton, he most definitely fits the profile Urban has been looking for as of late when filling out his staff. Morrow whose in his mid 40's, is an OSU fan and an elite recruiter, a perfect marriage I would imagine. Only problem is Hinton is too valuable to the program with all the intangibles he brings, especially his relationships with Ohio high school coaches. I wonder if a recruiting director position would maybe in a few years allow Hinton to go to work at the WHAC everyday to best utilize his talents with people in Ohio and everywhere else in a role that would keep anyone approaching 60 years old you would think happily away from a recruiting grind away from home weeks at a time.

i say this as no disrespect to Hinton but the numbers don't lie as well as his age. When looking at 247 2014 rankings, it's littered with Buckeye coaches. Fickell and Herman were together in the middle of the pack and for reasons I already explained. Alford was also much lower than I expected but once reading up on him, he was Notre Dames recruiting coordinator in charge of it all, and was the closer but didn't get credit the main point guys in their recruitments did. The other position coaches at OSU performed tremendously, as Urban demands and expects. Here were 2014 rankings D I coaches. (OSU position coaches-non coordinators)

Coombs- #22 

Warriner- #17

Drayton #20

Johnson- #83

Fickell- #44 

Smith- #47

Hinton- #837

Not even the same ballpark. Vince Marrow was #55. Anyone else have thought on the subject?