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Comment 27 Jun 2016

Doesn't have to be an SEC change causing it.  Didn't both Tennessee and Georgia schedule home and homes with us recently and then back out?  Though I've heard we may have been the ones that cancelled the TN series, I don't really remember.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Couldn't find much about him, but apparently both hosts are from a website called The Ringer.  It deals with pop culture and sports, and was created by Bill Simmons.  Not sure if he's from Ohio, but it at least puts a little more context into why he'd randomly choose Urban as an example

Comment 16 Mar 2015

That totally looks like a clip from a Key & Peele sketch.  Keegan would play him so well, haha

Comment 20 Jul 2013

yeah, but i think the guy yelling "time out" every 2 seconds helps to offset those annoying horns.  The time out guy might have been the best part of the entire video

Comment 10 Jul 2013

what part of Ohio are you in?  Here in Columbus 97.1FM is a part of the OSU network (flagship station actually)


Not sure on other parts of Ohio, but I mean I get reception all the way out to Huber Heights on the West, past Zanesville on the East, and Mansfield to the North.


If you're outside Cbus, here's the list of stations, looks like some of them are in fact FM

Comment 16 Feb 2013

NCAA rules won't allow more than a $5 million policy, and it only pays out if you never play again, doesn't cover lost income due to dropping in the draft


EDIT: premium on a 5 mil policy is about 45 to 60k (NCAA arranges a special loan with very low interest rates).  Also since it won't pay for loss due to dropping in the draft, it doesn't really make much sense to even do it, since even if he's hurt, he'll more than likely be drafted somewhere

Comment 19 Oct 2012
How dare you call me a mouse-over fiend just because i enjoy reading your guys' commentary by mousing over the pictures and...oh, nevermind, i guess you're right